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40 Million Downloads. Ziglar Show Host Kevin Miller has one quest, to help you actually apply the most innovative and timeless principles of personal growth to your life. Success principles are a dime-a-dozen. The glory is in getting ourselves to take action and make the positive changes we desire, so we can get the positive results we want. Kevin is a lifetime personal development expert, former pro athlete, and leaders such as Michael Hyatt cite him as a master in getting to the root of their messages. Here we continue the legacy of renowned author, speaker and, humanitarian, Zig Ziglar, to inspire YOUR true performance!

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Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets, said W Edwards Deming. Right now your system, your habits and routines, are designed to produce the results you are getting. Same with me. If we want to change the results, we must change the system. No secret or brilliance in that statement, you’ve heard the concept before. The problem, and opportunity, is us. I believe we are all simply living up to our expectations. What is interesting is how we would reshape our living based upon a change in expectations. Here is a question I posted to the Ziglar audience, “If you were given one million dollars today, to be in top shape mentally and physically in 12 months, at which time you would then get a high paying role or job you loved, how would you start preparing, training, and caring for yourself?” I’m about to read a bunch of replies. And I’m imploring you not to discount this. Your first reaction will likely be to scoff and say, “Well sure, its’ much easier to make the needed changes with a guaranteed payday ahead of you.” But then that implies you are not currently making changes you’d like to make, because you don’t believe they’ll pay off. Isn’t that pretty telling? So we have a crisis of faith. Of belief. Think on that as you hear how people responded. And please know, I’m in this boat with you too. This speaks to me just as much as you and has me looking to make some changes, right away! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this show I am appealing to your logic, not your emotion. Your intellect, not your inspiration. Chances are you are living under a false assumption about your vocational role in life. If not false, at least minimized. You see yourself a certain way and thus expect a level of performance from yourself. I am not vying for you to increase the amount of your performance as much as the caliber. And to a great degree, simply the way you hold, conduct and care for yourself. I’m going to play a two minute clip from Zig to help set the perspective. The story has to do with IQ. Following Zig’s message we will not be talking about your IQ, however. But rather your actual role and viable credibility in your job. Your work. And we all have a job. I can’t stress the strength of the case I’m going to make and the relevance it has in your life. I’m going to share some great products and services with you, then play Zig’s quick, 2-minute message, then hit you with a reality of your life you are very likely missing and not rightfully leveraging. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
How we treat people has a direct, immediate, and long term impact on us just as much as what we eat. Live on fast food and you will end up looking and feeling like a milkshake. Treating difficult people like they deserve and how you treat random people you come into contact with in life can be slowly poisoning you, depending on your attitude. Most people will testify to treating all people well, all the time, no matter what. Few of us truly do, and minimizing the issue is a disservice to us. Which is why we bring the issue up here. Now. In this episode I play a 4.5 minute clip from Zig Ziglar about what how we treat people says about us and does to us. Then I posted this question to the Ziglar audience, “Are there people in your life who you struggle to treat as you would want to be treated? Whether close relationships or even people you infrequently encounter and have to interact with?” Most of the responses addressed difficult people in our lives, but I brought Tom Ziglar on the show to talk through the comments with me and we start off discussing the “insignificant” people that Zig references. If you think you treat everyone well and are not affected by this issue...I greatly, greatly encourage you to listen in. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Your time, especially your personal time, has three components. The time you give to “I”, yourself, is vitally necessary. “We” time would be working together or parenting or the duties of life, even social engagements. “Us” is intentional, focused time on the relationship, like “date night”. This highlights the Relationship spoke on the Ziglar Wheel of life for Stephen & Mara Klemich, my guests from show 753 where we talked about the four principles of behavior that rule our lives, from their book, “Above The Line”. This is my first time going the Habits show with a couple and it was valuable to hear how they make room to accommodate differing habits to cater to their differing personalities. We also discussed Mara’s three bouts with cancer, the challenge of living up to their own message, and the reality that these authors and speakers are, as they say, “dreadful introverts.” I think you will enjoy and get much value from auditing this couple’s habits. To quickly reference show 753 with the Klemichs where we talked about their revolutionary Heartstyles Indicator assessment, it is only available to those who purchase the Klemich’s new book, “Above The Line”. But for Ziglar listeners, I asked them to make it available immediately and at no cost. They are doing so for a month, from Jan. 25, 2020, to Feb. 25, 2020. Go to and follow the instructions. Use the access code ZIGLAR2020 to get access to the Indicator/assessment. Again, and use the access code ZIGLAR2020 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Recognizing who has helped you is vitally important, as it fosters the reality of how valuable help is. How much you need it and benefit from it. Or what if you haven’t received much positive help from others? How do you get it? In this episode we listen to a clip from Zig Ziglar on the dramatic influence of others investing in you, and you in them. Then I posted this question to the Ziglar audience, “: Name or tag someone who truly made a positive difference in your life, and please explain how they specifically helped you.” Many, many responses and Tom Ziglar and I talked through as many as we could, and really expanded on the value and need in our lives. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Why do we do the things we do? Especially, why do we so often not do the things we want to do, and do what we don’t want to do? Why do we intend to act one way, then get derailed and sabotage ourselves or a situation or a relationship? I generally go to the weakness and appetite of my mind and flesh, but today I bring two guests whose research shows it is deeper than this and we can get to the root and literally change our behaviors. Stephen Klemich is a corporate consultant and his wife Mara Klemich is a clinical psychologist. After years of extensive research and data collection they landed on four principles that explain the why behind our behaviors and that they all boil down to issues of humility, love, pride, and fear. From this they have released their new book, Above the Line, Living and Leading with Heart, with a core message of understanding what motivators are happening in our heart, so we can make effective choices to build our character and become the person we were designed to be.   