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Author: Lori Massicot

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Welcome to To 50 and Beyond!

A podcast that celebrates aging!

Your host Lori Massicot, a life and sober coach and woman in recovery from alcohol, offers you weekly episodes that give you an honest look into her life as a 30-year drinker and the decision she made to get sober at 45.

You will laugh, learn, and get inspired as Lori and her guests share real solutions that elevate your mindset, self-care, and habits and behaviors to age with joy, excitement and freedom from alcohol.

If you are a gal who is curious about an alcohol-free lifestyle, doesn't like labels and appreciates the occasional F bomb, and wants to enjoy the heck out of life, To 50 and Beyond is for you.

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Disclaimer: The To 50 and Beyond podcast and it's content does not provide medical diagnosis or advice or alcohol/drug addiction or substance abuse treatment advice. To 50 and Beyond is to be listened to strictly for motivational and educational purposes only.

Guests of the To 50 and Beyond podcast are available to ask questions and seek help on their respective channels provided in each episode.
291 Episodes
Episode 167  What does doing nothing mean to you? Are you spending too much of your time doing something for the sake of doing something and feeling tapped out at the end of the day? This episode is created to help you take a step back, ask yourself some questions, and reflect on what you would feel like if you allowed yourself to just BE. Resources mentioned:  Katherine Smith article - The Art of Doing Nothing   To read the full show notes:  
Episode 166  Are you trying to moderate your drinking but it isn't working?  Do you sometimes wonder if it would be easier to quit drinking than to try and "make it work?"  Well, my friend you are not alone!  My guest, the incredible Clare Pooley shares her experience with alcohol, her attempts at moderation, and some of her reasons for quitting that you will definitely relate to. Clare Pooley is an author, speaker, and blogger who shares her journey to getting sober in a lovely, light and authentic way. To learn more about Clare and view this episodes full show notes, click here:   Please take a moment and leave this episode a rating and review: I appreciate you being here. Thank you for listening!     
Episode 165  Are you in recovery from addiction? Have you been looking for a different approach? My guest on episode 165 is the lovely and intelligent Dr. Dawn Bantel, a naturopathic physician with an innovative approach to the recovery process you do not want to miss.   Dr. Dawn is a licensed naturopathic physician in Arizona. She has specialized in addiction recovery for almost two decades. First, as the medical director of an eating disorder treatment center and then as the medical director for a residential program specializing in addictions and trauma. She is passionate about transformation and believes that integrative medicine is an important component of addiction recovery.   Topics Discussed Dr. Dawn's experience with Naturopathic medicine Dr. Dawn's knowledge of eating disorders and addiction An integrative approach to recovery and medicine The connection between physiology and mental health The negative effects of alcohol on the body and the adrenal system Cortisol in health and recovery Herbal medicines/ adaptogens (rhodiola, tulsi) Finding the right practitioner PAWS (post acute withdrawal syndrome) Relevant Links:   Dr. Dawn's Website Instagram Facebook TikTok   I appreciate you listening to this episode, if you like the podcast, please take a couple of minutes to leave a rating and review.   To learn more about Private Coaching, click here.   To read the full show notes, click here.   
Episode 164  My guest on episode 164 is the amazing Cait Donovan, who has made it her mission to share her expertise on burnout with others, after her own experience with it.   After years of feeling exhausted and seeking external validation, Cait realized that she was burnt out.  She dove into research about the subject and has transformed herself into a guide for people going through their burnout. During this episode Cait also talks about setting up boundaries and the impacts resentment has on us.  Burnout is something that requires recovery, and whether it's being aware of what you want or upholding the boundaries you put in place, Cait beautifully explains ways to help you bounce back. Find the full show notes for this episode, and Cait's information here.   If you liked this episode, please consider leaving a rating and review for other gals to find Cait too!  It just takes a couple of minutes, and I thank you in advance. Leave rating and review.       
Episode 163  Do you worry about your health and put off going to the doctor? My guest on episode 163, the legendary Joan Lunden will help you take charge of your health today!   Joan is an American journalist, author, and television host, and mom of seven who is kind, smart and funny!   Joan's latest book, Why Did I Come Into This Room? A Candid Conversation About Aging should be in the hands of women of all ages.   She is an advocate for us all.   Joan shared stories of her days on GMA, the day she decided (at forty) to take charge of her health, her breast cancer journey, and the #1 fear of aging.   To meet a woman who, at 70, is still, if not more active in her work, activism, and life, beyond inspired me, and I know you will feel the same.     To read the full show notes, please click here.  
