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Throwback Paperback: A Young Adult Novel Podcast

Throwback Paperback: A Young Adult Novel Podcast

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Throwback Paperback is a book club podcast on the Nerd Party network hosted by best friends Asia Bonilla and Charles Scheland. Asia and Charles share young adult books with each other
that one of them read, but the other never got to, and they see how these young adult staples
appear when read or re-read as adults. Every week, they assign which book and chapters they
will be covering the following week and they start with a brief summary if you can’t read along.
Then they dive into the plot, themes, and experience of favorite young adult books.
6 Episodes
This week we jump into the first half of The Titan’s Curse, discussing Artemis, more prophecy, and lots of Thalia. We get introduced to a big faction of the fantasy world, the Hunters, and we hear a lot about the spooky spooky General. Annabeth goes missing and we get a big prophecy so there’s a lot to cover. Next week we will be reading chapters 11-20 of book 3 in the series, the Titan’s Curse.
In our final episode on the Sea of Monsters, our crew escapes Polyphemus, has a run in with Luke, some more prophecy fun, and we get a BIG reveal for the remainder of the series. Charles and Asia get into more Clarisse, some more budding romance, and a really nice tie-up to the Tyson plotline. We discuss the merits and successes of the gods’ parenting skills, and start speculation for the next book. Next week we will be reading chapters 1-10 of book 3 in the series, the Titan’s Curse.
We travel to the Sea of Monsters and run into a bunch of obstacles not least of which are Luke and Clarisse. We talk about Luke’s evil plan, Clarisse’s problem solving methods, and lots and lots of romance. We also get into more fun facts, history lessons, and each other’s fatal flaws, and did we already mention the romance? Next week we will be reading chapters 15-20 of book 2 in the series, The Sea of Monsters.
We break into The Sea of Monsters to discuss chapters 1-7 and get into conversations on dreams, poisoned trees, and how only in fiction do we allow absolutely terrible people to be responsible for children. We tackle the not-so-tough questions of when did you figure out that something was up with Tyson and when did Annabeth start stalking Percy? And we discuss the plural of cyclops. Stay tuned if you know what it is. Next week we will be reading chapters 8-14 of book 2 in the series, the Sea of Monsters.
In episode 3 of our mini introductory arc, Asia and Charles wrap up the first book of the pod! We finish off with a journey to the Underworld, plenty more gods, more of Percy’s sass, and a lot of our predictions coming true. Percy and crew face off with basically everyone, and the true traitor is revealed, though we still have mixed feelings on the prophecy. Next week we will be reading chapters 1-7 of book 2 in the series, The Sea of Monsters.
In this episode, Asia and Charles discuss chapters 9-15 of The Lightning Thief and get into lots of world building, a lot of action, and suspicious characters. We meet the war god and discuss how to cross the country with $100. Fittingly for all of Percy and crew’s drama, we finish the episode discussing each other’s greatest fears, and make our final hypotheses for how the book will end.
Welcome to the pilot episode of Throwback Paperback! Throwback Paperback is a new podcast on the Nerd Party network, where cohosts Asia Bonilla and Charles Scheland share young adult literature with each other and re-read books to see how they feel from an adult perspective. To get this new pod going, we’re starting with Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series, and the first book, The Lightning Thief. We are discussing chapters 1-8, learning about Demigods, blue food, Camp Half-Blood, and lots of monsters. Asia introduces Charles to a series that she read in sixth grade, and you get to know a little bit about us as cohosts.
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