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Author: Morgan Stanley

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Short, thoughtful and regular takes on recent events in the markets from a variety of perspectives and voices within Morgan Stanley.

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The debate over inflation was center stage this week and although the current environment is a far cry from the 1970s, rising prices could mean complications for both companies and central banks.
Labor shortages and inventory constraints are weighing on U.S. manufacturing and shipping. How severe could the impact be to U.S. GDP and multi-industry revenues?
Differing U.S. infrastructure policy approaches highlight the ongoing difficulties of bipartisanship in Washington. Here’s one possible outcome.
Original release April 16th, 2021: Keeping tabs on how other investors are trading can do more than just satisfy curiosity. It can provide a window into trends and current market debates.
Amid pricey valuations and growing evidence of labor and supply chain issues investors may want to adjust focus as we exit the early stages of the recovery.
With U.S. labor market numbers coming in below expectations, Andrew Sheets assesses how jobs data feeds into market and policy maker thinking about the road to recovery.
Amid declining rates of vaccinations in the U.S, virus mutations and a crisis in India, is herd immunity from COVID-19 still achievable? The latest insights from Biotech equity analyst, Matthew Harrison.
The Supreme Court is expected to deliver a decision soon on this key case for the future of the Affordable Care Act and the 20 million Americans who have acquired coverage under it. The outcome could have significant impacts for investor too.
The red-hot U.S. housing market brings to mind some unhappy memories of the 2006 bubble, but there are some key differences this time around.
The reality of reopening is anything but cut and dry. And how the market is pricing, or failing to price, nuances should continue to be a key theme.
Plans to introduce digital currencies are gaining momentum among the world’s central banks. But what level of disruption will it bring to the financial system?
Last night, President Biden laid out his vision to rebuild the existing U.S. infrastructure. Here are three takeaways and sectors to watch as negotiations unfold.
Summer months have historically seen lower, more volatile returns, but strong year-to-date gains and potentially higher inflation could intensify that trend.
Europe's 'unloved' quality among global investors is not the only reason to feel optimistic about the potential for outperformance among European equities. Chief European Equity Analyst Graham Secker explains.
High expectations around reopening may already be substantially priced into markets, pointing to new risks around how the reopening actually plays out.
Stresses on the electrical grid, climate policy, and national security are only a few of the issues we will confront as we transition to EVs.
Price, charging infrastructure and dirty battery production are limiting the impact of EVs, but look to fleet operations to lead the way to broader adoption.
With a sizable infrastructure bill moving through the U.S. Congress, support from coal producing states, often considered unlikely, may be a factor that ultimately ensures its passage.
Green investment is on investors' minds this Earth Week: Today, a look at key investment themes across carbon capture, plastics and agri-food developments.
Earnings season is well underway and some stocks are selling-off despite strong economic data. Is the recovery now completely discounted?
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