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The guys of TUTRadio reflect on their fitness careers and define the high points, low points and fitness epiphanies.  As always your feedback is welcome and we can be reached at  Come visit us on Facebook Check out our Instagram  
There may be few things more rewarding than freedom of choice. The guys of TUTRadio celebrate everyone having the ability to choose the life that they want to lead, how they treat their own body and what they want to consume & support materialistically, mentally, nutritionally and even in virtue and vice. Where the lines can get blurred and where we can take issue is with dishonesty. Take a listen.  As always your feedback is welcome and we can be reached at  Come visit us on Facebook Check out our Instagram  
As trainers, competitors or just fitness enthusiasts  it is important to constantly self evaluate. We have chose three facets of training and performance that you can reflect upon and ask yourself; where do I need more improvement? Where do I stack up with my peers?  It is easy to become self-deluded when you are working and performing in a bubble. As your A.S.K. grows so does your humility.  Share your thoughts with the guys of TUTRadio  Or find us on Facebook and drop us a line and give us a LIKE.
Episode #10 Gym Talk

Episode #10 Gym Talk


The guys of TUTRadio just pressed the record button and let it rip. "We were having such a great time talking, we thought let's just record."  What we thought would be a very short impromptu recording ended up being are longest episode to date. We started off just chatting and having some fun and then the conversation started to form. Joe steered the ship with some very thoughtful questions that challenged the guys to think about everything from career to legacy. 
Bryon returns to the podcast and we get a late episode appearance from Chaz.  It was great having the whole gang back together. We get caught up with everyones training and nutrition, if you listen closely you might get a sense that some competitive juices are starting to flow. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire... We try to define the role of the Personal Trainer and talk about the many hats that they may where. Take a listen and let us know what you think!
How do you approach your nutrition? Are you focused? Are you consistent? Do you have a sustainable plan? Are you executing that plan? Is your plan realistic for you right now?  INTENSITY - Do you have it?  Email the guys of TUTRadio and let us know your thoughts.  
This week on TUTRadio the guys discuss Dorian Yates new hybrid sport of Weight Lifting & Bodybuilding - Super League  For more info on Super League checkout the link below.   As always we would love to hear your feedback so feel free to email the guys of TUTRadio at  
On today's episode of TUTRadio the guys of TUT answer 30 questions that all fitness enthusiasts have to wrestle with everyday. Their answers may surprise you! Or not. As always we would love to hear from you. Send us your feedback, good, bad or indifferent. Feels free to send us your questions or topics you would like to hear the guys explore.  Email us @  
On today's Podcast we are joined by special guest Charles Mancuso. We go deep down the rabbit hole discussing just what is actually possible to expect from your training program and what is hyperbole.  We also touch the "Third Rail" and discuss nutrition, the importance of calories, the role of insulin and agree on most and agree to disagree on others.  The salient message is that multiple protocols work, adhere to your plan and don't confuse sport for health or confuse a general fitness participant with a high level athlete.  So many great layers to the "Onion" of training and nutrition. We hope you enjoy the discussion as much as we enjoyed having it and as always we would love to hear from you all! Drop us an email at and let us know what is on your mind. Train hard, train even smarter my friends...
In Episode #4 the guys of TUTRadio continue their discussion of different training protocols and methods that they have used over the years. The good, the bad and indifferent. Sometimes it's just fun to have a Bro Workout.   Feel free to email the guys of TUTRadio and send in your questions, topics you would like discussed, guest suggestions or just your general feedback. We love hearing from you all.
This is a two part Episode and could honestly be much, much longer as we discuss just a few of the training programs that we have used over the years and some of our personal training philosophies.   As always if you would like to contact us with your comments, questsions, suggestions or feedback, feel free to email us at
Feel Free to Send Us Your Feedback. Let us know what you like, what you hate, topic ideas, potential guests, questions or anything that is on your mind. Feel free to reach out to us, share your story with us, we would love to hear from you all.
You can email TUTRadio at Feel Free to send us your topic suggestions, positive and negative feedback, questions, guest suggestions or anything else that might be on your mind. We dedicate this Episode to the memory of Dr. Fredrick Hatfield aka Dr. Squat.   Dr. Squat World Record 1,008 lb Squat.   Tom Platz 500 lb Squat for 23 Reps        
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