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The Ziglar Show is about professional development for those working for something bigger than themselves. Join host Kevin Miller and renowned guests as they discuss business, sales, professional performance, faith, and the Zig Ziglar legacy of, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” | 51 million downloads along with Kevin Miller's "True Life" (health & wellness) and "Motive" (personal development) podcasts.

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Zig Ziglar cites a study done by the Thomas Jefferson Center where they compiled the top 15 values common in all the world’s great civilizations and religions. The values were: Wisdom, integrity, love, freedom, justice, courage, humility, patience, industriousness, thriftiness, generosity, objectivity, cooperation, moderation, optimism. I wanted to hear from people first hand so I asked our audience, “If you are hiring someone to do a job for you, which 3-5 of these values would you have as priority?” What came out were eight values people put at the top of the list. Which tells us which values we are best served to emulate in the workplace. I’ll play the 1.5 minute clip from Zig then Tom Ziglar joins me to talk through the survey. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We think of comedians as people who are funny, however I feel the laugh is just a symptom of a deeper reality. They connected with our emotions. It’s one of the most impressive skills I’ve seen and in this episode I am joined by Michael Jr for the second time. He has a new book titled, “Funny How Life Works” but as we talked the headline that came to mind for me was, “Life Lessons From A Very Observant Person.” Michael has shared the stage with the world’s greatest comedians, such as Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock. He’s been on all the late night tv show. He is a member of the comedic royalty. But unlike them he keeps getting billed as a “comedic thought leader” because that is his agenda. He is not there to get a laugh but to give a laugh. He is looking to open up your emotions with comedy so he can speak into and inspire your soul towards your purpose. What you’ll hear in this episode is a skill set of observation and connection I think anyone desiring to influence others will want to hear and benefit from. You might laugh a little here, but more so I think you’ll feel some revelation and equipping to be a better influencer and connector. I encourage you to find Michael’s podcast to laugh, be entertained, and learn, search for Funny How Life Works. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
During this time of pandemic I wanted to know where people were literally spending their hard earned dollars toward business growth. I asked the audience, “What have you spent money on to learn about business or grow your business in the last 24 months? Books, Courses, Seminars/Conferences, Coaching/Consulting, or anything else. There were many testimonies to coaching and courses, but books ranked #1. What Tom Ziglar and I got into was a discussion around taking in knowledge, and actually learning it. Making positive change as a result. It’s a convicting message for all of us, as I too am so eager just to jump to the next inspiration message and miss out on actually benefiting from the great knowledge I was just exposed to. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
A working mom with two kids and writing a book. She hit burnout and needed a breakthrough. I'm back with Erica Dhawan who was with me in episode 883 to talk about digital body language, the title of her new book. She decided she wanted to be someone who woke up excited, so she made a new plan for her life. She changed her daily habits to allow for peace, clarity, and health. She gave up some shallow pleasures to enable herself to enjoy deeper pleasures she now cherishes. This is yet another story of a normal person like you and me, who made some small changes that produced abnormally great results. Connect with Erica at and find her new book, Digital Body Language wherever you buy books. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
“When you sit down in the morning to your work and feel a bit lacking, what do you do? Do you just push forward and slog it out or do you work on motivating yourself?” This is the question I posed to the Ziglar audience. Zig Ziglar was the Grandfather of motivation and in this show I play a three minute clip which includes his classic quote, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.” This episode is a real world look at what people do when they are facing a lack of motivation in a moment, as most of us do. Tom Ziglar and I cover what I feel are the tenants of motivation in the nitty gritty of real life. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
I have a wake up call for you. It sure woke me up. We all have a digital personality and we don’t realize it. We look at text, email, and even video such as zoom as communication tools. But as Erica Dhawan tells us in this episode, over 70% of our business communication is electronic instead of face to face. So 70% of our relationships are formed digitally. Erica says our digital body language is either helping or hurting every relationship we have. If you look at the next text or email as simply a method to deliver a message and not as a human interaction, you are missing it. If you think your all caps or exclamation points or brevity or emojis are sufficient, you’re about to be schooled. Ultimately it comes down to this, continue doing it as you have, or realize there is a far greater opportunity for your work and life success if you listen in and hear how you can make some key adjustments and use every text, email, or zoom to solidify and enhance your relationships and significantly increase your success. Connect with Erica at and find her new book, Digital Body Language wherever you buy books. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Have you ever heard this? “The hard work of positive thinking.” Zig Ziglar was the royal king of positive thinking and I play a clip where he shares its power in our lives, but also the reality that it won’t enable you to do anything. To take it further, I asked our audience, this question, “Do you feel someone is either inherently positive and hopeful, or they choose to be?” Tom Ziglar and I read through some of the comments and of course, most feel that thinking positive is a choice. But what came out is... due to our upbringing and past and other predispositions, even genetic to a degree, our brains are more or less hardwired to think positively and be able to readily accept our efforts to choose positivity and hope. These are real issues and I believe the episode will enable you to better engage with and benefit your own striving to increase positive thinking and hope in your life.