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I speak to local creatives, entrepreneurs, and influencers navigating the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Listen to the awkwardness in 30 minute increments. Support this podcast:
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Preston Corbell is an American professional stuntman and actor, known for working on the WB/CW drama series One Tree Hill (2003-2012) and the CW series The Vampire Diaries (2009-2017). He has also worked as a performer with Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Comics. --- Support this podcast:
Dr. Tiffany Tajiri is a licensed and board-certified clinical psychologist, a veteran US Air Force officer, and former Army behavioral health chief. Dr. Tiffany is CEO and founder of Freedom Rhythm, PLLC and Stand Up and Recover (nonprofit), Inc. She is the creator of the Rhythm Restoration & Freedom Rhythm protocols, and co-author of the Abundant Recovery curriculum at Abundant Church. She is the first woman to publish a faith-based combat recovery book entitled, Peace After Combat: Healing the Spiritual & Psychological Wounds of War. Dr. Tiffany is the podcast host for Behind the Service’s production of Peace After Combat. She is also the reigning Dr. Texas America 2023. But most importantly, she is a mother and wife whose mission is to teach people how to live an abundant life filled with spiritual and psychological peace & purpose. --- Support this podcast:
Nicki Allen, MS, LPC, RPT, NCC (she/her) is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas. She is a Certified Expressive Arts Therapist, a Registered Play Therapist, a Certified Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator, a Certified Advanced Child-Centered Play Therapy (CCPT) Practitioner/Supervisor, and a trained EMDR therapist. Nicki is a doctoral candidate in the Counseling Program at the University of North Texas, with a specialty in play therapist training and supervision. Nicki is known in her community for serving those who are frequently targeted or marginalized, including survivors of domestic violence and sexual violence, artists, the LGBTQ+ community, and the Ukrainian American community. Nicki’s background in music, classical dance, Ukrainian folk dance, and theatre inform the creative lens through which she views the world. --- Support this podcast:
Brad is a husband, a father of two, and a lifelong resident of the North Dallas area. He’s solely responsible for “Dallas Side Quest”, a cryptic and public outdoor adventure game which was implemented throughout the North Dallas area. During the weekdays, he’s a senior designer for Randy Angell Designs, one of the pre-eminent luxury outdoor designers in the nation, where he recently won 4th place in the “Million Dollar Pool Challenge” in 2022. These days, he has less free time than ever before, but when he finds some, he enjoys traveling, documentaries, audiobooks, games, bourbon & craft beer, home renovation & carpentry, writing, designing, flying around on (and falling off of) his OneWheel, all things relating to sociology, psychology, history, philosophy and politics, and most importantly, the never-ending pursuit of trying to be a good dad. When he’s not designing award-winning backyards, spending time with his family, or creating ambitious public games, you can find him supporting and spreading awareness for the pro-LGBTQIA+ organization known as “Kin-dom Community” where he serves on the board of directors. Along with his counterpart, pastor Pepa Paniagua, he’s also the co-host of their live-streamed monthly podcast, “Kin-dom Conversations”. He’s always proud to point out that it’s perhaps one of the only places on the entire internet where you’ll find an atheist and a pastor actually working together to do something positive. Kin-dom Community was founded by an openly queer pastor in order to create a space for those who have been harmed and rejected by traditional religious institutions. The organization is working diligently to create regular social meetups, offering support to LGBTQIA+ youth and their families, friends and allies, and attempting to create a community (both virtual and IRL) where people from all backgrounds, faiths, orientations and identities can come together and find understanding and compassion. Their greatest accomplishment thus far has been the successful launching of the very first LGBTQIA+ summer camp for kids in the state of Texas (and I believe, only the second in the nation), and they are well on their way to expanding their camp offerings to different age groups in several different areas throughout the nation. It’s not a stretch to say that Kin-dom’s work could very well be saving lives. To see the entire Dallas Side Quest story which took place from Nov. ’22 – Jan. ’23: Instagram: @dallas_side_quest Facebook: @dallassidequest To see some of the work that Brad and the Randy Angell Designs team have created: To learn more about Kin-dom Community: To find Kin-dom’s archive of podcast content: A short list of incredible treasure hunts (some complete, some still ongoing) that are well worth a search on Google and YouTube: Forrest Fenn’s “The Thrill of the Chase” Byron Preiss’ “The Secret” (not the self-help book) Kit Williams’ “Masquerade” Regis Hauser’s “Golden Owl” Alex Hirsch’s “Bill Cipher Hunt” (Brad’s personal favorite) --- Support this podcast:
