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The Ziglar Show is professional development for those working for something bigger than themselves, with over 45 million downloads from aspiring people like you! Join host Kevin Miller and renowned guests as they discuss business, sales, professional performance, and the Zig Ziglar legacy of, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want..” | For Professional Wellness tune in to the “True Life” podcast with Kevin

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If you had his attention all to yourself, what area of life or business would you ask Zig Ziglar’s counsel on? Few people on earth have been sought after for their guidance more than Zig. So I asked the question, “If you could have a 1 hour consultation with Zig Ziglar, what area of life or business would you get his advice on?” The responses covered such issues as faith, sales, relationships, working with family, regrets, self-image and much more. The responses were so many and so significant, Tom Ziglar and I spent nearly 1:45 addressing them, enough to turn this into a two part show. This may be some of the “best of” Ziglar you’ll find! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
For your success strategy, what tools or weapons will you choose? Grit? Willpower? Talent? Perseverance? This national correspondent for ABC News had all those, but she cites her most beneficial asset has been...kindness. You probably think of being kind as a nice thing to do. That may be the least value it has. Adrienne Bankert credits kindness for her rapid career trajectory that took her from a traffic anchor at a local news station to the coveted role of national correspondent for ABC News. In her new book, “Your Hidden Superpower” - The Kindness That Makes You Unbeatable At Work And Connects You with Anyone, she outlines the continual opportunities and promotions which time and time again were bestowed upon her because of her devotion to being kind to everyone at all times. Not an easy prospect, as you will hear. This show is going to give you a far different perspective on being kind, which is not always, just being nice. Adrienne is an Emmy-award winning journalist known for her compelling interviews. She was the POP News anchor for the weekend edition of Good Morning America and is now a New York based national correspondent for ABC News. Just type her name into your search engine and hit "News" and you'll generally find her national coverage from Adrienne within the past 48 hours.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sales class is here. I’ve got five minutes of sales expertise from Zig Ziglar where he simply states, “Questions are the answer!” He digs into the three types of questions in his “need analysis” with the goal to establish trust. He also covers the difference between motivating and manipulating your prospect. This is Ziglar Sales 101 and what amazes me is how in today’s world, so few people and companies know and follow successful sales structure. From Zig’s message I asked this question to the Ziglar Show audience, “What question(s) reveal whether someone is a good prospect for your product or service?” Many replies and I did a lot of questioning back to clarify people’s products and services amongst different industries and how they are literally using questions in their businesses. And some of course who are not doing it well. For all the business owners and salespeople in the Ziglar audience, this is a show for you! And if you know Ziglar and our belief that everyone is in sales, as sales is influence...then you know the show is for everyone listening. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Entrepreneurs are notoriously mission driven. They do what they do for personal reasons and to serve others. Finances are often not their primary focus, and as such, can often be neglected until it handicaps the overall effort. Janelle Bruland was a single mom committed to only working part time and here in our habits show she shares she prioritized financial success as the means to sustain the mission. It sounds so elementary but as a lifetime entrepreneur who has lived in a world of entrepreneurs, it’s amazing how often this is missed. And I’m raising myself as a chief violator. Janelle was my guest in show 785 where we discussed the gap between you and your highest potential, a primary message in her new book, “The Success Life.” You can connect with Janelle at where she has a Companion workbook to her book, and find her “Intentional Leadership podcast” wherever you get your podcasts.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mas·ter·y - comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject or accomplishment. Being a complete master of anything is questionable to proclaim, but everyone listening to this show likely has some areas of life where they can viably claim a level of mastery and hopefully a growing level of mastery. This is the focus of this episode and what we culminate with is the essential value of knowing your areas of mastery, and the responsibility to be pursuing increased mastery in your life. Tom Ziglar joined me to discuss this issue and we talked through some listener comments to the question I posted, simply, “Where do you have the most “mastery” in your life?” I think you’ll gain much from hearing the responses! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Imagine being nine months pregnant and deciding to start a business. A business you did not know much about. Years later you become a single mom to by then, three daughters. You are a woman, a mom, and a business owner. This is not conventional and it is not easy. This is the story of Janelle Bruland and the fire she lived through gave her significant insight into human potential and unconventional business practices, such as owning a thriving business and never putting in overtime hours. Not even putting in full time hours. That’s right, she’s done it all on part time hours, as a single parent. The primary motive for starting her business was so she could be a devoted mother. Janelle came to me from Tom Ziglar who show said, “We have to have her on the show!” She has a new book titled, “The Success Lie,” - 5 Simple Truths to Overcome Overwhelm and Achieve Peace of Mind. Today Janelle has 500 employees and 250 subcontractors as part of her facility management company team and is on the Inc. 5,000 fastest growing companies. You can connect with Janelle at where she has a Companion workbook to her book, and find her “Intentional Leadership podcast” wherever you get your podcasts. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We all want to influence others, as without that ability, we can’t help anyone. We won’t matter. There are a couple interesting factors in this quest. One, we can’t say what our influence is, only others can. So I asked this question to the Ziglar audience, “If everyone in your life had to give an honest testimony of your influence on them, good and bad, how do you feel about what they would share?” Two, how we feel about ourselves is a root issue that greatly impact our influence. So I posted a second question, “What actions, behaviors, and/or thoughts help, and hurt, your approval of yourself?” Tom Ziglar and I read through many of the responses and talked about the convergence of these two important issues. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
