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Together, we're redefining what it means, looks and feels like, to be doing "woman's work" in the world today. With confidence and the occasional rant.

From boardrooms to studios, kitchens to coding dens, we explore the multifaceted experiences of today's woman, confirming that the new definition of "woman's work" is whatever feels authentic, true, and right for you.

We're shedding expectations, setting aside the "shoulds", giving our finger to the "supposed tos". We're torching the old playbook and writing our own rules.

Who runs the world? You decide.

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If you’re looking for some encouragement to chase your dreams, if it’s time for you to take that shot, or if you’re just looking for some energy to make it through your day, this is the episode for you! Judi Holler is a fire starter, an energy shifter, the ultimate hype woman, one of my favorite people to follow on IG, and she’s moving audiences worldwide to take massive action in their lives and businesses. For the last decade, Judi has built an enterprise that includes a robust keynote speaking business, a top podcast, Speaker Training, and a best-selling book. Each year, Judi shifts energy in convention centers and ballrooms worldwide with audiences of 50 - 50,000 with her motivational, inspiring, and transformational keynote experiences.  If speaking is the dream you want to holler at, there isn’t anything out there that I’d recommend more than Judi’s Speaker School - you get lifetime access to hours of training, 6 live calls with Judi and top industry experts, 50+ pages of printable worksheets, legal documents, and the speech writing framework you need to knock people’s socks off! You can pay in full or over three months, and you get $450 off when you use promo code TIWW. Don’t waste another minute worrying and overthinking… it’s time to HOLLER AT YOUR DREAMS! Connect with Judi: Website:  IG:  Like what you heard? Please rate and review  Thanks to our This Is Woman’s Work Sponsor: Whether you’re ready to build your speaking business or step on more stages to grow your existing business, Speaker School is for you! Click this link to find out more and use code TIWW for $450 off! 
We say kindness doesn’t cost a thing, but the reality is it must cost something or we’d be choosing it more. Today we talk about giving a FECK (forgiveness, empathy, compassion, kindness) and how we move from pithy statements to meaningful action. Here to help us do that is Chaz Ebert, CEO of Ebert Digital, the publisher of the preeminent movie review site, a legal adviser, TV and movie producer at Ebert Productions. For twenty-four years, she shared a life with Pulitzer Prize-winner Roger Ebert, and Chaz has passionately continued their work, leading numerous events while nurturing film critics, filmmakers, and technologists through the Roger Ebert Fellowship. Chaz has just released her book: It’s Time to Give a FECK - Elevating Humanity through Forgiveness, Empathy, Compassion, and Kindness. It's time for us to start GIVING a FECK! And yes, I wish Empathy started with a U.  Connect with Chaz: Website:  IG:  LI:  X:  Like what you heard? Please rate and review  Thanks to our This Is Woman’s Work Sponsor: Visit and use promo code TIWW for 25% off Quench to keep yourself hydrated!
What we need to know about raising our children to have a HEALTHY body image – because the more women who are out there with body confidence, the better.  Our guest, Lauren Magers, is a 5-foot-tall firecracker, who believes a life of happiness starts with mastery of yourself and having a system in place that guides you every day with the skills, habits, and responsibilities to be a successful human. A mother of 4 and a leader of a blended family by the age of 27, she went on a quest to uncover the wisdom to raise extraordinary humans who can thrive and be happy adults in today’s world. Creator of The Happy LifeSystem; the world’s first comprehensive parenting system built on the fundamentals of empowerment and self-mastery in a gamified way, Lauren teaches parents and children how to find joy in all they do, and love the bodies they do it in. Here’s what I know for sure: The answer does not lie in focusing on how our body looks to others.  What if we taught our kids (and also ourselves) to focus on how our body feels, what it allows and affords us to do, its health, strength and longevity. What if we practiced treating our bodies the way we want to be treated – prioritized, accepted, listened to, appreciated, and valued at the highest level. Change always begins with us. It can be no other way. Connect with Lauren: Website: IG:  To get 20% off Lauren’s Crack The Parenting Code Course use the promo code: TIWW  Free ebook: 8 secrets to being a happy parent Like what you heard? Please rate and review  Thanks to our This Is Woman’s Work Sponsor: Go to and enter code TIWW at checkout for 20% off any AquaTru purifier to get yourself, and someone you love, purified water!
