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Author: Lori Massicot

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Empowering women over 40 to gain more happiness, confidence, and freedom from alcohol as you age. Through weekly thought-provoking episodes, you will learn, laugh, and listen in on REAL honest conversations about aging, sobriety, and all of the fantastic topics that support the overall wellness of women over 40. Your host(ess) is Lori Massicot, a former over-drinker, overeater, "sky is falling" type of gal. At forty-five, Lori quit drinking and took the road less traveled called "aging sober" in search of finding herself and living a healthier, happier life. She shares her journey along with her amazing guests to encourage you to ROCK your very best self To 50 and Beyond.
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In episode 128, you will learn how 93% of longevity is under your control and the components of aging for long-term health and wellness.  My guest, Annie Gaudreault is a Holistic Nutritionist and founder of VEEV Health & Wellness. Annie helps women in midlife make sense of all of the health and wellness information so they can make informed decisions and establish habits and systems that support their best health and best life. She helps you realize that aging well is possible and that some of your best years are yet to come. This episode is packed full of information! Some of the topics include:  How to recognize food as a relationship. Understanding what is happening hormonally as you age. The components of longevity. The most significant predictors of your health.  Tracking your emotions through a journal. Busting through the myths of aging. Being mindful of how you feel.  Not normalizing feeling poorly.  Mindful eating and thinking.  To learn more about Annie, please visit her website.  Find Annie on social:  Facebook  Instagram Email   To find Lori:  Join Elevate Group Coaching for Women Over 40 Request a free consultation Email  Instagram      
Episode 127   In this episode, I talk with Paula Fontenelle, therapist, author, podcaster and a woman who lost her father to suicide in 2005.  Paula shares her story of loss, recovery and covers topics that will help you break the silence and stigma of suicide.    Topics include:  Paula’s story of losing her father in 2005 who died by suicide  Paula's relationship with her father before he died  Paula’s recovery and how she felt after her father died  Paula being diagnosed with depression after her father’s death Experiencing “what if’s” after someone you love dies by suicide Dealing with feelings of guilt and grieve after someone you love dies by suicide Paula’s work talking to people who attempted suicide and who lost people they love to suicide The need for this conversation and Paula’s mission of breaking the silence of suicide  Debunking the myths and misconceptions of suicide including: talking about suicide putting the idea in someones head, the language when talking and writing about suicide, people “just talk about it” and they won’t really do it, people don’t want to die, they want to end the pain they are going through, and for the person who dies by suicide being selfish is not true. Misleading information between men and women attempting suicide and dying by suicide  The warning signs of someone who is contemplating suicide How to talk to someone and what you should say and not say Talking to someone is 95% of the reason why people change their mind about suicide Suicide is related to personal crisis and mental health 54% is not related to mental illness  How can you ask about it simply The language around suicide including the Red Flag language The continuum of suicide  Depression and suicide and warning signs in youth  Social media and bullying for our youth Paula Fontenelle is a Brazilian journalist who decided to change careers after the death of her father to suicide, in 2005. Since then, she has finished a training in Psychoanalysis, in Brazil, and a Masters in Clinical Mental Health, in Portland/OR. Today she works as a therapist at Life Counseling, in McMinnville, Oregon. As part of what she considers her mission, she hosts a podcast and a YouTube Channel called Understand Suicide, which has listeners from over sixty countries. She is the author of the book Understanding Suicide: Living with loss, paths to prevention (finalist of the Brazilian Book Award).   To find Paula:  Understand Suicide website  Understand Suicide Podcast  Understanding Suicide: Living With Loss. Paths to Prevention.    To find Lori:  Website  Instagram    
Episode 126 In this episode, I talk about what it takes to stop drinking, gain momentum and keep it going without talking yourself out of sobriety. Topics discussed:  Why self-awareness matters most  Finding support and like-minded friends How to not talk yourself out of sobriety  Finding solutions that work for you Reducing information overload     
Learn how to step into your power in the middle of life and start the reinvention you've been dreaming of with my guest, Jennifer Arthurton of Old Chicks Know Sh*t.  Topics discussed in this episode:  Getting through the perimenopause struggle Fighting the resistance of menopause and relaxing into it How to find out who you are without external help  Living with a chronic illness and how Jennifer manages her self-care today Life after divorce and empty nest  Losing a 30-year career  Not feeling like you are where you "should" be  The three things you need to do to step into your power Jennifer Arthurton is the creator of Old Chicks Kow Sh*t, a community, and podcast all about inspiring women in midlife to own their experience, knowledge, and wisdom to step powerfully into the next chapter of life. Jennifer is a coach and runs workshops as well as appearing as a guest on blogs and podcasts targeted to the mid-life segment and is available as a motivational speaker for women's conferences and events.  To find Jennifer:  Website Podcast  Instagram Join the Empower Intensive To find Lori  1:1 consult Join Elevate group coaching Instagram    
