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Take the #1 golf instructor in the state of Indiana (Jeff Smith ( ) and pair him with an outstanding radio personality and you have the formula for one helluva Golf Talk Radio Show.

John Ashton (the show host) has enjoyed success as a morning personality on radio stations from Bangor, Maine to Dallas, Texas. He’s also embarrassed himself on many golf courses in the same locations. John is a hacker, struggling to break 80 (OK, 90) but has a passion and enjoyment of the game, a skewed sense of humor and an outlook that makes this the most entertaining Golf Show around.

Jeff Smith, PGA  enjoys the innate ability to create word pictures so, even on the radio, his tips and techniques to improve your game are clear, easy to follow and help listeners cut strokes on their very next round.
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Continuing with the idea that for recreational golfers, it might be better to keep track of good hits rather than to keep track of strokes. This week we delve into what elements make up a decent round, one that you can be proud of and remember some of those "perfect" shots. All the elements and how to attain them like, aiming, increasing swing speed (the key to distance), center club face contact, etc. And with the bonus content we go back to june of 2016 and a conversation with Aaron Foster from Golf Overnight.
Richard Franklin is a game developer, a psychology expert, a motivator of children, and a Golf Pro. He has created a company, Discover Golf, designed to expose children to the game in a way that captures their imaginations, captivates their creative processes, and builds up all the skills necessary to be great at golf, while also instilling a love for the game. Now THIS is the way to actually "grow the game". His techniques have nothing to do with competition in a golf tournament sense. And then, in bonus content from back in June of 2016, Jeff explains how to chip better
There comes a time when we really should sit back and realize that "par" is for experts. Par means a scratch golfer will 2 putt and use the remaining strokes to get to the green. We aren't experts! So why do we feel so bad when we don't shoot par? Let's come to terms with the fact par is something that is the exception, not the rule for us and just be happy with bogey, or even double. You see, that's the biggest mistake: we don't have realitic goals in mind and therefore, aren't having as much fun as possible! Lighten up. Enjoy! And our bonus material, we revisit this weekend back in 2018 from an episode we called "Weed makes golf easier" and our conversation with famed golf architect, Bobby Weed
The biggest lie in golf is how far we hit the ball. We lie to our friends, our playing partners, and also we lie to ourselves. I belong to a group on Facebook where everyone claims to hit their drives 310. But then others of us use yards to explain distance! This week, Jeff gives us insight into the 3 Keys To Distance. Knowing what each one is and understanding how to improve each will get you those extra yards you long for. In our bonus section, we return to this weekend three years ago with the very poignant and very funny conversation with our favorite golfing couple, Art and Dianne,
This week a friend of Jeff's, Ryan Groves from Force Plates, stops by the golf cave and we all just talk about various topics in golf. For instance, our favorite parts of "The Match" with Tiget, Phil, along with Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Two G.O.A.T.S. on the course at the same time. Pretty cool! You have probab;y found it difficult to get a tee time during the quarantine. All of the open golf courses have been extraordinarily busy. But that doesn't mean the golf business is healthy. Equipment sales, food and beverage sales, clothing, etc. sales are all hurting badly. In fact, there is a lot of equipment that isn't even available because most American factories have been closed. Then Jeff suggests a fool proof way to get more folks playing golf: make the 18th hole play much easier than it looks. We suggest a few idea, including some sort of bumpers like they use in bowling alleys. And, of course, the bonus content is from 2 years ago. Kevin Rosenburg talks about his golf simulator company, P3 Pro Swing. All in all, yet another fantastic hour of golf talk radio with Those Weekend Golf Guys
While in her 20's, Marion Miley was already a golf legend. Between 1931 and 1938, she won six Kentucky Women’s Amateur events. She also won many of the nations premier amateur events for women. Among her wins were two Trans Championships, two Women’s Southerns, two Women’s Weston Amateurs, two Western Derby titles and the Augusta Invitational. She also had made two of the prestigious Curtis Cup teams. While women’s amateur golf was in its glory days, as the Ladies Professional Golf Association had not yet evolved, golf offered little financially when it came to the future for women. Marion Miley, however, was making it in spite of the country being bogged down in Depression. Often described as photogenic, she made for good interviews and as a result she was seen in newspapers and movie theater newsreels. Standard Oil of Kentucky took advantage of her celebrity and hired her to travel about and inspect their service stations. She had only started to parlay her talents that exceeded her golf.  She was in the company of Bob Hope, Clark Gable and Bing Crosby, playing in more than 100 charity events, and her distance off the tee made her even more popular. She could hit the ball further than Hall of Famer Patty Berg, and during a driving contest at one of the tournaments outdistanced 1932 Olympic champion Babe Didrickson. Marion Milet was murdered in a botched robbery attempt at the Lexington Country Club in Lexington Kentucky. Our guest this week is Beverley Bell who has just published the definitive work on The Murder Of Marion Miley.