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We all have patterns in which we interpret and therefore respond to the world. This positively and negatively influences every relationship in our lives. The relationship with ourselves (self-image), with others, and with our spiritual faith. Beth McCord is a renowned expert in the Enneagram, which is a map for self-discovery and personal growth based on 9 basic personality types. The Enneagram accurately and clearly describes why you think, feel and behave in particular ways based upon your core fears and core desires. My focus in this show was not just to understand your personality type but to understand what difference it actually provides in your life. Much of Beth’s mission is to help us all be more self aware and understand how to use the awareness to benefit us and specifically not let any understanding of our weaknesses cause any shame or contempt. I think you’ll find new insight you can use for your immediate benefit in this episode, and if you want to figure yourself out more, Beth is offering us a free enneagram course at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
“For your business, do you need increased marketing exposure to attract more prospects or better sales conversion with the prospects you are already attracting?” This is the question I posed to our Ziglar audience. People responded with needs for one or the other or both of course, but the discussion Tom Ziglar and I brought up was sequentially we need to ensure our sales conversion is up to par before we adequately market. But then we do go into some key principles for marketing to your specific demographic and giving more focus to qualified prospects who are relevant to buy over just generating big numbers of lame prospects you must filter through. You’ll hear some good counsel on finding the prospects most suited to you  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Should you start or have a podcast? We’re at a time when no communication platform is growing more. It wasn’t long ago when we had a couple hundred thousand podcasts but as you’ll hear in this show we’ve now eclipsed 2 million. It has an incredibly easy entry point and you can get in with little cost and effort. The audience for podcasting continues to grow as well. So the question so many people are asking again is, should I start a podcast? Can you get anyone to listen? If you build it will they come? If you have a podcast, how do you grow it? I bring you my main podcast mentor, Jordan Harbinger. He started early on with nothing and today the Jordan Harbinger Show gets over 6 million downloads per month. I’m around 400-450k for comparison. Warning, right at the outside you’ll hear Jordan flat out state he feels very few people should start or have a podcast. Do not be disheartened, as he qualifies this throughout the show and I strongly encourage you to listen and you’ll get incredible insight into podcasting and whether you will be well served to have a podcast. Or not. This episode will give you the wisdom you need to have a valuable podcast, or save yourself a lot of time and hassle by realizing it’s not a good fit. If you appreciate Jordan, find him at The Jordan Harbinger Show wherever you get your podcasts. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
How we can we better respond to the things in our work we can not control? I play a clip from Zig Ziglar where he talks about the circumstances and people in our lives we just can’t control, and how we can better respond to them when they, as you’ll hear Zig say, “drop the ball.” But goodness did Tom Ziglar and I get into some interesting branches. One was questioning whether there truly is much that isn’t in our control, or at least that we can’t heavily influence to stack the odds in our favor. We discuss choice and consequences and what a secure person would do. That right there just captured me. Questioning ourselves in the moment, and overall. Are we responding, not reacting, like a secure person? Are we speaking and behaving and thinking, like a secure person? I find it so convicting and just prior to writing this sent a note to my wife and kids about it and admitting to some aspects of my own self where I am not behaving like the secure person I want to be. So in just a moment I’ll queue up a one minute clip from Zig and then Tom and I will dig in with you to help bring clarity to a perspective that can add dramatic peace and confidence to your life. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
I bring you what I have found, across the board, to literally be THE most effective life-success tactic. You’ll notice I said “life success”, as in success in your life overall. If you only want to succeed in making money, while this tactic does provide the best overall chance, I have seen people make a lot of money without utilizing it well. I’ve seen people rise to the top of sports without it. Not as often as with it, but still, sometimes. If all you want is to write a best selling book, invent something, be a famous explorer...if it’s just one achievement you want to succeed in, it is possible without this tactic. Harder, but possible. However, I doubt there is anyone listening to this right now who wants to settle for only having success in one, solitary area of life. As that has proven NOT to provide fulfillment. Just a win. I won many cycling races but today they are way down in my life fulfillment and I rarely even participate in that aspect of my life. I’m going to reveal this tactic and you’re going to right away think, “Oh, that’s elementary. I do that. And I’m telling you, no you don’t. Just like my recent show on trust where simply being honest does not get you the benefit of trust, you think you do this, but I’m saying you don’t. Not enough. You are not understanding the full breadth of utilization to truly benefit from it. everyone like an awed, revered, and respected person who you proactively go out of your way to serve in an above and beyond fashion. I’m about to be joined by Dan Miller, my father, and we’re going to unpack this in a way that will radically open your eyes to how you are missing out, and how you can pivot and start benefiting, immediately.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