I took their Heartstyles Indicator, and online assessment, and got my personal report. We very candidly walked through it to showcase where my personal values are, and where my natural behaviors actually lie, and the gulf between the two. They showcased why I often tire of performing to cover the span between what I want to do and what I actually feel. This is literal awareness AND equipping. And here is a great opportunity for the first people who hear this episode. The Heartstyles Indicator is only available to those who purchase the Klemich’s new book,. But for Ziglar listeners, I asked them to make it available immediately and at no cost. They are doing so for a month, from Jan. 25 2020, to Feb. 25, 2020. Go to and follow the instructions. Use the access code ZIGLAR2020 to get access to the Indicator/assessment. Again, and use the access code ZIGLAR2020 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Most people listening to this show have an idea what their personality style is, from one of the many personality profiles out there. But what we uncover in this Q&A episode is you can know your personality style and be wholly ignorant of your literal, tangible, working style in the main roles and duties of your life. Along with that you can know your spouse’s personality type, your co-worker’s, kid’s, and more, and completely miss and bang up against their styles, again, in the main roles and actions of life. I posted this question to the Ziglar audience, “How self-aware do you feel you are in regards to “your style” in key areas of your life, such as finances, decision making, work, parenting, spirituality, learning, leadership, and more?” Then I asked Rick McDaniel, my guest from show 749 where we discussed the message in his new book, “You Got Style”, to join me. As always, a brilliant, live-coaching session as Rick talked through the real world applications and realities of being more self aware.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Key word is, "learners". But let us clarify that word. The definition is, "gain or acquire knowledge of or skill in (something) by study, experience, or being taught." We hear a lot of things that we don't actually learn. If you have heard the health value of not eating fast food and eating more home cooked vegetables, but you are still eating fast food and your stove wouldn't recognize a real vegetable, then you heard about it. You didn't learn it. So leaders are gaining knowledge and actually applying it to their life. This was a key habit my guest, Rick McDaniel shared here in our Habits episode. Rick was my guest in episode 749 where he revealed personal styles in 12 categories of life. His book, "You Got Style" I know have my family working through so we can better understand each other. I'm also doing it with my close business associates. Rick is the founder and senior pastor of the Richmond Community Church in Richmond, Virginia, and He is a regular contributor for and is a well known speaker for Fortune 500 companies and faith audiences alike. You can find him at I know will gain much by walking through the seven spokes on The Ziglar Wheel of life and hearing Rick's personal habits for success. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Love and affection I think we would all say have value, but how much, in what way, and why? How important is it? What place does it have in our home, our work, and in all our relationships? Zig Ziglar brings us a short message on the issue, then I posted this question to the Ziglar Show audience, “In your home and close relationships, how do you communicate love and affection and how often? And how important do you believe it is?” As responses quickly came in, I posted this follow up question, “Who experienced a LACK of love and affection in their upbringing or marriage and how has it affected you or how are you dealing with it?” Tom Ziglar and I went through as many of your comments as we could and from them, received some incredible insight into this issue. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Who you are is good to know but how you are is even better. Meaning, if you’ve done a personality profile to help understand who you are, the only relevance is utilizing the information to better guide your behavior and performance, but often the profiles do not help to this level. Today I bring you a guest who has done the research to clarify personal styles in 12 key areas of life. It reveals how you behave with finances, decision making, work, parenting, spiritually, learning, leadership, and more. I think it is profoundly valuable and has me feeling it is paramount to clarify and understand the styles of my wife, kids, business partners, employees...everyone I do life with. Rick McDaniel is my guest in this episode and his message is in a new book titled, You Got Style: How Discovering Your Personal Style Impacts Your Faith, Family, Finances & Much More. Rick is the founder and senior pastor of the Richmond Community Church in Richmond, Virginia, and He is a regular contributor for and is a well known speaker for Fortune 500 companies and faith audiences alike. Rick says, “Discovering your individual style can help you understand why you do certain things, why you react in a particular way to something, and why others act the way they do. These styles involve the most important aspects of our lives, including our relationships, our family, our faith, our finances and our work. As you’ll hear in the show, I went through all 12 categories and listed out my style in each area, and what I felt my wife’s style is. I’m going to have her do the same and compare notes and talk about it. But there are some specific areas where we are different that I’m eager to discuss and figure out how we can better honor each other’s styles instead of being at odds. Then again, same with my kids and those who I work closely with in my businesses and initiatives. You are going to get a ton from this show. You can connect more with Rick at and you can find his new book, You Got Style, wherever you get books. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
That headline itself is rife with controversy, but I think to any sane person it is a fully legitimate question we have all pondered. It is one thing to have faith and a belief. It is another to expect that faith and belief to change some of the hard circumstances of life. This show is going to acutely dig up this subject in real life circumstances. As I do every week, I posted a question on Facebook. You can join these weekly discussions and help me by sharing your personal experience and opinion, just find and friend me at agentkmiller. This week I asked this question, “Everyone has experienced some level of trauma in their life. Amidst it, how much did your personal faith tangibly help, if it did at all?” Oh my, so many intimate responses. I asked Dr. Lee Warren to join me and talk through your comments. Dr. Warren was my guest in show 743, he is a renowned neurosurgeon who deals directly with faith amongst trauma and tragedy, every day. Grappling with faith and real world outcomes was the focus of his new book, “I’ve Seen The End of You.”  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
