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Author: Natasha Stanley, This Is For You

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An exploratory deep-dive into the art and science of human connection. Learn from experts across a huge range of disciplines – from neuroscientists to hostage negotiators, sociologists to artists – about the nature of meaningful human connection, and how we can all create more of it in our day to day lives.
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Georgie Nightingall was fed up: fed up with small talk, and fed up of waiting for her next meaningful encounter to appear out of thin air. So she founded Trigger Conversations, which runs playful events and training to help people have more meaningful conversations in their everyday lives. She’s a TEDx speaker with multiple degrees in Philosophy, Applied Psychology and Linguistics, and is constantly learning more about the field of emotional intelligence and human interaction.These days, she’...
Can being lonely make you sick? And if so, can tiny moments of meaningful connection help you heal?Lisa Daron is the founder of The Connection Cure; a cross-country human engagement project exploring face-to-face connection as a catalyst for healing and wellness.Road tripping to every state in America, Lisa hosts workshops that ignite the spirit, create conversation around the body, and aim to de-stigmatise loneliness in our increasingly disconnected society.We talked about grief and belongin...
Amy Silverman is the founder and lead facilitator of The Connection Movement: a New York-based international community that explores self-discovery and deep connection through workshops, coaching programmes, social experiments and retreats.We sat down to talk about what "human connection" really means, the different flavours of curiosity, and three little words that can turn a normal conversation into something infinitely more meaningful.Plus, get your This Is For You listener discount on Con...