Breezy Farms is an initiative in self sufficiency. We grow and provide as much tangible food as possible to our family, both close and distant. We partner with neighborhood families that express the interest in gardening and becoming self sufficient but don't necessarily have the know how or the resources to start.  All you need is a backyard and the desire and we will include yours with ours. If you are willing, all we ask is that you specialize in one product, be it meat birds, egg hens, potatoes, herbs , tomatoes or whatever, your efforts will be aided and half your yield will be given back to you and yours, and the other half will be given to Breezy Farms for the goal of stocking a community grocery. A grocery that is supplied by the community of believers. If you are interested call 214.356.9379. --- Support this podcast:
Junior Ezeonu is a Grand Prairie City Council Member representing the entire city of Grand Prairie as an at-large member. Junior was elected to the city council in June of 2021 in a run-off election after defeating an incumbent who had served for 12 years. Mr. Ezeonu is the first African-American council member to represent the city of Grand Prairie since the early 1990s, and he is also the youngest elected council member in Grand Prairie history. Councilman Ezeonu is of Nigerian descent and was born in Onitsha, Nigeria and moved to the state of Texas at the age of 2 years old. He is a graduate of UT Arlington and has a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science. Junior integrates the knowledge and understanding from his educational background to provide the City of Grand Prairie with high level service to improve the quality of life for all residents of the city. During college Junior served as a substitute teacher/tutor and educated students throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. He has worked in the Oak Cliff, Highland Hills, Pleasant Grove communities of Dallas as well as Fort Worth, Carrollton & Mansfield. His passion to improve lives and inspire others led to him serving as a substitute teacher and he has carried that same passion to his service as a council member for the city of Grand Prairie. --- Support this podcast:
For the past decade, Dara Ashley Freemon has held leadership positions throughout her academic and professional career. Leadership was an early passion of Dara’s and manifested into her passions about equal education opportunity, mentorship, and paying it forward. This young Dallas native started The Dara Ashley Foundation to provide mentorship, scholarship, and leadership programs for students who might be in the same place she was not too long ago. Dara started her academic career at Howard University, a Historically Black College or University (HBCU). While attending Howard University, she learned a great deal and not just in the classroom. Outside of school, the university’s commitment to serving its community was one of her greatest takeaways. She participated in the MET Choice program, a mentorship program, which she guided high school girls that attended an alternative school. This experience had a great impact on Dara as she was exposed to the youth of diverse lifestyles and cultures.  After Dara graduated from Howard University, she continued her education and attained her master’s degree in science from Towson University. Not only did she continue her education, but she also continued to mentor. Towson University started a program where collegiate students could be academic and youth mentors. In particular, every Friday afternoon, she led a 6th-grade science class in the Baltimore City school district. At the beginning of the class, she would introduce them to a fun science experiment. Following the experiment, her goal was to enlighten, educate, and edify the young students. Immediately after graduating from Towson University, Dara missed connecting with young minds and influencing the next generation. She created The Dara Ashley Foundation to create a lasting impact with new opportunities.  --- Support this podcast:
Debra Swersky is a tenacious (and enterprising) problem-solver who has spent the better part of the last decade learning how to best manage her primary lymphedema, chronic swelling that affects her right-leg and her right-leg only.  In January 2021 Debra launched Stemwear, a fashion apparel brand promoting asymmetric designs for all. Their signature silhouette, a one-legged legging, has been featured at New York Fashion Week with Runway of Dreams, in D Magazine and The Dallas Morning News, and on Texas Today. Originally designed as a cover-up to a compression stocking, Debra quickly realized that her bold fashion statement was being sought after by those looking to skirt the ordinary with their style and a “no fuss” legging for unilateral amputees.  --- Support this podcast:
Kevin Crouch is the Founder and Content Director of Ellis County Weather, LLC, a company devoted to providing forecast information and severe weather coverage for the residents of Ellis County, Texas. Kevin started ECW in 2015 as an experiment, and now operates a family of social media sites that boast over 37,000 followers/subscribers combined. Using his knowledge of Texas weather and communication skills, Kevin provides everything from daily forecast updates to live coverage of severe weather events that allow those in the path of the storm to receive real time updates and warnings. He resides in Waxahachie, Texas with his wife and two sons. --- Support this podcast:
Farahana Kassam is a two time breast cancer survivor and the creator of the #flauntflat movement, an initiative geared towards spreading body positivity after her double mastectomy surgery. Farahana opted against reconstructive surgery and chose to stay flat because she believes “boobs don’t define me as a woman”. Farahana is also a certified mindfulness coach, published author, conscious dying coach and end of life doula. She lives each day creating purpose, meaning and experiences that enrich her soul and in turn encourages others to do the same! Her message; be present, stay open and curious, connect the dots, discover aha moments, experience happy and come back with a good story! --- Support this podcast:
Mark Baker-Sanchez is the Founder, Editor-In-Chief & Design Director of DONE, a publication created for & by the underrepresented. The magazine challenges Idealistic perceptions and social constructs by highlighting issues of discrimination, raising cultural awareness, and providing a presence for the unknown, forgotten & marginalized. Direct community impact is prioritized through human-centered and co-creative approaches, with the purpose of elevating and empowering the people. DONE finds synthesis with what is and what isn’t deemed socially acceptable to spark dialogue as well as unite divided peoples. Photographer: Miguel Angel Salgado @salgadeaux Stylist: Tauri Partin @vic.tauri.ous Hair & Makeup: Will Adrian Creative Agency @the_waca   --- Support this podcast:
Imani Black is a multi-talented creative with a background in advertising and marketing. She graduated from the University of North Texas with a B.A. in Journalism and a concentration in Strategic Communications (aka Advertising). She produces engaging, strategic, and meaningful visuals, events, and ideas. Her creative work is inspired by her desire to learn by inserting herself into her interests and creating opportunities for herself and others. In Imani's spare time, she enjoys discovering Dallas, reading, exercising, and sharing business advice with creatives + showcasing her talents on YouTube.  --- Support this podcast:
Kamilla Fayz is the founder of IKAT wear and a big cultural ambassador of her country, Uzbekistan. She also works for a non-profit organization which helps people from around the world learn more about American culture by means of cultural exchange. You can learn more about IKAT wear here: and more about Uzbekistan here: Also more about cultural exchange and how you can host an international student, here:  Or how you can travel like a local on a budget internationally here: Follow her story on IG: @Kamilla Fayz --- Support this podcast:
Gabrielle Dawn is the Founder of Saint Goodness. She is a holistic lifestylist and has always had a passion for cooking, community, apothecary, yoga, and holistic living. As a certified Yoga Instructor, Herbalist, and Life Coach she folds these gifts into assessing and curating the best solution for the needs of our clients.  Gabrielle Dawn is a spoken word artist and motivational speaker and has been blessed to express and perform verbal artistry in Germany, Uganda, South Korea, and the U.S. Currently back home in Dallas, Texas she is still delivering a word to the good people!  Her work is about equipping people with the insight to break yokes and heal through the gifts of plant medicine, spoken word, movement in yoga, stillness of meditation, and verbal expression. She is the chef behind Saint Goodness, her custom delicious tea blends and herbal infusions that are good for the soul. Yoni steam blends for womb health and healing, and tinctures for guts health!  --- Support this podcast:
The mission of Austen's Autistic Adventures is to “Bring the World to Autism and Autism to the World." Every day they go out together, practicing being out in the social world.  Adults with autism will find something to keep them engaged and learning, all year, all their lives.  --- Support this podcast:
Sarah Phillips is the Executive Director of Rescue Her, an anti-trafficking organization that exists to empower survivors of sex trafficking to live in freedom. She graduated with a degree in Community, Family, and Addiction Services from Texas Tech and is also trained in Therapeutic Arts, Trust-Based Relational Intervention, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and the SERVE model: a brain-based approach to complex trauma. She spent almost 2 years living in Chennai, India establishing Rescue Her’s first safe house for underage survivors of trafficking. After moving back to the DFW area in 2015, Sarah has led the development of Rescue Her’s crisis response for adult victims of trafficking, as well as established the Empower Program – a long-term advocacy program for survivors. She is passionate about raising up leaders in the anti-trafficking field who have the knowledge and support necessary to empower adult survivors of sex trafficking to live in freedom. --- Support this podcast:
DFW Rat Rescue is a small animal rescue dedicated to helping the rats of the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area and the people who love them. They know that they may be small, and rats may not live very long, but every rat deserves a happy, fulfilling life and DFW Rat Rescue is here to help make that happen. DFW Rat Rescue is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit organization run 100% by volunteers, fosters, and donations. They are based in Rhome, TX with fosters throughout the area. --- Support this podcast:
Ashley Sharp spends her career in public service- as Executive Director of Dwell with Dignity, Ashley has helped the organization reach new heights, including being awarded 40 Under 40 by the Dallas Business Journal, Social Innovator of the Year and the Best Place to Donate by D Magazine, and attaining national recognition through their innovative Decade of Dignity dining series. She has also served Interfaith Family Services as the Chief Development Officer, was the Manager of Patron Relations at the Nasher Sculpture Center, and worked with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. In addition to her professional career, she currently serves on the KERA Community Advisory Board, Mayor’s Star Council as the Engage Dallas Chair, is a graduate of the inaugural class of the UT Austin Lyndon B. Johnson’s Women’s Campaign School, is a Professor at the University of Houston, and was a finalist in the United Way’s Social Innovation Accelerator. Ashley is a past president of the Business Council on the Art’s Leadership Arts Institute and has been part of the International Rescue Committee, Dallas Summer Musicals, and Junior League of Dallas. She holds a BA in Arts Administration and an MPA in Public Affairs with a concentration in Nonprofit Management, both from the University of Texas at Dallas, as well as a degree in Social Impact Design from the University of Pennsylvania.  --- Support this podcast:
Adaire Byerly is your distinctive on air, MMA/ combat personality covering events with interviews and is a leading representative for African-American women commentating in the sport. Adaire's involvement in MMA began 10 years ago wanting to learn self-defense as an effort to recover from an abusive relationship. Through training she not only learned her strength as a competitive athlete by training with professional fighters and coaches, she also fell in love with the technicality, communication and entertainment of the sport. Adaire has a diverse background in fashion, film entertainment, and media. Recognized as an international Model, she has been Published in numerous magazines, including Vogue later earning her eligibility as a member of the Screen Actors Guild. She is licensed and certified in numerous studies focusing on brain and behavioral sciences and implements this knowledge in her teachings to elevate organizations through her company, Entertainment Mindframe as seen in Forbes. Adaire's various knowledge & expertise allows her to bring the sport a rare perspective through understanding psychology and human behavior, allowing the audience to have a unique, educational, fun and exciting experience. --- Support this podcast:
Like so many of us that were re-discovering ourselves through the existential crisis of the pandemic, The Dirty Shirts singer/songwriter Nick Santa Maria was doing the same and found himself diving headfirst into soaring guitars, disco beats, and sequined mod-inspired threads. Having found himself off the road for the first time after years of playing as a sideman for other artists, Nick finally had the time to return to writing songs of his own, constructing what would become the soundtrack to his new reality. The lockdown gave him time & perspective into what he truly wanted to do with his life, and rather than building someone else’s temple, he’d build his own.  After reconnecting & writing a handful of songs with childhood friend & fellow studio/touring musician Cameron Moreland and experimenting with a heady spectrum of soundscapes, The Dirty Shirts was born. What arose married the nostalgia of the Warped Tour era of music they grew up playing with the shimmering atmospheres and image of the glam rock and pop music they’d come to love. The combined music and aesthetic that The Dirty Shirts have cultivated, dubbed “Dance Floor Rock n Roll”, was a response to the drudgery we universally felt from exhaustive quarantines. Nick writes to remind people of the uninhibited times and badass music of the past, with the hope of debaucherous times to come. Songs that remind us of blaring music with your friends, shouting the lyrics deep into the early hours, and not worrying about the vaccination status of your Uber driver. Proudly wearing influences from The Strokes to Gorillaz, with hints of David Bowie on their sleeves, The Dirty Shirts hit the ground running with live shows throughout their native Texas in March 2021 after the long awaited release of vaccinations. Soon after, they released multiple singles and a music video, and recorded their debut full-length album with Grammy-winning producer Tre Nagella, which they released on May 6, 2022. With a string of national tour dates planned for 2022, a love for the past, a hopeful eye on the future, and a drink in hand, The Dirty Shirts are bringing their soundtrack for the new normal (if there ever was one) to the masses.  --- Support this podcast:
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