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Conversations on how to plan, build, and live the tiny life. Ethan Waldman from gives you the chance to get inside the heads of tiny house luminaries and every day tiny house dwellers so you can plan, build and live the tiny house life you’ve been dreaming of. Discover how you can create a tiny lifestyle that includes owning your own home, whether it’s a tiny house on wheels, van, or camper that you can take with you, or just a sweet tiny cabin in the mountains. Ethan built his own tiny house on wheels in 2012 and has been educating other tiny house hopefuls ever since. His flagship resource, Tiny House Decisions has been widely recommended by tiny house experts as a must-read how to guide to planning a successful tiny house. From tiny house heating, plumbing, and composting toilets, to building a tiny house for cheap, DIY techniques and more. Subscribe if you are ready to start YOUR tiny house journey.
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Boxabl is Creating a Modular, Foldable, Affordable Building System for Tiny Houses and Beyond It’s not often that I extend an invitation to the podcast from a cold email, but when Galiano Tiramani sent me photos of Boxabl’s Casita, I knew I had to have him on the show. The Casita is Boxabl’s modular ADU that ships flat and is easily assembled on-site for just $49,500. In this conversation, we’ll talk about the technology, manufacturing, and future plans for this innovative startup. The post Boxabl is Creating a Modular, Foldable, Affordable Building System for Tiny Houses and Beyond – #113 appeared first on The Tiny House.
Justin and Bianca Metz live in a 240sf tiny home with their toddler, Bodhi. The journey to living tiny was anything but smooth. After a terrible experience towing the house which resulted in a $7000 towing bill, finding parking wasn't easy. They are now living as land stewards in trade for tiny house parking. Living tiny has enabled Bianca and Justin to live in more connection with nature, and we cover it all in this interview, from permaculture to parking, to parenting. The post Parenting, Permaculture, and Parking: Justin and Bianca’s Tiny House Journey – #112 appeared first on The Tiny House.
Kristie Wolfe is an Airbnb rockstar. Even if you don't recognize her name, you've probably seen one of her incredible Airbnb's, whether it's her treehouse in Hawaii, her Hobbit Holes in Washington, or her Fire Tower in Idaho. She also transformed the old Idaho potato into a bohemian chic hotel room. Kristie is also extremely frugal- she builds her tiny homes for a fraction of what you would expect by looking at them, using salvaged materials and making things herself. In this conversation, we cover Kristie's building philosophy, how she transforms properties into desirable Airbnbs, how she finds cheap land, and more. The post How to Buy Inexpensive Land, Build for Cheap, and Dominate Airbnb with Kristie Wolfe – #111 appeared first on The Tiny House.
Jennifer Fuist used to be a hoarder but was so tired of her belongings controlling her that she decided to change her life once and for all. She sold over 4000 items on Facebook and in the end, was finally free to live more simply. Fast forward 1.5 years and Jen's been sharing her tiny house journey & lifestyle with the world on her YouTube Channel, Tiny Dreamer. She lives with her 3 cats and runs a small herbal & natural remedy business out of her tiny home called Goddess of Herbs! Here is her story! The post From Hoarder to Tiny House Dweller with Jennifer Fuist – #110 appeared first on The Tiny House.
Kari Gale sold everything she owned, booked a one way ticket to Spain, walked the Camino de Santiago. Upon her return, Kari built an amazing tiny house on wheels that has some features that have made it a very popular YouTube video tour on Living Big in a Tiny House. In this conversation with we talk about the special features of Kari's house, and the journey that brought her to tiny living. So, what's it like to sell everything you own? Kari shows us how her journey helped inspire her tiny house lifestyle and how we can all apply lessons from her travels to our own lives. The post What it Takes to Sell Everything You Own and Live Tiny with Kari Gale – #109 appeared first on The Tiny House.
