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Think Like A CEO with Gary Keller & Jay Papasan

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Gary Keller went from aspiring rock musician to leader of one of the most innovative companies in real estate. Think Like A CEO weaves a narrative of the business and life lessons, including developing business strategies, hiring the right people, and developing a culture that truly puts people first.
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Make the wait for season 6 a little more bearable with this special TLACEO bonus episode where Gary and Jay travel The Simple Path to Wealth with author JL Collins. Tune in to hear how Collins stopped thinking about what money can buy and started thinking about what money can earn in order to cement his financial independence.  
To help listeners reach their wealth goals even faster, “Think Like a CEO” is publishing this live recording of Gary’s and Jay’s Wealth Building Session from Keller Williams’ annual conference, Family Reunion. Whether you missed out on the event or you just want to hear it again, this bonus episode is sure to provide the insights you need to achieve your financial dreams.   
In this special bonus episode of “Think Like a CEO,” Gary Keller dives deep into our financial mindsets with the author of The Psychology of Money, Morgan Housel. Tune in to hear how Housel’s years of writing for publications like The Motley Fool and The Wall Street Journal led to the creation of this valuable financial resource.
While the concept of financial freedom differs from person to person, the way to achieve it looks the same across the board. In this episode, Gary and Jay discuss the 10 common steps entrepreneurs take within their personal and professional lives to gain financial independence and spend more time doing what they love.
Many people dream of becoming a millionaire. Unfortunately, a lot of those people fall short of that dream due to some very avoidable obstacles. Press play to hear Gary and Jay identify and neutralize some of the common dream killers that keep entrepreneurs from reaching that seven-figure financial milestone. 
The path of money is full of wrong turns, and in this episode, Gary and Jay discuss how to avoid these harmful detours and put your finances on cruise control. The key is learning when and where to invest your income in order to avoid getting lost on the way to your personal and professional wealth goals. Buckle up.   Resources: The Path of Business Money The Path of Money 
Before you set out on the path to financial wealth, it’s important to understand where your money is going. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of putting their personal income and business income in the same place. Tune in to hear Gary and Jay explain eight reasons why differentiating your money improves your wealth and your blood pressure.
Every entrepreneur has a different definition of financial wealth and freedom, and in the first episode of season 5, Gary and Jay discuss how to find the definition that works for your life and your business. It all begins by understanding the meaning of true wealth and learning how to actively pursue the passive income that will allow you to achieve it.
After learning how to pivot through a market shift in season 4, season 5 of “Think Like a CEO” is all about wealth: how to find it, how to define it, and how to set it to autopilot. Drawing upon real-life experience and insights from fellow entrepreneurs, Gary Keller and Jay Papasan help listeners gain a more meaningful and purposeful perspective on financial success.
In this special bonus episode of “Think Like A CEO,” Gary Keller has a socially distanced conversation with seasoned entrepreneur and bestselling author Keith Cunningham about the grit, intelligence, and tactical thinking it takes to pivot successfully. By examining the previous successes and failures of a variety of businesses, including their own, Gary and Keith provide listeners with invaluable insights on surviving a shift by making smart decisions.
For the final episode of season four, Gary and Jay celebrate creativity by highlighting the numerous ways out-of-the-box thinking can help leaders survive, and then thrive, during a shift. Listen in to hear why businesses that utilize innovative thinking to navigate their pivots are the ones most likely to emerge victorious and transform the entire industry when the market settles.
One of the most valuable resources a business can cultivate while pivoting is a sense of community. When it comes to real estate, this applies both inside and outside of your company. In episode three, Gary and Jay examine how going digital can help leaders overcome social distancing measures and form stronger connections with their colleagues and clients.
To pivot, you have to be nimble. To be nimble, you have to get rid of any excess weighing down your business. In episode two, Gary discusses the cuts leaders have to be prepared to make to their bottom line in order to minimize expenses while motivating their teams to maximize their resourcefulness. Tune in to hear how tightening budgets can bring out the best in a business.
Shifts can shake even the best of leaders to their cores, but in order to come out successful on the other end, they have to pivot. As Gary explains in the first episode of season 4, pivots start by remaining safe and strong. Only then can we look after others in our personal and professional circles. Press play to hear how Gary moves forward in times of adversity.
Enjoy this special bonus episode of Think Like a CEO, recorded live in front of over 15,000 agents on the mainstage of Family Reunion 2020. This candid discussion covers a range of topics including making friends with failure, not allowing yourself to be limited by numbers, and continuing the never-ending pursuit of your personal and professional best. 
Season 3 summits with six vital steps for implementing your models, along with some best practices for keeping them relevant. To summarize the episode (and the season) in Gary’s words, “If you want to literally lead a vertical life, a vertical business life at the highest level where you're constantly breaking through ceilings, you're going to lead a models-based business.”
From the business world to the natural world, models can be found everywhere you turn. The trick is looking for the ones that align with your professional and personal life. In this episode, Gary talks about the books, competitors, and visionaries that helped him create some of his most trusted models.
If you’re the kind of business owner who thinks models limit creativity, or are just downright unnecessary, you need to click the play button immediately. In this episode, Gary and Jay debunk five common myths about models using real-world examples, capable of converting any naysayer into a believer. 
For CEOs, the only thing more dangerous than failure is reaching a plateau. In this episode, Gary explains how he uses models to shatter ceilings and keep Keller Williams moving in an upward trajectory. If your business or personal success is beginning to level off, you owe it to yourself to listen up.
The third volume of “Think Like a CEO” is all about taking your success to new heights. In this season, Gary Keller and Jay Papasan talk about finding, refining, and implementing models into your life and business in order to break through periods of stagnation and put your stretch goals in the palm of your hand.
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Álan Bohn

With this episode, I found that I can engage more on a 15min episode than on a 40minute. Thank you for that

Jan 28th

Eric Thomas

turn the 1.3.5 on its side. Now it's your Org chart. Brilliant

Oct 10th

Eric Thomas

3 circles

Oct 10th

Alex Drouin

very interesting episode worth to listen! thanks

May 29th


Excellent as usual. The discussion about not modifying your models but instead finding people that will implement the whole model without changing it to their preference is very valuable.

May 16th

Mike Begneaud

KW is the Real Deal. Capitalists with a heart.

Feb 20th

Tyler Elstrom

These podcasts are so good. Thank you for doing this! 😍

Dec 29th

Jackie Millan

I'm so blessed to have found my #KW FAMILY ... I love to learn and absorb all the ins and outs of KW... and who better to learn from than Gary and Jay ❤️💪

Aug 12th
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Great series! Really enjoying hearing the insights of the obstacles and solutions experienced early at Keller Williams!

Jul 15th
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