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Natalie discusses her debut novel The Jane Austen Society, the long-lasting impact and continued relevance of Jane Austen’s books, the importance of independent book stores, launching a debut novel during the pandemic, and more.The Jane Austen Society can be purchased at Murder by the Book.  Natalie’s 3 recommended reads are:Sigh, Gone: A Misfit’s Memoir of Great Books, Punk Rock, and the Fight to Fit In by Phuc TranThe All-Night Sun by Diane ZinnaCuyahoga by Pete Beatty
Hazel discusses When We Were Young & Brave, her inspiration for the story, writing about World War 2 in the Pacific, her extensive research for the book, exploring the human condition, her reading recommendations, and much more. When We Were Young & Brave can be purchased at Murder by the Book. Hazel’s 2 recommended reads are:Hamnet by Maggie O’FarrellThe Exiles by Christina Baker Kline
Joe discusses his new book American Cheese: An Indulgent Odyssey Through the Artisan Cheese World, how he became interested in artisanal cheese, the role of Whole Foods in the American cheese renaissance, the role of cheese influencers, and much more.American Cheese: An Indulgent Odyssey Through the Artisan Cheese World can be purchased at Murder by the Book.Joe’s 2 recommended reads are:Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste NgWow, No Thank You: Essays by Samantha Irby
Tori discusses her debut novel Millicent Glenn’s Last Wish, her inspiration for the story, creating a love letter to Cincinnati, the generational theme in the book, her advice for aspiring authors, and much more.Millicent Glenn’s Last Wish can be purchased at Murder by the Book. Tori’s 3 recommended reads are:The Guest Book by Sarah BlakeYou Were There Too by Colleen OakleyWench by Dolen Perkins-Valdez
Jane discusses her debut novel Ties That Tether, writing about Nigerian culture and being an immigrant, exploring the themes of culture and identity, her vision for the cover of this book, participating in Pitch Wars, advice for aspiring authors, and more.Ties That Tether can be purchased at Murder by the Book. Jane’s 2 recommended reads are:The Right Swipe by Alisha RaiWell-Behaved Indian Women by Saumya Dave
Pamela Redmond - OLDER

Pamela Redmond - OLDER


Pamela discusses her latest novel Older, writing a book that provides some humor during these troubling times, enjoying her novel Younger as a television show and having Sutton Foster cast in the show, writing about aging, and much more. Older can be purchased at Murder by the Book. Pamela’s 2 recommended reads are:The Exiles by Christina Baker KlineSomeone by Alice McDermott
John Cribb - OLD ABE