Codependency is not just happening at home. It’s happening in our professional lives, our work environments and relationships too. But I’m not so sure we’re hearing much about that, so we’re going to dive into the topic of codependency at work on this episode of This Is Woman’s Work. Amina AlTai is a holistic business and career coach, proud immigrant and chronic illness advocate and our guest on today’s episode. In addition to her one-on-one work with forward thinking and notable leaders, executives and founders, Amina was also a founding coach for Chief (the women’s leadership organization) and led the coaching division for Inspire Justice (which trains entertainment organizations and celebrities). She is an Entrepreneur Magazine expert-in-residence, a Forbes contributor and was named one of Success Magazine’s Women of Influence. Her debut book, The Ambition Trap: A Blueprint for Releasing Hustle, Finding Purpose and Driving Change will launch in Spring 2025.  Here are a few things to keep in mind so we don’t create codependency in our work lives: Our strengths taken too far can easily become our greatest weakness There is a difference between empowering people and enabling them Being needed is not the same as being valued Connect with Amina: Website:  IG:  FB:  Change Your Life Podcast:  Like what you heard? Please rate and review  Thanks to our This Is Woman’s Work Sponsor: Breathe better with AirDoctor, the air purifier that filters out 99.99% of dangerous contaminants (allergens, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, mold spores and even bacteria and viruses) so your lungs don’t have to. Visit and use my promo code: TIWW to get up to $300 OFF air purifiers and a free 3 year warranty (and additional $84 value).
We’re talking about money! More specifically, we’re going to talk about money in our romantic relationships, because let’s face it – love is not all you need.  Money is the 3rd wheel in many relationships. And it’s not really about money, it’s the habits, goals, and beliefs – because when any of those are not the same, it causes stress in that relationship. Don’t believe me? Well, 89% of people polled (according to Forbes) believe that financial stability is necessary for a happy and successful relationship. I’ve invited Anna N’Jie-Konte, President of Re-Envision Wealth as our guest. Anna is a passionate believer in the empowerment and economic liberation of women and minorities and has been honored as an Investopedia Top 100 Financial Advisor, been named one of 2023’s “Hot List” by Investment News and 10 “Young Advisors to Watch” by Financial Advisor Magazine. Anna also serves on the advisory board of as a CFP Board Ambassador, and as a board member of the Finserv Foundation. We must have these money conversations early and often. Because money doesn’t buy love, but it sure can bankrupt a relationship – so it’s time to build a healthy, productive, empowered relationship with your finances and then bring that to your relationships. Connect with Anna: Website:  Newsletter:  IG: @anjiekonte Join the Club: The Club is an amazing, no-fluff community for first-gen women who want to feel financially fluent and break negative financial cycles. Whether you’re just getting started or are a seasoned investor- this is for you. Like what you heard? Please rate and review  Thanks to our This Is Woman’s Work Sponsor: If you’re looking for the next best thing to a no-bra day, go to and use my promo code TIWW for 10% off your Lounge Layer Bra (whether you order 1 or 5 of them). And then thank me later.
Is success about how much you make? Is it about being influential? Is it about having it all?  How do we, how do YOU, define success? Here to help us answer that question is Stella Grizont, the Author of The Work Happiness Method, an Executive Coach, one of the first 150 people in the world to earn a Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology (aka the science of happiness) from the University of Pennsylvania, and a leading happiness expert according to Time Magazine. Leveraging research from positive psychology, neuroscience, and leadership, Stella helps people identify their vision of success and make strides towards achieving it -- in their career and in life. Success needs to first be defined in order to be achieved. And then acknowledged and celebrated in order to be experienced. Otherwise we’re just chasing an elusive moving target, and I can tell you from experience that that is fucking exhausting. Create YOUR success – define it, achieve it, celebrate it. Connect with Stella: Website:  Book:  IG:  Free Vision Generator Resource:  Like what you heard? Please rate and review  Thanks to our This Is Woman’s Work Sponsor: Once I got these leggings, I switched my loyalty to LNDR. I’m not sure what witchcraft was used to create their uber soft, extremely sculpting leggings, but I’m here for it. Go to and use promo code TIWW to get 20% off. (And here’s the campaign video I mentioned - it’s SO GOOD!)
What would it look like if you became unapologetically BOLD? What would be different? And how do we do it? We’re rereleasing one of our favorite episodes with THE Boldness Coach, Vaneese Johnson as she is a highly accomplished and renowned professional in the field of coaching and has established herself as a trusted expert in empowering women to claim their boldness and achieve unprecedented success. A truth teller and transformation instigator, she challenges us to step out of our comfort zones and embrace our full potential. And you know I’m here for all of that. Vaneese says “If you want a better quality of life, then update it your damn self!” (now that’s an example of being bold!) It’s time for all of us to choose boldness! Connect with Vaneese and access resources: Website: IG: Book: Download your FREE copy of 4 beliefs: Thanks to our This Is Woman’s Work Sponsor: Get yourself hydrated by going to and use my code TIWW to get yourself 25% off Quench and all their other amazing products!
