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Author: Eoin Costelloe

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'The insuleoin Podcast' is brought to you by Eoin Costelloe. Eoin was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 19 and has spent the last few years of his life attempting to re-define diabetes through his online coaching, Instagram page and now podcast.
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This week Eoin answers Becky's email. Becky's son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes a year ago and asks about fibre and it's effect on stopping blood sugars from spiking too high. Eoin explains the multiple benefits of fibre and what foods are best for getting it on board. If you have a question for Eoin, you can email it to
This year Amber Clour celebrated her 37th year as a type 1 diabetic, or as she likes to call it, her 'Diaversary'. In 2015 she left her job and decided to concentrate her life on diabetes advocacy, setting up her website, and her podcast, 'The Real Life Diabetes Podcast'. Eoin and Amber discuss the changing attitudes in diabetes over the last few decades and what keeps her going in her pursuit of reassuring diabetics that they are not alone.
This week's guest is Chris Bright (chrisbrighty1), or as Eoin likes to call him, "The Welsh Diabetic Ronaldo". Chris talks about how he went from being diagnosed at the age of 8, to representing his home country of Wales on the international stage in Futsal. He discusses the difficulties he encounters while managing his blood sugar levels alongside being an elite athlete and what techniques he uses to overcome them. If you have a question for Eoin, you can email it to
Ever wondered why you get more irritated when you go high? Have you ever been annoyed after reading your blood sugar level? This week Eoin discusses a topic that isn't really talked about ...diabetic mood swings and why they happen. If you have a question or comment for Eoin, you can contact him by emailing
We make decisions hundreds if not thousands of times a day, but how does it affect your blood sugar levels? Eoin dissects another one of the 42 factors with an emphasis on decisions around food, working out and sleep. If you have a question for Eoin, you can email
Continuing on from the 42 factors, this week Eoin delves into your blood sugar while you sleep. Eoin gives some tips on how to avoid your blood sugars going high or low during the night and also unravels the Dawn Effect, a natural release of hormones during your sleep which you have no control over. Check out Eoin's 8 week 'Fitter, Happier, Healthier' project at
Following on from last weeks introduction episode of the 42 factors that affect your blood sugar levels, this week Eoin focuses on temperature. From hot weather affecting you physically to cold weather influencing you psychologically, the temperature of your environment can be critical to how you manage your blood sugar levels. Check out Eoin's 8 week 'Fitter, Happier, Healthier' project at
Inspired by last weeks chat with Talia, Eoin talks about the different factors that affect your blood sugar levels. Believe it or not there are actually 42 factors in total and Eoin believes the more you know about them, the better your management will be. This is an introductory episode and the different factors will be broken down and discussed in more detail in the coming weeks. If you have a question you would like answered on the podcast you can email
This week Eoin chats to Talia Bentley (@t1aliabentley). Talia was diagnosed at 14 and explains how she went from a reluctant diabetic teen, to a personal trainer and diabetic coach. She talks about the struggles she faced in school with managing her diet and also peoples misconceptions of the condition. If you have a question you would like Eoin to answer on the podcast, you can email it to
This week Eoin answers Karen's email who wants to know more about eating out while having diabetes. He explains how anticipation of the meal ahead is crucial when trying to balance your blood sugar levels, plus he talks about what happened this week when he appeared on national television. If you have a question for Eoin you can email it to
In this special episode, Eoin answers various questions from diabetic kids around the world. We go from Canada to Australia and from Texas to the Czech Republic; many different accents but one thing connecting everyone, diabetes. If you have a question you would like Eoin to answer on the podcast, you can email it to
This week Eoin is joined by Basma Adams (@bastheboss). Basma is an avid diabetes advocate, public speaker, writer/blogger and co host of both the 'Glucose Squad' and 'A Dose of Caffeinated B.S.' podcasts, all while studying to be a nurse. In this episode Basma focuses on her diagnoses at three and how she built confidence over the years with her diabetes.
#23: Hyperglycemia.

#23: Hyperglycemia.


This week Eoin discusses the topic of hyperglycemia which is the technical term used for high blood glucose. He discusses the signs and symptoms of hyperglycemia, what exactly DKA (Diabetic KetoAcidosis) is, plus some personal stories from when he suffered from high blood sugar levels.
This week Eoin is joined by Danny Gallagher. Danny and Eoin went to college together, and after years of joking with Eoin about his diabetes, Danny himself was diagnosed with type 1 when he was 27. Danny discusses some of the difficulties he's encountered since being diagnosed including the constant presence of hypo anxiety. He shares how his life has changed and how he’s adapted to his new way of living.
This week Eoin explains what stress actually is and how it can have a negative affect on your blood sugar levels. He talks about diabetes's relationship with stress and shares some tips on how to manage it.
This week Eoin shares the 3 AAAs of diabetes management. This is a method Eoin came up with over his diabetic years and stands for Awareness, Anticipation and Action. He uses the 3 AAAs to keep track and better manage his diabetes.
"I feel like diabetes has acted as a fuel to continue doing what I want and to do things even better." Eoin is joined by David Mina, the man behind the type1livabetic Instagram account. David was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 11 but today uses his platform to spread words of encouragement about the condition through really creative ways.
#18: Failing to Prepare.

#18: Failing to Prepare.


"This was probably the most dangerous situation I was in, in my whole nine years as a diabetic." This week Eoin talks about how he found his blood sugar levels falling rapidly just a couple of days ago while out for a walk with his parents, highlighting the importance of having to prepare for every eventuality as a diabetic.
This week Eoin addresses the most common question he is asked, "can I drink alcohol with diabetes?'. He discusses the routine he goes through before a night out, the affect different types of alcohol can have on your blood sugar levels and what it's like to go on a holiday with friends while being diabetic.
This week Eoin sits down with Jesse Lavine. Jesse has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes for the last 14 years. He talks about how he went from experiencing anger and denial when he was first diagnosed, to becoming his own 'doctor', and then to cycling across America with fellow diabetics.
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