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Take the #1 golf instructor in the state of Indiana and pair him with an outstanding radio personality and you have the formula for one helluva Golf Talk Radio Show.
John Ashton (the show host) has enjoyed success as a morning personality on radio stations from Bangor, Maine to Dallas, Texas. He’s also embarrassed himself on many golf courses in the same locations. John is a hacker, struggling to break 80 (OK, 90) but has a passion and enjoyment of the game, a skewed sense of humor and an outlook that makes this the most entertaining Golf Show around.
Jeff Smith, PGA (the show’s co-host) is the Director of Instruction at Otter Creek GC in Columbus, Indiana. He enjoys the innate ability to create word pictures so, even on the radio, his tips and techniques to improve your game are clear, easy to follow and help listeners cut strokes on their very next round.
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We have a lot of statistics from the National Golf Foundation about the numbers of golf courses that are open during this quarantine period, the states that allow golf and those that have prohibited it. Jeff also gives more suggestions on how to keep yourself and your golf game up to par without breaking any Social Distancing rules you might be living under. Also, our bonus content, from happier times, Jeff explains the color coding of hazard markers and the associated penalties for each. Even though we know we will probably just ignore those rules.
We take two of the country's best golf instructors: our own Jeff Smith and Sarah Stone from The Bears Club in Florida. we just let them talk about how best to teach folks to get better, what specific things they think most amateur golfers need to work on to get better, and how to practice those techniques to actually realize some improvement. If you listen, not only will you enjoy the conversations immensely, you will also GET BETTER! Plus some bonus content from 2018 on how to correctly use short irons, the 8,9, and P.
Golfers have always practiced social distancing. So why should these days be treated any differently? We talk about how golf courses are adapting to the Corona Virus scare in order to remain a refuge. Then we discuss John's first ever official club fitting. After 2 and one half hours and trying almost every driver ever made, we chose the one that gave a phenomenal increase in ball speed and distance. Which one? Listen to find out. Also, did you know that golfers who are not properly prepared by eating prior to a round play 7% less efficiently? We talk to Jeremy DeLuca from ParForm on the importance of proper nutrition, proper hydration, and the uses for CBD products for golfers. And then, of course, some bonus content from two years ago where Jeff explains some tips and tricks on using our short irons, not wedges, effectively in different circumstances. Another great hour of Golf Talk with Those Weekend Golf Guys.
59: Golf To Dye For

59: Golf To Dye For


We all know that Pete Dye designed golf courses are some of the most beautiful, most challenging, and most expensive golf courses you can play. We talk about some Dye courses we have played, some we would like to play, and one that everyone, no matter how little they may have left in their golf budget, can play. It's a municipal course in Lexington, Kentucky. Of course, if you plan on playing a tough course, make sure to listen to Michael Gish from Total Golf Trainer. He explains exactly how his practice tool will get you ready for even the most challenging of golf courses. And in the bonus segment, we go back to one year ago and Jeff explains how exactly to find the perfect grip for you.
When you play your clubs get dirty, especially in the colder, wet preseason conditions. It is important to clean them well and to clean them correctly. Here's how. Are you ready? We have a guest that was born ready, Tim Ready from with a look into golf attire made from recycled and sustainable materials. And then we talk to Ron Garland from the Golf Nuts, the Club, website. He has some stories that will keep you laughing all season long. And then, this week's bonus content is a simple technique from Jeff's Quick Fix to assure your driver head is aligned correctly improving your chances of actually hitting a straight drive
Dr. Gary Sailles, a Sports Performance Coach and Professor at Indiana University, joins us and we cover many interesting topics like: Golf is a game of error management; even Tiger Woods knows he won't hit more than 2 perfect shots in the course of a round so your score is dependent on the quality of your misses; how many of us manage to talk ourselves into a bad game; and the best lesson we can learn to improve our golf game is how to manage ourselves on the course. Plus some Bonus Content: An inside look at a putter fitting at the SeeMore Putter Performance Institute.
It's just like hanging out in the pro shop waiting for the frost to leave the greens this time of year. John, Jeff, and Wayne Gibbs, the GM at Timbergate Golf Course just talk about whatever comes up. Golfers, great golf courses, bad golfers, funny stories and more. Will you learn anything this week? Possibly. Will you get a laugh or two this week? Definitely!Another great hour of golf talk from Those Weekend Golf Guys. And we added a bonus content segment from 2018 where Jeff gets serious about how to help you chip better.
A 3 step process to break 80 this year and none of it revolves around new equipment, just thought process. Also, mistakes we make on the practice tee and some news about the new balls from Bridgstone Golf. Who should use them and when. Plus a bonus segment with a quick fix from Jeff on how to increase club head speed and add extra yards to every club in your bag.
54: Mistakes Golfer Make