This topic is about 10-20 years too late for me, but this is the episode I wish I could have heard when I needed it most. And I hope it will find some of you at just the right time, or at the very least will be an episode you can forward to someone you love. Because letting go is an important lesson for all of us, I’ve invited Dr. Cortney Warren to be our guest. She’s an award-winning Board-Certified Clinical Psychologist, author, and Adjunct Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health at UNLV. She is an expert on self-deception, romantic relationships and love addiction. Known for her ability to distill complex psychological concepts into easily applicable advice, Dr. Cortney’s latest book, Letting Go of Your Ex: CBT Skills to Heal the Pain of a Breakup and Overcome Love Addiction explores breakups and how to heal from them.  Let’s not waste any more time pining away and holding on to relationships and people that aren’t meant for us.  If the choice is letting go of them, or letting go of yourself… if it costs you them or it costs you you – choose you over everything. And everyone. Every single time. Connect with Cortney: Website: Book:  IG: TikTok: X: LI:  FB:  TEDx Talk: Like what you heard? Please rate and review  Thanks to our This Is Woman’s Work Sponsor: Bamboo fabric that is perfectly soft, temperature regulating, machine washable and committed to ethical production, Cozy Earth checks all the boxes, and is now on every bed in my house. Get your sheets (and more) by visiting and use my code NICOLEKALIL to get 40% off!
There are a lot of women out there that are in business. In fact, around 40% of all US based businesses are owned by women, and these businesses employ around 10 million workers. As it stands today, women are more likely to start a business than men are. Which makes you brave. Because running a business in any form and at any scale is hard. Each and every stage has its own challenges, and those challenges evolve, they don’t disappear. On this episode I share my lessons on how to treat your business like a business, so that you can protect that business AND yourself. So you can not just look like a real business, but actually be one, so you can go into your work with confidence and credibility, and so your business challenges don’t bleed into and become your personal challenges too. As the quote says: treat your business like a business and it’ll pay you like one. Treat your business like a hobby and it’ll cost you like one. Know your value. Find your people. Give greatly and protect fiercely.  Like what you heard? Please rate and review  Thanks to our This Is Woman’s Work Sponsor: Being a business owner can feel lonely, but there’s no valid reason to “go it alone”. You don’t have to! And if you’re feeling alone, join me for our BE hive retreats… you’ll come out buzzing, I promise. Learn more by visiting  Use Square for billing, contracts, recurring invoices, and more! It’s my go-to resource for all my business needs and there are a ton of great tools you can leverage to set your business up like a business. Use this link and you can get free processing on your first $1,000 in sales!
I could spend HOURS every single day going down the rabbit hole of all the different resources, apps, and tools that are out there and somehow still not know what the best, right answer is. And even if I did figure it out, it would only be a matter of time before something new, shiny, or better came along. On this episode of This Is Woman’s Work we’re going to talk about the marketing and scaling side of being in business, in hopes that together, we can get out of that rabbit hole and move toward what matters most. We’re joined by Brittni Schroeder, business coach, social media expert, and marketing strategist. She coaches coaches and other entrepreneurs on how to automate their business, create systems, convert funnels, and scale to 6 figures and beyond.  Brittni offers all sorts of business resources for entrepreneurs from individual coaching to The Meeting Place membership, a top to bottom framework for entrepreneurs to grow and scale their business, and she’s here to help us ALL work less and make more. If you’re looking to build your email list and website, or if you’re thinking about rebranding or taking your existing list and website to the next level, this episode is for you! Connect with Brittni: Website:  IG:  FB:  LI:  P:  To learn more about Brittni’s business membership program, The Meeting Place, visit and use promo code: NICOLE for a 15% discount Like what you heard? Please rate and review  Thanks to our This Is Woman’s Work Sponsor: Your premier talent partner, Claire Myers Consulting will work with you to source, screen, interview and manage the selection process for any open role in your organization. Go to to get a FREE 15 minute consultation call AND 10% off your first placement!