A round table conversation with three of my friends about finding female friendships, social media, and how relationships change after you get sober.  Episode 124: Friendship, Instagram, and Sobriety with Anne and Leigh Walkup and Jaime T. Topics discussed:  Getting sober and finding new friends Why likes and comments on Instagram don't matter  How to find new friends using social media  Why you can't expect everyone to support you  Different categories of friends  Instagram and comparison  To find Anne and Leigh:  Anne Instagram Leigh Instagram The Southern Lady Cooks Front Porch Living Digital Magazine To find Jaime:  Hypegirl Healing  Instagram    To find Lori:  Instagram Website  1:1 Free Consult    Watch us on YouTube    
In episode 123, you will learn how to redefine your identity to find your purpose in the middle of life, and own your accomplishments.  My guest is Amy Schmidt, podcast host, author, speaker, blogger, and Founder and CEO of Fearlessly Facing Fifty whose mission it is to empower and encourage women forty-plus to go all in and not lose their identity.  You will love Amy's story and her positive attitude towards beginning life again, in the middle.  Amy's website. To purchase Amy's book, Cannonball! Fearlessly Facing Midlife and Beyond.   To work with Lori.  Join my email community.  Please leave a rating and review on iTunes. It helps so much! xo    
Episode 122  In this episode, you will learn how to remove chaos from eating, drinking, relationships, and self-induced drama that is effecting your life. Removing chaos and drama is all about removing the madness and disorganization and drama from your life and getting back on track with what matters most to you. Topics include: Chaotic eating - No plan - just eating. No idea what you are putting into your body because you are too busy and stressed to sit down for 20-minutes a week and plan out your meals. Fast eating, over the sink, drive-through food during the week because you didn’t plan and grocery shop. Chaotic drinking - Reaching for the glass out of stress, emotions, and triggers. Those triggers come in the form of a long day, a spouse, a kid, a co-worker, or out of boredom, or celebration.  Chaotic drinking is waking up in the morning with a desire not to drink tonight, and then you do because of someone else or something else or because you know no other way. Chaotic relationships - describe Aunt Sally - you say you will get a new job, um... enablers, narcissists, clingers, judgers, doubters, gaslighters, unkind people who are not happy in their life bring their drama into yours. Self-induced chaos: Holding yourself back from living the life you dream of and do the things you want to do because ___________________.You resist optimism because you only know the negative, and “it’s not going to work.” Suffocating yourself to fit in or putting things in front of you, which you could easily be removed but are scared to let them go. You worry about the future instead of focusing on the present. Schedule a free consult with Lori.  Email Lori.           
Episode 121  The Prime Time Woman with JuJu Hook  In this episode, you will hear from Juju Hook, consultant, coach, and speaker.  Juju shares how her drinking was showing up in binge drinking, seeing an addiction coach and how he helped her change her relationship with alcohol, taking naltrexone to curb her pleasure from alcohol and drinking, and where she is today with her drinking, how to change your relationships with your thoughts, building a brand with soul and purpose, and what it means to be a Prime Time woman, branding and social media and change your brand even if you don’t have a business, and social media tips for the PT gal For more than a quarter-century she developed the brand strategy for corporations. Today, through online programs, live events, and one-to-one coaching, Juju motivates, inspires, and educates PrimeTime women in topics related to business, life, and relationships. She holds a BA in English and an MBA and is certified as a coach and a yoga teacher. Juju lives in San Diego with her husband and her son. You can find her branding blog at and her program for PrimeTime women at Find Juju here: Website Facebook Facebook Group LinkedIn Amazon Book Link: Hot Flashes, Carpools, and Dirty Martinis: The Quintessential Guide for Turning Midlife Into PrimeTime Instagram: @juju_hook Twitter: @JujuHook   To find Lori:  Website  Elevate  Schedule 1:1 Free Consultation with Lori   
Episode 120 The Positive Side of FOMO in Midlife In this episode, we are talking about FOMO - the Fear of Missing Out and turning it around to a positive look into aging, sobriety, and doing things on your terms. Fear means change; it's all good! The biggest question is not what you will miss out on if you (fill in the blank) but what you will miss out on in life if you don't (fill in the blank.)  I will talk about fear when I quit drinking and challenging belief's that alcohol is fun in midlife and how to lean into fear instead of embrace it to start living your desired life.   Join my email community to receive a special offer to enroll in Elevate in July.  To schedule a free consultation, please click here.   