John Cribb - OLD ABE


John talks about his latest novel Old Abe, writing a fictional account of Lincoln’s life, conducting research on one of the most famous men in history, how he decided to tackle this subject, and much more.Old Abe can be purchased at Murder by the Book. John’s 2 recommended reads are:Metamorphoses by OvidCollected Stories by Frank O’Connor
Kristin talks about her latest novel the New York Times bestseller The Book of Lost Names, the research she did regarding the forgery of documents during World War 2, writing about ordinary people who rise up to do extraordinary things, the large number of Nazi-looted books that still have not been returned to their original owners, creating the Facebook group Friends and Fiction with four other authors during the pandemic, and more.The Book of Lost Names can be purchased at Murder by the Book. Kristin’s 4 recommended reads are:Surviving Savannah by Patti CallahanThe Lions of Fifth Avenue by Fiona DavisLost in Paris by Elizabeth ThompsonThe Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett
Signe and I discuss her latest novel The Forgotten Kingdom, researching people and events from the sixth century, telling stories previously lost to time and history, working as an acquisitions editor, and much more. The Forgotten Kingdom can be purchased at Murder by the Book.   Signe’s 2 recommended reads are:The Name of the Wind by Patrick RothfussThe Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss
Wendy discusses her new novel Don’t Look For Me, her personal inspiration for this story, the psychology of grief, creating a strong sense of place in this novel, the fight or flight impulse in humans, her recommended reads, and much more.Don’t Look For Me can be purchased at Murder by the Book. Wendy’s 4 recommended reads are:One By One by Ruth WareAnxious People by Fredrik BackmanThe Lions of Fifth Avenue by Fiona DavisUniverse of Two by Stephen P. Kiernan
Asha discusses her debut novel Fifty Words for Rain, setting her novel in post-World War 2 Japan, her lifelong love of the country and its language, having her novel chosen as a Good Morning America book club selection, and much more. Fifty Words for Rain can be purchased at Murder by the Book.  Asha’s 2 recommended reads are:The Lions of Fifth Avenue by Fiona DavisA Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
Jason discusses his book My Wife Said You May Want to Marry Me, his wife Amy’s viral essay and his response, processing grief, advice for writing a memoir, attending Burning Man, and much more. My Wife Said You May Want to Marry Me can be purchased at Murder by the Book. Jason’s 2 recommended reads are:Letters from Max: A Poet, a Teacher, a Friendship by Sarah RuhlTimeless Flight: The Definitive Biography of the Byrds by Johnny Rogan
Gill discusses her latest novel Jackie and Maria, the reader who gave her the inspiration for this story, Jackie and her sister Lee’s complex relationship, the rivalry between Jackie and Maria, her year-round love of swimming, and more.Jackie and Maria can be purchased at Murder by the Book. Gill’s 3 recommended reads are:1. 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World by Elif Shafak2. Coming Up For Air by Sarah Leipciger3. When We Were Young & Brave by Hazel Gaynor
David discusses his debut mystery Winter Counts, the inspiration for his story, Lakota traditions, maintaining racial identity and culture, life on the Rosebud Reservation, the Indigenous food revolution, and much more.Winter Counts can be purchased at Murder by the Book. David’s 2 recommended reads are:This Tender Land by William Kent KruegerHillbilly Hustle by Wesley Browne
Stephanie discusses her new novel Lineage Most Lethal, her lifelong interest in genealogy, writing about World War 2 and spy craft, her favorite places to conduct research, and much more.Lineage Most Lethal can be purchased at Murder by the Book. Stephanie’s 3 recommended reads are:Without Sanction by Don BentleyAll the Ways We Said Goodbye by Lauren Willig, Beatriz Williams, and Karen WhiteEgg Drop Dead by Vivien Chien
Kathleen Carter

Kathleen Carter


Kathleen discusses how she became a literary publicist and eventually started her own firm, a typical day as a publicist, her favorite part of the job, trends in the book industry, the effects of the pandemic on the book world, celebrity book clubs and much more.Kathleen’s 2 recommended reads are:The Vanishing Half by Brit BennettJust Mercy by Brian Stevenson
Sarah discusses her new novel The Quiet Girl, writing under the name S.F. Kosa, her background as a psychologist, switching genres, constructing a thriller plot, trying to understand the human psyche, and much more.The Quiet Girl can be purchased at Murder by the Book. Sarah’s 2 recommended reads are:The Girls by Emma ClineOne Day: The Extraordinary Story of an Ordinary 24 Hours in America by Gene Weingarten
Megan talks about her new novel Behind the Red Door, her fascination with memory repression, the importance of normalizing anxiety, creating terrible parents in her novels, and much more.Behind the Red Door can be purchased at Murder by the Book. Megan’s 2 recommended reads are:Don’t Look for Me by Wendy WalkerHe Started It by Samantha Downing
Alka speaks about her debut novel The Henna Artist, having Reese Witherspoon select her book for her May book club, honoring her mother, the importance of women telling their stories, and much more.The Henna Artist can be purchased at Murder by the Book. Alka’s 2 recommended reads are:Pachinko by Min Jin LeeThe Yellow Bird Sings by Jennifer Rosner
Alex discusses his latest novel The Paris Hours, the challenge of writing a story that takes place over the course of one day, owning an independent bookstore, setting a book in Paris, and much more.The Paris Hours can be purchased at Murder by the Book. Alex’s 4 recommended reads are:Becoming Duchess Goldblatt by AnonymousMigrations by Charlotte McConaghyLuster by Raven LeilaniUpstream by Mary Oliver
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