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Author: Startup Canada: A Grassroots, Entrepreneur-led Movement to Bring Together, Celebrate, and Give a Voice to Canada’s Entrepreneurship Community.

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The Thrive Podcast is a production of Startup Canada and is broadcast through the Startup Canada Podcast Network. On the podcast, award-winning serial entrepreneur, Startup Canada’s Women’s Ambassador and host Janice McDonald connects listeners with, and shares insights from, high profile experts on starting, operating, and scaling thriving business helping women to ‘own it’ in entrepreneurship.
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Is technology annoying? Painful? Terrifying? According to Liva Graudina, Senior Coordinator of IT at Sovereign Insurance, tech should be fun and nothing but! Having grown up in the era of chat rooms, Liva was no stranger to learning shortcuts quickly and sharing them with others....The post Time to Take Back Your Tech with Liva Graudina – October 10th 2019 appeared first on Startup Canada.
Nilufer Erdebil has worn many hats – saleswoman, software designer, innovation expert. But as the CEO of Spring2 Innovation, she knows what’s under the hat is the most important thing. Spring2 Innovation uses the principles of Design Thinking, a process for creative problem solving that...The post Design Thinking: Intelligent Innovations for your Business with Nilufer Erdebil – October 3rd 2019 appeared first on Startup Canada.
Mandy Potter is the CEO of Vancouver-based Jane, a woman-founded cannabis technology company with an impressive three-million dollar run rate in month five. Mandy was previously the founder of Cleanify, an on-demand home services marketplace which raised five million in funding and was sold last...The post Canadian Cannabis: Disruption in the West Coast with Mandy Potter – September 26th 2019 appeared first on Startup Canada.
The word failure comes with a special set of nuances that are unique to the entrepreneurship community. When starting up, you need to overcome so many challenges that sometimes, failure is the result. For Laura Fortey and many entrepreneurs like her, failure has been a...The post Real Estate Innovations: Buying & Selling with Tech with Laura Fortey – September 19th 2019 appeared first on Startup Canada.
Bernice Kootoo Clarkee is the Founder and President of Uasao Soap (Wah-so Soap), an Inuit owned company dedicated to preserving traditional Inuit knowledge by incorporating it in a new and modern way. When she first started up in Nunavut, she had to overcome not only...The post Preserving Traditional Inuit Knowledge through Entrepreneurship with Bernice Clarke – September 12th 2019 appeared first on Startup Canada.
Entrepreneurship is often a vessel for passion – it’s where those who have an undying urge to change the world go to make an impact, and Bonnie Foley-Wong is no different. “After my experience in investment banking and seeing vast amounts of capital flowing, I...The post Investing with Purpose with Bonnie Foley-Wong – September 5th 2019 appeared first on Startup Canada.
Caterina prides herself on her ability to read trends, innovate products and translate visions into viable strategies. Caterina is a passionate believer in human centered design and has built her career by investing her energy into lofty goals and left field ideas to create game...The post Supporting End Users Through Design with Caterina Rizzi – August 29th 2019 appeared first on Startup Canada.
Lover of food and creation from a young age, Antoinette has brought her passion for cooking traditional Trinidadian and Tobagonian foods to Canada’s North. Influenced by her mother and grandmother’s love for cooking, Antoinette opened her first restaurant in Manitoba in 2002. For the past...The post Nourishing Communities through Food and Love with Antoinette GreenOliph – August 22nd 2019 appeared first on Startup Canada.
Sharon Nyangweso is an international digital communications and inclusions consultant. Sharon’s work is centered around using design principles to solve inclusion in organizations, community initiatives, and projects by helping to advance their visions for inclusivity from aspirations to action. “If diversity is a picture, then...The post The Difference Between Diversity and Inclusion with Sharon Nyangweso – August 15th 2019 appeared first on Startup Canada.
Gillian Riley is President and CEO of Tangerine Bank and is working to build and execute the strategies behind Tangerine Bank, positioning the bank as Canada’s leading digital bank.  In addition to growing Tangerine’s customer base, Gillian is spearheading Scotiabank’s Women Initiative. “I have always...The post Capital, Mentorship and Education for Women Entrepreneurs with Gillian Riley – August 8th 2019 appeared first on Startup Canada.
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