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Empowering women over 40 to gain more happiness, confidence, and freedom from alcohol as you age. Through weekly thought-provoking episodes, you will learn, laugh, and listen in on REAL honest conversations about aging, sobriety, and all of the fantastic topics that support the overall wellness of women over 40. Your host(ess) is Lori Massicot, a former over-drinker, overeater, "sky is falling" type of gal. At forty-five, Lori quit drinking and took the road less traveled called "aging sober" in search of finding herself and living a healthier, happier life. She shares her journey along with her amazing guests to encourage you to ROCK your very best self To 50 and Beyond.
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This episode will fire you up and reassure you that everything you ever wanted is on the opposite side of fear, including sobriety. I'm joined by my guest, Laura Taylor. Laura is the Founder and Creator of Mingle Mocktails, and a sober woman on a mission to include everyone in celebrations and events by offering wonderful alcohol-free choices. Topics discussed: Laura's journey to sobriety Her drinking and how fear showed up for her before she quit How fear shows up for her in sobriety Being sober vs. alcohol-free - the difference Starting Mingle Mocktails Laura's mission to include everyone in celebrations alcohol-free To learn more about Laura, please visit her website. Mingle Mocktails coupon code: 10BESTLIFE   To schedule a free discovery call with Lori, click here. Lori's website Join To 50 and Beyond & Friends Patreon Community  
In episode 139, I talk with Dora Gosselin, Founder of Soberoso, an online community and podcast that supports men and women in recovery from addiction.  Dora talks openly about her experience in a relationship with a man for years that was toxic, and the night she left. Dora shares how she is recovering from both drug and alcohol addiction today. Dora's story will inspire you and help you know that recovery and healing, and self-love is possible. Topics discussed:  Being stalked by her ex and gaslighted during the first year of her sobriety Giving up drugs and alcohol to start her life over at 45 years old  How not drinking and drugging gave her the strength to leave the relationship for good Finding self-love in recovery and what Dora does to practice taking care of herself Self-care and boundaries in recovery  Being in the moment and enjoying your surroundings in nature To find Dora:  Website Instagram Podcast    To donate to the To 50 and Beyond podcast, and support Lori's mission, please click here. Lori's website  Lori's Instagram    
Episode 138  The sweet benefits of living alcohol-free from women over 40.  Daily benefits of waking up hangover free, being present in your life, and remembering the night before are never lost on women who have decided to get sober.  In this solo episode, I talk about embracing life without alcohol and share 25 benefits from women who I work with privately and inside of my monthly membership program, Elevate.  Topics discussed:  Daily benefits of alcohol-free living  How to embrace the benefits and be free from the BS promises of alcohol Challenging yourself to identify what benefits drinking and alcohol add to your life  How excuses and denial showed up in my life before I quit drinking    
Episode 137   This episode will help you redefine how you feel about weight loss and ALL of the things you think you "should" be doing to feel confident and amazing in your body.    My guest is Tanja Shaw, Founder of Fit + Vibrant Over 50.  Tanja is a sought-after life and weight loss coach, host of the Fit and Vibrant You Podcast, founder of Ascend Fitness + Lifestyle, a holistic health coaching studio in Chilliwack, BC, and Fit + Vibrant Over 50. Tanja has built a credible reputation for helping 1000s of women get to their happy, healthy weight permanently, naturally and without the obsession so that they can LIVE their life. Topics discussed: Accepting your body and not being complacent Loving your body and still want to get better How to use the scale without judgment Mindfulness around your thoughts and eating Celebrating your wins without food to avoid self-sabotage Not using exercise for weight loss The two things you need to let go of if you want long-term change The Top 3 things you need: consistency, simplicity, and routine You can listen to the Fit + Vibrant You Podcast (on iTunes, or where you listen to podcasts).   To learn more about Tanja and her services, please visit Tanja's:    website: Instagram: Facebook:   To learn more about Lori and her services, please visit Lori's:    website:    Instagram   Join Elevate, a 30-Day Membership for Women Over 40 who want to live alcohol-free.       
Episode 136 In this episode, I'm joined by Leslie Tucker, the Founder of A Reseller's Passion, Resell Business and Podcast.  Leslie wears many hats and is a multi-passionate Entrepreneur, and is passionate about helping others create multiple streams of income.  The topics discussed in this episode are:  How Leslie got started from inspiration from her husband How she made a plan to leave her job within 6 months How she started her desert and crochet business  Leslie hitting her goal within 3 months from reselling Selling on Ebay and Poshmark  How to use the internet for creating and selling  How to get started selling on Poshmark  How to take photos and post your listings to sell How to research and resource items to resell  How to use what you have without spending money on expensive equipment to take photos  How to stage your photos for resell  How Leslie structures all of the tasks in her day  Productivity tips to help you get focused and get stuff done The importance of self-care in entrepreneurship To find Leslie:  Website YouTube Instagram Podcast Poshmark     To schedule a free coaching session with Lori.  To join Elevate.  Please visit Lori's website for additional resources.   