54: Mistakes Golfer Make


You look like Craig Stadler but you want to swing like Dennis Johnson. Yup, copying a Pro is just one mistake golfers make. There's also not having a pre-shot routine, having an overblown opinion of your average distance for each club, not playing to your strengths, and not cleaning your grooves. Jeff and John discuss these and more mistakes all golfers, yes, even YOU, make consistantly.
John and Jeff talk about all those stupid things we do in golf carts that really tick off the group behind you. Jeff tells of some fantastic finds at the PGA Merchandise Show that will help you get your swing grooved for the upcoming season. John's wife finds out he joined a country club. Hilarity ensues...Plus a bonus segment with golf comedian, T.P. Mulrooney
52: Grumpy Golfers

52: Grumpy Golfers


John and Jeff pitch a fit about some of the stuff in golf that really pisses them off! Jeff complains if John hits his ball out of the fairway (as usual) he can now move impediments in his way and, within the rules, improve his lie. BUT! Jeff can hit a ball straight down the middle (as usual) and if it lands in a divot, he cannot improve his lie. Unfair! No, stupid. And John wants to know why he has to pay full price to play a course with recently aerated greens. Lively discussion, some arguments, and lots of laughs on this week's show.
Do you think it would be easier to spend $399.99 on that miracle club that will get you 300 yard+ Drives straight down the fairway EVERY TIME? Why not just spend less and get some lessons and learn how to hit the clubs you already have? Don't fall prey to the on-line charlatans that are after your last penny and know you are so anxious to improve your game that you will spend that last penny to do it!
Not all ground is the same. Not even bunkers. Not all sand is the same. What part of the beach are you on? The light fluffy sand? The sand where a little water hits and it's dry but a bit packed? Or are you on the sand that is hard-packed? And don't get me started on types of grass. You see, it really matters what kind of ground is under your feet to help determine what kind of a shot you should use. Jeff gives you insight into how to make those choices. Also, we interview Wes Wittingham from Volvik on how the golf ball you choose reacts to these different conditions. So, if you are as confused as the rest of us, listen to this episode for some clarification
49: The Art Of Golf

49: The Art Of Golf


Putting Problems? All it takes is one thin dime to fix your putter alignment mistakes. Jeff tells us 5 of the biggest mistakes ALL golfers make at one time or another. And George Lawrence, President of the Academy Of Golf Art is our special guest. Another fun, informative and entertaining hour of golf talk.
48: A Golf Potpourri

48: A Golf Potpourri


Hope y'all had a merry Christmas and are looking forward to the new year. this is our last show for the year. We revisit some old stories, add some new stories and revisit all the reason why you have to agree that Jeff Smith is the #1 Golf Instructor in the state of Indiana
We interview the President of The Gof Heritage Society, Dr. Bern Bernacki about the history of the game and how you can get involved in preserving the history and traditions of the game. Maybe even get involved in playing the game the way it used to be, with hickory shafts.
What kind of swing type are you? A head down flipper? Maybe a hang backer? A knee dipper, maybe. A blocker or an over the topper? Maybe a spin out guy or a big lag dude? Jeff discusses each of these, what problems they present and how to fix them quickly, easily, and painlessly. Plus the odd golf story and the witty banter you've come to expect!
We talk to E.A. Tischler, the co-founder of the Bio Swing Dynamics school of golf instruction, It's what Jeff Smith uses, as well as many of the top 100 teachers in the country. We explore the differences and benefits. Also, we talk to Doug Kragel, from Diagio distilleries about bourbon and the possibilities of creating a golf trail that shadows Kentucky's famed Bourbon Trail for tourists
44: He's Number ONE

44: He's Number ONE


We celebrate the fact that our own Jeff Smith has been named the #1 Golf Instructor in the state of Indiana. Not that it comes as a surprise to us. We also talk about one of Jeff's former students, Tyler Duncan, who just won his first PGA tournament.
Jeff Smith and Sara Stone join the show from the Top 100 Teachers Conference in Pinehurst. They not only share their great techniques for learning to play better but Sara has some pretty interesting stories about teaching former President, Bill Clinton, a few things on the course. Whether your goal is to break 100, break 80, get to scratch or just "suck less" on the course, these two can help you get there.
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