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To 50 and Beyond helps resilient women over 40 live a happy, healthy, and confident lifestyle alcohol-free.

Your host Lori Massicot, a life and sober coach, nutrition coach, woman in recovery from alcohol, and founder of the Elevate Group Coaching Program, offers you weekly episodes that give you an honest look into her life as a 30-year drinker and the decision she made to get sober at 45.

You will laugh, learn, and get inspired as Lori and her guests share real solutions that elevate your mindset, self-care, and habits and behaviors to age with joy, excitement and freedom from alcohol.

If you are a gal who is curious about an alcohol-free lifestyle, doesn't like labels or the occasional F bomb, aging positively and enjoying the heck out of life, To 50 and Beyond is for you.

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Disclaimer: The To 50 and Beyond podcast and it's content does not provide medical diagnosis or advice or alcohol/drug addiction or substance abuse treatment advice. To 50 and Beyond is to be listened to strictly for motivational and educational purposes only.

Guests of the To 50 and Beyond podcast are available to ask questions and seek help on their respective channels provided in each episode.
272 Episodes
Episode 151   When you quit drinking, you save money because you're not buying alcohol, but you also realize that money wasn't the only thing costing you while drinking.    My brilliant and beautiful guest, Linda Parmar, is joining the podcast for the third time today to share her truth and her wisdom.    Linda is a Certified Money Coach/Recovery Coach who helps women with their relationship with money. She uses her coaching programs to inspire women worldwide to transform their lives and money mindset experience, creating a new story.   Linda shares her experience with addiction and her cost; she spent approximately $400 per week on alcohol, which affected her financial situation and mostly her physical and mental health. Other Topics: Removing your old money mindset story. Relapse in Financial Recovery and how to pick yourself back up  Finding Financial Freedom beyond debt  Invest in yourself; you are going to spend money anyways. The shit you did is not who you are. Drinking and aging is stigma. Money is energy; resistance and money don’t work together. To find Linda:   Download Linda's Spending Worksheet (freebie):     To find Lori:    Website  Instagram  Email    I thank you for listening, friend.    If you liked this episode, please consider taking a couple of minutes to rate and review it on your favorite podcast app.     If you love the podcast, please consider donating $5 to the mission of To 50 and Beyond.   Your donation helps me keep the podcast going and add to your life by creating exclusive bonus episodes and a monthly meetup where we can talk about all things midlife.    Join To 50 and Beyond & Friends Patreon:   Sending you a Virtual Hug!       
Bonus episode  On February 5th I celebrate three years of podcasting. Throughout the past few years, I've come to the realization that being scared to do something is the reason why you should, and you CAN figure out how to do anything you want.  I'm celebrating you for listening, sharing, and allowing me into your life weekly since 2018.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting this pod into your ears.  Season Five is coming February 16th. Stay in the loop by joining my email community. You can find me on my website or say hello on Instagram.    I appreciate your rating and review! Help me spread the word so the podcast reaches women in the middle of life. Please rate and review the podcast on your favorite app:  
Episode 150  Go All In Messy vs. Perfect  This episode is all about embracing imperfection and taking imperfect action towards where you want to be in life  I share a story of something that happened to me last week that had me beating up over something very simple to solve. Other topics:  Removing old stories of "I am a Perfectionist" to get messy Not holding yourself back because of old stories (getting sober) Starting something for yourself even though you are scared  Making friends with fear and vulnerability to change your life  We are all in this life together and there is no one better than you.  Thank you for listening!    If you enjoy the podcast, can you please give it a rating and review?  Please rate and review the podcast here: Please consider supporting the podcast with a $5 monthly donation here:   Reach out to Lori: Join Elevate:  
Episode #149  My guest on episode 149, is Kwavi Agbeyegbe.   Kwavi is a Certified Weight Coach/Life Coach and Retreat Creator that helps successful women in midlife manage their health, mindset and waistlines.   She uses her coaching programs and retreats to help and inspire women all over the world to transform their lives and bodies and in the process women experience a new lease on life.   Kwavi shares how to shift your mindset and old beliefs to feel your best, focusing on what you truly want for yourself, the difference between emotional and physical hunger, and how to realize your emotions are a message that need attention, not food or alcohol.    Click here to learn more about Kwavi.       To reach out to Lori, click here.    