Episode 135 with Lori Massicot  If you are a woman over 40 and you're resisting getting sober because your husband or partner drinks or society and friends are pushing you into drinking, then this is the episode for you. In this episode, I share how alcohol affected my life as a mother and wife and how I navigated my relationships after I quit drinking. A lot of those relationships were built on alcohol, including my marriage. Topics discussed in Episode 135 How I met my husband and how we drank together The truth about my drinking and how I acted towards my husband How to navigate a relationship that was built on alcohol How to speak up for yourself when other people are telling you you can have just one it's okay The story of when I had my son and came home from the hospital thinking I would not drink again How to view social media and drinking memes Losing relationships because you're sober and how to deal Boredom is an excuse and has nothing to do with alcohol Click here to schedule a free coaching session. Do you like the podcast? Let's be friends! Please donate and support the mission of To 50 and Beyond and grab some fantastic bonuses today.  Join To 50 and Beyond & Friends Visit my blog and website.  
Episode 134 My guest is my friend, Michelle Spieler who is a Hollywood Trained Makeup Artist, Photographer, and advocate for positive aging and wellness.  Topics discussed: Using TikTok to have fun and let loose Using makeup to boost your mood Nutrition and exercise in your 50's How washing your face is essential Skincare for youthful skin Clean makeup and what you need to look your best quick  To learn more about Michelle, please visit her website, YouTube channel and Instagram.    To join To 50 and Beyond & Friends Patreon, please click here.  To schedule a free coaching session with Lori click here
In this episode #133, I talk with Paula Fontenelle, therapist, author, podcaster. Paula shares her story of going through perimenopause and things you can do when you are experiencing loneliness.  Topics discussed:  How her sleep changed going through the beginning of perimenopause Her sleep solutions and what is working Her perimenopause journey and how she feels today Understanding your body and your aging process  How Paula didn’t experience perimenopause symptoms  Finding something that works  Why loneliness is evolutionary  How and why our brains and body react to loneliness The fight, flight and freeze response and what happens during this time The health problems that come from long-term loneliness  Drinking because of loneliness and panic attacks  Feeling lonely around other people  How loneliness turns into isolation and withdrawal  The pain of loneliness and embracing solitude as an antidote Slowing down during COVID and re-evaluating your values in life  How to use social media to help you stay connected, not substitute in-real-life relationships Book mentioned:  Why We Sleep, by Matthew Walker Paula Fontenelle is a Brazilian journalist who decided to change careers after the death of her father to suicide, in 2005. Since then, she has finished a training in Psychoanalysis, in Brazil, and a Masters in Clinical Mental Health, in Portland/OR. Today she works as a therapist at Life Counseling, in McMinnville, Oregon. As part of what she considers her mission, she hosts a podcast and a YouTube Channel called Understand Suicide, which has listeners from over sixty countries. She is the author of the book Understanding Suicide: Living with loss, paths to prevention (finalist of the Brazilian Book Award).   To find Paula:  Understand Suicide website  Understand Suicide Podcast  Understanding Suicide: Living With Loss. Paths to Prevention.     Join To 50 and Beyond & Friends Patreon I appreciate your support.   Lori's website    
Season Four Episode 132 | Becoming Your Best Self During Perimenopause with Rachel Hughes. In this episode, I talk with my friend, Rachel Hughes of The MenoMemo's blog and Instagram account. Rachel is a Certified Nutrition Consultant who worked with chronic pain patients for ten years. After experiencing her own perimenopause symptoms, Rachel decided to create a safe space where peri- and menopausal women can help each other navigate these particular years together with honesty, thoughtfulness and a lot of laughter. Rachel is funny, sweet and knows how to begin the healing process by starting with your gut.  Topics discussed: Ending the People Pleasing Cycle  Her son leaving the house and becoming an Empty Nester Breaking free from taking care of everyone else  Rachel’s experience going through Perimenopause  Using Nutrition and Exercise to feel better during Perimenopause  Going from a non-drinker to wine night in the suburbs  The crutch of drinking and alcohol Going alcohol-free and what Rachel learned about her drinking  Using the kitchen to heal inside out Find Rachel here: Instagram Blog and Website     Join To 50 and Beyond & Friends. Schedule a free consultation with Lori to learn more about Life and Sober Coaching over 40.  Send Lori an email.  
