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Join us for this conversation around boundaries with toddlers and young children.  We reflect on the concept of boundaries, why they are so very important at this foundational age, how to implement some boundaries, and the key to empathic connection in order to build collaboration with toddler boundaries. The world of raising, supporting, or working with toddlers is not an easy one.  We  offer you comfort and hope as we address the elements of self.  There is abundant grace for adults as we invest in and raise the little ones in our world.  Find out how to approach building boundaries holistically with spirit, soul, body, and relationships as areas of focus!
This episode provides an overview on how to develop healthier relationship bonds in marriage through boundaries.  Enjoy personal insights and laugh with us as we share some of our own reflections. There is no one way to dance in the unique harmony of a marriage.  Mostly because every person has a unique personality, life experience, set of desires, love languages and more. Join us for a conversation about practicing respect, learning more about yourself and your partner, and broadening the potential for enjoying marriage to the fullest!Domestic Violence ResourcesDomestic Violence National Hotline: 800.799.SAFEwww.thehotline.orgBook ResourcesSacred Marriage  by Gary Thomas Life Long Love  by Gary Thomas
Join us in this conversation looking at boundaries from the vantage of our own experiences as we transitioned into adulthood.  We were sure to also remember the perspective of the parent.  Right on time for the holiday season, this episode includes some of our thoughts about changes in traditions as well!  Stop by our conversation for some encouragement and empathy because when it comes to navigating these boundaries, it can be a bumpy ride.   Many of us have experienced the  difficult transition in the relationship between parent and adult child.   This is the child who has now grown into adulthood; or at least is attempting to do that.  Dynamics in that process can make it difficult to navigate the changes needed for a healthy relationship in this new way.  We offer some tips and practical ideas about the ins and outs of learning to honor our parents while growing into adulthood.  On the flip side, we offer a supportive perspective to  parents who are having a hard time letting things change.Whether you are a parent of an adult, a single adult, a married adult this episode has something in it for you to consider! Maybe you will find a place to start a conversation with your family and with us too!! We welcome thoughts and feedback about your own experiences and how this resonates with you.  Our hope is to help to bring families closer by encouraging mutual respect , communication, and flexibility.Book Resources:Parenting from the Inside Out by Daniel SiegelBoundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud
In this episode we engage in a healing conversation about being aware of what is going on in our inner world. Being able to identify emotions and thought processes that drive us to sometimes act out in ways that we don't actually want to is a step toward inner health.  Awareness and Spirit led self leadership allow us to have agency, or awareness with choice, over how we respond.  Practicing the art of getting curious and having compassion toward our inside experience can help us figure out how we want to intentionally engage in the world around us.   Do you ever find yourself acting in a way you don’t like? Saying things you don’t mean because you got overcome by emotion?  Instead of emotions throwing you around or shutting you down, you can become more skilled at helping yourself through the process.Join us for this thought provoking discussion and be sure to subscribe for more episodes to come!Media References:Inside Out by Disney PixarChanges That Heal Dr. Henry Cloud & John TownsendBoundaries for Your Soul by Alison Cook PhD & Kimberly June MillerScripture References:Psalms: 42:5,11Galatians 5:22-23
Have you ever thought or said "I am not good at boundaries?" It is a process to learn how to set healthy boundaries. We know that journey first hand!  With sharing some trial and error in our own lives, let our stories and what we have learned encourage you.Take time with us this season to experience healing through the practice of skillfully applying boundaries in your life. To start off, this first episode is all about what boundaries are, different types of boundaries, and why they are important.  We reflect on just how much boundaries can positively or negatively affect our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. We offer real life examples to help you start considering how to apply boundaries in your every day life.   Maybe you have tried boundaries before but seem to have a hard time figuring out how to use them in a healthy way.   This will be a valuable resource for you!Media References:Brene Brown interview on the Kelly Clarkson ShowBoundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud"I Do Boundaries" by Havilah Cunnington
This is an exciting topic filled with hopeful and practical healing guidance. Some of our most impactful experiences get us ‘stuck’ in the way we think, or the way our body reacts to surrounding stimuli, or the way we defend ourselves, or attack others. One incredible aspect of human memory is that it is experiential in nature. At any time we can go back to an experience and receive for ourselves compassion, comfort, assurance, even guidance that we did not have during the actual real time experience that could have happened last week or even 20 years ago. Find out what has been holding you back and discover within the concept of redemptive time the compassion your younger self needs. Healing of memories is a powerful tool in therapy and we believe this episode may just unlock for you a world of growth! 