Episode 162    I never thought I would travel to my couch and watch a Lifetime movie without drinking let alone, vacation, but those were just old thoughts.   The thoughts that tell you drinking is what you've always done, so you have to keep drinking are really outdated and deserve a re-write.   On this week's episode, I talk about the Joy of Traveling Alcohol-Free.    In the episode, I talk about my drinking vacations vs. sober ones, coping with travel anxiety, tips to enjoy yourself a/f, and creating a Staycation for yourself this year.    I LOVE a good Staycation! Write down your ideas while you listen to the episode and let me know what you come up with.    See full show notes:   Visit my website to learn more about me and my work:    
Episode #161  My guest on episode 161 is my good friend, the fabulous Michelle Spieler. Michelle shares her feelings about aging while speaking openly about her struggles with depression and an eating disorder.   When her daughter was born, Michelle’s life completely changed and she had to start caring for herself more to be able to care for others. Michelle talks about how she manages her drinking and embraces what makes her feel beautiful for a healthier lifestyle and mindset.  From trying a new look every once in a while to taking a few minutes to focus on self care, Michelle gives some ideas for improving confidence or changing up your routine.  We also talk a little bit about dealing with negativity online and Michelle’s amazing TikTok.  View full show notes here.    To join Elevate group coaching for women over 40: Email Lori    
In this bonus episode (release date: 4/29), I talk about how hard it can be to ignore those unwanted opinions and focus on yourself.  A lot of times, these negative opinions are unsolicited, and give us no real value. Sometimes we need advice from our friends and our family, and in this episode I talk about balancing the advice you get with what you feel in your heart.  Before I quit drinking, I asked my husband what he thought.  He believed that I didn’t have a problem and there was no reason for me to stop drinking, and although I love him, I ignored his advice and got sober anyway.   Learning how to trust your own instincts and do what is right for you can change your life; it did for me. For full show notes and to learn more about Lori, click here.  If you enjoyed this episode, please consider taking a couple of minutes to leave a positive rating and review here: I thank you in advance!  Lori's website and contact information.     
We would do anything for our kids, right? Including sobriety!  My guest today on episode 160, is Kim Bellas, Founder of Sober Is The New Cool.  Since Kim decided to get sober in 2013, she has helped people all over the world through their own recovery journeys.  When her 15 year-old son started having seizures and could not drink with his friends, Kim wanted to prove to her son and herself that alcohol was not necessary to have fun.  Once Kim stopped drinking for the 3 months she originally planned, she decided that she would keep going, and after 6 months she felt happier than she had been in a while.   Now, Kim has been sober for 8 years and has made it her mission to prove to others that sobriety is cool, and anyone can take the opportunity to improve their mental and physical well-being.   Topics discussed: How Kim originally quit drinking to help her son  Kim noticing how good she felt after she stopped drinking  How there is always a “reason” to drink  The challenges of not drinking socially  The shame people carry with them when getting sober  How to describe yourself positively  How Kim got hypnotized to help her quit drinking  Kim’s morning routine and how she stays active Please read the full show notes here:    
Do you worry about relapsing or has relapse affected your recovery journey?   My guest on episode 159, the inspirational Pamela Davenport, is well versed in the highs and lows of recovery, and draws on her own struggles with relapse to help others.   Pamela is a certified recovery coach; meditation teacher and She Recovers coach. More importantly, she’s a human in the 11th year on the path of recovery from alcohol addiction.   Pamela believes “just being sober” is not enough. Sobriety is the beginning of a journey which has the power to radically transform lives. Her mission? To speak about addiction without shame, guilt or blame. To inform, inspire and compassionately empower - teaching like a coach, but thinking as an addict.   Read full show notes.   Topics Discussed: Pamela’s journey through relapse and recovery How not to look at relapse as a failure How unresolved issues can stand in the way of your recovery Ways that Pamela makes sure to take time for herself How Pamela dealt with the stigma surrounding relapse How to be honest with yourself and others, and seek out help Pamela’s formula for recovery Learn more about Pamela here:   I appreciate you listening to this episode, if you like the podcast, please take a couple of minutes to leave a rating and review here: To join the To 50 and Beyond inner circle, click here: To learn more about coaching and join Elevate, click here: To learn more about Private Coaching, click here:
