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The To 50 & Beyond podcast celebrates women over 40. Your host, Lori Massicot, is a former over-drinker, over-eater, and over-thinker turned truth-teller, wannabe comedian, and sober (aging) life coach. Twice a week, Lori shares honest stories, wellness + alcohol-free solutions, and empowerment through solo shows + interviews with women who are going after their dreams + challenging you to do the same. Midlife is the best life to age with grace + self-kindness while unapologetically living life on your terms; to 50 & beyond.
219 Episodes
Episode 110  Going For It After Job Loss and Illness with Shelley Elkovich A very interesting SHIFT in midlife after being diagnosed with a rare syndrome, my guest, Shelley Elkovich talks about taking a risk and going for it after job loss and rare illness.  Shelley (54) is the Taste Maven and founder of For Bitter For Worse. FBFW makes complex cocktails with love, not alcohol. Shelley started the business with her husband after life gave them lemons in the form of job loss and illness. For Bitter For Worse is a Portland, Oregon brand with big ambitions. They make drinks, and their mission is inclusion. Topics include:  Re-envisioning life in the middle  Taking a big risk in starting a new business  Kids and college and empty nest  Disembarkment syndrome and the diagnosis process  Finding alcohol-free beverages through the diagnosis  GOING FOR IT Quickly  Being unapologetic about being ambitious  Flavors of non-alcoholic beverages Find Shelley here:  Instagram  Facebook Website   To find Lori: Enroll in ELEVATE using code: WHATSNEXT at checkout.  Schedule a Walking Coaching session.  Email Lori.  Leave Lori a message here.   
Take the Edge Off Without Drinking  Get gritty to let your feelings and emotions out vs. drowning them out! EXCLUSIVE PODCAST LISTENER OFFER:  Join ELEVATE group coaching for women over 40 today!  Get $202 off of enrollment for April and get the support, accountability, and tools that you need to LIVE life alcohol-free.  Enroll today 
Episode 109  Aging, Fashion and Brand Building with Susie Wright Today, we are talking fashion, building a brand and business, and going forward in life and purpose even when the world is in crisis.  My guest today is Susie Wright, the founder of So Susie, a blog that helps women feel confident and proud!  Susie has been on the podcast FOUR TIMES and is coming to you today with encouragement to live your best life and make things happen!  Susie has been in the fashion industry for over 25-years, she is a personal stylist for Nordstrom, fashion blogger, and aging advocate.   Susie promotes finding key pieces that work well together and make you feel good in and wearing them over and over again.  We talk about fashion, denim, in particular, living an ageless lifestyle, going back to school and graduating college, adjusting to our new reality, curating social media, ageism in PR and advertising, and what she is doing now during the COVID-19 crisis to keep moving forward.  Listen to Susie's past episodes:   Find Susie here:  Website  Instagram   Reach out to Lori:  Leave me a message for the podcast.  Email me for help and support.  Say hello on Instagram.           
Embracing the Shift

Embracing the Shift


Bonus episode  Embracing the Shift  In this episode, I talk about current events surrounding us with the COVID-19.   Some of us are shifting beautifully into our new reality, and others feel more like it's a BIG LOUD PIVOT.  Listen in to get support, love, and encouragement to do you!  Join my email community for bonus episodes, special offers, and weekly midlife musings.  Leave me a podcast message or review.  Say hello on Instagram  
Episode 108  You Can Overcome Anxiety with Dennis Simsek    In this episode, I'm talking with Dennis Simsek, The Anxiety Guy, about living a life free from anxiety, and chronic anxiety.  Dennis shares his story of suffering from chronic anxiety in his late twenties to early thirties, and how he has overcome.  He lost great relationships with people due to his increasing anxiety levels during social interactions, and his fears of being judged wrongly by people. If you are someone who has struggled with anxiety for years or it's new to you during perimenopause (and beyond), this episode will help you know you are not alone, and there are things you can do to turn it around.    Introducing Dennis Simsek:  Dennis Simsek is a Certified NACBT Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner.  