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Led by youth voices alongside seasoned professionals in the industry, Theatre with P.R.I.D.E. explores the theatrical productions of the past, present, and future with actors, directors, designers, and more. Listen along as we discuss actively practicing P.R.I.D.E. (Perspective, Respect, Identity, Diversity, and Equity) within your everyday life and what you create--especially theatre!
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Jason June (he/him/she/her) is a gender-queer mermaid author who enjoys all things words, known for his picture books WHOBERT WHOVER, OWL DETECTIVE, and PORCUPINE CUPID, as well as chapter book MERMICORN ISLAND. She is making her YA debut with JAY’S GAY AGENDA, a queer rom-com which he was ready to talk all about with one of our favorite hosts, Riley. Listen along as Riley and JJ discuss the importance of queer education, seeing yourself, and the possibility of TV adaptations??Find JAY’S GAY AGENDAOrder from Bookshop, IndieBound, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, or Amazon.SIGNED COPIES! Order from BookPeople and follow the personalization instructionsJason JuneWEBSITEINSTAGRAMAdditional Queer ReadsYOU SHOULD SEE ME IN A CROWN by Leah JohnsonCEMETERY BOYS by Aiden ThomasFELIX EVER AFTER by Kacen CallenderReNew Productions LinksWebsiteGoFundMePodcast Cover Art by Frankie RowlesPodcast Music by Ben Pederson
5 Trans, Non-Binary, and Genderqueer theatre artists (Allie Faulkner, Elliot Colahan, Kai Scott, River Hedgepeth, and our own Chad Parsons)  sit down to talk about their experience in theatre and how to make theatre/theatre training more accessible and inclusive for a variety of gender identities. As we move out of the pandemic and live commercial theatre is returning, we discuss what we want to see on and off stage, and what type of stories are told. Listen on in, cis-identifying friends! Here's a free education on how to make the theatre community and world a better place!ReNew Productions LinksWebsiteGoFundMePlaywright's Playground Festival will be taking place July 9-11 at the Ritz Theatre in Haddonfield, NJ! Submit your plays here!Podcast Cover Art by Frankie RowlesPodcast Music by Ben Pederson
On this episode, we have 2 young drag queens talk about their life in the current world. Both of them having extensive Musical Theatre experience, we also talk about gender exploration in characters, shows we've done, and what theatre does for informing gender. We also touch on some heavy-hitting topics like being Queer in a conservative environment, and what parents can do to support their queer child. Let's have a kiki!ReNew Productions LinksWebsiteGoFundMePlaywright's Playground Festival will be taking place July 9-11 at the Ritz Theatre in Haddonfield, NJ! Submit your plays here!Podcast Cover Art by Frankie RowlesPodcast Music by Ben Pederson
May the world remember your name! Daniel Mertzlufft took those words to heart. Daniel Mertzlufft is the mastermind behind the hit viral sensation "Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical" and "The Grocery Store Musical". Starting on TikTok during the pandemic as a means of escapism, he ended up reconnecting the Musical Theatre community at a time where we were so far apart. Join us on this special edition of Theatre with P.R.I.D.E. as we sit down to have a conversation with Daniel and his experiences over the last year, composing, and what is coming next!Daniel MertzlufftWebsiteInstagramTikTokReNew Productions LinksWebsiteGoFundMePlaywright's Playground Festival will be taking place July 9-11 at the Ritz Theatre in Haddonfield, NJ! Submit your plays here!Podcast Cover Art by Frankie RowlesPodcast Music by Ben Pederson
Season 2 is starting off strong! We bring in 2 incredible theatre artists Anne Marie Scalies and Tyler Calhoun, who have also created and hosted theatre-based podcasts that explore the theatre world, community, and how we create theatre to have a conversation with our two co-hosts Georgia and Riley. We discuss what we have learned from creating a podcast in the midst of a pandemic, our experiences interviewing an array of different theatre artists, and what theatres can do to create a better environment moving forward as we transition out of an isolating time that also brought a much-needed cultural shift. Listen on in!Listen to "Theatre with a Tea" from Anne Marie Scalies hereListen to "Life in Theatre" from Tyler Calhoun hereReNew Productions LinksWebsiteGoFundMePlaywright's Playground Festival will be taking place July 9-11 at the Ritz Theatre in Haddonfield, NJ! Submit your plays here!Podcast Cover Art by Frankie RowlesPodcast Music by Ben Pederson
