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Author: Nate Birdine

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Welcome to The Youth Of The Nation Podcast, this Podcast is meant to connect young people and young leaders! I love serving young people and equipping those who feel called to lead the church. I pray you have some laughs, reflect and get know yourself as a leader - honestly if it is young or old! Keep it real and keep it love! Support this podcast:
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This is our first podcast together! Thank you so much for listening! Topics include -Thanksgiving -MVP Race -Honor -Mikayla joins us! Follow us  Nate: @natebirdine Telyn: @telynaustin_ Podcast: @theyouthofthenationpod --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
Episode 21 | Carla Pratico

Episode 21 | Carla Pratico


Wowza. Carla Pratico was not playing any games this week! I appreciate her openness to share her story. She says that she LEADS out of love, I can agree just with the few special moments that I had in this interview. Thanks for listening and checking out the Podcast this week and for giving it a listen! I will be posting a sermon here in a couple of days, so look out for that!  Here is the many ways to contact Carla Pratico: Instagram: @carlapratico   THE UNION CONFERENCE. Feb 9th NYC THE PRATICO'S WEBSITE. CARLA'S PERSONAL WEBSITE. Follow me @_kaibird and the show @theyouthofthenationpod --- Support this podcast:
Thank you for listening to our episode this week! So much fun to record but also sad to remember all the good Chadwick Boseman did! --- Support this podcast:
Episode 86 | Alyx Sandy

Episode 86 | Alyx Sandy


Such a great episode. Alyx is full of wisdom! Take notes and share this with someone! --- Support this podcast:
Episode 85

Episode 85


Telyn reminds us to keep pressing in! --- Support this podcast:
Julia is a teacher and Nate’s partner. The wisdom she drops about students, teaching and more are so good! Share this! --- Support this podcast:
Is there a stamp that comes when we say we are up next? May we be able to old the tension that young people can do it now! --- Support this podcast:
Speaking on what is happening in our world and some of my thoughts on where our country is. --- Support this podcast:
Thanks for listening we will get there! --- Support this podcast:
Pray. Advocate. Do. --- Support this podcast:
An episode to hold y’all over til next week! Staying healthy in the Quarantine Time! Here are some tips! --- Support this podcast:
Lets’s continue to tell our students how loved they are and that they have the power of God within them! Thanks for listening! We will catch you next week! --- Support this podcast:
Thank you for listening! We continue to pray for Justice in Jesus' name! --- Support this podcast:
We believe truly following Jesus will come back to the forefront. The question is will we stop being so comfortable? --- Support this podcast:
Such a great episode with Vinnie we absolutely love his heart for discipleship and people! --- Support this podcast:
We are in interesting times. Telyn and I speak about the different ways to lead in this pandemic! Topic : Leading Virtually --- Support this podcast:
What a great episode! Hopefully you walk away with from this episode with the concept that our Faith is our Focus and that in this crazy time we are called to focus on the name of Jesus! Topics: Catching Up w/ Nate and Telyn Top 4 Cereal One Worship Song Gotta Go Captions Leadership Thought: Mustard Seed Faith --- Support this podcast:
What an interview with @jaemenmartinez! Her passion is so evident, and I hope that you are encouraged in this episode! Follow the show @theyouthofthenationpod Follow Nate @natebirdine --- Support this podcast:
Our failures are not the end of us! So often, we can believe that God is going to resent us because we are going to fail, but this isn't true. It is okay to fail, but we must be able to learn and grow from our failures. Nate - @natebirdine Telyn - @telynaustin_ --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
How do we react to the crisis? Are we freaking out like everybody else is or do we make sure that we set the tone and pray for our world? Telyn and Nate talk about both and have some fun conversations as well! Follow Us! Nate - @natebirdine Telyn - @telynaustin_ --- Support this podcast:
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