Dennis helps individuals and groups see where the obstacles in their life are, and guide/mentor them to reach their goals and full potentials. Through his program, YouTube videos, articles, podcast episodes, and coaching sessions are all a reflection of what worked for Dennis and thousands of others worldwide to turn fear into freedom.   Topics discussed in the episode:    What anxiety feels like  Anxiety comes down to repressed rage  The young age where the start of programming begins  The four components of anxiety  Survival mode vs. living life  Not succumbing to an ego-mind  The road to forgiveness  Dennis' experience with antidepressants and what he used during his chronic anxiety The sensations of anxiety  The night Dennis almost took his life Letting anxiety lead you by checking in with it constantly  The identity level - looking at himself and what he thought he deserved   Sacrificing your old beliefs, your identity  Being completely upfront with others about your anxiety and not hiding  The energy it takes to hide anxiety  Renegotiating with yourself  New programming - be open, be curious, be willing  Replacing self-punishment with self-love   To find Dennis:   The Anxiety Guy website Email YouTube Twitter Instagram Facebook    If you liked this episode, please share it with a friend and rate and review it on iTunes by opening the app, clicking on the store, and searching To 50 & Beyond > rate and review.    Schedule a free coaching session by emailing Lori here.  Join Lori's email community here.  Lori's Website  Say hello on Instagram   
This is a bonus episode about what is happening in our world with the COVID-19.  My hope is to reach you in a place where you need to hear that there is hope and you are not alone, and to empower you to take action today! Download 25-Things to UPlevel Your Life Today
Bonus Episode  The Unromantic Side of Drinking  Show Notes Today's episode is all about the flip side of drinking and what happens when you think other people are able to "handle" alcohol.  I spent two years in indecision about whether or not I needed to quit, wanted to quit, or could moderate.  Those two years, exhausted me and I look back on them now as a big waste of time.  I don't want any woman in the middle of life to waste precious time thinking that alcohol is romantic.  It's ethanol in a pretty bottle with a cool name.  To schedule a free coaching session, please email here.  To join my email community and receive secret bonus episodes, please click here.   
Episode 107  Belonging in Long-Term Recovery  In this episode, I talk with Ann VerSteeg about long-term recovery, being a single mom for decades, and overcoming some of life's most traumatic experiences.  With alcohol clouding life as a teenager, she never knew what was real or imagined until she got sober. Annie is a 67-year old single sober badass with two adult children.  Annie got sober when her kids were six and four.  She was a midwife and then became a Lactation Consultant.  She has an 11-year old Lab, Jimmy, two grandsons, and lives in San Diego, California.  Some of the topics you will hear:  What depression feels like  Her Fertility Journey, not infertility journey  Getting divorced and dealing with the “new” wife  Betrayal and how it changes your life forever  Being a mom and letting go of control  Her daughter’s drinking at fourteen  Taking medication now for depression  Anti-depressants and how they have helped Annie's Sober Journey  At 30-weeks pregnant she learned her husband was in love with someone else and walked out the door.  Being a single parent and not feeling like she belonged  Repairing her relationship with her daughter today  Being single for 28 years Her parents drinking Losing her mom to alcoholism  It wasn’t hard for her to get sober  What a dry drunk is.  Long-term sobriety and how she reminds herself why she can’t drink today Reach out to Annie on Instagram.    Join Lori in 1:1 Coaching - schedule your free session today! Join ELEVATE Self-Study.  Join the Email community. 
Bonus episode:  Money Time: Downsizing, Budgets, and Money Language In this episode, I talk about my family's downsizing experience, how we are budgeting and tracking our money, and the disempowering money language that is holding us ALL back from living an abundant RICH life.    SPECIAL OFFER: ELEVATE Group Coaching    Download Get Your Glow On! Bonus Episode   Schedule a Free 30-minute Coaching Session    Listen to My Money Story Part One    Subscribe to the Podcast and leave me a message     
Episode 106  What it Means to Live a Sober Lifestyle  In this episode, I talk about how to make a sober lifestyle work for you and how to decide if sobriety is something you would like to explore.  Email me for a free coaching session.  Join the To 50 & Beyond FB community.  Say hello on Instagram.     