Episode 148   I’m delighted to share my guest with you today, Michelle Smith!   You are going to hear honest fire coming from a woman who is on a mission to eliminate the normalcy of drinking alcohol.   Michelle Smith is an author and founder of Recovery is the New Black, a digital community for moms in recovery. As a wife and working mother of two, she fell into the "mommy juice" drinking culture. Michelle found a way out and has been in recovery from alcohol abuse since 2016. As a certified addiction and mental health counselor, she provides services to other moms who are seeking supportive alternatives to a boozy culture that tells us alcohol is an accessory to motherhood. Michelle has 20 years of experience in the field of addiction medicine and behavioral health treatment   Michelle is sharing her own journey that started with mommy juice and quickly went into alcohol addiction, multiple attempts to get sober, and her mission to put an end to the normalcy of drinking alcohol far and wide.   You’re also going to hear about The Sober Mom Squad, a wonderful online community made for moms who are sober-curious and beyond created by a group of strong sober women which Michelle is a big part of.   To learn more about Michelle: Instagram: Facebook:     To learn more about Lori:  Email:  Say hello on Instagram:   Join the To 50 and Beyond and Friends Patreon Community:    
Episode 147  You Can Get Sober and Enjoy Life I recorded a special episode to kick the year off with some honesty and encouragement for those who may think that getting sober will not be enjoyable.  I talk about the difference between quitting and taking a break and sharing a bit about what I experienced when I decided to stop drinking.  Also, what may be holding you back from going all to quitting drinking and taking it one day at a time. Since right after the holiday, I've talked to many women at the end of their rope with drinking alcohol and are ready for a change. I'm honored to listen to the stories of women worldwide who experience a lot of what I went through and others. We are not alone.  2021 is the RISE of the Midlife Woman, and sobriety is a big component. We will forge ahead with a mission to ROCK our very best selves To 50 and Beyond!  Thank you for listening. I appreciate you!   To learn more about Elevate or 1:1 Private Coaching, please visit my website:  Say hello on Instagram:  
In this special BONUS episode, I talk about intention setting for 2021, and choosing a Word of the Year to guide you.  I also share my word that I chose for 2021, or the word that chose me that I tried to resist, and I read the Wild Geese, a poem by Mary Oliver.  I wish you all the best in 2021. I thank you for listening to the podcast.  Reach out to me and share your word and intention for 2021, I would love to hear from you.    If you would like to work with me 1:1 in 2021, please send me an email to schedule a call.  To join my group coaching program, Elevate, please go here: To learn more about me, and join my email community, please visit my website:  
Episode 146  Leave Alcohol in 2020 and Start Fresh   Now is the time, in the middle of life to take a deeper look at the relationship you have with yourself without the influence of alcohol.    In this episode, I talk about a few things I would do if I had to get sober again, the three essentials to getting sober in midlife, and staying that way, and what to do if you're going to do a Dry January.    I thank you for listening.    Please reach out via email or on my website.    To enroll in group coaching, please join Elevate today:            
Episode 145 | Coming Home to Yourself After Divorce with Lora Anne Strong (there is a glitch with the audio in for about 60-seconds in the beginning) My friend and returning guest, Lora Anne Strong talks about life after divorce, and how she has healed in her recovery.  Lora Anne Strong, is a women's transformational coach. She helps women Rise, through her workshops, digital programs that use a Mind, Body, Spirit approach. She is a leader, a student, a lover of coffee & cacao and lives with her, “dog companion, Rex.  She is also the founder of Project Sober, a community for women in recovery. A fun fact: She competed in her first Fitness competition at age 55! Topics discussed:  Asking for divorce and later having second-thoughts Dating right after the split  Sober for 14 years and started drinking again when she started dating Going from hating her life and being negative to healing Letting go of dating and an unhealthy relationship Getting out of debt and selling a house that was falling apart The shame and guilt of her home and letting go of it all  The day she hired a realtor to sell her home  Accepting herself where she was and taking control of her life Healing from trauma and divorce Deciding she didn’t need to date or find a man to take care of her and her son  Excerpt from her book where she wrote a letter to her inner child To find Lora: Website:  Project Sober Community: Climbing Mountains & Creating Magic:   Reach out to Lori via email  Lori's website: Join Elevate:  Say hello to Lori on Instagram:   Listen to Lora's first episode: Episode 32 with Lora Anne   