“If you’re not at your best mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, you're nothing for your family, you're depleted for your customers, you're unhelpful to your neighbors, and you're empty for society. Build a strong self-relationship because that is the key to every other relationship. It’s not selfish, it’s It’s selfless.” This is our Habits show and we are with Robin Sharma, my guest from episode 781 where our focus was Personal Mastery. In this show, the second spoke of relationships, Robin brought a significant paradigm shift. To strengthen and deepen relationships with others, he shared we must first have a world class relationship with ourselves. I’ve never heard it put quite that way and it’s inspired me to further elevate my expectations of my self image. This and much more in the episode. Find Robin and his new book, “The 5am Club” at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Your primary desire is to matter to other people. If you want a raise or a promotion, you must matter to someone in charge. If you want a relationship you must matter to the person you are pursuing. If you want friends and any companionship, you must matter to them. So how do you matter? In this show I believe we have your best tactic. Give people what they most want. Encouragement. Everyone including yourself wants to hear positive feedback regarding themselves. We all want it and some are desperate for it. When we think of the word “encouragement” we generally don’t give it the gravity it deserves. Using it is literally harnessing a superpower. We’re selfish beings. Be selfish. Encourage people and matter to them. See what opportunities arise. NOTE: This show did not start out with a focus of encouragement. It was a Q&A show with Scott Stearman regarding our influence on others. Scott was my guest in show 777 where we discussed just we are literally influencing others. But briefly into the show we got on the topic of encouragement and I was hit with the reality that Scott is a king of encouragement. His father was a king of encouragement. Zig Ziglar was a king and chief purveyor of encouragement. What could possibly be a more important topic. What followed was I believe and hope, us making a case for the power encouragement can be in elevating our own lives, as we elevate others. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What is more important than mastering one’s self? The world acclaims those who have mastered a skill and we glorify people for what they can do. What we fail to recognize is the necessary mastery of self that preceded the act the person is on stage for. Did you get that? The performance, whether on stage or an a sports field or on camera or in the workplace, is the result of a level of mastery of self. It is not the most talented who win. We’ve all seen great talent go to waste because the person couldn’t pull their act together. It’s some talent and skill that is honed through the daily fire called discipline and habit and routine. Mastery of self. In this show I bring you Robin Sharma and mastery of self is his muse. He wrote an intriguing book from decades of his teaching that to boil down is a playbook for self mastery. It’s written in story form and I’ll admit, it had me wanting to go back in again and again to hang out with the incredibly inspiring characters. In this episode Robin and I talk about the root issues of mastering ourselves. Robin Sharma is a globally respected humanitarian, bestselling author. His new book, The 5AM Club, is currently one of the bestselling books in the world and his influence is significant, he has 4.1 million followers on Facebook alone.  Robin is widely considered as one of the world's top leadership experts and if you search for him you’ll see his clients include many Fortune 100 companies, famed billionaires, professional sports superstars, music icons and members of royalty. Robin books have sold over 15,000,000 copies in 92+ languages making him one of the most widely read authors alive. Honestly I find interest in anyone who is positively influencing so many people and I’m incredibly grateful I invited him to join me on the show. You can find Robin, his new book, “The 5AM Club” and all he has to offer at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sometimes it’s just tiring to go against the flow. We want to belong with and trust the society we live in. Sometimes we may even just want to chill out and be average. But then we realize we are answering the call of responsibility to grow and evolve and strive toward our full potential and it requires doing more than the average. In this show we hear a four minute message from Zig Ziglar on this topic, and from it I posted this question on Facebook, “Having more than average means doing more than average. Being counter cultural. Going against the flow. Do you ever feel tired of the effort?.” Tom Ziglar joined me to talk through the comments and what you will hear is lots of commiserating on the struggle, but also the motives for continuing on. I believe you’ll gain great encouragement from this episode for your own above average pursuits. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
I want to figure out what is healthiest, best, right, and true and just simply to that over and over again. Simple. Black and white. But alas, the world, humanity, and circumstances don’t often play along with these rules. Often we must discern what is best in one particular moment and the next and one may require an opposite response even though it is a very similar circumstance. In episode 777 I brought you master sculptor Scott Stearman and a very deep discussion on faith and influence. His new book is titled, “What Does Your Jesus Look Like,” we discussed influence overall and what perspective we are all painting with our lives? This is our Habits episode and in the Spiritual spoke Scott shares a perspective of seeking God’s will in specific circumstances and how he has learned to find peace in moment by moment discernment. It’s a big concept friends. Find Scott at and check out his book, “What Does Your Jesus Look Like?” which was the focal point of our talk in episode 777. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
“What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” It’s a pithy quote we often find on placards in gift shops. I have one on a pottery disc hanging by our kitchen sink. In reality we can always fail. So I came at it a different way and asked the Ziglar audience this question, “If you were offered a $50k grant to try something growth oriented in your personal or professional life, what would it be?” The attempt is the same, to remove reasons we have for not going after pursuits we desire. In episode 773 my guest was Jennifer Allwood, author of the new book, “Fear Is Not The Boss Of You.” I’ve mentioned before we received more positive feedback on this episode than any other for quite a while. I had Jennifer come back to talk through some of the wealth of dreams and aspirations people shared, which they would pursue if provided with not only $50k, but just an impetus to help take away some of the real and perceived obstacles, such as money, and fear. This is an incredible, live coaching session with Jennifer. And as you’ll hear us discuss in the show, you can check out her large coaching platform at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Tune in for a profound message. You are painting a picture to everyone you have contact with, at every moment of your life, with every action. What does the picture represent? The concept of how and what you are influencing is relevant to all, though we also go deep into Christianity. Scott Stearman is a renowned sculptor whose life size sculptures are the focal point of many military compounds and faith based institutions and universities across America. He has a message he is now delivering on stages across America and in a new book asking, “What Does Your Jesus Look Like?” For those of you who claim Christ, this will hit you in your heart, and right between the eyes. Again however, the message is relevant for anyone who desires to have a positive influence in and on the world. As the saying goes, we judge ourselves by our intentions. Others judge us