You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone


Bonus Episode  You Are Not Alone  In this episode, I talk about a moment I had this week where I ugly cried and said "I am all alone."   What happened next, helped me and it will help you too!    Email me Join ELEVATE     
Life at 50 with Amy Dresner

Life at 50 with Amy Dresner


Episode 105 Life at 50 with Amy Dresner  In this episode, I talk with Amy Dresner, author, writer, former comedian, and recovery advocate about turning 50, ageism, dating, money, and aging parents. Topics include:  Getting sober in her forties  Amy's story of recovery Aging parents and illness Gratitude for aging  Amy's writing career + book My Fair Junkie  Dating and aging Dating apps  Celibacy Ageism  Financial worries Epilepsy from drug use and crystal meth  Sex addiction  Drug addiction   Amy Dresner is a former comedian, as well as a recovering addict/alcoholic and epic, fuck up. She’s been a writer for the addiction/recovery magazine since 2012 and freelanced for, Psychology Today, After Party Chat, Good Men Project, Refinery 29, among others.  Her first book, “My Fair Junkie: A Memoir of Getting Dirty and Staying Clean,” was released by Hachette in 2017 to rave reviews by critics and readers alike. She’s appeared on the television show The Doctors as well as been a guest on Dr. Drew, Don’t Die, Recovering from Reality, Dopey Nation, and many other podcasts and radio shows. She was a speaker at the She Recovers LA Gala in 2018, receiving a standing ovation. Elle magazine compared her memoir “My Fair Junkie” to Carrie Fisher’s 1987 autobiographical novel, “Postcards from the Edge” and Mary Karr’s 2009 “Lit,” calling it “one for the ages.” Her book is currently in development for a TV series.   To find Amy:  Website Instagram Twitter  Facebook  Buy My Fair Junkie on Amazon    To find Lori:  Schedule a free coaching session Join ELEVATE  Facebook - To 50 & Beyond group  Instagram    Email    
Bonus episode Alcohol is Not a Solution  For years I drank to "solve" shyness, sadness, perimenopause, grief, and more midlife experiences.  What I have found after six+ years of sobriety is that alcohol was never the solution to helping me, it only hindered me.  To schedule a coaching session, click here.  To join ELEVATE, click here.   
Episode 104 Becoming Your Own Best Friend with Caroline Hinchliff  In this episode, I talk with Caroline Hinchliff, a holistic nutritionist, author, and wilderness guide.  Caroline helps women build unshakable confidence in their bodies and finally feel good about food.  Caroline shares her story of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail for five months to find herself years ago.  She talks about the commonality of being your own worst enemy and getting to the point of becoming your own best friend and changing the dialogue with yourself.  Bullet points:  Binge eating + purging Setting out to feel better  The gift of aging Using food for pleasure  Shifting out of fear and shame and judgment and into a place of exploration, pleasure, and reward Having a “good” job but hating it  Abusive relationships + feeling lonely  Struggling with food + body image for years Redefining the external factors of success Simplistic living and living on less than you think you need Having an out-loud conversation with yourself  How to get out of the self- judgment mindset  Gentle exercise + not pressuring your body Struggling with a deep degree with her weight inside  When we take care of ourselves, we become more loving to everyone around us The book discussed, Wild, by Cheryl Strayed To find Caroline:  Visit her website Say hello on Instagram  Facebook  YouTube    To find Lori:  Join ELEVATE  Schedule a free private session Email        
BONUS  Aging with Anxiety and Alcohol  In this episode, I share my story of when I started drinking at 14 to when I quit at 45.  The story I told myself was that I needed alcohol to be social and to be liked.  I was wrong.    Free Coaching Session  Enroll in ELEVATE   
Episode 103 The Gift of Community with Dawn Nickel  In this episode, you will hear from Dawn Nickel, the founder of SHE RECOVERS. Dawn talks about turning 60 this year and how she wants to go into her third act of life and she is spending a lot of time in self-reflection.  Also, how she discovered at a young age that there had to be more to life than substance use and addiction.  Uncovering what led her to drink and using drugs. Today, Dawn is working on her workaholism.  She talks about putting in long hours and catching herself so she doesn’t do it every day.    Bullet Points:  Self-reflection going into 60  Childhood emotional trauma  Recovering from perfectionism Building She Recovers Blacking out from workaholism Anxiety and workaholism  Working 12-15 hours somedays  Sleeping 8-9 hours a night  Surviving stage 3 colon cancer  Where to choose an area in your life to heal first  Getting connected to stop isolation and get help  Dawn Nickel is a thought leader in the women’s recovery sphere and the creator of SHE RECOVERS, currently the largest online platform dedicated specifically to supporting women in recovery from behavioral health issues and related life challenges. Dawn started her own journey of recovery from a substance use disorder and domestic violence in 1987, she is also in recovery from anxiety, grief, trauma, and cancer. She is a strong advocate for the view that every woman in or seeking recovery must be supported to find the tools and pathways that will work best for her as an individual. To find Dawn:  Website  Instagram Facebook    Reach out to Lori for a free coaching session via email. Say hi to Lori on Instagram  