“What makes you feel secure about yourself? What keeps your self-image in check even if you are unduly criticized?” If you feel this should be a simple, easy answer...the responses showcase it is not. And as you’ll hear in the show, it sure is not for me as well, or Tom Ziglar who joined me. But becoming acutely aware of what threatens your security, and then what you need to have ready to combat it, is tremendous for our overall confidence! I share a short clip from Zig Ziglar where he shares a profound analogy of how to view criticism, which at the core requires awareness of your own self image. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The success habits of David Horsager, my guest from episode 873 where we talked about trust, his platform and area of mastery. Not how to be trustworthy, but how to ensure people view you as trustworthy. David shares the habits that helped him lose 50lbs in five months and how he’s kept the weight off. Though today he doesn’t deprive himself of certain joys, such as ice cream, which I’d site as...sacred. But the stand out to me was talking about relationships and his foundational pursuit of…”just love em’”. He actually credits his wife with this perspective. When it comes down to it, no matter what, them. Simple. Maybe too simple? But what is the alternative? If you want to connect more with David he has a new book out right now and he’s offered us an assessment to see how we stack up in exuding trust, go to Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Tom Ziglar and I tackle the issue of happiness. I asked my audience how in control of their happiness do they feel they are. A majority of course said 100%, but I actually pushed back on that. Even if you believe you have control, are you able to harness that control? If I asked if most everyone felt they could run a 5k in under 25 minutes I think most would say, sure, they could achieve that. But can they do it now? Same here. Saying, “Yes, I believe I can control my happiness” doesn’t mean you do. So is it really possible? We can’t control circumstances but amidst hard realities can we, do we, really maintain control over our happiness? It may not be possible in every moment, but how can we grow that possibility? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Trust. In today’s culture more than ever trust is the number one asset of success. But listen closely, we are all doing it wrong, to some degree. We inherently think of trust as something you have and are, or don’t have an are not. Most everyone hearing this will believe themselves to be trustworthy because they are honest, moral people who live with integrity. But you are about to hear eight aspects of trust you must intentionally and proactively engage in if you want to really be viewed as trustworthy and benefit from it in your life and business. To create loyal clients. To get their referrals. It takes more than you just having good character and being honest. David Horsager is with me and this is his devotion and area of mastery. He’s CEO of Trust Edge Leadership Institute, national bestselling author of The Trust Edge, which interestingly was one of the last books Zig Ziglar endorsed. David has a new book out right now and he’s offered us an assessment to see how we stack up in exuding trust, go to Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
An issue that bothers and concerns me with coaching, consulting and being a leader...humility. Or rather, a lack of it. There is a propensity when you have an area of expertise you teach or lead from, to then be the authority on everything. It’s not possible and I think more and more people don’t trust it. So how do you be a humble expert? That’s the show.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
I’m back with Chandler Bolt. Chandler is a young and extremely successful businessman. As we talked about his habits for success we got into his unique living situation. He got a large house in Los Angeles and created his personal blue zone, the term made famous by Dan Buettner in regards to a community that fosters good health and success. Chandler took inquiries based on qualifications, to live at the house. He brought in other business owners in areas that supported each other. They have weekly mastermind meetings, and together have massively increased their business and life success. It’s a really great story you’ll hear in this episode. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We all have a very real struggle with opportunity. We so fervently talk about goals and desires and going after them, but seldom talk about the obstacles along the way. With any new achievement of any worth, there are relevant obstacles we must take into consideration. Discomforts and risks and what you’ll hear in this show after I polled the Ziglar audience is our biggest issue comes down to... ourselves. Our own fears and limiting beliefs and perceptions. I play a clip from Zig Ziglar, then Tom and I tackle this challenge we all acutely face. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Want a big way to leverage your impact? If you have any desire to make a positive influence in your life, there are few tools more powerful than...a book. But should everyone write a book? Does everyone have a relevant story or area of expertise that’s worthy of cutting down some trees? You won’t hear that. But we will open this topic up and help you see if there is merit in you considering a book, and if so, how best to go about doing it. I bring on Chandler Bolt, founder and CEO of Self Publishing School, and an INC 5000 company the last 3 years in a row as one of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the US. Chandler has written six books himself and is renowned as a tour de force in publishing world, and in business. At only 27 he’s been incredibly successful for a good while, and you’ll hear us talk through this. For those of you in your 20s and those of you like me with kids in their 20s, this is an inspiring and equipping story. For those of you who find yourself literally interested in a book after this show, check out and you can inquire with his team about options! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Comments (10)

