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Think Like A CEO

Author: Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

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Gary Keller went from aspiring rock musician to leader of one of the most innovative companies in real estate. Think Like A CEO weaves a narrative of the business and life lessons, including developing business strategies, hiring the right people, and developing a culture that truly puts people first.
14 Episodes
If you’re the kind of business owner who thinks models limit creativity, or are just downright unnecessary, you need to click the play button immediately. In this episode, Gary and Jay debunk five common myths about models using real-world examples, capable of converting any naysayer into a believer. 
The third volume of “Think Like a CEO” is all about taking your success to new heights. In this season, Gary Keller and Jay Papasan talk about finding, refining, and implementing models into your life and business in order to break through periods of stagnation and put your stretch goals in the palm of your hand.
For CEOs, the only thing more dangerous than failure is reaching a plateau. In this episode, Gary explains how he uses models to shatter ceilings and keep Keller Williams moving in an upward trajectory. If your business or personal success is beginning to level off, you owe it to yourself to listen up.
4. Owning Results

4. Owning Results


When you own the results of your business you not only own the profits that you make, but you own the profits that you share with others through philanthropy. Tune in to learn how to harness your finances by working backwards with Gary Keller’s proven method, the profit principle. 
3.  Engaging Talent

3. Engaging Talent


Hiring is hard enough already, but how can you be sure you’re hiring talent that brings your business a twofold return? Today’s episode walks through the process that allows entrepreneurs to become true business owners by hiring talent that is motivated to move up the ranks.
2. Leading with Energy

2. Leading with Energy


A positive corporate culture doesn’t just happen, it’s created by design. Successful CEOs bring a unique energy and purpose that effectively pave the way to corporate success or create its downfall. But don’t take our word for it. Take a cue from an unsuspecting source - Ebenezer Scrooge.
Leadership can be an elusive concept. There’s no true recipe for success, as leadership styles vary across cultures and industries. However, one thing rings true - the best CEOs start by addressing mindset before taking action. Today’s episode walks through the development of this mindset and identifies the three key elements that make up the CEO job description.
In Season 2 of Think Like a CEO, Gary Keller teaches us the leadership lessons that helped him create the largest real estate company in the world, the three key job responsibilities of a CEO, and how you can implement these lessons in both your business and life.   And remember — if you want to be a great CEO, if you want to be a great leader, it all starts with how you think.
5. Taking Back the Reins

5. Taking Back the Reins


The real estate landscape has changed, and with it, Keller Williams. Today, Gary Keller is back in the CEO seat, guiding Keller Williams through the fourth industrial revolution and focusing on developing an innovation engine that changes the game.
Looking for a way to remain competitive among top producers, an idea was pitched that forever changed the trajectory of Keller Williams - the Millionaire Real Estate Agent. With a new business blueprint in place, the team focused on developing a culture that makes agents want to call Keller Williams home.   Helpful Links: How to create a powerful culture - definition of WI4C2TS
Gary Keller was expanding his business by living life on the road, until a simple behavioral assessment changed everything. It led him to identify the right processes, hire the right people, and eventually fire himself from the CEO role.
Emerging from a low point in his life, both personally and professionally, Gary Keller reevaluated, reprioritized and let go of fear, allowing himself to take a leap of faith and create Keller Williams as we know it today.
Gary Keller went from rock musician to leader of one of the most innovative companies in real estate, Keller Williams. How did he get there? A series of good decisions, a millionaire mindset, and sheer will to succeed.
Think Like A CEO

Think Like A CEO


Gary Keller went from aspiring rock musician to leader of one of the most innovative companies in real estate. Think Like A CEO weaves a narrative of the business and life lessons Gary learned along the way, from developing business strategies, to hiring the right people, to developing a celebrated culture that truly puts people first.   Think Like A CEO season one launches July 8th. Subscribe in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you typically get your podcasts.
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Mike Begneaud

KW is the Real Deal. Capitalists with a heart.

Feb 20th

Tyler Elstrom

These podcasts are so good. Thank you for doing this! 😍

Dec 29th

Jackie Millan

I'm so blessed to have found my #KW FAMILY ... I love to learn and absorb all the ins and outs of KW... and who better to learn from than Gary and Jay ❤️💪

Aug 12th
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Great series! Really enjoying hearing the insights of the obstacles and solutions experienced early at Keller Williams!

Jul 15th
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