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These past few years, we have all experienced major changes in our lives due to the pandemic. People lost their jobs, businesses, and even loved ones. Now, we are living in a world of transition. Catherine Morgan emphasizes that it's an opportunity to reinvent and rebuild yourself in whatever way you want. Catherine is the founder of Point A to Point B Transitions Inc., which helps people, specifically professionals in financial services, professional services, and technology, with their career transitions by identifying the great opportunities available to them. In this episode, she shares a guide to help you evolve and live a better life! Listen to keep up with the transition!
Do you know how much you can take and push through? Ben Baker sits with Wes Harper, owner of LightWire, Inc. Wes talks about the premise of the show, “Naked And Afraid,” where a man and a woman meet for the first time with no clothes. All they have are survival-type items to make it through 21 days in a jungle. The show has a huge appeal to people because they can’t imagine themselves doing it. Participants need to mentally prepare for discomfort and suffering – where so much growth and self-discovery happens. Dive in!
The concept of a full sensory experience could be easily misunderstood or misinterpreted by people who have access to all their senses. Unfortunately, there is always a natural tendency to lean into one other than the others. There’s no better person to talk about this than Dr. Hoby Wedler. Dr. Hoby is a Ph.D. chemist, an entrepreneur, a TEDx speaker, and he is 100% blind. He chats with Ben Baker about navigating life without sight and why it’s so much better to live while using all the senses. He explains how he goes about understanding a world he’s never visually seen but only perceived with other senses. Hoby also shares his unique upbringing that allowed him to take accountability for success and dream bigger and better each time. Join their chat for a fascinating discussion on the value of understanding and optimizing our senses.
Ever since the pandemic, the future of the events industry looks brighter than ever. With today's technology, virtual events via Zoom, Skype, or Remo are the new normal. So it's time to master this new form of event gathering. Join Ben Baker as he talks to Chris Nesbit about the trajectory of virtual events. Chris is a co-founder and partner at ACE Virtual Events. He helps create engaging virtual events for his clients by providing a unique digital experience. Learn how virtual events are handled before and after the show. Discover what a virtual water cooler moment is and why that is needed for engagement. Finally, find out whether Chris believes in the future of the Metaverse.
What you give in life will determine what it brings back to you. When you approach your life with a positive attitude, be ready to embrace all the good things. Attitude guru and Health With An Attitude author Fred Kienle has tapped into something that everyone needs to read, learn, and apply in their lives. He sits with our host, Ben Baker, to talk about how you can manifest good things and approach life with a better attitude. Take the first step with Fred as he shares what he learned from his own mistakes. Life is too short to live life with indifference, and Fred is here to show us how to live it to the fullest.
For most women, a traditional upbringing means growing up to find love, marry, and have kids. But Pat Fiore defies this notion with her strategic thinking skills. At a young age, Pat had already involved herself in the world of business. She knew that growing up, she wanted to pursue her career and break free from the norms of society as a woman. She sits with Ben Baker today to talk about her journey through the fashion industry and what she learned along the way. Listen in as Pat shares how problem-solving and strategic thinking helped her build her name and emerge as a woman in business.
As a photographer, Marlana Semenza sees the world and her clients literally and figuratively through different lenses. She helps her clients tell their stories and be perceived the way they want the world to see them through her photos. In this episode, Marlana joins Ben Baker to share the importance of understanding your story and your audience in capturing and creating your brand. Marlana also discovered a different way to photograph her clients through virtual photography with the pandemic. She has a lot of stories to tell and tips to share with aspiring photographers. Stay tuned!
Businesses aren't always known for their social consciousness. But with the changing times and the call for sustainability comes the need for socially conscious startups. In this episode, Ben Baker teams up with Graham Boyd, the founder of Evolute Six. Graham helps us explore the changing landscape of the business world and shares his approach towards building a better business model. Learn more about Graham and his vision for a better world.
The manufacturing industry is all about providing solutions. But before that, they need to tell the stories behind the scenes for people to connect with what they offer. Gail Robertson, the Chief Curiosity Officer at GailNow, identifies storytelling as one of the roadblocks among manufacturers. In this episode, Gail shows how she is helping them overcome this through curiosity. Having the curiosity to ask questions guides in creating a good story, particularly one that connects with people and achieves your goals. She shares her three-step process in this conversation. Join Gail as she breaks down why curiosity is a superpower in the industry and how we can apply that to the stories we tell.
It’s when performing under pressure that true leadership is tested. We learn this from Bryan Price, Ph.D., founder of Top Mental Game LLC, a coaching service for business leaders and elite athletes. Before starting Top Mental Game, Bryan served for 20 years as a U.S. Army officer. He currently serves as a Director and Associate Professor at the Combating Terrorism Center. Joining Ben Baker on the show, Bryan tells us how leaders can stay on top of their mental game so they can perform at their best when it matters the most. He also shares insights on servant leadership, the imposter syndrome, leadership development, and more. Stay tuned and learn how one of the best minds is shaping the new generation of leaders!
