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Take the #1 golf instructor in the state of Indiana (Jeff Smith ( ) and pair him with an outstanding radio personality and you have the formula for one helluva Golf Talk Radio Show.

John Ashton (the show host) has enjoyed success as a morning personality on radio stations from Bangor, Maine to Dallas, Texas. He’s also embarrassed himself on many golf courses in the same locations. John is a hacker, struggling to break 80 (OK, 90) but has a passion and enjoyment of the game, a skewed sense of humor and an outlook that makes this the most entertaining Golf Show around.

Jeff Smith, PGA  enjoys the innate ability to create word pictures so, even on the radio, his tips and techniques to improve your game are clear, easy to follow and help listeners cut strokes on their very next round.
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What is your golfing superpower? One of America’s top golf coaches, sara Stone from The Chevy Chase Club in Chevy Chase Maryland can help you figure that out. Together with Jeff Smith, Sara will help you identify your very own superpower on the golf course. The good news is you don’t have to be great at every aspect of the game to be good at the game of golf. Identify your superpower. Perfect your superpower. Then get ready to have the best season of your life out on the golf course. Another fun, funny, and totally entertaining edition of Those Weekend Golf Guys Podcast.
High Tech, Low Tech, and No Tech. That’s how the show flows this week. First we talk to Reed Dickens from LA Shafts. They have designed a revolutionary shaft. Actually two, one for driver, one for putter. They have been designed with the help of Bryson DeChambeau who answers every physics student’s question: “when will I ever use this stuff in real life?”  And Bryson says even 20 handicappers should just swing harder! Next we talk to Marc Goldsmith about the way it used to be, the historic clubs of the hickory shaft era. And then Jeff jumps in with some No Tech, purely physical ways to improve your golf game. No machinery, just some serious practice. There ya go: another fun, funny, entertaining edition of Those weekend Golf Guys Podcast.
117: Pam, A Golf Mom

117: Pam, A Golf Mom


Golf Parents, listen up. We talk with Pam, a mother of a pretty good collegiate golfer who played in a Monday qualifier for the Honda Classic. He was one of 27 guys competing for 3 openings. What was it like for Pam to sit thru Monday’s round? Steve won one of the 3 entries by the way. Then what was it like to sit thru the first 2 days of the tournament? Steve made the cut by the way. And how nerve wracking was it to sit thru the final 2 days to see where her son would finish? And you’ll have to listen to find out how he finished, we don’t want to give away the ending. Then Jeff has some advice for all golf parents and finally he gives a quick fix audio golf lesson on shot shaping. Hit that fade or draw ON PURPOSE! Another fun, funny, and entertaining hour of Golf Talk, Those Weekend Golf Guys Podcast.
This week on Those Weekend Golf Guys Jeff Smith, the #1 Golf Instructor in the state of Indiana (according to Golf Digest Magazine) explains the 6 things you must have in order to putt correctly, or maybe successfully would be a better term. Spoiler alert: the 6th element is CONFIDENCE. But confidence cannot come without mastering the first 5 and you’ll  need to listen to find those out. Prepare yourself for a much better golf season this year with advice from Jeff Smith and Those weekend Golf Guys Podcast. Another fun, funny, and entertaining episode. Enjoy.
115: Last Minute Prep

