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Thriving Thru Menopause

Author: Clarissa Kristjansson

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The transition to menopause can be a time of reflection and inspiration. Although transitions of any kind can be inherently difficult, many women experience a newfound sense of freedom and anticipate personal growth. Join menopause transition specialist Clarissa Kristjansson , as she interviews midlife women to hear their stories of struggle and success through midlife. As well experts from the field of mind-body medicine, nutrition and more about their best ways to support you live well through perimenopause and beyond. If you want to feel inspired, supported and empowered this is the podcast for you.
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Are you used to planning how things will be? This week's guest thought she could plan her menopause her way - but her body decided differently. Maria Franzoni shares her story how  she wanted to manage it, what and actually happened - which is not what was planned.Insomnia is one of the biggest issues for women going through menopause and for Maria the impact of feeling exhausted made her irritable with colleagues and family.  HRT was her saviour at this time.
The menopause clashes with what is often referred to as as Generation Sandwich; the phase of life where we are also taking care of ageing parents, running business or being at the peak of our careers and if we  kids we are supporting through puberty, school exams and leaving home.This can leave us struggling to balance taking care of ourselves. In this episode Clarissa chats will Gill McKay as she share her story of caring for two sets of ageing parents, grief and how in the midst of menopause alcohol became her crutch. This honest conversation will resonate with many of us and we take inspiration from Gill's journey and how she has quit the ' wine time'.
Playing the Victim?

Playing the Victim?


Are you trying to manage your time, being a martyr to your kids and wishing you could be a mermaid?.If so episode that will totally inspire you. Dawn Bates, international best selling author, speaker, coach and sailor joins Clarissa from the southern most tip of Chile to talk about how you can master your time, harness your power and break all the rules, choosing you and choosing to live life your way,
How does the body-mind connection affect women during menopause?In this Clarissa talks to Tracie Kelly  a professional counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist about negative thinking styles and how approaches like mindfulness. CBT and hypnosis can help women to navigate the challenges of menopause-We also talk about the ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness - Ho'oponopono can help restore feelings harmony for menopausal women
Tired of dieting and feeling miserable?  Caught in traps of diet and comfort eating?In this week's guest is Fiona Whitfield Health and wellness professional for 20+ years. Specialising in health and empowerment coaching for women 40+ supporting them to become healthy by honouring what their body is crying out for.
Most women associate menopause with women in their late 40's and 50's but for a number of women menopause occurs before the age of 40 This is premature, or early, menopause.In this episode Clarissa talks with Carolyn Hobdey who went through the menopause at 24 years old, but didn't discover she had until 32 when trying for a baby. Carolyn shares openly how she coped with the impacts of her medical status, her osteoporosis diagnosis in her late 30s,  the psychological fallout from early menopause and the treatment or lack of she received from the medical profession, and coming to terms with childlessness...It's a story of courage and hope against adversity. And also highlights the healthcare discrimination that too many women experience under our current systemIf early menopause is affecting you, there is a specialist website: you may find useful.
The Wiser Woman

The Wiser Woman


In this first episode of the new season Clarissa talks with Tania Elfersy award-winning author, educator, transformative coach and founder of The Wiser Woman project –   She has spent years researching what causes the emotional and physical symptoms associated with perimenopause and menopause.   Tania shares how she became free of her own range of perimenopause symptoms, simply and naturally.  And how through coaching women and sharing her knowledge, Tania is helping others transform their experience of midlife change and return to their innate wellbeing.
In this welcome, Clarissa Kristjansson shares her move to the She Leads Podcast Network and introduces season 2 of Thriving Thru Menopause. This season features deep dives into relationships and menopause at work as well continuing our focus on health and wellbeing.
Have you been wondering why you feel so stressed? Are you using alcohol or another coping aid to deal with your everyday life? In this episode Clarissa interviews Kari Schwear, founder of Gray Tonic. She share's her story of how drinking crept up on her even though she though she was fine 'fine'.And how she is now on a mission to empower and support women, what is gray drinking and taking the steps to a breaking through the self-defeating addiction behavior. And finding your zest of life. not just existing but truly living! If you're women who relies on 'wine time' to cope this is an episode for you!!
Brave Wisdom

Brave Wisdom


Are you a business leader that feels like you are sleepwalking through life right now? Then this podcast episode is for youIn this episode Clarissa talks with Lisa Duerre the CEO and co-founder of RLD Group.  As a featured speaker, business coach, #1 International bestselling author, and many times a work-from-home parent, over the last 25 years Lisa has helped more than 25,000 employees build a more meaningful connection between work and home.Lisa shares how she guides business leaders in bridging the gap between the life they desire and the one they’re living through right now. She shares steps on how to get what they need in order to be successful.And we talk about how to open great conversations rather than the usual ' how are you? I'm soooo busy ...' Instead how to get your work noticed without bragging and open the way to curiosity and conversation. It is easy and fun!!
Is there a correlation between coaching and sailing? My guest Taryn Laakso, a life coach, would a resounding yes to that!!In this episode Taryn shares her love of the human dynamics that are called forth when encountering difficult choices in the space of divorce and parenting, She shares the wisdom she has gained from her own real-life experiences as a single mom holding a full-time job and raising two amazing daughters. And how her passion for sailing , the need to Set your course (Goals, Seek out a crew (Community) and  Grab a life preserver (Self Care) is central to how she is helping her clients discover personal strengths so they can live full and authentic lives by helping unlock the amazing potential inside them.
Would you like to eat what you want, stop when you want, lose weight and do this all without having to diet or exercise? Sounds like my kind of thing. In this episode hear host Clarissa talk with Sora Vernikoff the author and founder of the Eat What You Want! Stop When You Want! A No-Diet, Weight-Loss Program about why diets don't work and how using two simple eat and stop yourself techniques so that now you can be a healthy weight without having to diet.
My guest this week is Dr. Julie Moltke a medical doctor whose focus is stress reduction, medicinal cannabis, and mental health. She shares why she felt a holistic route was a better way to help her patients.Now she spends part of her time working in a...
This week I am joined by Andrea Warren of Level up Your Life, a holistic health coach who has made her life about learning the facts, gaining experience, and practicing the secrets of essential oils for over 15 years.We talk about the importance of...
Sleep is can be elusive at any age. My guest this week is Samuël Hoekstra a passionate advocate for better sleep. He wants to help us break through the exhaustion of poor sleep.The idea of helping people to sleep better came when he working as being a...
My guest this week is Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey is a psychologist, sex & intimacy coach, author, speaker, and podcast host who has spent the last 30+ years helping people to create and maintain meaningful relationships the contain sizzling sex (without...
Burnout, Tired or Lazy

Burnout, Tired or Lazy


Too often as women, we place ourselves in impossible positions - and feel that we can 'do it all'. Until we can't. My guest this week is Kathleen Fair who helps women in leadership identify and overcome burnout - their own, and that of their teams. She...
My guest this week is Agata Connor a certified Sober Coach for women who want to permanently remove alcohol from their diet. An ex-wine mum who is on a mission to share her story of alcohol abuseWomen's alcohol usage has increased markedly over the last...
My guest this week is Loretta Ferrucci a registered homeopath for twenty-five years and now an online health and wellness coach. Her main area of interest is the mind-body connection and energy medicine. In this episode we discuss:Why do some women...
Looking to transform your life and feel confident and passionate about your future?80% of success is an inside job!When you can learn to recode your thinking patterns you can powerfully shift the way you process information and change your relationship...
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