Hey Listeners! Wow, it has been QUITE the opening season for us here at Theatre with P.R.I.D.E. We are so thankful for your continued support and to all the amazingly-talented and knowledgeable theatre professionals that have joined us on our past episodes. We love you all!And don't worry! Theatre with P.R.I.D.E. is here to stay! We will be posting occasionally during our off-season (November-May), and will be back full-force in June (the start of PRIDE month) for SEASON 2!Remember, when you go to vote, vote for the candidate(s) that you feel best exemplify our acronym P.R.I.D.E. (Perspective, Respect, Identity, Diversity, & Equity). Voting is a step forward toward positive change. However, we then must come together, undivided to create the change we want to see. Much love to all of our listeners! We'll be back soon!~The Theatre with P.R.I.D.E. Team(Chad, Georgia, and Riley)*NOTE: This episode was filmed on October 27, 2020. It was released on October 29, 2020—less than ONE WEEK before November 3, Voting Day. Vote!*Want to purchase the book we read? Look here: A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo by Jill Twiss and Last Week TonightReNew Productions LinksWebsiteGoFundMePodcast Cover Art by Frankie RowlesPodcast Music by Ben Pederson
Welcome to the afterlife, listeners! Listen along to some meaningful conversations about the winning play of ReNew's Playwright's Playground Festival, "Divine Wisdumb: A Comedy "Straight" from the Afterlife!" by Riley Bocchicchio. Joining us on this episode are: Chad Parsons (Co-Director), Georgia Evans (Tech), Mahogany Fleeks (Jezebel), and Parker Perry (Dennis). We talk about the views, messages, humor, and next steps forward for the play as it will move into its workshop phase with ReNew Productions in December. ReNew Productions LinksWebsiteGoFundMeDivine Wisdumb: A Comedy "Straight" From the Afterlife!" Live Zoom ReadingPodcast Cover Art by Frankie RowlesPodcast Music by Ben Pederson
Happy Labor Day, listeners! We decided that in the current craziness and busyness of the first week of College/High School/School, that we should take a break from the episode and give you all an update of where we are as a team. But, don't you worry! The "Divine Wisdumb: A Comedy "Straight" From the Afterlife" episode will be live on September 21st. ReNew Productions is so excited to add 2 new collaborators Deepmala Tiwari and Adam Hoyak and take on some new projects. All of the information is in the links below. Stay safe! We'll see you soon!~ The Theatre with P.R.I.D.E. TeamReNew Productions LinksWebsiteGoFundMePodcast Cover Art by Frankie RowlesPodcast Music by Ben Pederson
Come and join our kiki and get the STUDENTS' perspectives on being a Theatre Major in college! Find out "What do you do with a BA in Theatre" from graduated working professionals! This episode has a lot to cover and does so with a dash of humor. In this episode, we feature rising seniors Riley Bocchicchio (applying to Musical Theatre and Acting programs), Madison Figueroa-Diaz (applying for Stage Management programs), rising freshmen Kai Scott (BFA Acting UArts), Georgia Evans (NYU TISCH Drama), current student Jen Lepore (BA Theatre Arts/Musical Theatre Loyola New Orleans), and graduated students Alicia J Kelly (BA Theatre West Chester University of PA and professional actor), and Chad Parsons (BA Theatre West Chester University of PA and MFA UNCG). You'll hear about the college audition process (and some advice!), what being a theatre major in college is like, and what life in the pandemic is like for aspiring theatre majors, current theatre majors, and working professionals. This is one conversation you don't want to miss!Colleges: University of the Arts (Philadelphia PA)NYU Tisch DramaLoyola New OrleansWest Chester University of PennsylvaniaUniversity of North Carolina GreensboroConsider Donating to our parent company ReNew Productions:Website: updated on all of ReNew Productions and Theatre with P.R.I.D.E.'s adventures through our social media: Theatre with P.R.I.D.E.InstagramFacebookReNew ProductionsInstagramFacebookMusic by Ben PedersonArtwork by Frankie Rowles