Richard Ward of Terraform Tiny Homes has built and lived in three different Tiny Homes named T1, T2, and T3. These include a converted Honda element, a very small tiny house built on a converted boat trailer, and a full-size gooseneck tiny house. Richard's homes are really well thought out, and he actually practices the tiny lifestyle that he helps others achieve. Richard recently purchased a tract of land outside of Bisbee, Arizona, where he is setting up an off-grid, tiny homestead of sorts, and welcoming other tiny houses to come and live. In this conversation, we'll kind of talk about his life journey that led him to the tiny lifestyle, his various tiny homes, and his latest endeavor setting up a permanent property for a tiny house homestead in the desert. The post How to Set Up an Off-Grid Tiny Homestead in the Desert with Richard Ward – #108 appeared first on The Tiny House.
Sophia and Henry are currently living in their self-designed and built 28' THOW in Northern Minnesota, where they experience a full range of seasons, including a very cold and long winter. We start with an in-depth discussion of how they are staying warm in their tiny house and preventing their water from freezing on the way in and the way out. If you're thinking of living in a cold climate, this is not to be missed. From there, we turn to rethinking the American dream and a discussion about values, lifestyles, and where a tiny house fits in for a young couple. Don't miss this interview with Sophia and Henry Jungbauer! The post Rethinking The American Dream with Sophia and Henry Jungbauer – #107 appeared first on The Tiny House.
When you're living off-grid in a van or sailboat, you have to plan carefully to make sure you have things like food and water. Today on the show, we are joined by Kristin Hanes, the editor in chief of the popular tiny living blog, The Wayward Home. Kristin's first experience with tiny living started by living in a Prius(!) with her partner. It then progressed to a sailboat, and finally a Chevy Astro Van. Kristin has spent extensive time boondocking in the van and sailing off-shore. In this interview, we'll talk about how she prepares for living off-grid for weeks at a time- how to plan, shop and store things like food and water. Plus, we'll talk about the benefits of the boondocking lifestyle. The post How to Prepare for Boondocking: Food, Water, and Supplies for Off-grid Life in a Van, Boat, or Tiny House with Kristin Hanes – #106 appeared first on The Tiny House.
After practicing primitive living and building for several years, Natalie Bogwalker turned her attention to teaching. Bogwalker teaches many natural building techniques at her school, Wild Abundance. But what is natural building? There are so many different techniques, and Natalie helps us focus on practicality when it comes to choosing a natural building method. Natalie also has a strong background in permaculture and will give us a primer on how it intersects with the tiny house movement. Natalie is here to share the message that learning to build is a gateway to self-empowerment. The post Learning to Build with Wild Abundance: Natural Building, Permaculture, and Empowerment with Natalie Bogwalker – #105 appeared first on The Tiny House.
Danielle LaRock and Jonathan Carnill are the founders of Tiny Haven, which offers unique tiny homes, airstream, and cabin rentals in the Harpers Ferry, VA area. Danielle and Jonathan have purchased 3 small houses (2 on wheels), plus an airstream. On the road to creating their business, they ran into some legal hurdles that required them to move all three of their tinies. We'll cover it all in this interview. The post The Bumpy Road to a Tiny House Rental Business with Danielle LaRock and Jonathan Carnill – #104 appeared first on The Tiny House.
Meet Vera Struck. She's a returning guest on the Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast and we connected on March 25th via Facetime to chat about Vera's current living situation. "I'm in my 70's, I'm immunocompromised, and I've been isolating in a tiny house for 3.5 weeks". Vera has 5 tips when it comes to isolating in a tiny house, and I think these would be really helpful for anyone living tiny or currently planning a tiny house. I really appreciated Vera's candor and vulnerability in this conversation and I think you'll enjoy listening. The post 5 Tips for Self Isolating in a Tiny House with Vera Struck appeared first on The Tiny House.
There are so many ways that tiny houses can help people in need. Today on the show we are joined by Kelli Becker, the volunteer coordinator and first veteran resident of Mattersville in Colorado. Mattersville is a unique tiny house community for veterans who struggle with mental health issues. This wonderful organization has a great story and mission, and Kelli is here to help spread the word. The post A Tiny House Community for Veterans with Kelli Becker – #103 appeared first on The Tiny House.
