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Author: Jim Fleeting and Crispin Read

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A fortnightly movie club podcast. Listen to us do a number of some of the best and worst that cinema has to offer - from the sublime to the ridiculous.

More like a book club than a movie review, we choose an interesting film and invite you to watch it too. Subscribe now and join in the conversation.
7 Episodes
We show our sensitive sides this episode when we review Phil Alden Robinson's 1989 fantasy drama, Field of Dreams. We also re-assert our manliness by demonstrating how much we know about sport.
Boil up fifty eggs and crack open a bottle of Newman's Own salad dressing to wash them down while you listen to us talking about Stuart Rosenburg's 1967 American prison drama, Cool Hand Luke.
Are we better than 15 year olds than philosophy? Find out how we fare over-analysing Peter Weir's '98 satirical comedy-drama, The Truman show, plus Brian Dennehy fatherhood shocker!
After being briefly distracted by the Ghostbusters debacle, we settle down to the subject of John Carpenter's '86 Kung-Fu comedy, Big Trouble in Little China. Along the way, we talk about Citizen Kane 2 and Walt Disney's last words.
This episode we talk about the Coen Brothers' 1987 "madcap" but groundbreaking and wonderful comedy, Raising Arizona. Along the way we cover singing Nuns, plot holes in "The Rock" and ponder why '80s films have so much shouting in. Watch it, Listen to us, then tell us what is the best Coen Brothers movie and why it's Raising Arizona!
Seems like when we say Moon we can't help but say moooooon, it's a proper favourite for both of us this time - Duncan Jones' 2009 layered sci-fi drama with Sam Rockwell. What is this film really about then? - and how does it work on a second viewing? - is it in fact better second time around? What do you think? Watch the film, listen to the cast - and let us know.
In this Episode Jim talks at Crispin for an hour about Mel Brooks' 1974 satirical western, Blazing Saddles. They wonder what their limit on schitzengruben would be, but are probably a bit too tired to do the French Mistake.
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