We’re covering a topic that falls into the category of “we’ve covered it before but it’s worth repeating”. Because I know most, if not all, women struggle with setting and communicating boundaries as it flies in the face of our people-pleasing, helpful and perfectionist tendencies. So we’re going to talk about Boundaries, again, but we’re going to focus more on the actual words and what to say. Amy Green Smith joins us again for her last episode in our 4-part series (if you haven’t listened to our last three episodes, I’d highly encourage you to do that!) Communicating boundaries in a productive and responsible way is going to require practice. Probably lots and lots of practice, given however many years we’ve spent not communicating them. Don’t wait for your mic drop moment – don’t expect perfection – don’t spend endless amounts of time worrying about what the other person thinks about your boundary – just start practicing. Because that’s how you get good at anything. Connect with Amy: Grab Amy's FREE-SOURCES at:       Only 2 spots available in Amy’s Signature Worthy Program! To learn more visit  Like what you heard? Please rate and review  Thanks to our This Is Woman’s Work Sponsor: To learn more about Snooze Fest and our other reTREATS hosted by Nicole Kalil, join my community or sign up here to confirm your interest and get additional information:
We’re releasing the 200th episode of This Is Woman’s Work!! That’s 200 topics, in just over 4 years, and let me tell you, it’s been a wild ride. I love this thing that I get to do. And I love that you’re doing it with me.  THANK YOU… I am forever grateful! So, in celebration of 200 episodes, I’m taking a break from recording and releasing a classic episode on the topic of Burnout – some of us may need it more than others (ME, it’s me!) – but I KNOW we’ll all benefit from hearing it. Cait Donovan is a leading burnout expert, author of The Bouncebackability Factor and host of “Fried. The Burnout Podcast”. Run down. Drained. Exhausted. Worn Out. Nothing left in the tank. Ever wonder why there are so many ways of saying burnout? It’s probably because far too many of us are experiencing this far too often. And let’s be real, communicating healthy boundaries is hardest when you’re stressed and overwhelmed. It’s also when it’s most important. So let’s do it together. Less perfection, more REAL. Less martyr, more grace. Less worry, more trust. Less other people’s expectations, more honoring ourselves. That feels like woman’s work to me. Connect with Cait: Website:  IG:  Like what you heard? Please rate and review  Thanks to our This Is Woman’s Work Sponsor: To get the best, most comfortable leggings I’ve ever worn (and rarely take off), go to and use promo code TIWW to get 20% off! I’m obsess with LNDR and agree with them that your butt deserves the best.
If you’re tuning in for the first time, or just because this topic was of interest to you, I want to point out that this is Part 2 of our conversation on Fear & Failure, so if you didn’t listen to part 1 just yet, I’d encourage you to go back to episode 197 from last week and start there. If you’ve already listened to Part 1, then I’m going to assume you’re here because you’ve been not-so-patiently waiting for the completion of this conversation… and I can tell you it’ll be worth the wait. I’m joined by Amy Green Smith, life coach, hypnotherapist, speaker, and communication expert. There is so much I could say about Amy, but I’m going to share something she has on her website that gave me the chills and brought tears to my eyes because it’s so REAL, it’s so relevant, and it’s so HER – she says “I was fucking DONE being motivated from a place of guilt and fear. I realized that if push came to shove and I had to decide between making my family happy or making me happy, I CHOSE ME”. I feel everything about that, deeply.  No matter what, I don’t care what is happening or what you’re going thru, you are worthy and valuable. Neither fear nor failure can change that. Connect with Amy: Grab Amy's FREE-SOURCES and check out her 1:1 “Worthy” Coaching Program at:       IG: FB: LI: X: Like what you heard? Please rate and review  Thanks to our This Is Woman’s Work Sponsor: To learn more about Snooze Fest and our other reTREATS hosted by Nicole Kalil, join my community or sign up here to confirm your interest and get additional information: 
Our topic is about repairing damaged relationships, but I have to start by saying that I believe that not all relationships need to be repaired. So let me rephrase – we’re going to talk about repairing the damaged relationships you deem worthy of repairing. As the founder of The Stress Less Company, and creator of Holding Space, Carlee Myers is an expert at helping leaders manage day-to-day stress as well as creating safe spaces where people can come together and share and be deeply witnessed in a judgement-free zone. She helps people build bridges instead of barriers. Every relationship must include two interested and willing participants in order for it to work. All relationships take some measure of effort and compromise and a basic level of trust and respect. Make sure those things exist first and foremost. Because even those relationships can be damaged at times, but those are the ones worth repairing. Relationships are a two-way street, where there’s always construction. So put your hard hats on and repair what matters. Connect with Carlee: Website:  IG:  Free Zero Negativity Guide: Like what you heard? Please rate and review  Thanks to our This Is Woman’s Work Sponsor: If you’re interested in learning more about Snooze Fest - our annual rest and relaxation event, designed for exhausted women who just need a fucking break - make sure you join my community by going to We’re about to release information and trust me when I say, it’s going to fill up fast.