Episode 119 Build a Relationship With Yourself Instead of Alcohol In this episode, I talk about:  Taking a stand with our black community  The Black Lives Matter movement and allyship  Opening up a conversation with yourself no matter how much you want to run from it  Walking away from alcohol  My experience in doing the "work" in recovery  How to ask yourself a simple question to help you start to explore your truth  To learn more go to:     
Episode 117  Is Alcohol Aging You Faster?  In this episode, I answer a listener question:  Do you think alcohol makes you age faster? I feel like my face is changing daily - I workout, take vitamins, and use expensive skincare - is it the alcohol?!  In humans, aging represents the accumulation of changes in a human being over time, encompassing physical, psychological, and social changes. We are going to talk about the physical, psychological, and social effects that stem from a long period of alcohol consumption.  Topics discussed:  The outer effects of alcohol as you age  The effects of alcohol on your physical health The effects of alcohol on your mental health  The effects of alcohol on your social life  How to create a sober lifestyle that supports good health How to take a step back from alcohol to decide what you want in life  Download my free audio training To Drink or Not to Drink.  Schedule a free consultation to learn how a Sober Lifestyle can help you age with more happiness, freedom, and confidence.  Say hello on Instagram            
Episode 116  Respect Yourself and Skip the Crisis with Valerie Albarda Today, you are hearing from the beautiful Valerie Albarda, Valerie is the founder of Midlife A -Go-Go and YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS EPISODE!! Valerie shares her journey through perimenopause, how she has learned to listen to her body, and respect herself, facing her fears to challenge herself, getting back into the workforce at fifty-five, and taking the crisis out of aging. Topics discussed:  Putting age into perspective  Debunking the myths of midlife  Facing her fears and trying out to be a TedX speaker Bad things happen at any stage of life - it’s not a crisis!  Exploring the myth of the midlife crisis  PVC’s in perimenopause Not getting answers from your doctor when it comes to menopause  Doing your own research to help you through perimenopause Listening to your body in menopause and beyond Having respect for yourself  Showing up in life as your real self and not a facade  Committing to you and following through  Deciding what to commit to  Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone to grow Power walking, strength training, and building muscle mass Going back into the workforce at fifty-five Valerie's bio:  In 2015, Valerie Albarda decided to take off the blinders and go through life with her midlife eyes wide open by embracing this dynamic and opportunistic time in her life. That same year, she started Midlife-A-Go-Go to help women navigate this pivotal time in their lives and to understand that they can enjoy the midlife and skip the crisis. In 2018, she added “Midlife-A-Go-Go the podcast!” to her roster. Her podcast meets women where they live – in the second spring of life – and has candid conversations on the ups, the downs, and the “everything in between” of midlife. In addition to being the force behind Midlife-A-Go-Go, Valerie is a writer, author, and speaker. Her writings have appeared across the web, including on HuffPost, Find UR Cool, Kindra, and Midlife Boulevard.   Find Valerie here:  Website Instagram  Facebook    To find Lori: Join Lori's email community.  Schedule a free consultation to learn about private coaching with Lori.       
Episode 115 Recovery: A Love Story with Jennifer Golden Re-igniting love with her ex-husband in recovery. Jennifer Golden is a living proof that you can change your life, and change your relationships once you get sober. For a long time, Jennifer lived a life where every ounce of energy she went to drinking alcohol.  Jennifer’s life revolved around when, where, how, and how much she could drink. But on August 12, 2015, she woke up, looked in the mirror, and said NO MORE. She joined the local gym and found that working out took her mind off of drinking. So she kept going every day. She is now 4 1/2 years sober and the blessings keep coming! She loves to share my purpose in her story to help others who are suffering because you aren't alone and we do recover.  Jen is a mom to a 12-year-old boy, works full time in the garbage industry, and is an independent representative for an Activewear company called Zyia Active. Consider her your personal workout gear shopper!  Topics discussed: Getting fit after getting sober.  Exercise for well-being and mental health Normal people drinking How sobriety helps you to step into who you are authentically  Exhausting trying to keep up and hide sobriety Being open and free in sobriety Her dating experience during sobriety  How she is taking care of herself now during Quarantine  Finding love again with her Ex-Husband  Drinking during the day - having shakes and drinking at 7:00 in the morning Being devious in sobriety and not being able to stop    Shop Jennifer's Activewear Jennifer on Instagram Jen's first episode on To 50 and Beyond, #11   Watch the video recording of the podcast on YouTube. Download Lori's free audio training To Drink or Not to Drink  Schedule a 1:1 consult with Lori to get started on living with alcohol.   