BONUS: How to Prove Yourself Wrong  It's so simple!  In this episode, I talk about how to prove yourself wrong so you build confidence and vitality in the middle of life.  The drama that you create by living in the past, worrying about the future, and not taking action today.  This drama is what keeps you from proving yourself wrong.  It doesn’t need to be this way.   Enter the 100th Episode Book + Beauty Bundle Giveaway Request a complimentary coaching session       
Episode 102 Un-Becoming Codependent In this episode, I talk with Stephanie Curtis about what it was like to marry young, leave the marriage, and marry again to an alcoholic husband.  Stephanie recounts her days in a marriage where Budweiser was the mistress, and how she made the decision to leave the marriage and work on her own recovery from codependency.  For years Stephanie fought desperately to save her husband, her family, and herself from the overwhelming destructive power of alcoholism, addiction, and abuse. Ultimately, she realized that in her attempts to lift him up, she was burying herself. The only way to find peace and protect her family was to redefine them completely. Now, as a single mom of two, she chips away at the armor she welded on over the years as protection. And hopes her story provides light to those cowering in the darkness of addiction - both the alcoholics and the unseen heroes - the spouses. Topics include:  Abusive Relationships  Getting married at twenty  Having an affair in her first marriage  Running away from the relationship because she couldn’t take the abuse Moving in with someone else quickly after leaving her first marriage Married a man who was an alcoholic - Mr. B.  Seeking help + self-reflection + recovery  Finding help on Instagram through hashtags  Justifying the relationship with her alcoholic husband  Her husband’s behavior when drinking beer  Why you don’t “just” leave an abusive relationship with an alcoholic  Trying to get her husband to recover instead of her own recovery  Telling her husband to leave the home finally in 2018  Surrendering as a codependent Having the confidence to own who you are  Narrowing your circle  - Quality over Quantity as an adult Fitting In vs. Belonging Finding Love again on IG To find Stephanie:  IG: @unbecoming.mrs.b Podcast: @theresabrightside - releasing on March 1, 2020   To join ELEVATE, click here To schedule a free session with Lori, click here  Say hello on Instagram To 50 & Beyond Facebook community    
On the first Saturday of every month, I will share what I have learned in working on my money story in 2020.  Topics discussed in this episode:  Valuing myself + questions that I need to dive deeper into Tracking Income + Expense  What's working for me now  How I accomplished my Money Time Habit  To learn more about my Money Story:  My Money Story Part One  My Money Story Part Two  Money Shame with Linda Parmar    To schedule a free 1:1 session, click here.  To enter the 100th episode giveaway, click here.    To join ELEVATE Group Coaching, click here.   
100 Episode Book & Bundle Giveaway Episode 101  The Byproduct of Getting Sober with Jaime T.  In this episode, I talk with Jaime T., CEO of Hype Girl Healing, a virtual community for women that hosts healing circles.  Jaime answered her soul's work in 2019.  Her heart's true passions and desires became abundantly clear: to begin healing the hurt that we all experience, and begin talking about the true potential and power each one of us has; to help women achieve true, undeniable happiness, through connection, conversation, love, and kindness coaching.  Some of the topics discussed:  Drinking as a teenager The social norm of drinking, especially in the beverage service industry Went through a move to California  Did a cleanse in 2017 and everything changed Hibernating because of cold weather and stocking up on alcohol.  Binge Drinking  Ego Sabotage  Finding Fitness after removing alcohol  Feeling the FEELS - anger, rage, regrets Finding an outlet to feel your emotions  Intuitive Exercise  Working with women + empowering them through healing circles online Saving money and becoming debt-free To find Jaime:  Hype Girl Healing Website Instagram Facebook    To find Lori:  Book a free coaching session  Join ELEVATE  Instagram     
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