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Take the #1 golf instructor in the state of Indiana (Jeff Smith ( ) and pair him with an outstanding radio personality and you have the formula for one helluva Golf Talk Radio Show.

John Ashton (the show host) has enjoyed success as a morning personality on radio stations from Bangor, Maine to Dallas, Texas. He’s also embarrassed himself on many golf courses in the same locations. John is a hacker, struggling to break 80 (OK, 90) but has a passion and enjoyment of the game, a skewed sense of humor and an outlook that makes this the most entertaining Golf Show around.

Jeff Smith, PGA  enjoys the innate ability to create word pictures so, even on the radio, his tips and techniques to improve your game are clear, easy to follow and help listeners cut strokes on their very next round.
232 Episodes
Don't write any checks your abilities cannot cash! We all know the guy who hits a decent drive to start a par 5. He strikes it 210, right down the middle. Now he stands there taking multiple practice swings with his 3 wood because he's 240 from the green and he's waiting for the group ahead to clear. They finally move off the green. He addresses the ball and takes one of those swings. The ball goes about 50 yards, never getting more than 10 feet off the ground. "We waited for that?" you all complain. Yeah, let's not be that guy. Jeff gives many examples and techniques when you find yourself in 2 shot situations. Another fun, funny, and entertaining hour of Golf Talk.
Transcendental Golf. Another visit with golf instructor and performance coach, Joe Bosco. Can meditation help your golf game? Oh, hell yes it can. Can you actually meditate while playing golf? Pretty much, yes. Is there a technique you can teach? Of course, or we would not have brought it up. Joe Bosco shares a technique to clear the mind, get you in tune with the universe and hit the hell out of your next drive. We need you to forget the word "Fore" and concentrate on the word "Nine". Listen and we will explain it all. Another great week of Golf Talk with Joe Bosco, Jeff Smith and John Ashton. Fun funny and entertaning. Listen now.
Hypno Joe! An hour with Joe Bosco, PGA Teaching Pro (one of America's best) and Performance Coach for golfers and athletes in other sports too. Yes! Joe can hypnotize you. Or better yet, teach you self-hypnosis. Why do we get so uptight when playing? What are the specific situations that we find in time after time with no way to successfully extricate ourselves? Want to fix it? Of course, and Joe will do that with you. Why is Golf like diving a car with a cop right behind you? Listen and find out. As Joe says, "...Keep Calm and Play Golf"
Do You Have A Half Fast Golf Swing? Probably. In the search for more distance we try many things from buying new clubs that promise more distance, to golf balls that promise more distance, to swing techniques that promise more distance. See the pattern formining here? we all want more distance and too often fall for scams that seem to good to be true. There is one fool proof way to guarantee more distance: a faster head speed. But you still ahve to maintain center face contact and all those other elements first. Jeff explains as only the number one golf instructor in the state if Indiana can. Also, we talk to Rafeal Fernandez, the head honcho at RZN Golf. They first developed the RZN technology Nike used in their golf balls but now RZN has improved on that technology and have released their own balls, all of them comparable in performance to the most expensive balls yet they all retail for less. save money and give up no performance. What a deal! Another fun, funny, and informative hour guaranteed to help both your mood and your golf game. listen
John Straub and Laura Calhoun from the first ever Better Business Bereau talk about how the mission of the BBB is financed and improved by using golf. The Jeff explains a game he and his friends play. It's like "Fix That Fault". They look at a golfer with a problem and then bid: "...I can fix that slice in _____ strokes"! Sounds like fun. Have you seen that guy on Youtube that promises to fix a slice in 15 strokes? Jeff says his longest time was 4 strokes. We talk more about distance, about set up, about how not to make a total fool of yourself on the course even if you don't have a lot of experience. And, as you might imagine, we have a lot of fun talking about ti all. And you will too when you listen.
Ball speed, launch angle, and spin are the 3 elements of distance. See what's missing? Yes! No swing speed anywhere. You know what is even more important than any of those 3 things in determining distance? Do you want to know? Then listen to this episode where Jeff describes in no uncertain terms what you MUST do if more distance is what you're trying to achieve. Another fun, funny and damn entertaining version of a golf talk show, Those weekend Golf Guys
Another week and yet another great, entertaining week of Golf Talk. First, isn't it strange how rain always seems to wait until you get out on the first hole before starting? John and intrepid producer Mark share a story of fighting the elements on the golf course. We talk about stats compiled by the Shot Scope people to give the definitive averages of how far you should expect to hit each club in your bag. And Jeff describes two homemade practice gadgets you can make for a couple of bucks. Jeff also explains the difference between a pitch and a chip and gives us the 3 factors that contribute to distance. You laugh a little and learn a lot this week.
I once saw a sign that read "We aim to please. You aim too, please". The sign was in a men's restroom but the sentiment is the same here. Most of us do not hit the ball where we think we are going to hit the ball for one simple reason: our aim sucks! Aiming is not as hard as we make it out to be so follow Jeff's few simple suggestions and be amazed now that you are hitting shots right to where you thought they should go. Another in Jeff's intervention series to cure some of the problems almost all of us weekend golfers suffer from. And in the bonus section, this weekend 4 years ago we were up at French Lick for the LPGA Legends Championship which is always a great time and a funny broadcast.
82: Your Set-Up Sux

