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Author: Jason Cavness

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We talk to small business owners, founders and people in tech, startups and HR.
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Melissa Strawn is the CEO & Founder of - a worker-first gig community for discovering new service providers and the inspiring stories behind why they do what they do. Melissa blogs at and is on a mission to transform the social services system into one that encourages and supports efforts toward meaningful self-sufficiency. Send in a voice message:
  Chris Schmitt recently retired from 30 years of service as a United States Army Special Forces “Green Beret.” Since retiring, he has successful founded his own company, Azimuth Consulting Group, to capture the lessons learned from Special Forces in combat and seamlessly translate them to the corporate sector. Chris speaks on his experiences as a career Green Beret and how “kindness” was the most effective weapon in his kit bag. He conducts face-to-face executive coaching and advising with leaders from Fortune 500 Companies like Starbucks, Amazon, Saks Fifth Avenue, Hudson Bay Company, and Costco Wholesale and International Not-for-Profits like The Nature Conservancy. Additionally, he facilitates leadership workshops and leads a wilderness-based leadership development treks called “The Traverse.”  Send in a voice message:
 Colin is the owner of Beyond Social Conditioning. This is his coaching company where he focusses on your perfect self. This is the rawest and most pure version of you.  Simply imagine that you’re alone on this planet, there is nothing left, no parents, no teachers, no friends, nothing.    How would you behave differently? if nobody judges you and the only person you need to make happy, fulfilled, and at peace is the person in the mirror.  (Dramatic pause ;) )    He believes that big changes don’t have to take longer than 12 weeks and is a true expert in creating measurable behavioral change that’s aimed towards your perfect self. Send in a voice message:
This is episode zero of the cavnessHR Culture Podcast - Our host will be Daniella Young who is the Senior Development and Cultural Strategy Advisor for cavnessHR. Dainella will interview stand out leaders across industries and sectors to learn their best shared secrets for cultivating culture and developing the leaders of tomorrow.Daniella Young is an organizational behavior and culture strategy advisor and a renowned international speaker and leadership coach. She helps CEOs and business leaders develop and employ an intentional growth culture strategy in their organizations. She gets very granular with her clients on how to strategize and execute a culture strategy, as well as how to employ tools, tactics and checkpoints along the way. So that they don’t get off track. Daniella has unparalleled insights into Organizational Behavior from real world experience.  Send in a voice message:
 Alicia is a founder and CEO of Equilibria, a 14 year old operations management firm, specializing in business infrastructure for fast growing small business. It's here where she first formulated the KasennuTM methodology for business infrastructure. She has since successfully applied this method in over 30 different industries and counting. She has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Louisiana State University, and an MBA from Tulane university. She is also certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and has authored over 23 articles, case studies, videos, and white papers in the areas of business infrastructure, process improvement, and operational excellence. As part of a mission to provide access to operations resources for small businesses. She has started and hosts a weekly business infrastructure, Curing Back Office Blues podcast. Her most recent accomplishment lies in her new book, "Behind the Facade: How to Structure Automated Company Operations for Sustainable Success?" Was debuted on Amazon as a number one new release for business books in the production operations category. She is committed to do the right things right away. Her mantra is, "Leave it better than you found it."   Send in a voice message:
  CEO and founder of Talent Function, Elaine Orler has been developing and implementing HR solutions since 1993. With a keen analytical eye and passion about helping companies enhance their talent acquisition processes, she is uniquely able to identify how talent acquisition impacts both workforces and employers. One of the talent acquisition industry’s most sought-after thought leaders, Elaine has helped global organizations transform their recruiting processes with actionable strategies and technology implementations that optimize talent acquisition for HR professionals, hiring managers, job candidates and the company overall.Often quoted in leading HR and business publications, including Wall Street Journal, Human Resource Executive, and Talent Management, Elaine is well-respected as a talent acquisition and talent management expert and takes an active role in industry events and associations.Elaine is always tuned into the latest trends and is the former Conference Chair of the Recruiting Trends and Talent Tech Conference. She continually works with practitioners and serves an analyst to the solution provider community to shape the way talent management and recruiting solutions are delivered. She is invested in all aspects of the market that improve recruiting performance from candidate experience (co-founder of Talent Board, the founding organization of the Candidate Experience Awards) to optimal candidate selection with TalVista (owner).She has presented one-of-a-kind recruiting and candidate experience thought leadership at some of the industry’s most innovative and popular events, including the HR Technology Conference, the SHRM Annual Conference, ERE, and HRO Today Forum among others. Send in a voice message:
  Yannick Rault is CEO of Sheetgo; a cloud-based platform that allows people to build entire automated workflows, even ERPs, right from their spreadsheet. In 2018 winner of the most innovative IT startup in Spain & Portugal as well as the Most Scalable Startup and SaaS of Europe at the South Summit, and part of Blackbox in the valley. In parallel, he's in the board of two fast-growing co-working organizations focused on the impact to society with spaces in Spain & Brazil helping 100s of innovators. He was previously CEO at Abramar, Best company FOR the world in 2015 according to B-Corp, which built low income, environmentally friendly residential buildings & neighborhoods in Brazil, optimized with his mathematical models for thermal, construction, living comfort, CO2, transport & light.Before he spent a decade as a leader in the corporate world focused on online enterprise software at Ariba (SAP), Arthur Andersen, and FedEx.He is a published author and has been a regular featured speaker at major conferences like TEDx, Universities like Columbia University and leading companies like Google, as well as featured in dozens of publications such as The Economist. Yannick holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration on International Finance and Marketing, with minors in Industrial Engineering and Computer Information Systems. In his spare time, he practices sports, designs, and writes. Send in a voice message:
Lee McEnany Caraher is the CEO of Double Forte PR & Digital Marketing, a national agency headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in New York. An acclaimed communication strategist, Lee is known for her practical solutions to big problems. Her company works with some of the top consumer lifestyle, digital life, technology and wine brands in the country. Lee serves on the board of directors for the Public Relations Council, the national association for public relations agencies.Lee’s the author of Millennials & Management based on her experience with epically failing and then succeeding at retaining Millennials in her business. Her second book, The Boomerang Principle: Inspiring Lifetime Loyalty From Employees provides a practical guide to building positive, high performing workplaces.Lee has a reputation for building cohesive, high producing teams who get a lot done well and have fun at the same time. She is a straight talker who doesn't hold too many punches, although she does her best to be pleasant about it. Her big laugh and sense of humor have gotten her out of a lot of trouble.She started her career in communications in Boston and then moved to California, working with high profile and groundbreaking companies along the way. She moved to the Bay Area in 1995 to serve as the Vice President of Corporate and Consumer Communications at the $1.6 Billion SEGA of America. She then served as Executive Vice President of The Weber Group and Founder and President of Red Whistle Communications, both Interpublic companies.Lee is active in the community and currently serves on the Public Advocates Board of Governors and Grace Cathedral’s Board of Trustees. Previously Lee served as vice chair of the Board of KQED Public Media, Chair of the Board for Community Gatepath, Menlo College’s Board of Trustees, and was the founding Chair of the Board for the St. Paul’s Choir School.  She consults with other non-profits on effective board organization and practices.A graduate of Carleton College, with a degree in Medieval History, which she finds useful every day, Lee lives on the San Francisco Peninsula with her husband, two sons, and a blind cat. Send in a voice message:
     Natalie Michel (Michelle) is the founder and CEO of ​Nouvel Age Media​(noo-velleagemedia). A d​igital marketing agency that helps clients develop custom integrated digital marketing strategies for their brand to efficiently and effectively target their audiences while generating valuable long-term brand-customer relationships. The g​oal behind harvesting​ these types of relationships is to reach the goals marketing objectives, and potential while at the same time supporting the brands mission. Nouvel Age Media’s objective is to serve as a ​digital marketing guide​ for their clients so they can maximize their organization’s goal in a unique way that solves their customer’s problems by utilizing a social cause. The motive behind their social cause strategy is to help their clients​ devise and execute unique digital marketing strategies that aid the planet, people, passion and profit.  Send in a voice message:
  Janine is the Owner/Chief Innovations Officer for Talent Think Innovations, LLC, a business strategy and management consulting firm. Her career spans fourteen years in HR and Talent Acquisition that has taken her through the world of pharmaceuticals, healthcare, staffing and R&D. Janine is a dynamic speaker, entrepreneur, and an important and respected voice bringing both a human touch and business savvy to the companies and businesses she works with.It is through the trials and tribulations of her career travels and her passion for Business, Technology, Digital Transformation and Talent Management that she created Talent Think Innovations in January 2013. Her aim is to provide practical and sustainable solutions, programs and strategies that are a catalyst for innovation. Through her work she is using her experience to get businesses and individuals from surviving to thriving allowing them to succeed in an age of rapid transformation. Janine doesn’t just preach innovation-she lives it. A globally-known figure in Human Resources and Business, she has contributed for: Performance I Create, Switch & Swift,, and and more. Janine is a rare professional who isn’t afraid to tackle the obstacles and issues facing us as a society and global marketplace. She has been quoted by HBR, Bustle, The Cut, Atlanta BlackStar, Newsday, SHRM, USA Today and has been featured by Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Black Enterprise and Ebony Magazines. In 2013, Mrs. Truitt was also named one of the Top 100 Most Social Human Resources Experts on Twitter by Huffington Post and one of 50+ Unstoppable Women in HR Tech by Clear Company. Additionally, she was a part of the first-ever IBM + Purematter VIP Futurist Project. Janine is currently in the process of transitioning her knowledge and work in HR into a technology company that will address the challenges the differently-abled community has in becoming gainfully employed. She proves that humility, innovation and practical thinking has value and is fast becoming the new business imperative.Visit her blog “The Aristocracy of HR”. Follow her tweets on Twitter @CzarinaofHR. Catch her in action every Thursday at 10pm EST on her Periscope show: Ask Czarina Live and on AnchorFM for her “Growth on my Terms” podcast: Send in a voice message:
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