After a lifetime in personal development and five years investigating and talking with the top leaders in personal development, I believe we are, all of us, so often missing the root issues of our own personal growth and progress. The following show is an overview of a larger initiative I am working on. I am not a patient man and in this episode I talk you through the highlights I believe will help you better address the root issues of you and vastly increase your progress. I’ll give you the punchline right here as well. I’m going to start by explaining what I mean by “symptomatic self help” and walk you in to these five points, 1) What do you want?, 2) What do you want to want?, 3) What do you not actually even want, you just think you should want?, 4) What do you believe and have faith in?, 5) And last, what will you decide to believe and have faith in, because as you'll hear, I staunchly believe they are just that...decisions.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
It’s a New Year and weight loss, exercise, and eating better are the the most searched for New Year’s Resolution topics. This show is about personal development, growth, change, and success, and this special episode is about the engine of you. You are your power source. I don’t mean spiritually, I’m just talking about your physical body which houses your brain and your overall capacity. As you seek to go about your life, you will do so at the mercy and capability of your body. As you look at your health and wellness, who are you going to listen to? What resource or program or so-called "hack" are you going to try? As my friend Angelo Poli of the company Metpro said, and I paraphrase, "Every methodology has worked. Sometimes for some people." So it's a crap shoot at best. Which begs the holy grail question, what should you do to best address your health and wellness needs and goals? In this show I'm going to give you what I claim to be the irrefutable answer. But the caveat is that it's not a final answer, it is a framework. If you wanted to live in a custom home, nobody can just hand you the blueprint. They'd have to know your desires and where you want to build. That said, every home built will have the same aspects of what I'm calling a framework. It will have a foundation and sewage system and electricity and all the necessities of any other house. This is what I will provide for you today, the framework for the house of you to be at its best. The show is about 45 minutes, then at my conclusion, I'm going to give you a Facebook live recording from Tom Ziglar on a physical transformation he experienced in 2019 at the hands of personal trainer Angelo Poli. I interviewed Angelo in episode 683 where we really talked about body metabolism. For disclosure, I became a client and today, after years of plateau, I have put on and have more muscle than ever in my lifetime. Tom as you will hear, wanted to lose weight which he did. In this show I believe you’ll find a comprehensive understanding as to how to address your health and wellness. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This is a license to invest in ourselves, not an admonishment. If you woke up to a brand new car in your driveway and a notecard that said, "From God", you would be ecstatic and you would take care of that baby. What about your body? After letting his health go, Dr. Lee Warren committed to caring for himself and here in our habits show he stated, "Our body is a gift to us from the Creator." He's lost weight and increased his energy. It was a reminder that self-care is a priority instead of something to left to last after you try to care for everyone else. Dr. Warren was my guest in show 743 where we talked about the massive value and necessity of hope, something he knows well as a renowned neurosurgeon dealing daily with trauma and tragedy. Along with health we walk through the other six spokes on the Ziglar Wheel of Life and you will be inspired by what a top doctor and author does to keep himself as well as possible. I highly encourage you to check out Dr. Warren's new book, "I’ve Seen the End of You", wherever you get books, you can pre-order now, as it comes out January 7, 2019. You can also connect with Dr. Warren at And make sure you check out the ‘Dr. Lee Warren’ podcast. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Should your work truly interest you? What are you missing if it does not? Though as you will hear in the show, maybe interest in your work is not the absolute end all. Here is the question I posed to the Ziglar audience, “Do you find your work to be interesting? Yes or no,and how much weight on your work fulfillment does this have?” The question came from a short message we will hear from Zig Ziglar where he cited a survey conducted about the workplace asking what employees wanted. Managers surveyed said, Good wages, Job security, Promotions. The workers however responded..and number one was, Interesting work. There is no commentary I could give that would be as valuable as hearing what you, the audience, responded with. Tom Ziglar joined me and we talked through your comments. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What do you have hope in? Real hope based on actual expectations? Do have hope that drives you to get out of bed, make progress toward your desires, and withstand the hardships of life? In this show I bring you a guest who is a neurosurgeon. Yes, a brain surgeon, the top guns amongst medical doctors. Dr. Lee Warren brings us stories of terminal patients and brain tumors with a near 100% fatality rate. Yet he cites from his daily experiences walking through the traumas and tragedies of humanity that hopelessness is far more deadly. Which sounds preposterous. How can one even have hope amongst certain death? In this show, you will hear how and why hope is so vital, necessary, and possible for all of us, no matter our circumstances. Let me forewarn you, this is not remotely a formulaic show. This is deep and vulnerable and filled with as much recognition of mystery and heartbreak as it is, hope and help. Dr. Warren is an Iraq war veteran who performed more than 200 surgeries in a tent hospital. From then and till this day he performs surgeries on everything from tumors to head wounds. He’s daily amongst despair and death, and hope and healing. Family tragedies and triumphs. Amongst it all he lost his own 19 year old son and had to deal with his own grief and faith. His new book, “I’ve Seen the End of You” chronicles the stories of patients who rocked his faith. And let me say this, I study the books of each guest I have on the show, but I seldom read them word for word to the end. This one was like a novel that I kept wondering what would happen next and I read it cover to cover. I’ve shared it with my friends and family and now I share it with you. If you have ever, ever pondered your faith, please listen to this show. And if you want a book that will keep you enthralled, and quite possibly give you a new perspective on your personal faith...go check out ‘I’ve Seen the End of You’ wherever you get books, you can pre-order now, as it comes out January 7, 2019. You can also connect with Dr. Warren at And make sure you check out the ‘Dr. Lee Warren’ podcast. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
742: What do you want?