This week we talk at length to Top100 Golf Instructor, Ed Ibarguen. Ed is the GM and director of golf at the Duke University Golf Club in Durham, NC. One of his students was a man named Dean Smith. Yes, THAT Dean Smith, Hall of Fame Coach from UNC. At his suggestion, a young man who had come to UNC to play basketball went to Ed and asked for some golf lessons. That is the day Ed Ibarguen and Michael Jordan became friends. Included in this week's conversation are many stories of Ed and Michael on the golf course, as well as some tips that will benefit all of us who are trying to improve with this game. And, for some bonus content, we revisit our conversation live from Dublin, Ireland with our buddy Phil O'Carrol about the joys of playing gold in Ireland,
Tina Tombs is a former LPGA Champion and now one of America's Top100 golf instructors. She teaches at the Biltmore Resort in Phoenix and has the best laugh in all of golf. How do we know? Well, in this week's episode she is our guest and the three of us laugh, a lot! We also talk about many things that will make you oh, so much better at golf if you just pay attention.
One of the Top 50 Golf Instructors in the country, Tony Ruggiero, is our guest this week. Tony is not only a terrific teacher but is also a swing coach to PGA Tour players Lucas Glover and Smylie Kaufman, among others. Would you benefit from a lesson from Tony? Of course, but you can also benefit from some advice gtom Tony and he has it in abndance on this episode if Those Weekend Golf Guys. Also, bonus content from 2016. Jeff Smith gives a quicj fix on hot to hit the ball straighter and longer off the Tee.
Kellie Stenzel is our special guest this week. She is one of America's Top 100 Golf Instructors, one of the Top 50 female Golf Instructors and one of the Most Beautiful Women In Golf, according to She teaches at the Boca Raton resort and the Palm Beach Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The golf courses were closed in Florida this past week. Kellie was so bored she actually spent time talking with us! She and Jeff share their incomparable teaching techniques and they also share some stories from their respective lesson tees. Funny stuff, memorable stuff, educational stuff. You will love this conversation with Kellie Stenzel. And the bonus content. We can'r forget that. From this week back in 2018 when the Golf Guys talked about the 10 best golf clubs of the decade. How many do you carry in your bag?
John finally realized just how important the approach shot is. With a good approach shot, you don't have to worry about your short game. It doesn't matter if you are not accurate with your wedges. Jeff explains the basics for a great approach: alignment, aim, and swing to assure center face contact. And we revisit our conversation with Shale Shah, a clothier from Miami who developed a golf clothing line particularly to raise money to help fight cancer. Also, E.A. Tischler, from Olympia Fields in Chicago joins us in the lively discussion.
What is stopping you from taking golf lessons? Most often, it's the fear of being embarrassed. Don't worry about that. We talk to two of the world's best golf instructors, Jeff Smith and E.A.Tischler from Olympia Fields in Chicago about taking lessons, students they have had, results they have shown and other stories too good not to hear. In the bonus content, we reintroduce you to Rick Marcy and his low point swing trainer.