Calling all those ready to embark on their college theatre journey! In this episode, we have a roundtable discussion to talk all about the college audition process and what it will look like in the 2020 audition season, especially in the middle of a global pandemic. Established and experienced theatre professionals Trent Blanton (Rider University), Rebecca Simon (Rider University), Ernie Nolan (Nashville Children's Theatre), Abe Reybold (Professional Director/Actor), and Erin Farrell Speer (UNCG) share their thoughts about the current situation in the country and what students auditioning for colleges can do. These faculty members of well-known theatre institutions, graduates of well-known institutions, and working professionals give their tips and tricks on how to master your college audition in the COVID-19 world of theatre. Bios:Trent BlantonRebecca SimonErnie NolanAbe ReyboldErin Farrell SpeerCollege Information: Home Studio GuideRider UniversityUNCG TheatreCheck out @uncgmt on Instagram for short videos on tips/tricks about College Auditions and how to succeed!Consider Donating to our parent company ReNew Productions:Website: by Ben PedersonArtwork by Frankie Rowles
What if Pixar's Inside Out was about racism? A Kids Play About Racism adapted by Khalia Davis based on Jelani Memory's A Kids Book About Racism explores just that! On August 1st and 2nd **EXTENDED through August 7th** on Broadway On Demand, you can watch Jelani's journey as he works with his emotions to give kids at home the language to talk about racism, for FREE! Listen along as we speak to some of the cast and creatives behind this digital project involving artists from all over the country. We were so honored to speak to Khalia Davis (Adapter/Director), Alexis Woodard (Assistant Director), Ron S. McCan (Costume Designer), Davied Morales (Jelani/Lyricist), and Angel Adedokun (Delight) about why this "artivist" project was so important to them and how it came together in the world a physical distancing. We hope you enjoy!For more information about this project, click HEREListen to Jelani Memory read A Kids Book About Racism HEREWatch A Kids Play About Racism on Broadway On Demand (Aug 1st - 7th!)Khalia David:Instagram: @khaliashdWebsite: http://Khaliadavis.comAlexis Woodard:Instagram: @stuckwithlexieRon S. McCanInstagram: @ronsayswhaDavied MoralesSocial Media: @activistpoetAngel AdedokunInstagram: @hellosoulangelhttp://hellosoulangel.comCheck out Music Training Center's Summer Programing HEREReNew Productions (our parent company!) WEBSITEGoFundMePlaywright's Playground FacebookInstagram: @renew_productionsSupport Us on Patreon HEREMusic by Ben PedersenArtwork by Frankie Rowles
Theatre with P.R.I.D.E. is back with bi-weekly episodes! This episode features 6 playwrights whose plays have all been chosen to be professionally workshopped through Renew Productions' "Playwrights' Playground," which features playwrights ages 15-21. Learn about these young writers' play inspirations, their personal stories, and some writing tips you can implement into your playwriting life! This episode is truly so fun to listen to—especially as we explore how to keep theatre alive in the midst of a pandemic.ReNew Productions (our parent company!) WEBSITEGoFundMePlaywright's Playground FacebookInstagram: @renew_productionsFollow Her Down by Jessica Balick Goodman LIVE Zoom Reading!: (7/11-7/18)Twin Paths by Elijah Hatcher-Kay and Leo Nelson LIVE Zoom Reading!: (7/18-7/25)Divine Wisdumb: a Comedy "Straight" from the Afterlife! by Riley Bocchicchio LIVE Zoom Reading!: (7/25-8/1)She Was Your Steering Wheel by Jordan Flaherty LIVE Zoom Reading!: (8/1-8/8)From Imagination to Hope by Isabel Friesen LIVE Zoom Reading!: (8/7)All four plays will be available Aug 3rd to 7th!Check out Music Training Center's Summer Programing HERESupport Us on Patreon HERE30 Day Playwriting Challenge: by Ben PedersenArtwork by Frankie Rowles
In this much-needed episode, we welcome three BIPOC Theatre Artists (Vincent/Vinchelle from Episode 2, Khalia Davis from Episode 3, and J. Andrew Speas current UNCG undergrad) who come together in conversation about the state of our country and the long-standing issues regarding race in our world as well as our drag and theatre communities. Listen along as they discuss their current and upcoming projects, misrepresentation by various theatre companies, the intersectionality of the LGBTQIA+ and Black Lives Matter movements, and loving who you are. This episode continues a much-needed conversation on a crucial subject-matter. We hope you enjoy it!Khalia Davis: Instagram: @khaliashdWebsite: http://Khaliadavis.comJ. Andrew Speas: Facebook: @jdaspeas Vincent/VinchelleInstagram: @_vinchelle_Resources on Racism:A Kid's Book About Racism by Jelani Memory: - Black Lives Matter: Talk - The Danger of a Single Story: Play Open Source Scripts Toward an Antiracist Tomorrow:'s Talk About Race by Julius Lester: Porter's Message to America: USA BLM Resources: BLM Resources: what you're hearing and want to support us? Check out our Patreon here: by Ben PedersenArtwork by Frankie Fowles