742: What do you want?


Two of my favorite movie scenes ask this. In the Notebook, the character Noah asks Allie over and over, “What do you want? What do you want?” Then in It’s a Good Year, George Bailey gallantly asks, “Mary, what do you want? You want the moon, I’ll lasso it for you.” But the beauty of the scene is when she closes her eyes and thinks on what she really wants and makes a true wish, that later comes to pass. In episode 734 I did a special edition show where I walked through the seven spokes on the Ziglar Wheel of Life and ultimately encouraged everyone just to list something out they wanted, in each spoke. For my recent birthday, I asked my four oldest kids to gift me by going through and doing the exercise. So for this show, I posted a question on Facebook for the Ziglar audience, and a reminder you can join these conversations by finding and friending me on Facebook at agentkmiller. The question was simply, “Do have any tangible ideas of what more you want in the near future in these areas: 1) Health, 2) Relationships, 3) Mental growth, 4) Finances, 5) Spiritual, 6) Career, 7) Personal Incredible responses came back! Tom Ziglar joined me to talk through your candid comments. For some, this show was the impetus for them to actually think through...what they want. I hope it is for you too. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
An FBI special agent whose job was gaining trust and catching and recruiting spies, shares his relational strategy at home to win his family’s hearts. Now that is intriguing. Robin Dreeke was my guest in show 739 and we talked about the specific truths and methodologies he employed as a master in behavioral analysis. Robin’s testimony of family relationships based upon never judging or criticising is one of the most inspiring things I’ve heard, period. It is giving others what we all long for, but you are going to want to hear the details. He shares this and more in this Habits show where I walk Robin through the seven spokes in the Ziglar wheel of life. Robin is a sought after speaker at live events and working with business owners doing internal leadership, customer relations and sales. You can connect with Robin at where he offers training, and find his book The Code of Trust wherever you get books. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
How would you rate your communication skills when presenting something to a group of people at the dinner table, a meeting at work or on stage? Do you feel understood and heard? This is the question I posed to the Ziglar audience. Interestingly, many people cited they felt more adept at communicating to groups, whether personally or professionally, than to individuals. Like their family members. I asked my guest from episode 731 and 733 to join me, cognitive neuroscientist and communication expert Jared Cooney Horvath. Jared got his doctorate from the University of Melbourne and you can get a veritable doctorate in communicating...from this show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In any conversation you can become a constant dopamine hit for the other person. How? By making them the topic, not you. But can you do it? Can you resist the temptation to talk about yourself and express your opinion and getting your own dopamine hit? Second, can you skillfully keep the focus on them with authenticity? This was a necessary skill for Robin Dreeke as a Special Agent in the FBI. To catch and recruit spies he became a master in behavioral analysis and applied his expertise in interpersonal communication, relationship building and Trust. These skills are used every day in leadership, sales, human resources, and all aspects of life, both business and personal. This is what we dig into in this episode, from Robin’s role with spies, right into his home and how it impacts his role as husband and father. Robin however is not just skillful of mind however, I asked about very personal and heart level issues and I think this brought out the most valuable issues of our conversation. Issues that are relevant to us all and that we can all apply right away. It’s convicting to hear methodologies verified by the gravity of life and death. I think what you will hear in this conversation will make massive sense to you, you’ll find yourself thinking, “Of course!” And inspired about how you can take advantage of these core, relational strategies. Robin does a lot of speaking at live events and working with business owners doing internal leadership, customer relations and sales. You can connect with Robin at where he offers training, and find his book The Code of Trust wherever you get books. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Adrianne Hart