Page Hodel is a DJ, artist, and life-long builder. She converted a school bus into a tiny home way back in the 1980s and was featured in Dwell Magazine and on HGTV. Page is inspiring, humble, and is here to share the message that ANYONE can build their own home. The post Building a Love for Carpentry and Small Spaces with Page Hodel – #102 appeared first on The Tiny House.
What’s it really like to live in a converted school bus or Skoolie? Rob Schannep lives in a Skoolie with his wife, five kids, plus a dog. They've been doing it for four years, so they have a lot of experience living tiny day-to-day. We'll learn what it costs to live in a skoolie per year, how they’ve figured out how to function as a family in such a small space, and what they’ll do differently in their next bus. The post The Reality of Living as a Family of 7 in a Skoolie with Contented Nomads – 101 appeared first on The Tiny House.
Kerri reached out to me because she started a meetup group in Edmonton, Alberta that grew to be quite large. She has created a tiny house community where there was none before. Kerri has actually been interested in the tiny house movement for years and finally decided to embark on her own build after several years of being involved in the community. It’s an inspiring story, and we also get to learn more about what the laws are surrounding tiny houses in Canada. The post From Tiny House Dreamer to Community Organizer and Advocate with Kerri Timbers – #100 appeared first on The Tiny House.
Rather than flying under the radar, Sarah decided to be public about her tiny house and the consequences and resulting actions didn't go the way that she had hoped. This is an important and instructive story for anyone hoping to live tiny legally. I initially met Sarah Hastings at the Big Mass Tiny House Festival, where she was a star participant in the panel discussion on building a tiny house with salvaged materials (episode 094). Sarah's story of going up against the town she lived in and ultimately being forced to leave is why I've asked her back on the show for her own interview. The post Living Legally: Begging Forgiveness vs. Asking Permission with Sarah Hastings – #099 appeared first on The Tiny House.
Malissa and Chris Tack did one of the first tiny house builds to be fully documented in photographs every day. I remember poring through their daily time-lapses to figure out how they did certain things. Their beautiful design included dormers in the loft, which inspired my tiny house and countless others. Melissa is here to tell us the story of her tiny house journey and how the house has continued to support their family as it has grown The post How a Tiny House can Support a Growing Family with Malissa Tack – #098 appeared first on The Tiny House.
MJ Boyle is here to talk about how to get sponsors to help you get materials for free for your tiny house. MJ has built several tiny houses this way and it has saved her a LOT of cash. She really has the process dialed in! In this interview, MJ shares how she does it and how you can get started finding sponsored materials for your build. The post How to Build Your Tiny House for Less Using Sponsored Materials with MJ Boyle – #097 appeared first on The Tiny House.
Andrew Odom is one of the original online tiny housers who started sharing his building journey as it was happening all the way back in 2010. He inspired me while I was building my tiny house, both through his writing and also just by being a really friendly, approachable person who was there to help answer my questions. While Andrew doesn't live tiny anymore, there's a lot to learn from his story. Plus, he has stayed involved in the tiny house movement through organizing tiny house events and festivals and working as the managing editor of Tiny House Magazine. The post Reflecting on the Tiny House Movement 10 Years Later with Andrew Odom – #096 appeared first on The Tiny House.
Alyssa Nolan is the founder of Tiny Houses for Camp Fire Survivors, which is an organization that is building and giving away tiny houses for the survivors of the devastating wildfire that leveled the town of Paradise, California. Alyssa is actually a wildfire survivor herself, having lost everything in the 2008 Butte Lightning Complex Fire. With no construction experience to start, Alyssa has designed and built 10 tiny houses to give away to fire survivors. In the process, she has developed a model for doing this work efficiently and affordably. Using salvaged camper trailers as the foundations for the tiny houses, Alyssa has figured out how to build super lightweight so as to not exceed the weight limit of the trailers. The post Alyssa Nolan’s $7000 Tiny Houses for Camp Fire Survivors – #095 appeared first on The Tiny House.
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