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Author: The McClelland Financial Group of Assante Capital Management Ltd.

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Take control of your financial destiny with great insights, tips and advice from the team at The McClelland Financial Group of Assante Capital Management Ltd.
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Just Take My Advice

Just Take My Advice


Taking advice from an expert is always the recommended course of action but when it comes to your hard earned dollars it seems often the most difficult advice to receive. As fee-based advisors we sit on the same side of the table; if you succeed we succeed, likewise when you are unsuccessful we share in that financial loss. Today we highlight some of the areas we find the most difficult to give advice on and yet where we find it may be most useful to you; the conversion to cash, rebalancing, the hot stock tip, too much debt and to TFSA or not to TFSA. This and more today on ThinkSmart.
Learning with some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs from around the world. Hear how they are tackling change and their surprising view of the future. The Strategic Coach has been a big part of our entrepreneurial spirit for many decades, from it we have learned a sense of accountability for each of our actions among many other best practices. This and More Today on ThinkSmart  
Risk and return as we all know go hand in hand. Rob and Mike walk you through how to increase your rate of return and what approach could work for you. Based on your risk tolerance is the answer stocks, mutual funds, or Index Funds. Is investing in REITS just too risky and how do you use leverage properly. This and more Today on ThinkSmart. 
The fastest rise in 50 days in the history of financial markets. This bear market has suddenly become a bull. But should you stay invested in Canada? Looking at the Canadian, US, European, Asian and Far East Markets over a 20 year period can give us some great insight into the months and years to come. What has changed in the last 10-20 years and how does that affect your bottom line.
There are many different types of risk. As advisors we are told never to use the word. Risk however, is a very real part of being invested. Today Rob and Mike discuss the advantages of low risk investments and how strategies differ between; Global Bonds, Balanced Funds, ETFs, Funds of Funds as well as Real Estate and illiquid and liquid assets.This and more Today on ThinkSmart. 
As difficult as things are right now the future is truly bright. There are so many new and emerging technologies that can help you through these taxing times. We all need to be embracing new ways of interacting and coping with some of our basic necessities. Today, we highlight some of our best practices to stay social, connected, happy and healthy. This and more Today on ThinkSmart.  
The fundamentals of the markets have not changed. Risk and return are eternally related. There is always a winner and a loser, a buyer and a seller. But is there an opportune time to buy? How can you time the markets to get yourself into a prime buying position? The move to cash is it ever a good idea even with dollar cost averaging? Those who do get it right will they be visionaries or just plain lucky? Why rebalancing in a timely manner is crucial to the health of your portfolio. This and so much more Today on ThinkSmart.  
Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness


ThinkSmart Podcast: Mental Wellness May is Mental Health Month and a somewhat timely reminder of what care we need to take of ourselves and each other during these difficult times. As advisors we see changes in memory, aptitude with figures and sums and an inability to cope with decision making. As self-isolation becomes the new normal bringing mental health to the forefront seems more than appropriate.  This and More Today on ThinkSmart.
Are your investments really safe? Will you wake up one day and have nothing left? Hustlers and swindlers have duped even the smartest individuals. When and how does Investor Protection come into play? Do you know your advisors contingency plans in case of insolvency? This and More Today on ThinkSmart.
The stock market rallies in April. Things seem to be on the uptick with recovery being close to 25% from its drop to 34%. Interest rates, liquidity and quick government response times seem to be moving us in the right direction. But is this only a dim light at the end of the tunnel? Should we expect to see more volatility in the weeks to come? Has the recession arrived? What does market efficiency really mean to you and I? This and More Today on ThinkSmart.
Mentors have played a critical role in defining how we view and do business. From the first balanced portfolios, FACTOR investing, global diversification, accessing your staff's unique abilities to bringing fresh ideas on client and workplace tools into the mix. We have been fortunate enough to be set on a great path by some outstanding individuals. Including; Sir John Templeton, Nick Murray, Michael Nairne, Dan Sullivan and Brad Steiman.This and More Today on ThinkSmart.
We are now entering our 5th week of fighting and coping with the COVID-19 Virus. Taking a look back at how we persevered in the past during times of trouble. How have we adapted our lives and technologies and how we will continue to re-imagine the world as we move through this ongoing pandemic.
Join Us for our 50th Podcast of ThinkSmart. Looking at the advantages and changes that have followed this pandemic. What will the future hold for us as we grapple to keep up with climate change, e-education systems and a complete upheaval of the social world as we know it. This and More Today on ThinkSmart.
It's been a hairy week in the markets. What have we learned over the years in this business and what steps are we recommending. A deeper dive into the weeks ahead.
Rob and Mike discuss how they are personally coping with the Coronavirus pandemic. As well, how our office is managing and suggestions for clients during this market uncertainty. This and more today on ThinkSmart!
How will Coronavirus affect our clients? How are we dealing with it in the work place? As well as our suggestions and recommendations on how to manage the market downturn.
Hard advice is the exact opposite type of advice that feels comfortable to give. Telling our clients they are over spending, stuck in sentimental stock purchases, holding too much cash and over gifting their grown children is a tough business but someones gotta do it! The hard job of being a good advisor at all costs. This and More Today on ThinkSmart.
Episode 46 : ThinkSmartThe stock market is down 15%. We're seeing the effects of Coronavirus and supply chain disruption. What do the markets look like during this time? Will we finally go into a recession? This and more today on ThinkSmart
The Cobbler's Children Have No ShoesEpisode 45 : ThinkSmartWe also need to follow this idea of taking advice. What are we learning to do to keep up with our current lives?There is no miracle solution it's a combination of a lot of best practices. This and more today on ThinkSmart.
What are we doing right? We were early adopters of diversification and balanced portfolios long before they were widely available. We determined that higher risk tolerance over time did outperform for our clients. We became leaders in fee based advice which translated into client-centric advice not bottom line advice. This and more today on ThinkSmart .
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