by our actions. And friends, your actions and behavior bely who you are at the core. What you truly believe. Is who and how you are lifting others up and inspiring them to more? As you will hear in the show, Scott is more than an esteemed guest I wanted for the show. I have closely and intimately done life with him for nearly 17 years. This show is similar to many conversations he and I have had through the years over a cup of coffee. Again, if you care to truly have a positive influence on anyone, and even more so if you claim Christ...I implore you, don’t miss this show. Connect with Scott Stearman and check out his dramatic sculptures and new book, “What Does Your Jesus Look Like,” at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The greatest asset your business and you can have is people’s trust. However, most everyone believes they are trustworthy, yet in truth, few employ the tangible actions to actually gain trust. So many people claim terms like “integrity” and “honesty” or expect their good intent to shine through. To actually gain trust and customer loyalty takes specific methodologies which are fairly simple to put into action, and very, very rare. We kick off the show with a two and a half minute message from Zig Ziglar on gaining trust in your business. Then I asked the Ziglar audience this question, “Do you have an example of a business or business person that has earned your trust. And if you have a business, how do you earn people's trust?” Tom Ziglar joined me for this discussion and here is what happened. In the first 20 minutes, Tom weighs in on how trust is being impacted in the workplace due to the current COVID-19 crisis. Then we dig into some of the comments. At about the hour mark we land on, “exceeding expectations.” Don’t miss this segment, even if you skip forward to it. It’s a massive opportunity for you. And here this. Your good intentions are not enough. Expertly meeting your customers expectations are not enough. Don’t fall for the trap of thinking your heart will shine through you and your work. There is behavioral psychology at work that needs tangible anchors to hold on to. We aim to give you some of those in this episode.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
If you’ve heard that before, consider it again. This is a common thread we’ve had on the show. Busyness and hurry are not producing good works. The faster we run the slower we produce. Or at least, the shallower we produce. If your life is a blur of lots of shallow work, then speed may be your gig. But to do the great work, the deep work, the valuable and profitable work, we are learning speed kills. This is our Habit’s episode with Jennifer Allwood, my guest from show 773 where we discussed, “Showing up for your own life,” a primary message from her new book, “Fear Is Not The Boss Of You.” In this show as we discuss the Career spoke, Jennifer shares her focus right now amongst success with her book, podcast, and coaching organization, is slowing down to speed up. With so many opportunities she knows there is always a danger of imploding. Her rudder is, “If it’s costing me my peace, it’s too expensive.” This and more in the episode. Connect with Jennifer at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
That word, “busy”, means, having a great deal to do. Do you have a great deal to do? Are you enjoying the pace? Are you creating your best from the go-go-go grind? I think we are in a special place in time where busy is losing its luster. Not because we aren’t capable of maintaining it, but rather we’re learning it provides lesser, not greater value. Instead of the busy person seeming more important, I’m starting to see them as poor decision makers and living life at a shallower level. Actually I can own this for myself. When I am increasingly busy, I realize I’m at best just maintaining life, I’m not creating and growing it. In show 767 I talked in depth with pastor and author John Mark Comer and his message, “The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry.” It was from this discussion I asked the Ziglar audience this question, “On a scale from 1-10, how "hurried" is your life? If it's high (10 = espresso squirrel), what feels like the main culprit? If it's low (1 = sedated tree sloth), what has helped?” You can join these weekly discussions by finding and friending me on Facebook at Tom Ziglar joined me to read through and discuss many of the comments. Really insightful, to say the least. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Fear and being stuck. Everyone can relate to those realities and they are not where we want to be. Jennifer Allwood truly provides a breath of fresh air to this issue, and she does it by relating, commiserating, and having compassion. You can not fully eradicate fear from your life. But you can manage it and move forward anyway. Jennifer cites you can have emotions, feel emotions, recognize emotions, but still do big, hard, and scary things in spite of those emotions. Jennifer uses her social media following of 500K people, her podcast, The Jennifer Allwood Show, coaching groups with thousands of members, and now her #1 best selling book, Fear is Not the Boss of You, to help others do for their businesses what she has done with hers. Jennifer is also steadfast in using her business as a way to serve God and my family. Her goal is to use the tools so readily available—social media, email, the Internet—as the way to make this happen. She knows getting unstuck, pushing through the overwhelm, and doing things in spite of fear are key in growing any business. Friends, this was a fun and poignant discussion and I’m proud to bring Jennifer and this message to you. You can connect with Jennifer at where you’ll find her new book, “Fear Is Not The Boss Of You”. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We are in an unprecedented global crisis with the coronavirus. Nearly every American and human is being impacted. I asked this short question on Facebook, “Would you share a positive and a negative regarding how COVID-19 is affecting your life right now?” In just over 24 hours we have in depth comments from 76 people. There was very little sugar coating, but some distinct threads regarding loss of money as the negative and down time and time for relationships as a positive. Really interesting to hear the candid accounts. The question we posed was...what normal do you want to go back to? Is there any current change you desire to retain? I think you’ll find both confirmation for what you are dealing with and inspiration for some benefits you may better take hold of. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Are you able to concentrate? Focus? Think critically and creatively? In episode #767 I brought you John Mark Comer and we discussed the profound message in his book, “The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry.” An issue we discussed was the scattered attention caused by the massive distractions of today’s world. What with our electronic devices and social media, our attention spans are at an all time low. The consequences are, as John Mark cites, we are chipping away at our capacity for concentration and contemplation. This is our Habits show and I walked through the seven spokes on the Ziglar Wheel of life with John Mark. In the Career spoke he said a priority is fighting for deep work blocks. He is a pastor and writer, so that may not come as a shock to you. My question for us all is, who does NOT need deep work blocks? Or just blocks of deep time in general? Deep time to be at peace. To think critically and creatively. How much would your life benefit to stop and think deeply about any aspect of it? This and more in this show. You can find John Mark’s book at or wherever you buy books. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Adrianne Hart