Childhood experiences do not just affect us as children but can also have a major impact on how we see ourselves and the world as adults. Whether we experienced childhood traumas or more subtle responses to perceived pressures or embarrassments, all of these experiences can have a lasting affect. Our perception of what has happened to us and how we respond can have implications throughout our life and relationships.  Join us as we discuss this topic and explore how childhood experiences can impact our lives beyond childhood.  We invite you to get curious about these experiences in your own life and how you may still be responding out of those experiences today.  The best part in curiosity and discovery is developing more positive and effective responses! 
This episode is focused on the value of tracing your family of origin and getting to know the big picture of where you come from.  Conceptualizing our family is sometimes underestimated.  It can unlock areas in our lives that have been stuck, reveal distortions, and unhealthy patterns of relational interaction as well as highlight strengths and gifts that we may have disregarded. For people of faith, it can be easy to minimize the value of tracing family lineage because belonging to the family of God means we have a road map to values in relationships and important principles in marriage and family.  However, recognizing family of origin practices that have become ingrained through years of repetition helps us understand what needs to be preserved and what needs to be healed.References & Resources:Genogram created originally by Murray BowenEmotionally Healthy Spirituality By Peter ScazzeroChanges That Heal By Dr. Henry CloudScripture References: Ephesians 2:11-22; Psalm 68:5-6; Genesis 3; Deuteronomy 8 & 9  
Have you ever wondered "how do I know if/when I need to go see someone for my mental health? It is common to disregard symptoms or relational issues to the point they become unmanageable. In this episode we have a conversation about our answer to this question and various factors to consider if you find yourself needing more help. Seeking professional support for mental health is so helpful no matter what you find yourself struggling with and our hope is that this episode gives you some increased freedom to seek out the help your whole self needs! Consider with us how helpful it could be to have a trained and educated professional to help walk you or you and your family through difficulties that go beyond your normal coping strategies. Resources:“Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Christians with Depression” by Michelle Pearce PhD“Integrative Psychotherapy: Toward a Comprehensive Christian Approach” by Mark McMinn and Clark CampbellFocus on the Family Marriage and Family Podcasts
What is healing and how do we get there?  Join us as we reflect on one of the most powerful aspects of getting well.  Curiosity can help us learn to accept and identify attitudes and responses within ourselves that we would rather ignore or pretend not to have experienced.  Learn more about your own inner world as we share discoveries about the wonderful gift of exploring the whys behind some of our most hidden and shamed motives.  Offer yourself a safe place to learn about your inner world and decide to grow!Book References:  "Changes That Heal" By Dr. Henry Cloud; "Boundaries For The Soul: How to Turn Overwhelming Thoughts and Feelings into Your Greatest Allies" By Alison Cook PhD and Kimberly Miller Mth LMFTPodcast Reference: The Place We Find Ourselves - "Struggling with Sexuality: How Understanding Your Story Can (Surprisingly) Help" Adam Young  LCSW with Jay Stringer (October 7, 2019) References: 2 Corinthians 5:4; Romans 5:15-21; Proverbs 14:30; John 16:33
Join us as we deep dive into spirit, soul, body, and relationships.  Each of these elements interconnect in our lives in a unique way that either fosters growth or hinders it.  Knowing how each element functions and discovering how they have been affected by experiences can help us pinpoint an area we may have gotten stuck.   Book References: "The Spiritual Man" By Watchman Nee; "Boundaries" & "Changes That Heal" By Dr. Henry Cloud & John Townsend; "Switch on Your Brain" By Dr. Caroline Leaf;Bible References: Revelation 12:11, John 3:16 
In this episode we introduce ourselves, give a little background for where we are coming from, and talk about why we decided to start this podcast while we invite you to reflect on your own experience of identity and what that has meant to you!General References: Bible References:  2 Peter 1:5-9 
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