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After 20 years online in some form or another from blogs before the were called blogs and all over your favorite social media platforms, n8 has finally decided to actually speak his mind! I'm sorry.

The show is about Hip Hop, Sports, Comedy and a bunch of other shit he comes up with. You know what he talks about on and @n8itude everywhere else. You know him from the Wrestling With Chaches Podcast here on Castbox. Good Luck.
2 Episodes
The second episode comes years later. Listen I am just having fun in these quarantine times. I am working thru what I like with these next few episodes. In this one we throwback 2 unheard mixes I made and one of my former rhymes and feature Kevin Arterius aka @kevinskranium dope track Tin Hat Warrior. You have never heard a podcast like this, just enjoy my madness.
The first ever episode features the beginning of n8's Top 10 + 5 greatest Hip Hop tracks of all-time. In part 1 n8 runs through the top 10 Pre-Show (15 -11) and then goes in depth for the Main Event. 10 - 8 gets their shine in as well as a few bonus tracks and of course skits and clips from the world of entertainment that will keep you entertained for the whole show you will wonder where the hell is part 2!!
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