82: Your Set-Up Sux


More excellence in Golf Talk on this week's Those Weekend Golf Guys Show. First, Jeff uses some tough love when he tells you that most probably, your setup sux. There are so many little mistakes we make that lead to a disastrous result he thought it high time for an intervention. Then we get kinder and gentler with a nice conversation about golf art with our favorite golf artist, Linda Hartough. And another great conversation on golf balls with Wes Wittingham of Volvik. They have a brand new, premium tour ball that is fantastic. we've played it and like it A LOT! Hey. Remember. During this Covid-19 crisis, Do NOT touch anyone's balls. And wash your hands well after touching your own balls. We read that advice on a sign at our favorite golf course. And in the bonus content for this week, we set the wayback machine for this weekend in 2016 when we talked to Bill Twong about his Tee system that worked on the same physics as a billiard ball to always produce a straight shot. We wonder what he's doing today. LOL. Yet another wonderful hour of Golf Talk Radio.
Golfers have the coolest toys. And just when you think you have everything you will ever need, someone, somewhere comes out with just one more thing you can't do without. This week we have 3 of those things. we talk to Gavin Dear from Shot Scope about their new V3 GPS watch with AI included to read and record your shots and keep track of you distances. And Pete Charleston joins us, from Golf Logix with there new, 4 color, slick Green Books. Just like the Pros use. Now you'll know why you can never make that putt! And finally, Terry Koehler from Edison Wedges. Terry realized that there had been no design change in wedges for over 50 years. Technology had missed the wedge design business. So he changed that with the first new design for wedges (and a marked improvement in function) in over 50 years. And then, in the bonus content section for this week Jeff and I sound off on slow play. Another great hour of golf talk.
This week Matt Rudy, from Golf Digest Magazine is our guest. He has ghost written books for some of golf's most legendary personalities. He also translates the instructions from some of America's best golf coaches and writes those "How To" instruction pages in the magazine. Great stories and an inside look at one of our best golf writers working today, Matt Rudy. And in the bonus content section we revisit our favorite golf mom, Cyndy Anderson. Her daughter has just been advised to give up tennis and concentrate on only golf. Jeff says that is a bad idea. Here's why.
We give Jeff the week off and bring in 3 of our favorite guests for some brand new conversations. Bobby Weed, golf architect, talks about his latest project, Grove 23. That is Michael Jordan's personal, private golf course that Bobby designed and built for Michael. We also bring back Steve Coulton from OnCore Golf. They are a small boutique golf ball manufacturer that is getting great response from golfers of all calibers to their newest ball, the Vero X1. And finally, Dr. Bern Bernacki. The President of the Golf Heritage Society talks a lot about the history and traditions of the game. And then, with our bonus content, we go back to this weekend two years ago where Jeff first describes the fool-proof technique of aiming and aligning your club correctly. Another great week of golf talk!
78: Golf By The Numbers

