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After 20 years online in some form or another from blogs before the were called blogs and all over your favorite social media platforms, n8 has finally decided to actually speak his mind! I'm sorry.

The show is about Hip Hop, Sports, Comedy and a bunch of other shit he comes up with. You know what he talks about on and @n8itude everywhere else. You know him from the Wrestling With Chaches Podcast here on Castbox. Good Luck.
5 Episodes
Merry Christmix!!! Actually Funky Christmix!!! The third installation of the Sunday n8 Show started the holiday season off with classic holiday jams over the latest trap beats, and now we continue the holiday jams with the fourth edition but with good old CLASSIC HIP HOP. 8 Sick classic hip hop joints and r n b burners as well as the most Christmas movie and wrestling samples ever. 1. intro 2. Santa Baby - Run DMC and friends * Sleigh Ride - TLC 3. Funky Christmas - NKOTB 4. Eazy MaPhuckin Christmas - Eazy E 5. Christmas Rap - Kurtis Blow 6. Jingle Bell Rock - Sweet Tee 7. Christmas in Hollis - Run DMC * Backdoor Santa - Clarence Carter * Backdoor Santa - BB King 8. Rappin Christmas - Beat Street Posse
The 3rd episode recorded in Dec. 2019 features classic holidays mixed, layered and blended into sick trap beats made by various YouTube DJs. Basically I mixed a bunch of Christmas mixes, hence the Christmix. You know I made this my own thing with added samples and cutting up each mix as if it was an original piece. Track list: 1. Lil Jon - All I really want for Christmas 2. Royalty Hip Hop - Hip hop Christmas mix 3. Trap Music Now - Up on the house top trap remix 4. Curran - The Grinch Curdabur dubstep remix 5. McNight9127 - Charlie Brown Christmas Hip Hop
Sunday n8 Show :: Volume 1

Sunday n8 Show :: Volume 1


The n8 Show! Presents a *weekly* top 8 classic hip hop mix by yours truly. Done super damn late Sunday, for y'all to enjoy Monday. The 1st installment goes from Black Rob to Gangstarr. How real is that? T Dot. 😎🦖 nWo Radio Podcast 2019. @n8itude
Sunday n8 Show :: Volume 2

Sunday n8 Show :: Volume 2


The heavily edited 2nd episode of the Sunday 8 (look it doesn't matter when I post it) classic hip hop mix. From LL Cool J to Ice-T. This mix has 2 words for ya YOWIE WOWIE. nWo Radio 2019. @n8itude
The first ever episode features the beginning of n8's Top 10 + 5 greatest Hip Hop tracks of all-time. In part 1 n8 runs through the top 10 Pre-Show (15 -11) and then goes in depth for the Main Event. 10 - 8 gets their shine in as well as a few bonus tracks and of course skits and clips from the world of entertainment that will keep you entertained for the whole show you will wonder where the hell is part 2!!
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