Music can change people's lives. It gives them passion. And this episode's guest moved with his love for music to change his life and of others. Like other well-known artists, comedians, and singers, David Fishof's blossomed in the Catskills. This is where he began to organize and assemble artists for exciting live shows. The greatest production that stands out from the rest was the Rock' n' Roll Fantasy Camp. Discover what goes on behind the camp. Find out how it delivers an exceptional musical experience to people worldwide. Join David as he shares about his journey in the industry and passion for music.
The LQBTQ’s inclusion in boxing is a big hairy audacious goal. But guess what, Martin Stark is close to bringing that goal into reality. Martin is the founder and CEO of World Gay Boxing Championships who’s passionate in making everyone feel they belong. Martin talks with Ben Baker how situations and plans may change, but you need to stay true to your vision. If you want to bring your vision to fruition, inspire others to rally to you. Community is always the key to making big things happen. Tune in!
How do people stay in love despite disappointments, challenges, and uncertainties? What are the common problems that couples face that lead them to separate after years of marriage? We have our guests, Ana Gabriel Mann and John David Mann, authors of The Go-Giver Marriage, to share their life experiences, especially in marriage, so we can deeply assess what we’re doing right and doing wrong. They discuss things that we can avoid to preserve our treasured relationships. Join in the conversation and learn how you can keep the fire burning despite all the challenges! Order "The Go-Giver Marriage" NOW and you'll get these FREE gifts!
One of today’s most buzzworthy word, and something marketing mavens are always on the lookout for, is an influencer. But what does being an influencer mean, and what is the difference from being influential? We try to answer those questions and more, as Ben Baker sits down for an interview with Ahmad Imam, influencer and ambassador at Success Resources Australia. Ahmad discusses influence, how influencers work and why they need to have a positive impact on the world. Learn more about how influencers can change the world by tuning in.
We can't please everyone. But deep inside, as human beings, we often do things that contradict this popular saying because we want to be liked by everyone. We desperately crave positive human connections. In this episode, our guest Joshua B. Lee, an entrepreneur, business owner, author, coach, and marketer shares his belief that the best way to progress is by being true to yourself no matter what comes your way. Being too cautious on what others may react and think based on your actions will limit yourself to bring your truest potential, may it be at work or in personal relationships. Stay tuned to know why this will also affect your work-life balance.
Why do we hide behind titles and labels? It’s because it gives us an illusion that from titles alone, we can get the respect we want. Ben Baker’s guest in this episode is Kim-Adele Platts, the Chief Executive Officer of MasterMindSet. Kim talks with Ben about how we need to learn to live up to our titles. Leading with kindness, humanity, and courage, is an excellent way to do that. We need to share vulnerability without losing credibility. And to give people support when learning new skills because change is uncomfortable. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode!
What does a great coach leader do? The first thing that a great leader should do is craft the vision for the organization's future. Today, we have Tom Ziglar to discuss how leaders create solutions and deliver results. He spent his entire life surrounded by world-class leaders, innovators, and motivators mainly because the world’s TOP motivator Zig Ziglar is his father. As a result, he has gained a lot of knowledge into developing leadership skills. Tune in to learn what top performers do to scale an organization up!
Technology has changed a lot and has helped humans perform their activities easier. As a result, businesses have recognized technology as an opportunity for growth. In this episode, our guest Steve Rice shares his view on the different aspects of companies that can bring more progress and success to their respective products or services. Steve has a wide range of skills and experience and can reach into the dispersed corners of businesses and bring them all together. Of course, the right system, culture, and people all contribute to success, but Steve shares the methodology and philosophy he follows to make all these things work. Listen and find out what these core concepts are!
Finding your voice allows you to speak with confidence during life-changing moments. Ben Baker’s guest in this episode is Emmanuella Grace, the Founder of Find Your Voice. Emmanuella shares how you need to be willing to wait until people are ready to listen to you, rather than barreling through because they’re speaking over you. Doing so makes you powerful and earns the respect of others in the room. You could have the meekest voice, but if you believe what you have to say is valuable and worth listening to, people WILL listen to you. Tune in and learn how to get people to listen, understand, and value what you have to say!
Leadership has come so far since the industrial age, and yet, many are still stuck leading the old way that it's not effective anymore. In this episode, Ben Baker interviews someone who has cracked the leadership code, particularly in this day and age. He sits down with the author of Cracking the Leadership Code, Alain Hunkins. Here, Alain shares his thoughts on the future of leadership while giving some of his great insights into what it takes to be an effective leader where people can thrive, do great work, and feel great about it. He also breaks down the things he found that are working and the things that are not in leadership while also revealing the secrets to building strong leaders: connection, communication, and collaboration. This conversation is surely jam-packed with all the knowledge you need about being an effective leader, one that the team needs to survive, so don't miss out!
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