78: Golf By The Numbers


We visit with Kevin Hurst, Master Fitter from Club Champion. He's the dude who fit John with his first ever custom fit club. You will hear all the techniques they use and why, You will know how the numbers mesh together to create the absolute perfect club for you, your swing and your game. You will even hear about the longest drive John has ever hit, and it happened last week with his new custom fit driver. And then some bonus content from 2 years ago when Jeff Smith had just returned from a golf vacation in Scotland and he regales us with some of the most classic golf he's ever played. Altogether another fantastically enjoyable episode of Those Weekend Golf Guys
Brady Riggs has been one of America's Top100 Golf Instructors since 2003. He joins us from the range out at Hansen Dam Golf Course in Pacoima California. He joins Jeff and I to talk about teaching golf, why it is important to get lessons, what it's like to coach/teach your own children and relate some stories that will keep you laughing all week. And in our bonus content we revisit our favorite golfing couple, Dianne and Art to discuss the pro's and cons of playing golf together with your significant other.
Once again, your short game short comings rear their ugly head and you finish yet another round with a score 6 to 10 strokes higher than it really should have been. If only those chips rolled out closer to the hole. If only those putts finished in the cup. Pitching, chipping and putting improvements are possible right now. Just listen to Jeff Smith's counsel. And in the bonus segment, we head back to Myrtle Beach with a conversation from 2016 with Jeff Mundy from Myrtle Beach Golf.
We spend some quality time, and some very enjoyable time, with Jonathan "Coach" Coachman, from PGA Reach, WWE, and ESPN Fame. We also discuss the rules for gimmies, knowing that a "gimmie" is an agreement between two people, neither of whom can putt well. When to give them, when not to give them. And FOX is paying 37Million a year NOT TO BROADCAST GOLF! We uncover who it is that thinks Joe Buck is not good at calling golf. You will be surprised.
Continuing with the idea that for recreational golfers, it might be better to keep track of good hits rather than to keep track of strokes. This week we delve into what elements make up a decent round, one that you can be proud of and remember some of those "perfect" shots. All the elements and how to attain them like, aiming, increasing swing speed (the key to distance), center club face contact, etc. And with the bonus content we go back to june of 2016 and a conversation with Aaron Foster from Golf Overnight.
Richard Franklin is a game developer, a psychology expert, a motivator of children, and a Golf Pro. He has created a company, Discover Golf, designed to expose children to the game in a way that captures their imaginations, captivates their creative processes, and builds up all the skills necessary to be great at golf, while also instilling a love for the game. Now THIS is the way to actually "grow the game". His techniques have nothing to do with competition in a golf tournament sense. And then, in bonus content from back in June of 2016, Jeff explains how to chip better
There comes a time when we really should sit back and realize that "par" is for experts. Par means a scratch golfer will 2 putt and use the remaining strokes to get to the green. We aren't experts! So why do we feel so bad when we don't shoot par? Let's come to terms with the fact par is something that is the exception, not the rule for us and just be happy with bogey, or even double. You see, that's the biggest mistake: we don't have realitic goals in mind and therefore, aren't having as much fun as possible! Lighten up. Enjoy! And our bonus material, we revisit this weekend back in 2018 from an episode we called "Weed makes golf easier" and our conversation with famed golf architect, Bobby Weed
The biggest lie in golf is how far we hit the ball. We lie to our friends, our playing partners, and also we lie to ourselves. I belong to a group on Facebook where everyone claims to hit their drives 310. But then others of us use yards to explain distance! This week, Jeff gives us insight into the 3 Keys To Distance. Knowing what each one is and understanding how to improve each will get you those extra yards you long for. In our bonus section, we return to this weekend three years ago with the very poignant and very funny conversation with our favorite golfing couple, Art and Dianne,
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