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This is a podcast about whatever you want it to be about. I might not know anything about the topic of the day but I'll still talk about it, and you'll hear tidbits of something!

Long ago, when I was a budding entrepreneur, my friend and a psychic medium, Kelli, was talking to me about my newsletters saying I really ought to keep writing because readers receive "tidbits" of wisdom. The other day we were talking again and she said that my she gets tidbits from my Facebook Live videos. So here are some tidbits. I don't know what, all I know is this is it!

Please message me on IG or FB with whatever topic you want me to talk about! @lightofconscience for both of them.

Can't wait to connect!!
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Getting Fat on Soul Food

Getting Fat on Soul Food


Are you getting overburdened by doing too many things, even if those things feed your soul?There is an important difference between feeding and nourishing your soul (just like your body). Listen in. Learn what it's all about, and join the conversation!Have you felt overburdened by all your soul feeding food?Will you ever be in the "Clean Plate Club" again?You can do it!! I fully support you!
On Sleep

On Sleep


Let's just be honest: I love sleep.~~But first! You know I love sharing Wayshowers and I'm so thrilled to present my sponser, Julie Ryan! Her Angelic Attendant Training starts on September 14th, and if you sign up you'll learn to communicate with any spirit, facilitate healings, invite more joy and abundance into your life, and so much more. It is absolutely life changing. Please see more: the podcast I give a few tricks for getting to sleep as well as why sleep is so important. I skip to obvious reasons of course. You'll have to listen to hear! ;)~~Topic request? Please don't be shy!Want to sponsor me? It's easy!Just let me know on IG or FB--@lightofconscience
Positive Mind Techniques

Positive Mind Techniques


The Positive Mind, one of your 10 Bodies, is the seat of your ability to be cheerful from a strong sense of personal power and self-love. If your Positive Mind is weak, you'll be pessimistic. Learn more in this short but sweet episode!Sponsor: Julie Ryan: for her Angelic Attendant Training!FB & IG: @lightofconscienceClub LC:
Keeping Boundaries

Keeping Boundaries


Huge Thank You to my Sponsor: Julie Ryan! www.askjulieryan.comAnd Huge Thank You to Kim for her topic request!!How do we keep our boundaries? Here you'll find out 3 key ingredients for doing just that. Follow up questions or want to request a topic? message me on Instagram Facebook: @lightofconscience.~~~Angelic Attendant TrainingClass starts 9/14/19Learn to communicate with any spirit,Develop and validate your intuition,Facilitate healings, Attract abundance and live a more joyful life! to learn more and register. Space is limited to 12 people!
A listener wrote in with this for a topic:Daily routines or practices that keep people healthy happy strong vibrant aligned and moreAlso How to stay aligned happy and healthy while juggling work, family and lifeI guess the two above go well togetherYES! They go along together just right, and here are some massive Tidbits about staying centered so that you remain healthy, happy, strong, vibrant, aligned.... even while juggling everything that life entails!Have a topic you want covered? Message me! (Feel free to like my page too, and join the LoC Community!)Facebook: @lightofconscienceIG @lightofconscienceFind the Light of Conscience Facebook Group!!More info on Club LC on my website: on left... I think)Sat Nam!!LC
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