Bonus episode: Take a Break to Reevaluate Your Life  In this episode, I'm sharing the reason why I'm stepping back from recording two episodes a week, IF and changing it up, and my daily routine and flow.  To download my free audio training "To Drink or Not To Drink" go here.  Say hello on Instagram!  Join my email community.   
This is Not Your Mom's Midlife  Today, I'm talking about all of the opportunities in the middle of life and re-introduction of why this podcast exists and what it's all about.  To join ELEVATE group coaching for women over 40, go here.  To work with my privately, go here.  To join my email community, go here.     
Episode 114  Commit to Yourself to Reach Your Dreams and Goals  In this episode, I talk about the importance of thanking your old thoughts that say you're not disciplined, you can't, or you won't and replace them with new thoughts that challenge you to move beyond your comfort zone.  Topics include:  Replace discipline with a desire  Replace failure with learning  Replace inspiration with action  Long-term sobriety as you age  Moving through roadblocks to keep going towards your dreams Making a small commitment to reach your bigger goals  Becoming the woman you want to be every day  The struggle of aging  Work with me privately.  Email me with a question for the show.  Join ELEVATE group coaching for women over 40.         
Life Is...

Life Is...


Bonus episode In this episode, I share a journal prompt Life Is... and my answers, talk about what I'm doing to stay sane during quarantine, and share with you a follow-up from Episode 112 with John Siddique.  Work with my privately.  Join ELEVATE.  Ask me a question.  Join email community.     
Episode 113 Boundaries Start With You with Nancy Levin  Nancy Levin is a Master Coach and Best-Selling Author of several books including her latest, Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free.  Formerly the event director at Hay House for over a decade, Nancy is the creator of Levin Life Coach Academy and offers in-depth coaching and training programs designed to support clients in making themselves a priority and setting boundaries that stick.  Topics include:  Morning rituals  Evening rituals Boundaries and what it means to set them  Setting boundaries with ourselves first  The biggest myth about boundaries  How to start with setting boundaries from a self-locating place  Taking a pause to name what you want  Getting clear on what you want that is separate from what everyone else wants  Hiding ourselves to be loved and accepted - a lot of time and energy in the hiding Paying attention to yourself is not disrespectful of someone else  It’s not selfish to pay attention to your needs  The goal of a relationship is for each party to show up in our truth, not in harmony  A boundary is not about changing other people’s behaviors.  To find Nancy:  Nancy's website Instagram Facebook   To work with Lori privately.  To join ELEVATE group coaching for women over 40 who want to learn how to live a sober lifestyle.     
Defending your drinking to others is not important - it's how you defend your drinking to yourself that matters.  Listen in to hear how Lori reacted to others' opinions of her drinking and how she stood up for herself when she got sober.  Enter coupon START to join ELEVATE until 4/28/20.  Join my email community.  Work with me privately to get and stay sober as you age.     
#112 No Longer Dying to Be Somebody with John Siddique  In this episode, you will hear from John Siddique about what happened after he died and came back to life without any outside revival support.    John's Website  Email John Topics discussed:  Authenticity isn't an act Adding to ourselves Letting go of old baggage Forgiving yourself Loving yourself as a whole Keeping your word to yourself Coping mechanisms  Saying thank you to things that no longer serve you Reuniting with his son after being separated from his for his entire life Codependency in his life BIO: John is a much-loved sacred teacher, writer, and poet, best known for his authenticity, humour, and ‘feet on the ground’ wisdom. His profound, accessible, teachings have helped millions of people throughout the world find greater peace and fulfilment in their lives. Yet his work is not about gathering followers or preaching a particular spirituality. Rather it is his deepest wish that his teachings are a space for transformation for all who are drawn them in order that they know their own souls, and that through his service he can be of encouragement to those with ‘least dust’ in their eyes at this time of the human journey.  He is the creator of the hugely popular online meditation course ‘Self-Acceptance Through Authenticity,’ as well as the children’s course ‘Creating Magical Moments,’ he is also the author of six books, and has published numerous pieces all around the world. He has written for BBC National Radio including programs on Near-Death Experiences and The Cultural Impact of  The Indian Partition. The thread of the sacred runs through every iteration of his work. John also keeps a hand in the literary world by serving on an editorial board for the Royal Literary Fund. Born in the United Kingdom, John initially had a difficult early life and rebelled against school and society. He later attended Manchester University as a mature student gaining a Master’s Degree in Literature. His study of meditation, yoga, and inner healing began at the age of fourteen, at first from books, then in the deep practical study of the great religions and practices, before setting all labels aside after a series of profound shifts in consciousness which included a near-death experience in 2014. To reach Lori:  Email Join Lori's community Schedule a walking session in April 2020      
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