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This Is That is a current affairs program that doesn't just talk about the issues, it fabricates them. Nothing is off limits - if it's relevant to Canadians, we'll find out the "This" and the "That" of the story. Each week, hosts Pat Kelly and Peter Oldring introduce you to the voices and stories that give this country character in this 100% improvised, satirical send-up of public radio.
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This week: For our last episode ever, we're performing live from the Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and improvising the entire show from audience suggestions: We talk with the person who made fruitcake illegal, we meet the first Canadian to apologize after being hit by a car, we talk to Irving Spence about his new book, we find out why it's against the law to say 'Thank You' in Canada, and we learn about Canada's plan to get rid of Regina.
After librarian Dorothy Shunt finds an old letter written to Santa hidden inside an encyclopedia, she becomes compelled to find its author. When she discovers that the letter was in fact written over 30 years ago by a boy with a wish, the story then becomes much more than just about a letter and a librarian.
Canada's Walk of Fame is a list of names that spans thirteen blocks in the heart of downtown Toronto. They're supposed to represent the best and brightest stars in Canadian film, television, and music, but many visitors are upset to discover that the list is full of Americans.
If you're currently uncomfortable with the lane options available to you on Canadian highways, then you'll appreciate the new pilot program being introduced by Chancy Holt, the Deputy Minister of Canadian Highways.
Due to budget cuts, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are now offering a food delivery service to supplement their operating costs. The initiative, called RCMP Eats, allows for officers who aren't currently responding to a call to deliver takeout food to hungry Canadians.
In an effort to better serve travelers passing through Canadian airports, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority will be offering free medical information with every security screening.
Although Canada has famous families like the Gretzkys, the Molsons, and the Mansbridges, no Canadian family has yet been designated as royalty. But that might be about to change.
The Audience Episode

The Audience Episode


This week: We look into the stories suggested by our listeners. The RCMP is launching an on-demand food delivery service like Uber Eats. You can now get a free medical check-up at Canadian airport security. There's a growing movement of people who want a Canadian Royal Family. Plus, many more suggestions!
We check back in with the Yarmouth police chief who is transitioning his force from humans to mannequins, we discuss the impact of fake news on Canada, we speak with our head writer Mike Balazo, and we pay a visit to Canada's greatest jingle writers.
We look back on all the tourism stories we've covered on the show. We hear from an Alberta town creating its own accent, we find out about this year's International Pen Festival in Winnipeg, and we meet a man who hopes to bring Spain's running of the bulls to Thunder Bay.
This week: We find out why Toronto needs to have its own time zone, we meet our show's legendary announcer, and we uncover how Canada's biggest disco band went from polyester suits to prison uniforms.
This week: We get back in touch with the man behind a small Alberta town's struggling bike share program, we talk with a married couple who are fighting to keep their pet buffalo in their home, and we travel to the West Edmonton Mall to find out if it will become a UN World Heritage Site.
This week we look back at all of our stories that fooled the internet: We hear from a Montreal city councillor about a bylaw requiring all dogs to understand commands in French and English, we learn about a new program that's training Canadian border guards to be more friendly, and we visit with a man emerging from a bunker he entered in the year 2000.
This Week: We speak with a woman seeking to ban Halloween decorations, we get a visit from Canada's pronunciation expert, and we visit a small town on the verge of overthrowing their annual Pun Festival.
This week: We hear from the person building an adult-themed, nude water park in Lake Louise, we talk with a stuffy old man who has listened to every episode of the show, and we travel to Cape Breton to meet a group of youths breaking all the rules of quilting.
The All-Music Episode

The All-Music Episode


We look back on the very best of the hundreds of interviews we've done with musicians over the years, we remember some of Canada's forgotten musical moments, and we discover how Canadian rock and roll invaded South America in the 1960s.
This week: We hear from a group pushing for kids as young as ten to be able to get tattoos, we have a visit from the Pedestrian-Driver-Cyclist Alliance, and Pat Kelly tells us why the ponytail rescue documentary is his favourite.
This week: We find out about a new law that requires Canadian characters in Hollywood films, we meet the creator of the cargo short, and we travel to Canada's worst national park to see its final days.
This week: We hear from the spokesperson for secret pilot project that's been housing Nova Scotia inmates in unused condominiums, we talk with the CBC Radio One historian, and we travel to Saskatoon to meet the paramedics behind the silly siren. Plus, we make a very serious announcement.
This week: We learn about a new movement to remove all pets from British Columbia's classrooms, we meet Canada's whistling champion, and we explore the working conditions of app workers.
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Don George

check this out

Dec 31st

Holly Macon

Thanks from the USA,!

Oct 14th

Holly Macon

I am so grateful for this comedy show. I live in the USA and things are pretty grim here.. It's original and funny. A great escape from our news. I enjoy learning what Canada thinks of us. I'm learning about your culture too.

Oct 7th

Bahram Farzady

This is the least funny, most cringeworthy program in the history of the world.

Jan 20th
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