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Virtual pat on the back to all our fellow workers out there for your hard work, you all deserve it! We’ve adapted throughout this trying period by telecommuting, not easy but you’ve done it! Good job to you! Some good news, government letting certain services to slowly start operating again so you can go TCM check your sprained ankle or go cut your hair! Oh my, time to cut mine! Youtube: Facebook: Instagram:
Not an easy time now ah so come make your life more fun and interesting! Learn a new language, do baking, do zumba or yoga shake shake your body. Relax a bit! Time will fly when you enjoy so don’t nua at home already ah! Youtube: Facebook: Instagram:
Wah Lau Eh! CB extended!! Panic and anxious - I almost passed out when I found out that the Bubble Tea is closed. My Happy drink is gone!!! I am officially MISERABLE! But... life must go on.. keep fighting.... (still missing my bubble tea) Youtube: Facebook: Instagram:
Dear migrant workers, we just want you to know that you are just like family to us. We cannot thank you enough for your sweat and hard work. You are indeed our BRUDDERS! STEADY! Youtube: Facebook: Instagram:
The frontliners are really very XIONG! So let us give them our appreciation by thanking them - if you see Missy, Doctor, Mata, Cleaners, Hawkers, etc., remember to say KUM SIA very much! Youtube: Facebook: Instagram:
Now things are very different! But we can do it - use technology! We can still zoom, Skype la, to meet friends to chat and lim kopi online! Can one!! If I can do it, so can you! Easy peasy! Youtube: Facebook: Instagram:
Seriously, don’t Pa Pa Zao! Go out only for essentials, otherwise, Stay home yo! Remember to express to your loved ones... tell your mother... I Miiiiiiisssssss you ! Youtube: Facebook: Instagram:
Stay home and hear me chit chat. I am always very chill, but when it comes to important matters, such as ‘stay home and be safe’, I will be very serious and won’t play play. Youtube: Facebook: Instagram:
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