****TRIGGER WARNING - Mentions of Rape, Sexual Assault, Suicide, & Poverty/Refugees****"Burn her, she's a Witch!" These women are so inspiring, the only explanation is magic! In this episode, Georgia Evans and guest host Jen Lepore chat with Deepmala Tiwari, Derya Agaoglu, and Sian Ní Mhuirí. Hailing from India, Turkey, and Ireland, these women bring their diverse perspectives on the necessity of intersectionality when it comes to women in theatre and the struggle of being called "unessential" in a time when human connection is needed more than ever. Listen along as we kick white feminism to the curb, discussing how we get audiences to the theatre in a world that has become inaccessible.Check out Derya Agaoglu in Turkey!: Check out Sian Ní Mhuirí's work with Super Paua!Website: @superpauaSuper Paua Stories (Podcast): (or find it wherever you're listening to Theatre with P.R.I.D.E.!)Podcast Music written by Ben PedersenArtwork by Frankie Rowles
In this episode, we talk with three "young-at-heart" leaders in the field of Theatre for Young Audiences about what makes this art form so important, meaningful, and impactful! Katie Campbell (Arkansas Arts Center), Ernie Nolan (Nashville Children's Theatre), and Khalia Davis (Disney Theatricals and Story Pirates) give their thoughts on why the world needs TYA, especially in present-day America, and how TYA can spur new conversations with children and their families. Join us for this super educational and fun episode of Theatre with P.R.I.D.E. that you won't regret listening to!Check out Khalia Davis and Katie Campbell on Instagram!Khalia Davis - Campbell - Nolan - these special guests and their current/upcoming projects at the links below:Khalia Davis: http://Khaliadavis.comKatie Campbell: http://Arkansasartscenter.orgErnie Nolan: Music written by Ben Pedersen
Come and listen to this much-needed round-table conversation that delves into the world of gender! In this episode, we talk with Vinchelle (Philadelphia Drag Queen), Elliot Colahan (Trans Theatre Major at Rowan University), and Chad Parsons (Creator of Theatre with P.R.I.D.E.) about their experiences in theatre in regards to gender and gender stereotyping. This conversation is extremely important and shows that we can all learn from each other's personal experiences because at the end of the day, gender is personal!Check out these Instagram pages of our special guests: Elliot Colahan : "Vincent" : that help to explain Gender and promote Gender inclusivity: Books (recommended by Chad Parsons) that help to explain exploration of gender and self:Jacob's New Dress by Ian Hoffman and Sarah HoffmanRed: A Crayon's Story by Michael HallWho Are You? The Kids's Guide to Gender Identity by Brook Pessin-WhedbeeChad Parsons's Website: Music written by Ben Pederson
Meet the Artist(s) Monday! - Listen along as we dive into the world of Polkadots and Squares with the cast of the 2016 Pennsylvania Regional Premiere of "Polkadots: The Cool Kids Musical" and one of the show's creators, Douglas Lyons. This jazzy, fun show tackles serious issues like racism and segregation using circles and squares—it's just that simple! The cast (including Nayomi Braaf, Adam Hoyak, Colleen Clancy, and Danielle Defassio) had a great time reuniting virtually to relive their memories with this show on ~"The First"~ Meet the Artist(s) Monday. Listen to "Polkadots: The Cool Kids Musical" today! - it here! Nayomi Braaf's new theatre company, "Renegade Theatre Company" Website: Page: music written by Ben Pedersen
On this episode of Theatre with P.R.I.D.E., we chat with the 4 finalists of ReNew Productions' Playwright's Playground Festival 2021. Ashley DiLorenzo, Bella Capelli, Paige Schuyler Bakke, and Maddie Lobdell tell us all about their plays, from inspiration to process to the messages behind it! These 4 young playwrights are the future of the playwriting, and we can't be more excited for them and the future of creating theatre. Playwright's Playground Festival will air on 2 weekends, Saturday the 17th and Saturday the 24th on ReNew's Youtube Channel. Saturday the 17th"Mike Newton's Law" by Maddie Lobdell"woman, falling" by Bella CapelliSaturday the 24th"" by Paige Schuyler Bakke"Someone Should Have Told Me" by Ashley DiLorenzoReNew Productions LinksWebsiteGoFundMePodcast Cover Art by Frankie RowlesPodcast Music by Ben Pederson 
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