Learn what it takes to transform you mindset to train like an elite athlete in midlife and beyond.  My guest today is Joseph Oniwor. Joe is a pro arena football player turned personal transformation coach. He has been in the fitness industry for 28 years. After becoming an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, he started training clients 16 years ago. Four years ago, he developed The JOC Method and began working exclusively with women over 48 and up, providing them with the body transformation coaching needed to overcome the massive energy loss and weight gains associated with menopause. Topics discussed:  How women over 48 can train like an elite athlete What needs to come first in our mind + body transformation What kind of nutrition to focus on to fuel your body Can you drink alcohol and still transform your body  How to practice self-awareness when drinking and know your drinking behaviors The mindset shift you need to empower yourself to exercise How practicing mindfulness can help you transform all areas of your life  How to boost your daily energy and feel good in your clothes Debunking the myths of weight-lifting for women What to do when motivation wanes and discouragement kicks in How to measure your progress beyond the scale I know you are going to love Coach Joe!  Learn more about Coach Joe and his program: Joe's Free 7-day training: Joe's website: Find Joe on Instagram: Mentioned in this episode: Mark Divine, Unbeatable Mind   To join Lori's group coaching program, Elevate: Visit Lori's website for additional resources:          
Episode 143 | No Rock Bottom Required    Casey is the host of the Hello Someday podcast, and Certified Life Coach at Hello Someday Coaching. Casey helps busy, successful women reevaluate their relationship with alcohol, quit drinking, and create lives they love without their nightly glass of wine.    Casey shares her story of how she started drinking, and how she quit for one year and went back to drinking before she ultimately got sober.   To find Casey, please visit her website and podcast.   To find Lori, please visit her website:   To join Elevate, please go here:   Reach out to Lori via email.     
Episode 142  Say Yes to Forgiveness with Claire Lautier  Claire is a Speaker, teacher, author and spiritual coach who is bringing hope and comfort to the podcast. Claire spent 20 years as a Professional Actress and even though she loved acting, she longed for something more. Claire shares her story of how a bad case of frozen shoulder led her back to her love of Kundalini Yoga and into a spiritual journey that changed her life. Claire will help guide you towards deciding to forgive yourself, and let go of any past feelings of punishment.    Topics discussed:  Transitioning from a career in acting and as a singer for 25 years  Going through a phase of bitterness that she thought she should be further along Becoming invisible in the industry and feeling like things were against her How she felt about herself was tied up in how her career was going  How a case of frozen shoulder led her to going back to Kundalini Yoga  Coming out of Victim Consciousness How to be a creator and focus on what you want most vs. what you don’t want The fear of becoming irrelevant Connecting to the source of your power  Take One Step and the Universe Takes 100 Steps Towards Us  How to believe in yourself even when you don’t  How the Universe Takes Care of the How  Surrender, Openness, Receptivity, Trust  The steps you need to take to forgive yourself  How to schedule out your fear and your panic Click here to learn more about Claire and join her email community. To list to The Grace Space podcast, click here.     Click here to join Elevate group coaching for women over 40 with Lori.   
A special bonus episode to help you celebrate the holiday's and any event alcohol-free.  It's tricky in the beginning of sobriety, and you can get through the tricky parts.  Listen to this episode when you need support to walk you through the moments of saying "F it, I will have just one."  I'm with you all of the way.  I appreciate you. Please reach out if you need support.  Email  Website   
Episode 141  This episode is different. I decided to take a break this holiday week and share an uplifting, and (very) relevant story from the book, Who Moved My Cheese?, by Spencer Johnson.  I first read Who Moved My Cheese? the night before I was laid off from my J.O.B. that paid me lot's of money but was never suited for me and my personality.  In the months leading up to the day I was laid off, I just knew that it was coming but did nothing to prepare myself.  Who Moved My Cheese? is a story that will inspire you to step outside of your comfort zone, try a new path in life, and stop doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.  Grab a copy of the book for yourself here.  Join my email community.  Join Elevate.       