FEAR and FAILURE – sounds like a party right? I promise we’ll have some fun with it, and give you actionable tools, but my biggest goal is for all of us to create a new, more productive, more empowered interpretation of fear and failure. Because we had such a great conversation last week I’ve invited Amy Green Smith, life coach, hypnotherapist, speaker, and communication expert to join me again. I appreciate her uncommon style of irreverence, wisdom, and humor! She released episode 500 of her amazing podcast “The Bold-Faced Truth” and then stopped recording, so I’m eternally grateful to her for her time and wisdom in joining me, and stupid excited that we get to release a few episodes with her as a guest on our show! We’ll bring the rest of this conversation on Fear & Failure to you next week… and trust me when I say we’re just getting warmed up. Our brain is a wonderful thing, but it sees what we KNOW as safe and the UNKNOWN as dangerous, so we need to teach our brains that all risk is not the same. You can be scared, and you can be brave. In fact, you need to be scared in order to be brave. Connect with Amy: To inquire about having Amy speak at your next event, visit Grab Amy's FREE-SOURCES (like how to “Speak Up for Yourself Without Being a Dick” at:       IG: FB: LI: X: Like what you heard? Please rate and review  Thanks to our This Is Woman’s Work Sponsor: Head to and use my code NICOLEMKALIL to save 10% off your Zenimal!  Whether you’re looking for yourself, your kid(s)/teens, as a gift for someone else - everyone will benefit from more moments of zen!
Empathy is hard. It requires deep courage, extreme emotional intelligence, maturity, and a commitment to learning and growing. Like most things, the best place to start is where your feet are. With your family, your friends, your colleagues, and your community. So, today, we’re going to talk about how empathy impacts you at work, with your team – yes, as leaders, which most of us are whether or not our title says so – and also as members of a team. I’ve asked Erin Diehl to be our guest. Known as Erin “Big” Diehl, she’s a Business Improv Edutainer, Failfluencer, and Professional Zoombie. Through a series of unrelated dares, Erin created Improve It!, a unique professional development company rooted in improv comedy, that pushes leaders and teams to laugh, learn, play, and grow. She is the proud host of The improve it! Podcast, a fellow Top 1% Global Podcast, and is the first time author of the Amazon Best Seller Top New Release: I See You! A Leader’s Guide to Energizing Your Team Through Radical Empathy. Among her many accolades, and there are many, Erin is most proud of successfully coercing over 35,000 professionals to do the chicken dance. Empathy works best when it’s a two-way street, for sure, but you are in charge of only one person’s choices – and that’s your own. As leaders, in business, in life, in our families and our communities – we have an opportunity to choose empathy. People learn best by experience and observation, so this is how we change our cultures, environments, and even the world. Connect with Erin: Website:  Book: I See You! Podcast: LI: IG: @itserindiehl Like what you heard? Please rate and review  Thanks to our This Is Woman’s Work Sponsor: To get the kids you love their very own Zenimal head to and use my code NICOLEMKALIL to save 10% off!  
One of the most powerful things you have, that is directly linked to your confidence, is your VOICE. And I don’t just mean what you say, though there is so much power in that. I mean what you put out into the world for other people to see, hear, feel and experience. Your words, sure, but also the sharing of your beliefs, knowledge, opinions, stories. Your truth, as you see it.  Back in the day, very few people had their voices heard beyond their inner circle – but in an age of global connectedness that has changed. How do you, how can you, and how will you use your voice? Here to help us with all the how’s is Amy Green Smith. Amy is a certified and credentialed life coach and hypnotherapist, masterful speaker, and courageous communication expert. Amy uses her roles as coach, writer, podcaster, and speaker to move individuals to a place of radical personal empowerment and self-worth. With her focus on helping people “find their voice”, she is highly sought after for her uncommon style of irreverence, wisdom, and humor. There’s a quote that says “it only takes ONE voice, at the right pitch, to start an avalanche” – I share that as a reminder that your voice has power. Even with your knees shaking, palms sweating, with your head filled with doubt, your heart pounding with uncertainty, stumbling over your words – USE YOUR VOICE. Connect with Amy: IG: FB: LI: X: Grab Amy's FREE-SOURCES at:       Like what you heard? Please rate and review  Thanks to our This Is Woman’s Work Sponsor: For CakesBody’s grippy, not sticky, nipple covers visit and use Promo Code: TIWW to get your 10% discount!