Adrianne Hart

This was deep. I loved every minute.

Apr 29th

Susan Overstreet-Tindell

i was told, we teach people how to treat us.

Nov 14th

Nancy Ortiz

i enjoyed the show. It was very interesting. I agree that you have to get over your pain to be comfortable to talk and share with people.I am at a point of my lige where the pain I went through is not as bad as it once was. i had back then a difgicult time voming to terms with what I endured. i wrote my story in my "Solace Encounters" book currently being edited with Xulon Press. Having written the stories over and over again I was able to let go of the fears and the traumas I went through and I feel like I am ready to sgare my story through talking about it on instagram ...solace_encounters46.

Oct 28th

S Bertram

Quality of podcast slipping a smidge with blank gaps and repeated sections in a number of episodes. Love the podcast content.

Jan 17th

iTunes User

The podcasts are great. Deal with the commercial for his web site at the end. He is allowed to make a living. And these podcasts are free. They cost nothing. Cliff - THESE ARE FREE.

Aug 30th

iTunes User

I think Mr. Ziglar's podcast are awesome! Keep them coming. From what I've heard on them he is providing motivation and inspiration on being a better person and having a better life. If he wants to promote his website at the end of the podcasts then so be it! It is nice to know where you can go to find more of his great works! Cliff G. you may want to create a positive self-talk card for yourself and find the good in things opposed to being so negative!

Aug 30th
Reply (3)

iTunes User

There is no better Speaker today than Zig Ziglar ! His work will always up-lift,encourage,motivate and help you to to become more enthusiastic (give hope) about your own life. When you begin to embrace those foundational qualities, that when I'll be seeing you and YES I really do mean YOU at the TOP !

Aug 30th
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