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Author: Chris Halls

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An occasional podcast for Looe and South East Cornwall. Subscribe to the podcast to get automatic updates and if you have yet to leave a rating or review, please leave a positive one on iTunes as it will help the podcast and its ranking immensely! Thank you so much for your support.
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A meandering early morning walk from East Looe, over Looe Bridge, around the Millpool carpark and up into Kilminorth Woods.It was much colder than the previous walk from West Looe but lovely nonetheless. We see mullet in the river, swans feeding, mallard, snowy egrets catching shrimp, gulls and herons in the heronry, all on our way around to the woods.If you live in Looe, you'll know everything I'm talking about but if you're new here or have visited us before, you may not have realised there are some lovely walks in the woods at the end of the Millpool carpark. One walk to try when Looe is crowded or you need a break from the sunshine is the easy and wheelchair friendly walk in Kilminorth Woods. It's a lovely, calm and serene place to head for, great for children to run around and explore (not always easy in Looe) and can be a relaxing end to a busy day on the beach.If you enjoy listening to this kind of relaxing podcast, please subscribe and drop me a line via iLoveLooe if you have any questions or requests. Cheers. Chris.
I wasn't expecting to record a podcast today but found myself walking around to West Looe thinking, "why don't I see if I can create a podcast on this walk". So I did! The sound is okay but the wind does affect things a little so forgive me for that. In the next podcast, I'll have a wind muffler to cut it out.It was a lovely morning when I set off at 8.30am. The tide was on its way in, the sun was shining and a gentle breeze caressed its way up the river. If you've been to Looe when it's warm, the tide is in and the sea water crystal clear, you'll know why people love it here.There's something magical about the light, the sunshine sparkling off the water and the boats bobbing about in the harbour... it's quite beautiful.This episode is basically a gentle ramble about the walk, things I can see and hear including a majestic grey heron, hunting in the rock-pools, ominous black clouds on the horizon behind Looe island, fishing boats heading out of Looe Harbour and people walking their dogs. It was a lovely walk and one worth considering if you come to Looe.At the end of the podcast, I also talk a little about the future of iLoveLooe and another website I am setting up called Cornblogger which will feature videos, podcasts and photographs all around Cornwall. I hope you can join me there too.Remember, if you like this episode, please subscribe, spread the word and drop me a line via iLoveLooe if you have any questions or requests. Cheers. Chris.
I popped into Looe today to have a chat with TV Celebrity Chef, Chris Tanner, who along with his brother James have set up a new farm shop on East Looe Quay. We talk about the new venture, their relationship with Looe and all the great plans they have for Quayside Fresh and the new fish and chip shop planned for later in the year. Do have a listen, subscribe via iTunes and let me know what you think.
Interview with Shockwave Pyrotechnics who set up and run the Looe, New Year's Eve firework displays. Both displays (6pm and midnight), are fired from the the end of Banjo Pier and the team had their hands full this year as there was quite a swell at high tide. A big thank you to Glenn and James for taking the time to chat... much appreciated. To everyone listening, I hope you enjoy the podcast. Please spread the word about and rate the podcast on iTunes. Cheers. Chris.
Welcome to 22nd episode of the iLoveLooe podcast. It only took 12 months to get this podcast out to you but it's here now and we're off again with some new gear and better sound! In this episode I talk about the podcast, iLoveLooe and the fabulous Looe Music Festival 2013. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to bringing you interviews, music and chat with other people in Looe and around south east Cornwall. Thanks for listening. Chris.
Podcast 21: In this iLoveLooe podcast, I get the chance to sit down and interview Mark Camp from the Looe Tourist Information Centre. We chat about his involvement with the Looe Walking Festival and each of the walks going on this year. The walking festival starts on Saturday 15th September with the 'Duloe Beer and Cider Festival Walk'. Sorry, I mean 'Duloe Circular Walk' which I wonder if he named it after trying to get home from last year's event :)This podcast is about 30 minutes.Please subscribe to the podcast via iTunes to get automatic updates to your device and if you are able to, please leave a positive review on iTunes as it makes a huge difference and helps spur me on.All the best.Chris
In this podcast episode I ramble on about the up and coming Looe Music Festival and the fab prizes they gave me to giveaway to iLoveLooe newsletter subscribers. I hope you enjoy it and please do leave me a review on iTunes or follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Byeee :)
Interviews with some lovely people from Looe and the Fowey River Canoe Club who took part in the 2012 Looe River Canoe Race. Thank you everyone for taking the time to chat and hope to see you all again next year.
Interview with Nick from the Blue Plate restaurant in Downderry. Apart from being a great chef, Nick is a founder member of Taste South East Cornwall who organised the food festival. This interview wrapped up the interviews and provides background into the ethos behind Taste South East Cornwall and Nick's restaurant, Blue Plate. Thanks for your time Nick. Much appreciated.
Interview with Lea from Nature Kitchen who had a food stand outside the main festival tent. They specialise in spice blends which "make boring food taste really lovely". Listen to the podcast for a 10% discount code - thanks Lea.
Interview with Phil at Boddington's Berries who specialise in growing strawberries near Mevagissey. They also make a range of other jams and chutneys. I tried the Raspberry which was delicious :) Thanks for the interview Phil.
Interview with Ashley from Nippers Shellfish in Looe who had some enormous lobsters and delicious looking pots of crab and other shellfish on their stand. A new and local Looe based business who I hope to interview again later in the year. Thank you Ashley.
Interview with Roger from the Cornish Duck Company who rear their own free range and GM free Cornish ducks. The gold award winning duck burgers caught my eye. Thank you for the interview Roger.
Interview with Dave at Sargies Cornish Kitchen who make some delicious handmade puddings, cakes, meringues and curds. A man after my own heart :) Thank you Dave for the interview.
Interview with Ivan at Berrio Mill who make and sell a huge range of mustards, chutneys, jams and jellies. Delicious produce all of it. Thanks for you time Ivan.
Interview with Margaret at Cornish Orchards who produce and sell ciders, cordials and other delicious drinks. They are based just outside Looe where visitors can try and buy all the drinks. Lovely to talk Margaret, I'll pop up for a taster asap :)
Interview with Chris at Cornish Country Meats who sell a wide range of pasties and meats including traditional beef, kangaroo, ostrich and wild boar. Thank you for the interview Chris.
Interview with Selena from The Baking Bird who makes the most amazing cupcakes. I have never seen such fun and intricate cakes! Thank you Selena and Trudy for the interview.
Interview with Richard from Rodda's Creamery in Cornwall. We eat Rodda's clotted cream all the time with out cream teas - it's delicious. Thanks Richard for supporting the festival and taking the time to chat with me.
Interview with Matt from The Cornish Mussel Shack who collect wild mussels and other sea and shore foods in Cornwall. The Pepper Dulse was incredibly tasty. Thanks Matt for the interview.
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