Bonus episode: A Sneak Peek Into Season Four coming 9/22/20.  A quick episode to share with you my new Sponsor for the podcast, my vision for Season Four, and how to GO for a 100 No's!  Let's finish the year strong!  Become a To 50 and Beyond & Friends Patron.   Please visit my website for additional resources.           
Bonus I recently received an email from a beautiful gal who asked me if I had a last hurrah when I quit drinking, and if it's a good idea to add closure before getting sober. I was the Queen of the last hurrah! Every diet I started from the age of 8, had a "last meal." Every January 1st had a "last spending spree," and every Sunday for about two years, I had an "I'm never going to drink again" speech. Until August 11th, 2013, when I quit drinking, there was no last hurrah.  I didn't plan to stop drinking that night, I received a sign, and I took it. A sign which now I know was God, and he said, "Lori, you've had enough," enough to last a lifetime (or two)." There was no last hurrah for me and in this episode you will hear my experience with what happened after I quit, and if I think you need a last hurrah.    Please reach out if you have a question or a topic you would like to hear on the podcast.  Email Website Are you ready to explore an alcohol-free lifestyle?  Join Elevate today   
Episode 131 Do you think that you can't quit drinking because your circle drinks or your spouse/partner drinks? Think again.  This episode will fire you up!  My guest is Connie McMillan, aka The Sobriety Queen. Connie is the Founder of Cocktails and Chocolate, an alcohol-free bar service. She  is also a Sobriety and Recovery coach, author and Podcast host.  Connie has an Associates & Bachelors degree in Human Services with a concentration in Substance Abuse. Connie shares her story of the night she was shot and how her addiction to alcohol began, and ended on the day of her mother's passing.  Topics discussed:  Starting her business and how her business changed when she got sober How to decide who needs to know what you are doing  Answering the question, does everyone drink?  Self-worth and being honest with yourself What people said when she quit drinking What Connie does for fun without alcohol - you will dig it!  To find Connie: Website  The Sober Sessions Podcast Alcohol Fiend to Sobriety Queen Book  Instagram    To find Lori:  Email  1:1 Discovery Call  Join Elevate Membership Community  Instagram   
In this episode, you will hear an honest conversation with a woman who realized that alcohol was no longer adding anything to her life, and what happened after she quit.  I'm so honored to have Lucy Blenkinsopp join me on the podcast. Lucy is a holistic well-being coach for women in the middle of life.  Lucy helps women through menopause and beyond, brain fog, weight gain, alcohol dependency, anxiety and the dreaded feeling of being stuck, irrelevant, un-sexy or invisible.  Topics discussed:  The power of aging sober is a rebellious act Well-being and what it means  Midlife drinking and how it wreaks havoc on your hormones and menopause and life  Eating and dieting in menopause and Intermittent Fasting Finding yourself after you quit drinking  How to stand up for yourself and not drinking because of others including your husband/partner Lucy’s experience with HRT  Aging and grey area drinking   Healthy habits and how they make life easier  How Lucy practices self-care and her morning routine To learn more about Lucy and how to work with her, please visit her website and say hello on Instagram.  Mentioned in this episode:  XX Brain, by Lisa Mosconi, PHD  
A very raw and honest reveal of the one lesson I've learned from not only seven years of sobriety, but from 30-years of drinking.  Please send me an email to learn more about Private Coaching.  Join Elevate - Group Coaching for Women Over 40.  Say hello on Instagram.   
