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Author: Therapist Uncensored | Psychotherapy | Attachment | Relationships | Mindfulness

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For any life-long learners, curious skeptics, and therapy-junkies who want a little science with their fluff. Psychotherapists from Austin Texas speaking freely on life, love, sex, and the things that matter. Candid unscripted conversations rooted in attachment and relational science will unpack how to improve your relationships with others and more deeply understand what makes you and those you love emotionally tick. So whether you just want to peek behind the therapist notepad, deepen your EQ, or just have fun, dive in with co-hosts Dr. Ann Kelley and Sue Marriott and their guest experts.

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Kirill Eremenko

Amazing podcast! Thank you

Mar 31st

Matthew Copeland

this is making me dizzy. to hear sophisticated conversations lacking the primal integer that obviously keeps the ball bouncing is truly heartbreaking. its easy... anything you don't know is difficult. therefore when any introduction has passed but the journey continues the choice is apparent. that is Choice. So publicly televising early initiations that for some have easily been set aside to focus on the Good. You now get an older version that is giving the option to choose again. consequently there is only so much a person can process when handling situations that initially has been avoided for a more advantageous manner. now you have practice on practice on practice of an overloaded society to choose with pressures of instant messaging or be determined incompetent. you shouldn't allow the opinions by societies managers to determine what most people overcome as a child and that is the basic survival traditions that are passed down with as much freedom as allowed. quick answer is Be Grateful you survived or that you are alive or you will just plant the seed of another's opportunity to choose death. thank you

Oct 4th

Sarah Sepanski

Matthew Copeland yyyy

Oct 23rd
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