This episode will fire you up and reassure you that everything you ever wanted is on the opposite side of fear, including sobriety. I'm joined by my guest, Laura Taylor. Laura is the Founder and Creator of Mingle Mocktails, and a sober woman on a mission to include everyone in celebrations and events by offering wonderful alcohol-free choices. Topics discussed: Laura's journey to sobriety Her drinking and how fear showed up for her before she quit How fear shows up for her in sobriety Being sober vs. alcohol-free - the difference Starting Mingle Mocktails Laura's mission to include everyone in celebrations alcohol-free To learn more about Laura, please visit her website. Mingle Mocktails coupon code: 10BESTLIFE   To schedule a free discovery call with Lori, click here. Lori's website Join To 50 and Beyond & Friends Patreon Community  
In episode 139, I talk with Dora Gosselin, Founder of Soberoso, an online community and podcast that supports men and women in recovery from addiction.  Dora talks openly about her experience in a relationship with a man for years that was toxic, and the night she left. Dora shares how she is recovering from both drug and alcohol addiction today. Dora's story will inspire you and help you know that recovery and healing, and self-love is possible. Topics discussed:  Being stalked by her ex and gaslighted during the first year of her sobriety Giving up drugs and alcohol to start her life over at 45 years old  How not drinking and drugging gave her the strength to leave the relationship for good Finding self-love in recovery and what Dora does to practice taking care of herself Self-care and boundaries in recovery  Being in the moment and enjoying your surroundings in nature To find Dora:  Website Instagram Podcast    To donate to the To 50 and Beyond podcast, and support Lori's mission, please click here. Lori's website  Lori's Instagram    
Episode 138  The sweet benefits of living alcohol-free from women over 40.  Daily benefits of waking up hangover free, being present in your life, and remembering the night before are never lost on women who have decided to get sober.  In this solo episode, I talk about embracing life without alcohol and share 25 benefits from women who I work with privately and inside of my monthly membership program, Elevate.  Topics discussed:  Daily benefits of alcohol-free living  How to embrace the benefits and be free from the BS promises of alcohol Challenging yourself to identify what benefits drinking and alcohol add to your life  How excuses and denial showed up in my life before I quit drinking    
Episode 137   This episode will help you redefine how you feel about weight loss and ALL of the things you think you "should" be doing to feel confident and amazing in your body.    My guest is Tanja Shaw, Founder of Fit + Vibrant Over 50.  Tanja is a sought-after life and weight loss coach, host of the Fit and Vibrant You Podcast, founder of Ascend Fitness + Lifestyle, a holistic health coaching studio in Chilliwack, BC, and Fit + Vibrant Over 50. Tanja has built a credible reputation for helping 1000s of women get to their happy, healthy weight permanently, naturally and without the obsession so that they can LIVE their life. Topics discussed: Accepting your body and not being complacent Loving your body and still want to get better How to use the scale without judgment Mindfulness around your thoughts and eating Celebrating your wins without food to avoid self-sabotage Not using exercise for weight loss The two things you need to let go of if you want long-term change The Top 3 things you need: consistency, simplicity, and routine You can listen to the Fit + Vibrant You Podcast (on iTunes, or where you listen to podcasts).   To learn more about Tanja and her services, please visit Tanja's:    website: Instagram: Facebook:   To learn more about Lori and her services, please visit Lori's:    website:    Instagram   Join Elevate, a 30-Day Membership for Women Over 40 who want to live alcohol-free.       
Episode 136 In this episode, I'm joined by Leslie Tucker, the Founder of A Reseller's Passion, Resell Business and Podcast.  Leslie wears many hats and is a multi-passionate Entrepreneur, and is passionate about helping others create multiple streams of income.  The topics discussed in this episode are:  How Leslie got started from inspiration from her husband How she made a plan to leave her job within 6 months How she started her desert and crochet business  Leslie hitting her goal within 3 months from reselling Selling on Ebay and Poshmark  How to use the internet for creating and selling  How to get started selling on Poshmark  How to take photos and post your listings to sell How to research and resource items to resell  How to use what you have without spending money on expensive equipment to take photos  How to stage your photos for resell  How Leslie structures all of the tasks in her day  Productivity tips to help you get focused and get stuff done The importance of self-care in entrepreneurship To find Leslie:  Website YouTube Instagram Podcast Poshmark     To schedule a free coaching session with Lori.  To join Elevate.  Please visit Lori's website for additional resources.   
Episode 135 with Lori Massicot  If you are a woman over 40 and you're resisting getting sober because your husband or partner drinks or society and friends are pushing you into drinking, then this is the episode for you. In this episode, I share how alcohol affected my life as a mother and wife and how I navigated my relationships after I quit drinking. A lot of those relationships were built on alcohol, including my marriage. Topics discussed in Episode 135 How I met my husband and how we drank together The truth about my drinking and how I acted towards my husband How to navigate a relationship that was built on alcohol How to speak up for yourself when other people are telling you you can have just one it's okay The story of when I had my son and came home from the hospital thinking I would not drink again How to view social media and drinking memes Losing relationships because you're sober and how to deal Boredom is an excuse and has nothing to do with alcohol Click here to schedule a free coaching session. Do you like the podcast? Let's be friends! Please donate and support the mission of To 50 and Beyond and grab some fantastic bonuses today.  Join To 50 and Beyond & Friends Visit my blog and website.  
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