Episode 129 with my guest Len Jefferson-Springer, Restorative Eating and Certified Holistic Health Coach.  I love Len’s perspective on food and eating and making a plan that works for you. I know you will find comfort in this conversation.  There are no rules - it’s what you want - isn’t that refreshing?! Taking the pressure off of dieting and depriving yourself.   Topics: How Len got started in her business.  Getting in and out of the kitchen to support your overall wellness. How to get started meal prepping. Working on yourself without avoiding what you want. Society and food and wellness and why it’s unrealistic. The levels of meal prepping and how to make it work for you.  How to change your thoughts to eat what you like and how you like to eat.  Managing different lifestyles in your home and how to eat for you - not them. Using your freezer to save you money and time. How to bypass food waste. Creating a personal ritual that makes you feel. Grocery shopping once a week and what to look for in your food that makes it REAL food. How much Len spends on groceries every month in California.   To find Len:  I am Len's Kitchen Website  Shop Len's spices Instagram Facebook    To find Lori: To schedule a Private Session with Lori Join Elevate Group Coaching  Say hello to Lori on Instagram    
In episode 128, you will learn how 93% of longevity is under your control and the components of aging for long-term health and wellness.  My guest, Annie Gaudreault is a Holistic Nutritionist and founder of VEEV Health & Wellness. Annie helps women in midlife make sense of all of the health and wellness information so they can make informed decisions and establish habits and systems that support their best health and best life. She helps you realize that aging well is possible and that some of your best years are yet to come. This episode is packed full of information! Some of the topics include:  How to recognize food as a relationship. Understanding what is happening hormonally as you age. The components of longevity. The most significant predictors of your health.  Tracking your emotions through a journal. Busting through the myths of aging. Being mindful of how you feel.  Not normalizing feeling poorly.  Mindful eating and thinking.  To learn more about Annie, please visit her website.  Find Annie on social:  Facebook  Instagram Email   To find Lori:  Join Elevate Group Coaching for Women Over 40 Request a free consultation Email  Instagram      
Episode 127   In this episode, I talk with Paula Fontenelle, therapist, author, podcaster and a woman who lost her father to suicide in 2005.  Paula shares her story of loss, recovery and covers topics that will help you break the silence and stigma of suicide.    Topics include:  Paula’s story of losing her father in 2005 who died by suicide  Paula's relationship with her father before he died  Paula’s recovery and how she felt after her father died  Paula being diagnosed with depression after her father’s death Experiencing “what if’s” after someone you love dies by suicide Dealing with feelings of guilt and grieve after someone you love dies by suicide Paula’s work talking to people who attempted suicide and who lost people they love to suicide The need for this conversation and Paula’s mission of breaking the silence of suicide  Debunking the myths and misconceptions of suicide including: talking about suicide putting the idea in someones head, the language when talking and writing about suicide, people “just talk about it” and they won’t really do it, people don’t want to die, they want to end the pain they are going through, and for the person who dies by suicide being selfish is not true. Misleading information between men and women attempting suicide and dying by suicide  The warning signs of someone who is contemplating suicide How to talk to someone and what you should say and not say Talking to someone is 95% of the reason why people change their mind about suicide Suicide is related to personal crisis and mental health 54% is not related to mental illness  How can you ask about it simply The language around suicide including the Red Flag language The continuum of suicide  Depression and suicide and warning signs in youth  Social media and bullying for our youth Paula Fontenelle is a Brazilian journalist who decided to change careers after the death of her father to suicide, in 2005. Since then, she has finished a training in Psychoanalysis, in Brazil, and a Masters in Clinical Mental Health, in Portland/OR. Today she works as a therapist at Life Counseling, in McMinnville, Oregon. As part of what she considers her mission, she hosts a podcast and a YouTube Channel called Understand Suicide, which has listeners from over sixty countries. She is the author of the book Understanding Suicide: Living with loss, paths to prevention (finalist of the Brazilian Book Award).   To find Paula:  Understand Suicide website  Understand Suicide Podcast  Understanding Suicide: Living With Loss. Paths to Prevention.    To find Lori:  Website  Instagram    
Episode 126 In this episode, I talk about what it takes to stop drinking, gain momentum and keep it going without talking yourself out of sobriety. Topics discussed:  Why self-awareness matters most  Finding support and like-minded friends How to not talk yourself out of sobriety  Finding solutions that work for you Reducing information overload     
Learn how to step into your power in the middle of life and start the reinvention you've been dreaming of with my guest, Jennifer Arthurton of Old Chicks Know Sh*t.  Topics discussed in this episode:  Getting through the perimenopause struggle Fighting the resistance of menopause and relaxing into it How to find out who you are without external help  Living with a chronic illness and how Jennifer manages her self-care today Life after divorce and empty nest  Losing a 30-year career  Not feeling like you are where you "should" be  The three things you need to do to step into your power Jennifer Arthurton is the creator of Old Chicks Kow Sh*t, a community, and podcast all about inspiring women in midlife to own their experience, knowledge, and wisdom to step powerfully into the next chapter of life. Jennifer is a coach and runs workshops as well as appearing as a guest on blogs and podcasts targeted to the mid-life segment and is available as a motivational speaker for women's conferences and events.  To find Jennifer:  Website Podcast  Instagram Join the Empower Intensive To find Lori  1:1 consult Join Elevate group coaching Instagram    
A round table conversation with three of my friends about finding female friendships, social media, and how relationships change after you get sober.  Episode 124: Friendship, Instagram, and Sobriety with Anne and Leigh Walkup and Jaime T. Topics discussed:  Getting sober and finding new friends Why likes and comments on Instagram don't matter  How to find new friends using social media  Why you can't expect everyone to support you  Different categories of friends  Instagram and comparison  To find Anne and Leigh:  Anne Instagram Leigh Instagram The Southern Lady Cooks Front Porch Living Digital Magazine To find Jaime:  Hypegirl Healing  Instagram    To find Lori:  Instagram Website  1:1 Free Consult    Watch us on YouTube    
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