I’ve spent most of my life worried about my health instead of being grateful for it because I didn’t “look the part” of the healthy, fit woman.  So, when we do an episode about health and wellness, I want us all to focus on the being and the feeling of health, and set aside the external stereotype of what health looks like. I want us to think holistically because the mental, emotional, social and physical are all connected. And mostly, I hope you take a nugget away with something you can do to FEEL better and LIVE longer. I’ve invited Alyse Gaulin, a certified coach, and co-founder and CEO of Own It Coaching to be our guest. After working her way up the corporate structure in the retail industry, Alyse knew it was time to listen to her heart and follow her passion to change people’s lives. Together with her husband, Justin, they built Own It, a health coaching company designed for high-achievers to reclaim ownership over their health and with a mission to make health a habit. Your body knows it’s worthy and valuable because it exists and because you’re here. It often knows before your brain does – it has internal, ingrained wisdom, that intuition that knows what it knows even if your mind has forgotten. Let’s hear it for our bodies! And how about we listen even just a little more, and take care of it, even just a little better. Connect with Alyse: Website:   Book:   Like what you heard? Please rate and review  Thanks to our This Is Woman’s Work Sponsor: Head to - it has been the best wellness and self-discovery tool I’ve invested in. Instead of one-size-fits-all, it offers one-size-fits-YOU solutions and helps track your stress throughout the day (it also tracks your sleep, recovery, detects early signs of sickness, and can help predict your period)!
Over the last few months, we’ve focused on the topic of confidence by releasing chapters of my book, Validation Is For Parking (you can still get the confidence workbook for free by visiting Last week I read the final few pages, but we’re going to stick with that topic, because there’s not much I care more about than YOU connecting to your confidence.  In the book I share the 5 confidence derailers that are impacting women at the highest level… these are the things that are doing damage, chipping away at, and destroying our confidence. But if I were to write the book over again, People-Pleasing would be the 6th confidence derailer that’s wreaking havoc on most of our lives. So, we are re-releasing a “classic” episode we did almost a year ago… it is one of my personal favorites and it is definitely worth sharing again. Mara Glatzel, author, intuitive coach, and host of the “Needy” podcast, helps humans stop abandoning themselves and start reclaiming their humanity through embracing their needs. Because the antidote to people-pleasing is putting forward your own wants and needs The time has come for you to ask for what you need. And then expect it, first from yourself and then from others. Then advocate for it. Because you’ve always been worth it. Connect with Mara: Mara’s Book “Needy”: Instagram: Click here to access her “What Do You Need Right Now” quiz  Like what you heard? Please rate and review
In this episode, we cover a topic that I've been historically bad at.  Asking for help.  How do we learn to ask for help? Well, we ask for help. So I’ve invited an expert. Dr. Cynthia Bentzen-Mercer is the co-founder of Zeal of the Heel, a business executive, human capital strategist, author, and executive coach. Cynthia, along with Kimberly Rath, worked together to co-author their book “Now, Near, Next”, an essential guidebook for women to promote their skills to accelerate their careers. I’m sure each of them could have written this alone, but in the spirit of collaboration (which is a nice word we use a lot in business that basically means asking for help) they did it together. And Cynthia is here to help us get better at asking for help! I’m going to practice the learnings because action builds confidence and practice makes progress. Will you please help me increase the reach and credibility of this podcast by leaving a review on Apple Podcasts or Spotify? YOUR review matters. It contributes to how our podcast gets ranked across the globe, it helps us get bigger and better guests, and it gives us feedback – which is very tough to get in any other way. Now it’s your turn to practice. Where would you benefit from asking for help, and who will you ask? The people who love and respect you WANT to help… sometimes it’s just figuring out how they can help best and having the courage to ask. Connect with Cynthia: Website:  LinkedIn:  FB:  Youtube:  IG:  Book:  Like what you heard? Please rate and review  Thanks to our This Is Woman’s Work Sponsor: Head to - it has been the best wellness and self-discovery tool I’ve invested in. Instead of one-size-fits-all, it offers one-size-fits-YOU solutions and helps track your stress throughout the day (it also tracks your sleep, recovery, detects early signs of sickness, and can help predict your period)!
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