Sobriety is a scary word! On episode 158, I talk about my own journey and the process it took for me to come to terms with my sobriety.   If someone told me when I was young that alcohol would mess up my life, I wouldn’t have believed them.  For a huge part of my life I drank excessively and at one point I felt like life and wine needed to go together. After years of wondering whether or not I had a problem, I had to listen to my own thoughts and feelings instead of anyone else’s, and I made the difficult choice to quit drinking.   You are never alone if you feel like sobriety is something you never planned for your life.  Topics Discussed The word "sobriety" can be scary How I am always working on old behaviors I notice  Ways I work on acceptance within myself How I once believed in the stigma surrounding sobriety and alcoholism Feeling like an outcast after quitting drinking  How I had to pay attention to my thoughts and feelings in order to see my situation  Objections people have to quitting drinking  How you don't need to ask for other people's opinions to make a change You define self-care and what makes you feel good  Focusing on self-care and acceptance vs. sobriety I appreciate you listening to this episode, if you like the podcast, please take a couple of minutes to leave a rating and review here: Rate This Podcast To join the To 50 and Beyond inner circle, click here: Patreon To learn more about coaching and join Elevate, click here: Elevate To learn more about Private Coaching, click here: Private Coaching    
In this episode of To 50 and Beyond Podcast, we have invited Jean McCarthy, award-winning blogger and the host of The Bubble Hour podcast and is a strong voice of recovery advocacy. Her book “The Ember Ever There: Poems on Change, Grief, Growth, Recovery, and Rediscovery” was released in June 2020. She is also the author of the book “UnPickled Holiday Survival Guide: Staying Alcohol-Free During the Festive Season,” a resource about sobriety for people in recovery and their families. Her blog UnPickled (8,000+ followers) began in 2011 and has continued to chronicle Jean’s alcohol-free lifestyle since her first day of sobriety. Thousands of readers credit UnPickled as a motivating factor in their decision to quit drinking. Jean joined The Bubble Hour podcast as a co-host in 2013. She took over the weekly program as its sole producer and host in 2016. The show has a devoted and enthusiastic listenership with more than 60,000 monthly downloads. Jean is a former performing songwriter with two albums of original music to her credit. Fans of the podcast are familiar with the show’s theme song “I Own It,” a single from Jean’s 2008 album, “Blessings and Burdens.” At a gala in New York City, Jean was named the recipient of the 2017 SheRecovers Hope Award in recognition of her efforts to help others seek positive changes in their lives. Today, Jean dives into a conversation about recovery from alcohol dependency and how you can love yourself. Topics discussed:  Jean’s perimenopause and menopause  Alcoholism and Jean’s road to recovery  Embracing the label of addiction  Exploring new pathways to sobriety Self-care in sobriety and aging Jean’s experience with botox and fillers Loving yourself as you age  Jean’s reading of a poem from her book, The Ember Ever There To learn more about Jean:  Website: Blog: Podcast: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:   Resources Mentioned: “The Ember Ever There” by Jean McCarthy     I appreciate you listening to this episode, if you like the podcast, please take a couple of minutes to leave a rating and review here: To join the To 50 and Beyond inner circle, click here: To learn more about coaching and join Elevate, click here: To learn more about Private Coaching, click here:  
  You are not alone if you've heard "you're too sensitive!" and you don't need to "fix" anything about you. You are not alone, my friend.   In this episode, #156, invited Mel Collins, a UK author of the book “The Handbook for Highly Sensitive People - How to Transform Feeling Overwhelmed and Frazzled to Empowered and Fulfilled.” Before dedicating her time to writing and teaching, Mel is also a spiritual life coach, qualified psychotherapeutic counselor, spiritual healer, reiki master, intuitive, and HSP consultant.   She was in a senior management position in a prison service then decided to study extensively under the late Jungian Psychotherapist, Dr. Roger Woolger, in past-life regression therapy and Ancestral Healing. Today, Mel dives into a conversation about Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs), their correlation to addiction, its gifts and abilities, and why you should embrace it.   Topics discussed in this episode: Mel’s view on aging and menopause Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) information Mel’s story of discovering HSP Coping strategies for HSP’s Drinking as an HSP and addiction Changing your drinking as an HSP Mel’s time in working in the Prison Service Mel’s book writing Overcoming roadblocks The gifts of being an HSP   Learn more about Mel:   Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:   Resources Mentioned: “The Highly Sensitive Person” by Dr. Elaine N. Aron “The Handbook for Highly Sensitive People: How to Transform Feeling Overwhelmed and Frazzled to Empowered and Fulfilled” by Mel Collins   Thank you so much for listening!   I appreciate you! If you like the podcast, please take a couple of minutes to leave a rating and review here:   Visit my website for more resources on aging alcohol free:   To join the To 50 and Beyond inner circle, click here:   To learn more about coaching and join Elevate, click here:   To learn more about Private Coaching, click here:
Episode 155  What beliefs do you have about yourself? Are your beliefs holding you back from becoming the person you want to become? Well, this episode is for you. Today we have an opportunity to hear from Cody Kreutz. Cody has an amazing personal transformation journey that you cannot afford to miss. Besides having an incredible personal transformation journey, his recovery journey is unbelievable! Cody went from alcohol to drugs. When Cody started doing drugs, his life went from bad to worse. He became hopeless and lost his self-worth. Self- hate hit in, and suicidal thoughts started kicking in. He once tried taking away his life, but it was unsuccessful. Cody got help, and he is now on a mission to help people transform their lives. Cody Kreutz is a YouTuber, podcaster, and speaker with over seven years of recovery from addiction. Cody and his wife host the podcast, We Are the Stigma, where they chat with like-minded individuals on how to persevere while simultaneously breaking the stigma. They aim to explore all types of circumstances, beliefs, and experiences, using honesty, open-mindedness, and humor. Cody lives in San Diego with his amazing wife and three beautiful children. Topics discussed: How Cody didn’t know what a limiting belief was until 39 How Cody’s spiritual awakening happened in 2020 Cody’s personal transformation Cody’s recovery journey Cody’s daily routine: What does Cody do to support his transformation and awakening What’s next for Cody? Cody’s podcast - We Are the Stigma  Relevant Links:  Instagram  YouTube  We Are The Stigma Podcast Resources Mentioned in the Episode: The 5 Am Club- Robin Sharma Good Vibes, Good Life- Vex Kings   I appreciate you listening to this episode, if you like the podcast, please take a couple of minutes to leave a rating and review here: To join the To 50 and Beyond inner circle, click here: To learn more about coaching and join Elevate, click here: To learn more about Private Coaching, click here:  
Episode 154  Being sober is a whole NEW VIBE. It’s beautiful and messy, and you feel freedom like you’ve never experienced. It’s a vibe that we long for and when we experience it we want to celebrate the fact that we’re here! We’ve made it! You are not alone and there isn’t anything wrong with you if you’ve celebrated sober progress with a drink. It’s within you to choose celebration without alcohol and the more you do, the more you realize that your past celebrations are much more enjoyable without the after-effects of the drink. You don’t have to celebrate with alcohol. In this episode, I talk about: Why alcohol is considered celebratory Why you’re not boring or bored with sobriety How to celebrate the heck out of everyday so that occasional celebrations become fun again without alcohol. What to do when you feel like drinking to celebrate How to make sober activities enjoyable No matter where you are on this alcohol-free journey, I'm cheering for you!  I appreciate you listening to this episode, if you like the podcast, please take a couple of minutes to leave a rating and review here: To join the To 50 and Beyond inner circle, click here: To learn more about coaching and join Elevate, click here:   Send me an email and say hello!   
Did you brush your teeth this morning or make your bed? Congratulations, you've just completed a tiny habit! One tiny action may seem insignificant towards your (big) desired outcome or goals, but small habits help you progress, celebrate yourself, and create long-lasting change. In this bonus episode, I talk about creating one small tiny habit today to boost your confidence and prove that you can do hard things to reach your biggest desires. Topics discussed: What tiny habits are Why it's essential to create tiny habits towards the desired behavior you want to change or add to your life How to create one small (less than 30-second) habit today How to celebrate your progress by saying, "yay, me!" The principles for creating tiny habits from the book, Tiny Habits, by BJ Fogg, PhD The resource used: Tiny Habits, by BJ Fogg, PhD I thank you for listening and supporting the podcast. If you have a couple of minutes, please consider leaving a 5-star rating and review here: Your testimonials mean the world to me and help me reach more women who are just like you. If you are ready to create some new tiny habits and explore an alcohol-free lifestyle, check out my group coaching program, Elevate here: Please visit my website for more information and resources to help you ROCK your very best self, To 50 and Beyond.      