We have a lot of statistics from the National Golf Foundation about the numbers of golf courses that are open during this quarantine period, the states that allow golf and those that have prohibited it. Jeff also gives more suggestions on how to keep yourself and your golf game up to par without breaking any Social Distancing rules you might be living under. Also, our bonus content, from happier times, Jeff explains the color coding of hazard markers and the associated penalties for each. Even though we know we will probably just ignore those rules.
We take two of the country's best golf instructors: our own Jeff Smith and Sarah Stone from The Bears Club in Florida. we just let them talk about how best to teach folks to get better, what specific things they think most amateur golfers need to work on to get better, and how to practice those techniques to actually realize some improvement. If you listen, not only will you enjoy the conversations immensely, you will also GET BETTER! Plus some bonus content from 2018 on how to correctly use short irons, the 8,9, and P.
Golfers have always practiced social distancing. So why should these days be treated any differently? We talk about how golf courses are adapting to the Corona Virus scare in order to remain a refuge. Then we discuss John's first ever official club fitting. After 2 and one half hours and trying almost every driver ever made, we chose the one that gave a phenomenal increase in ball speed and distance. Which one? Listen to find out. Also, did you know that golfers who are not properly prepared by eating prior to a round play 7% less efficiently? We talk to Jeremy DeLuca from ParForm on the importance of proper nutrition, proper hydration, and the uses for CBD products for golfers. And then, of course, some bonus content from two years ago where Jeff explains some tips and tricks on using our short irons, not wedges, effectively in different circumstances. Another great hour of Golf Talk with Those Weekend Golf Guys.
59: Golf To Dye For

59: Golf To Dye For


We all know that Pete Dye designed golf courses are some of the most beautiful, most challenging, and most expensive golf courses you can play. We talk about some Dye courses we have played, some we would like to play, and one that everyone, no matter how little they may have left in their golf budget, can play. It's a municipal course in Lexington, Kentucky. Of course, if you plan on playing a tough course, make sure to listen to Michael Gish from Total Golf Trainer. He explains exactly how his practice tool will get you ready for even the most challenging of golf courses. And in the bonus segment, we go back to one year ago and Jeff explains how exactly to find the perfect grip for you.
When you play your clubs get dirty, especially in the colder, wet preseason conditions. It is important to clean them well and to clean them correctly. Here's how. Are you ready? We have a guest that was born ready, Tim Ready from with a look into golf attire made from recycled and sustainable materials. And then we talk to Ron Garland from the Golf Nuts, the Club, website. He has some stories that will keep you laughing all season long. And then, this week's bonus content is a simple technique from Jeff's Quick Fix to assure your driver head is aligned correctly improving your chances of actually hitting a straight drive
Dr. Gary Sailles, a Sports Performance Coach and Professor at Indiana University, joins us and we cover many interesting topics like: Golf is a game of error management; even Tiger Woods knows he won't hit more than 2 perfect shots in the course of a round so your score is dependent on the quality of your misses; how many of us manage to talk ourselves into a bad game; and the best lesson we can learn to improve our golf game is how to manage ourselves on the course. Plus some Bonus Content: An inside look at a putter fitting at the SeeMore Putter Performance Institute.
It's just like hanging out in the pro shop waiting for the frost to leave the greens this time of year. John, Jeff, and Wayne Gibbs, the GM at Timbergate Golf Course just talk about whatever comes up. Golfers, great golf courses, bad golfers, funny stories and more. Will you learn anything this week? Possibly. Will you get a laugh or two this week? Definitely!Another great hour of golf talk from Those Weekend Golf Guys. And we added a bonus content segment from 2018 where Jeff gets serious about how to help you chip better.
A 3 step process to break 80 this year and none of it revolves around new equipment, just thought process. Also, mistakes we make on the practice tee and some news about the new balls from Bridgstone Golf. Who should use them and when. Plus a bonus segment with a quick fix from Jeff on how to increase club head speed and add extra yards to every club in your bag.
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