115: Last Minute Prep


This week Those Weekend Golf Guys Podcast takes a look at the difference, other than direction, of a fade versus a draw. We talk about last minute prep: things you can do to get yourself ready both mentally and physically for a round a few minutes before you Tee Off. And then we welcome in Marco, a listener from Bakersfield California who is new to golf and a faithful listener. Jeff Smith talks Marco through a few of those typical new golfer problems that all new golfers share. If that’s you, or if you’ve never conquered those problems, give a listen to this week’s episode. Another week full of what you’ve come to expect from Those Weekend Golf Guys: fun, entertaining and funny golf talk.
You should play Mo Betta Golf! And this year you can. First, you need to take some of Jeff’s “play Mo Betta” lessons. Then you can mosey on over to the Mo Betta Golf Amateur Tour and win some money. We talk to Maury Tate who has started the Mo Betta Tour. He is a champion rodeo calf roper and has seen this format work in rodeo. He has seen rodeo competitors that can be compared to double digit handicap golfers, win thousands competing in amateur tournaments. He brings the format to golf and hopes to see lots of us win some big bucks. Listen and you will learn your odds of getting a Hole-In-One (spoiler alert…it’s no wonder we don’t have one yet). And also, some golf history. Who is John Shippen and why have they named a tournament after him. All this and some golden tidbits you shouldn’t miss on this weeks’ fun, funny, and entertaining edition of Those Weekend Golf Guys Podcast.
You know what can really screw up your game? Practicing the wrong thing, that’s what. Learn from Rory MacElroy. He saw DeChambeau hit the ball 377 and decided he too could use more speed and hence, more distance. The exercises to increase swing speed really screwed up his swing and he missed 2 consecutive cuts because of it. Here’s the lesson Jeff wants you to remember: work on your weakness. Realize what it is you need to do to shoot lower scores and work on that. So this week we take a rather humorous look at how you can determine what it is you need to work on. And then, since hitting balls on the range is like totally boring, we figure out the best what to practice while convincing yourself you are actually out on the course playing. You know that secret? Get out on the course and play!
How would you like to play courses like Inverness, TPC Sawgrass, Firestone and more bucket list courses for $70 each? You can and support two great charities while you’re at it. We talk to Terry Edwards who has just started the Charity Amateur Tour here in the Midwest. He has events lined up at the above mentioned courses as well as many other great course all to support both Wounded Warriors and The Cancer Society. Terry is a wounded warrior, having suffered injuries in Afghanistan in 2011. It’s officially called The Capital Golf Charity Amateur Tour and you can get more info by emailing Terry directly at Jeff and John go back into time and celebrate the anniversary of the first 13 rules of golf, most of which are still on the books today. And Jeff still can’t get any relief from a divot in the fairway. Another fun, funny, and entertaining episode of Those Weekend Golf Guys podcast.
This week the golf guys return to a much warmer time. We go back to July of last year when we had the pleasure of talking to Coach Jonathan Coachman of WWE and ESPN fame. Coach is a piece of work and we had a blast with him and we remind you to check out the work he is doing with PGA Reach. Also, we describe the rules for Gimmies: when to give one, when not to give one, and when you look like a jerk if you don’t give one. If you missed Coach last time you have another chance. Don’t blow it this time. If you have jeard this show, listen again. You might have missed something!  
John asked one question: why does the USGA deem it necessary to research making the golf equipment not work as strongly based on the results of just the top 1 tenth of the top 1 percent? That set Jeff off on a tirade. You’ve heard the complaints, right? The golf balls today fly too far. The golf clubs today hit the ball too far. The players of today are hitting too long and are making the courses obsolete. Sure, the top 125 players maybe. But why will the USGA and the R&A study the situation? Will they ruin it for the average recreational golfer? If they can, they will unless cooler heads prevail. Jack Nicklaus thinks the balls are “juiced”. He thinks the technology needs to be brought back a few notches. The game we play and the game played on the PGA Tour may have the same name and the same rules, but those guys are not playing the same game as we mere mortals. Listen this week as John and Jeff plot to save the game of golf from the USGA.
Success depends On How You Start! It may sound terribly elementary but, your swing may be perfect but if the ball is in the wrong place, you won’t have any good shots. Jeff was dealing with a student who put the ball way too far back in his stance which caused all kinds of problems. His trailing shoulder was too low. His posture was all screwed up. Whenever he tried to get to the ball, he was hitting everything FAT. We called him Sir Hitsfatalot. Do you suffer from too many fat shots? Too many ribbons of turf landing farther than the ball flies? Let Jeff Smith, the number one Golf Instructor in the state of Indiana fix it now. Once and for all. Quickly. Participate in our listener survey: Where would you like to go for a listener trip? Answer at Another fun, funny, entertaining and informative edition of the Award Winning Those Weekend Golf Guys Podcast.
Let’s do some math. If every mile per hour increase in ball speed translates to 3 yards more distance, how much yardage could you add if you could increase your ball speed by 20-25 mph? Jeff Smith gets down to brass tacks and tells us all how to get more ball speed coming off the club face, WITHOUT gaining swing speed! It is the difference between effortless power and powerless effort. Don’t swing harder, or faster, just do these simple things and get that ball leaping off the club face so much faster than it does now that even you will be flabbergasted by how long you can hit the ball. It’s educational. It’s informative. And still, fun, funny and entertaining. It’s another great episode of Those weekend Golf Guys
107: Are You A Hooker?

107: Are You A Hooker?


