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Author: Startup Canada: A Grassroots, Entrepreneur-led Movement to Bring Together, Celebrate, and Give a Voice to Canada’s Entrepreneurship Community.

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The Thrive Podcast is a production of Startup Canada and is broadcast through the Startup Canada Podcast Network. On the podcast, award-winning serial entrepreneur, Startup Canada’s Women’s Ambassador and host Janice McDonald connects listeners with, and shares insights from, high profile experts on starting, operating, and scaling thriving business helping women to ‘own it’ in entrepreneurship.
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Amidst a new era of human development brought on by COVID-19, rural businesses and communities play a key role in solving issues of remote work and wellness – just ask Mary Doyle, Founder of Rural on Purpose. Mary describes herself as a crystal ball engineer... The post Navigating Adversity With Fearless Optimism with Mary Doyle – August 6, 2020 appeared first on Startup Canada.
Sales are less about transactions and more about the relationships you build, and Kim Orlesky, President, KO Advantage Group Ltd., will be the first to tell you. Kim is the President of KO Advantage Group and author of Sell More. Faster. She’s listed as one... The post The Human Part of Sales with Kim Orlesky – July 30th 2020 appeared first on Startup Canada.
Now, more than ever, resilience is necessary for success as a woman entrepreneur, and Sloane Muldoon, Senior Vice President, Prairie Region, is here to help! Sloane Muldoon is the Scotiabank Senior Vice President, Prairie Region. Sloane was appointed to this role in May 2017, with... The post Resilience in Entrepreneurship with Sloane Muldoon – July 23rd 2020 appeared first on Startup Canada.
It’s easy to chase help from above, but there’s a way to ensure it comes your way and Jess Joss, CEO (on leave) of Equation is here to share it! Jess Joss is the CEO (on leave) of Equation, a joint venture that brings together... The post Being Your Best for Investment with Jess Joss – July 16th 2020 appeared first on Startup Canada.
On a journey like entrepreneurship, it’s essential to reflect on what you’ve learned and how you’ve gotten where you are – just ask Jodi Kovitz. Jodi Kovitz is the founder and CEO of #movethedial, a global movement and organization to advance the participation and leadership... The post Learning From Your Journey with Jodi Kovitz – July 9th 2020 appeared first on Startup Canada.
When you can’t keep walking the same path, sometimes you just need to create your own – just ask Christine Whone. Christine is the Owner of Actually, Communication Design Studio, Chapter Lead of Canada Learning Code in Barrie, Instructor at Ryerson University’s Chang School, and... The post Creating Your Career with Christine Whone – July 2nd 2020 appeared first on Startup Canada.
Innovation in sectors where there typically isn’t a lot of innovation makes for quite the opportunity – just ask Megan Cornell, CEO & Chief Ideas Officer, Momentum Business Law and Momentum Law Labs! Megan spent the first decade of her practice working in Big Law,... The post Legal Lessons for Women Entrepreneurs with Megan Cornell – June 25th 2020 appeared first on Startup Canada.
Sometimes the things that set you apart can be your biggest advantage, and Midia Shikh Hassan would agree. Midia studied health sciences, biochemistry, and chemical engineering from the University of Ottawa.  She is a co-founder and CEO of Dextra Innovation, which uses 3D printing technology... The post Engineering Startup Solutions with Midia Shikh Hassan – June 18th 2020 appeared first on Startup Canada.
To find your own voice you need to take a dive inside yourself, and then figure out how to shout with it from the rooftops (with a plan of course), which is where Kat Gaskin comes in. Kat Gaskin is a graphic designer, content planning... The post Planning Your Content with Kat Gaskin – June 11th 2020 appeared first on Startup Canada.
It’s hard being in a new country, starting a business in one even more so – but it would be much harder without Karla Briones, Founder of Karla Briones Consulting Karla is a Mexican-Canadian serial entrepreneur with a passion for helping others succeed in their... The post Supporting Newcomer Entrepreneurs with Karla Briones – June 4th 2020 appeared first on Startup Canada.
Sometimes talking the talk is just as important as walking the walk, and Jennifer Stewart knows how to do both! Jennifer Stewart is the founder and owner of Syntax Strategic, a leading communications, media and public affairs firm based in Ottawa. She has been named... The post Strategic Communications With Style with Jennifer Stewart – May 28th 2020 appeared first on Startup Canada.
Being an entrepreneur is hard enough, especially without systemic barriers. But good thing women entrepreneurs have Nancy Wilson in their corner! Nancy Wilson is the founder and CEO of the Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce (CanWCC), a national, not-for-profit organization that advocates for women-identified business... The post Women Entrepreneurs, Now and Next with Nancy Wilson – May 21st 2020 appeared first on Startup Canada.
It’s easy to get into a cognitive rut as an entrepreneur, but if you’re looking to bump yourself out Kim Hendi, the founder, CEO and Senior Coach of Disruptive Art, wants to talk! Kim’s broad experience in digital adoption, ICT program and policies, digital adoption,... The post The Art of Disruption with Kim Hendi – May 14th 2020 appeared first on Startup Canada.
When there’s a lot of outside noise, sometimes the best thing you can do is listen to your inside voice – just ask Fiona Gilligan. Fiona is a trauma specialist, author and female founder. She’s the former founder CEO of the trauma Management Group TMG,... The post Following Your Intuition with Fiona Gilligan – May 7th 2020 appeared first on Startup Canada.
What’s the difference between something that’s good and something that’s perfect? The thing that’s good is the one that gets finished, as Sally Ng will tell you. Sally has been around the startup community for quite a few years, in the past, she has launched... The post Creating Impact With Entrepreneurship with Sally Ng – April 30th 2020 appeared first on Startup Canada.
It’s easy to feel alone as an entrepreneur, but Stephanie Fontaine wants you to know you aren’t. Stephanie Fontaine is the Country Director for WEConnect International in Canada. A well-known leader in the supplier diversity community, Stephanie has spent the last 7 years working closely... The post Connecting Women With Supply Chains with Stephanie Fontaine – April 23rd 2020 appeared first on Startup Canada.
Every manager needs a co-pilot, why not marketers too? If you’re asking that question, Manuela Barcenas, Marketing Fellow at wants to talk! Manuela is a digital marketer at, a company building a platform that empowers managers and their teams to work better together.... The post Making Your Mark With Marketing with Manuela Barcenas – April 16th 2020 appeared first on Startup Canada.
When the user experience is being optimized for everything in life, the mental health sector is a natural next step. Enter Terri Storey. Terri Storey is a leader and visionary in the field of mental health with more than 20 years of experience. As CEO... The post Mental Clarity In Entrepreneurship with Terri Story – April 9th 2020 appeared first on Startup Canada.
Wondering how to recruit the right talent to rocket your business forwards? Then Jamie Hoobanoff wants to talk. Jamie Hoobanoff is the Founder of The Leadership Agency, North America’s fastest-growing recruitment agency for the technology and start-up community. The Leadership Agency helps build the most... The post HR for Startups with Jamie Hoobanoff – April 2nd 2020 appeared first on Startup Canada.
What’s the one thing you can control when you’re faced with incredible adversity? Your choice to stop or push through – and Shannon Ferguson, knows which one she’d pick every single day. Shannon and her co-founder know the struggles sports teams and organizations face selling... The post Never Giving Up with Shannon Ferguson – March 26th 2020 appeared first on Startup Canada.
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