Episode #153 Simplicity with Courtney Carver    How many clothes do you have in your closet, and how many of those clothes do you wear now and then?   We can all agree that having too many clothes in the closet makes it difficult to decide what we want to wear. To help us solve the too many clothes problem, we have Courtney Carver joining us on the show.   She will be telling us about Project 333 and how we can apply it in our lives. Courtney will also share her simplicity journey and how it affected her life.   Have you been struggling with alcohol? Courtney will tell us how she broke off her relationship with alcohol.   Listen in as Courtney shares her story and wisdom with us.   Key Talking Points of the Episode: Courtney’s age and how she feels about it Courtney’s journey to simplicity Project 333: How was project 333 born? Rules of Project 333 Courtney’s membership How Courtney broke her relationship with alcohol What’s next for Courtney? Courtney’s morning routine Courtney’s podcast: Soul and Wit Soulful simplicity book by Courtney What does simplicity feel like to Courtney?     Relevant Links:   Be More with Less   Soul and Wit   Project 333 Challenge   Project 333 Book – Courtney Carver   Soulful Simplicity Book- Courtney Carver   Soul and Wit Podcast   Soul and Wit Instagram   Be More with Less Instagram     To find Lori:    Website   Email    Instagram    Join Elevate, group coaching program.      
Episode 152  The five most comforting words put together in one beautiful, simple sentence: I know how you feel or I feel this way too. When you connect first with yourself, and then with others fear dissipates, shame begins to dissolve, and you build confidence and trust in yourself.  You become certain that you are all you need, and you become very aware that alcohol isn’t required in any area of your life.  In this episode, I’m going to help you explore connecting to yourself simply and deeply, and why we need connection as we get older and get sober, and the power of community in aging and sobriety.    To learn more about Elevate group coaching, click here.  Please reach out to me if you need support by sending me an email here.    Please take a minute to rate and review the podcast so more women just like you can find the podcast. I appreciate your support and your rating and review mean the world to me!  Rate and review.  
Episode 151   When you quit drinking, you save money because you're not buying alcohol, but you also realize that money wasn't the only thing costing you while drinking.    My brilliant and beautiful guest, Linda Parmar, is joining the podcast for the third time today to share her truth and her wisdom.    Linda is a Certified Money Coach/Recovery Coach who helps women with their relationship with money. She uses her coaching programs to inspire women worldwide to transform their lives and money mindset experience, creating a new story.   Linda shares her experience with addiction and her cost; she spent approximately $400 per week on alcohol, which affected her financial situation and mostly her physical and mental health. Other Topics: Removing your old money mindset story. Relapse in Financial Recovery and how to pick yourself back up  Finding Financial Freedom beyond debt  Invest in yourself; you are going to spend money anyways. The shit you did is not who you are. Drinking and aging is stigma. Money is energy; resistance and money don’t work together. To find Linda:   Download Linda's Spending Worksheet (freebie):     To find Lori:    Website  Instagram  Email    I thank you for listening, friend.    If you liked this episode, please consider taking a couple of minutes to rate and review it on your favorite podcast app.     If you love the podcast, please consider donating $5 to the mission of To 50 and Beyond.   Your donation helps me keep the podcast going and add to your life by creating exclusive bonus episodes and a monthly meetup where we can talk about all things midlife.    Join To 50 and Beyond & Friends Patreon:   Sending you a Virtual Hug!       
Bonus episode  On February 5th I celebrate three years of podcasting. Throughout the past few years, I've come to the realization that being scared to do something is the reason why you should, and you CAN figure out how to do anything you want.  I'm celebrating you for listening, sharing, and allowing me into your life weekly since 2018.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting this pod into your ears.  Season Five is coming February 16th. Stay in the loop by joining my email community. You can find me on my website or say hello on Instagram.    I appreciate your rating and review! Help me spread the word so the podcast reaches women in the middle of life. Please rate and review the podcast on your favorite app:  
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