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We got the old band back together! Sabrina (aka VoidCat) is back as we discuss the first four episodes of Strange New Worlds...join us and see what we thought. Spoiler, we would all run away with Captain Pike... Podcast theme music by Craig Cohen
Greetings! Join your four hosts as they discuss season two of Star Trek Picard and our thoughts on the first episode of Star Trek Strange New Worlds! Podcast theme music by Craig Cohen
... And we're back! New season, new intro music, new logo, new crew mate! Did you miss us? I sure did miss talking about Trek! Join us on this episode as we discuss the cute little show called Star Trek Prodigy... Did the show get Keith's pants off?!? Listen in to find out (Intro music was created by our friend Craig Cohen )
We've finally made it to another one of our favorites. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country! It's damn near a perfect Star Trek movie except for the part at the end... you know that one I'm talking about... wait a minute, you don't..?? Well, I guess you'll have to listen to the whole episode to find out... Muhahaha! See we have ways of making you listen. Although I guess you could just skip to the end.. shit I shouldn't have said that.. maybe some of you thought this was that 'old radio technology' where you couldn't skip ahead. “Cry Havoc! And Let Slip the Dogs of War!” - General Chang (Christopher Plummer)
So.. how were everyone's holidays? Your favorite four hosts took a little time off. But we're back now, better than... well we're back anyway. In this episode, we prove that the even numbered Trek movies are truly the best... Just kidding we love all Trek movies here at Four Hosts... except for Insurrection, that was terrible! (Sorry Jay!)
In this episode we discuss our overall feelings about the show and wrap things up... We were going to continue to watch/discuss the Trek movies but we've decided to take a little break until after the new year. I know that probably gives you the sad feelings... but if you just can't stand to be apart from us try joining our Discord! ( Until next time.... 'Keep looking up...'
Welcome back to the show! This episode we're discussing Star Trek Lower Decks episodes 5 & 6. Now if you've been paying attention you may be asking yourself what happened to reviewing episode 4?! Don't worry we didn't forget about it... not really.. well kind of but that's not because we didn't love it... or maybe we hated it ... either way that's something for you to look forward to...yay! 2020 strikes again!
Welcome friends! I'm sure you thought your favorite Four Hosts were dead... we actually were for a bit there. It is 2020 afterall! Sorry for our absence..BUT to make up for it we'll be discussing episodes 2 & 3 of Lower Decks. Thanks for listening...! LLAP
Hey kids! You know what time it is..? It's Howdy wait it's Lower Decks time! Tune in to see what we think of the newest addition to the Trek family.. Lower Decks!
Welcome to another episode of There Are Four Hosts! - This episode we discuss one of the best TOS movies The Voyage Home!
I know, I know... you thought we forgot about all you beautiful geeks out there.. Long story short.. We were being held hostage by a group of Klingon nationalists. They wanted us to build them a bomb, so we took their plutonium and, in turn, gave them a shoddy bomb casing full of used pinball machine parts...! In this episode we discuss Star Trek III The Search for Spock. Not only do we find Spock but a pretty good movie as well!
Hello fellow nerds! What's that old Klingon proverb? A podcast is a medium best served cold? Or is it a podcast is best served fresh?? Well either way here it is... our seventeenth episode where we discuss The TOS episode "Space Seed" and the movie Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan. One of the best Star Trek movies ever made!
Greetings! This episode the intrepid four hosts tackle Star Trek: The Motion Picture! Is it as boring as everyone remembers (no it isn't)? When did my grumpy uncle (McCoy) get into Starfleet? What's with the sparkly, twinkly Decker/Ilia/V'Ger (cue Twilight soundtrack)? Join us as we answer these question and discuss everything from Star Wars, The Sound of Music and The Arrival (no not the good movie the one with Charlie Sheen)
We are very excited because this week on the podcast we interview science fiction writer Melinda M. Snodgrass! She wrote several episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation, including on of our favorites "The Measure of a Man". Join us as we discuss Star Trek, Star Wars. and all things geek!
This is it..the episode that comes after.... our previous episode! We give our thoughts on the first season of Star Trek Picard. Also, the event you've been waiting for since...well probably never but we're giving it to your anyway! The four hosts debate whether or not Star Trek Picard is "real" Star Trek! Will Jay and Michael finally convince Keith and Sabrina that Picard IS Trek or will we all just decide to go watch The Orville instead? Give us download to find out!
It's here...the season finale of Star Trek Picard! Will it leave us with some warm fuzzy feelings or will we feel like someone just punched us in the stomach? Tune in to find out the answer to that and these other pressing questions.. Will Rios finally find someone to play soccer with? Will Agnes realize her dreams of becoming an opthamologist? Will Captain Riker save the day? And finally will the new "enhanced" Picard go off to locate and protect John Connor? ...Come with me if you want to live...
Episode 12 of our podcast is here...! You'd think they were paying us to do these...but NO..we do it out of love for Trek and you, yes you..! The listener. So the penultimate episode of Star Trek Picard is upon us..and things are getting crazy in Synthville! Sexy Romulan guy is captured by the synths, and then let go by...the synths?! And speaking of synths Picard realizes his 'great speech' powers don't work so well on them. Will the destroyer come and wipe out all life in the universe? Will it take the form of the Stay Puft Marshmallow man? Give a listen and find out!
Episode 8 of Star Trek Picard is here... and whether you like it or not we're back to review it! Haha! This episode is a reminder that when you show up to a family reunion don't forget the pasta salad or they'll send you to the floating green demon table. And then you'll scratch your face off. On the plus side we get to see 7 of 9 go full Borg queen on us...which makes me wonder do Borg have to worry about chaffing (asking for a friend)?
Episode - 10 (Nepenthe)

Episode - 10 (Nepenthe)


Guess what we're talking about this week...? If you guessed episode 7 of Star Trek Picard "Nepenthe"...give yourself a gold star because you've won a tribble! Come listen as we discuss the pressing issues for this weeks episode... Will Raffi's cake fix Agnes' problems? (nope) Will Picard and Soji become victims of the wild woman of the woods? Will Riker's pizza business take off? Also what does this episode have to do with Karate Kid pt. 2? Tune in to find out!
Only 4 episodes left! Join us as we discuss these hot topics! Will Soji finish her research before her 4th birthday? Will the Romulan siblings finally get a room? What will the Borg think when Hugh brings Picard to the family reunion as his plus one? And last but not least, now that Soji is 'activated' will her and Picard say "Screw saving the galaxy... we're going to go rob some Ferengi!"
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