Fix It!!! Are you a hooker? There are 4 hooker flight paths: the ball starts straight and curves left, the ball starts left and curves left the ball starts right then curves left and the ball just moves left on a totally straight trajectory. None of them are what you want. In this episode, Jeff Smith, The #1 golf instructor in the state of Indiana will fix your hook, no matter which of those 4 you suffer from. The most common, the starts straight and curves left, Jeff addressed in this week’s Quick Fix show on the Stereo App (download it now at Join us there every Tuesday at 1 PM eastern time and get one of your most troublesome problems fixed! Ask questions or just listen. You will have a better game once you do. And then listen here as Jeff explains the other 3 ways the ball goes left and how to fix it. Another fun, funny, entertaining and oh, so informative episode of the Award Winning Podcast, Those Weekend Golf Guys.
Dottie Pepper was an intense and major-championship winning LPGA Tour golfer until injuries first derailed her career, and then ended it prematurely. She then entered a successful career as a golf broadcaster, where we find her walking the fairways of the latest PGA Tournament for NBC Sports and the Golf Channel. Dottie had 17 LPGA victories in her career. In our conversation she talks about the fierce competition she had in a playoff with Pat Bradley, she talks about winning the Dinah Shore (now the ANA Insperation) twice, and she talks about talking to some of today’s best golfers as they compete weekly. And don’t miss Jeff’s Quick Fix and learn how you can participate in the next one. Get your problem fixed for free. Just go to right now to follow us so you don’t miss the next edition of Jeff’s quick Fix
105: Meet The Golf Boy

105: Meet The Golf Boy


Meet The Golf Boy. Jason Thurston is 11 years old. He is an avid golfer. He lives in Maine, which is not the best place for an avid golfer to live. During the 5 months he cannot play golf, Justin gets creative and designs clothes for kids and adults that feature sports designs, some funny sayings, or maybe just something cool and comfortable. The kid is smart, creative, and has a bit of an attitude. We asked him if his Dad taught him how to play. He told us “…you can’t really call what my Dad does playing golf.” Look for his website at Then follow us to because we are still compiling a list of golf courses you want to play this year. We will be choosing the most popular on that list and putting together a listener trip. We need your input. More fun, funny and entertaining golf talk on this week’s edition of the award winning golf podcast, those weekend golf guys.
Why would one of America’s top golf instructors live in Minnesota 12 months a year? Isn’t the average golf season about a month or two? Well, we asked Eric Chiles that very question. His answer is hilarious. We also asked many other questions like: do you follow the rules to the letter? How do you deal with a client who really doesn’t want lessons? What are the major mistakes you see among weekend golfers? Boxers or briefs? So basically the conversation between Jeff Smith, Eric Chiles, (both great golf instructors) and John Ashton (the guy who is in this for all the free advice he can get) will help you prepare for the coming golf season, whether it lasts 12 months or 2, like in Minnesota. Another fun, funny, and informative Those Weekend Golf Guys Episode.
Where Will You Play This Year? We all have one or two courses that we really want to play and since last year sucked so bad we thought this year should be the year we treat ourselves. John and Jeff pick 5 courses in the U.S. they intend to play this year. What are yours? Go to our Facebook page, and tell us 2 courses you’d really like to play this year. We are collecting ideas to put together a Golf Guys trip for listeners. Also, Jeff tell you how to choose the right putter for yourself. It’s the club you use most often so make sure it is totally right for you. It’s another fun, funny, and highly entertaining Those Weekend Golf Guys Show
Back in October we came across a sign that came from a golf course in England. It was dated 1940 and delineated a set of “special rules” that were to be used because of the “unpleasantness” of the current situation. Yes! Even during the Battle Of Britain and amidst constant threat of German attach the golfers in Britain would not be deterred. They continued to hit the links regularly, but did adopt these new rules. The list, in retrospect, is hilarious! And it became the topic of our most listened to episode of 2020. Listen again and enjoy once more the humor of Those Weekend Golf Guys’ Warzone Rules episode.
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are ready for a Happy New Year. Can 2021 be any worse than 2020? We don’t think so but let’s not temp fate, ok? This week we play the 2nd most listened to episode all year. It is entitled, Short Game Short Comings. Jeff gets down to the basics and doesn’t sugarcoat things. There are reasons why most of us have short games that suck. Good news, there are fixes. But first, we must admit we have the problem! Take a listen to the 2nd most poplar episode of 2020 as we review The Best (that we could find) of Those Weekend Golf Guys.
Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and look forward to a Happy New Year. We are celebrating with the Best (that we could find) of Those Weekend Golf Guys for the year. We will be replaying the top 3 episodes from this past year that you, by virtue of the number of listens, liked best, This week we feature the third most popular episode from back in the fall entitled, Writing Checks Our Game Can’t Cash.
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