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Times of Malta journalists take a closer look at the stories making headlines in Malta and elsewhere.
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In Marsa, dozens of migrants wait by the roadside every morning, hoping to be picked up for casual construction work. Sarjo Conteh, a 31-year-old Gambian man who died in a construction site collapse on July 23, was one of them. On this episode, we hear the stories of some of those men. In part two, we catch up with Claudio Camilleri, a marathon runner who found time to stop and help a stranded tourist despite being in the middle of a 190km charity run. Find out more at
Lino Cauchi's murder remains one of the great unsolved cases in Maltese criminal history. Cauchi vanished in 1982, but his body wasn’t discovered until three years later. His family are now seeking compensation for how the investigation was handled by police and the government at the time. We speak to forensic expert Anthony Abela Medici, who was one of the first people to go down the well where Cauchi's body was found. Find out more at
The Nationalist Party is reeling. Its leader, Adrian Delia, has lost the trust of most of his MPs but is refusing to give up the party leadership. In this episode, Times of Malta journalist Ivan Martin explains how the PN got here and where things may end up in the weeks to come. In part two, we speak to ultra-runner Claudio Camilleri, who’s attempting to run 190km around Malta and Gozo later this month, all in the name of charity. Have an idea or story suggestion? Email us at Find out more at
All across the world, protest movements are tearing down monuments and statues which represent more divisive moments in different countries' histories. Is there a case for Malta to do something similar? On this episode, historians Charles Xuereb and Simon Cusens debate whether some of Malta’s colonial monuments should be removed or relocated. In part two, we speak to John Edward DeMicoli about his fascinating World War II discovery inside a German antique he bought at auction. Send your suggestions or story ideas to Find out more at
Malta International Airport reopened its doors to commercial airlines on July 1, after more than three months of coronavirus-imposed shutdown. We speak to some of the first tourists to visit Malta in the summer of 2020. In part two of this episode, we ask epidemiologist Neville Calleja what Malta has done right during the pandemic and get his take on whether we should be concerned about a second wave. Find out more at
Times of Malta journalist Jacob Borg explains how he worked with Reuters to expose a 2015 deal linking Malta's energy provider Enemalta to the man accused of masterminding the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. Borg was speaking before former minister Konrad Mizzi was kicked out of the Labour Party and economic crimes unit chief Ian Abdilla was replaced. In part two of the episode, expats who used to call Malta home tell us they are packing their bags and leaving for good... because they sense rising xenophobia. Have a story or suggestion to share with us? Email us at Find out more at
Former police commissioner Lawrence Cutajar is now the subject of a criminal investigation over suspicions he may have tipped off a middleman in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. Hours before that probe began, he sat down with Times of Malta for an exclusive interview. Ivan Martin provides insight into the latest developments in a case that keeps twisting and turning. In part two of this episode, we speak to Valletta business owners about their eight months of misery which began with national protests and continued with a global pandemic. Many tell us they're struggling to stay afloat. Have a tip, idea or suggestion? Get in touch at Find out more at
We take to the streets of Valletta and speak to people who attended a Black Lives Matter demonstration and ask if they think Malta has a problem with racism. In part two of the episode, we hear from swimmer Neil Agius about how he's preparing - mentally and physically - to cross from Sicily to Malta later this month. Find out more at
Chris Cardona's name has swirled around the Daphne Caruana Galizia murder case in the past. But this week, the former minister was thrown right into the thick of things. Times of Malta's Ivan Martin walks us through the latest developments in the case of the century. Plus, teenager Leon Bartolo talks about the strains of being a student in Malta, after a global study found that local 15-year-olds face the most schoolwork pressure in Europe. Find out more at
How will Malta fare economically once the pandemic blows over? Economist and financial adviser JP Fabri gives his prediction on how the country will weather the fallout from COVID-19. We also speak to national long jump record-holder Claire Azzopardi about the mental challenges she faced when training during lockdown. Find out more at
We speak to Angie Farrugia, who cannot fly to India to pick up her newly-adopted daughter because airports are shut due to COVID-19. Angie is one of a growing number of Maltese choosing to adopt a child. Shirley Mifsud from one of Malta's three private adoption agencies tells us why it's becoming more popular. Plus, Times of Malta reporter Claire Caruana talks us through the challenges the media has faced while covering the pandemic, as daily COVID-19 briefings come to an end. Find out more at
With the situation in Libya deteriorating because of civil war and now coronavirus, will more people try and make it to Malta to escape the desperate situation? Regional expert Mark Micallef explains what life is like in the north African country. Plus: wondering if you should get swabbed for COVID-19? Times of Malta online editor Bertrand Borg went and took the test, all in the name of research. Find out more at
Heritage Malta CEO Noel Zammit explains how he plans to keep the organisation alive during the coming months, without the income from tourists who usually visit Malta's museums and heritage sites. Plus, musician Glenn Sacco talks about his virtual collaboration with rock legend Jon Bon Jovi. Background reading: 'Tourism will be the last sector to recover' Find out more at
Archbishop Charles Scicluna discusses whether the Catholic Church is relevant in Maltese society anymore. He also shares his thoughts on greed, social media and hate speech. Plus, marine biologist Alan Deidun tells us how and why he believes wildlife is thriving across the islands since the COVD-19 pandemic forced us all indoors.Background reading: Archbishop slams 'cardboard institutions with no teeth' Dolphins arrive on a coastline quietened by coronavirusFind out more at
She's become a household name ever since coronavirus reached Malta in early March. But who is Charmaine Gauci? We speak to the Superintendent of Public Health to get to know her a little better. Plus, Times of Malta journalist Jacob Borg explains how Malta gets its electricity, what are the rules it must play by, and why those contracts make it tricky for the government to lower utility rates. Background reading: Gas is more expensive than interconnector - Electrogas advisers The $1 billion energy deal that's costing Malta millions Enemalta 'is not just the government's company' - Edward Scicluna The multiple problems found in Electrogas' winning bidMusic: Verdi - Un Ballo in Maschera (Abbado)Find out more at
Seven weeks into the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, Malta's deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne discusses how and when he feels restrictions will be lifted, and warns "this might not be the only pandemic we see in our lifetime".In the second part of the episode, we speak to a Maltese teen activist who managed to secure a one-hour meeting with Prime Minister Robert Abela to discuss the rights of migrants.Learn more about these stories and more at out more at
As those living in Malta continue to stay indoors to stop the spread of COVID19, we ask epidemiologist Neville Calleja what the options are when it comes to reopening the country and staying safe.And 100 days into the tenure of Prime Minister Robert Abela, we speak to Times of Malta editor-in-chief Herman Grech about how Malta's new leader is handling the hot seat. Background reading:
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