This was deep. I loved every minute.

Apr 29th

Susan Overstreet-Tindell

i was told, we teach people how to treat us.

Nov 14th

Nancy Ortiz

i enjoyed the show. It was very interesting. I agree that you have to get over your pain to be comfortable to talk and share with people.I am at a point of my lige where the pain I went through is not as bad as it once was. i had back then a difgicult time voming to terms with what I endured. i wrote my story in my "Solace Encounters" book currently being edited with Xulon Press. Having written the stories over and over again I was able to let go of the fears and the traumas I went through and I feel like I am ready to sgare my story through talking about it on instagram ...solace_encounters46.

Oct 28th

S Bertram

Quality of podcast slipping a smidge with blank gaps and repeated sections in a number of episodes. Love the podcast content.

Jan 17th

iTunes User

The podcasts are great. Deal with the commercial for his web site at the end. He is allowed to make a living. And these podcasts are free. They cost nothing. Cliff - THESE ARE FREE.

Aug 30th

iTunes User

I think Mr. Ziglar's podcast are awesome! Keep them coming. From what I've heard on them he is providing motivation and inspiration on being a better person and having a better life. If he wants to promote his website at the end of the podcasts then so be it! It is nice to know where you can go to find more of his great works! Cliff G. you may want to create a positive self-talk card for yourself and find the good in things opposed to being so negative!

Aug 30th
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iTunes User

There is no better Speaker today than Zig Ziglar ! His work will always up-lift,encourage,motivate and help you to to become more enthusiastic (give hope) about your own life. When you begin to embrace those foundational qualities, that when I'll be seeing you and YES I really do mean YOU at the TOP !

Aug 30th
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