This was deep. I loved every minute.

Apr 29th

Susan Overstreet-Tindell

i was told, we teach people how to treat us.

Nov 14th

Nancy Ortiz

i enjoyed the show. It was very interesting. I agree that you have to get over your pain to be comfortable to talk and share with people.I am at a point of my lige where the pain I went through is not as bad as it once was. i had back then a difgicult time voming to terms with what I endured. i wrote my story in my "Solace Encounters" book currently being edited with Xulon Press. Having written the stories over and over again I was able to let go of the fears and the traumas I went through and I feel like I am ready to sgare my story through talking about it on instagram ...solace_encounters46.

Oct 28th

S Bertram

Quality of podcast slipping a smidge with blank gaps and repeated sections in a number of episodes. Love the podcast content.

Jan 17th

iTunes User

The podcasts are great. Deal with the commercial for his web site at the end. He is allowed to make a living. And these podcasts are free. They cost nothing. Cliff - THESE ARE FREE.

Aug 30th

iTunes User

I think Mr. Ziglar's podcast are awesome! Keep them coming. From what I've heard on them he is providing motivation and inspiration on being a better person and having a better life. If he wants to promote his website at the end of the podcasts then so be it! It is nice to know where you can go to find more of his great works! Cliff G. you may want to create a positive self-talk card for yourself and find the good in things opposed to being so negative!

Aug 30th
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iTunes User

There is no better Speaker today than Zig Ziglar ! His work will always up-lift,encourage,motivate and help you to to become more enthusiastic (give hope) about your own life. When you begin to embrace those foundational qualities, that when I'll be seeing you and YES I really do mean YOU at the TOP !

Aug 30th
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