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Author: Daniel Floyd

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The Catch as Catch Can Podcast
14 Episodes
- Female Leads in Sci-Fi - The Orville - The Q - Tribute to Peter Mayhew
Sandshoes and Dave join me to discuss Superhero movies and comics We pay tribute to paranormal icon Lorraine Warren The Q - First Concert Odd News - Airbnb Spud
This time we discuss the Captain coming home: Steve Yzerman as the new GM of the Red Wings. We talk about Star Wars IV A New Hope. A To Boldly Pod Q about Easter and What in the Hell is Wrong with Mankind
This time we discuss the new trailer for Star Wars Episode 9, Our TV Theme Song Tournament, Talk with comedian Billy Hoffman, pose a To Boldly Pod Q and What the Hell is Wrong with Mankind Visit Billy at
We talk about the idea of canon in movie and TV franchises, talk old school wrestling and WrestleMania with Dave and a segment of What in the Hell is Wrong with Mankind
10 Movies in 10 Days Music through the decades The Q What in the Hell is wrong with Mankind
- UFOs & Perception - Musings from my Work Van "What the Hell is a Camisole?" - Fan Theories - The Q "Overrated Musical Acts"
This time we discuss part one of the first season of The History Channel show Project Blue Book. Why some fanboys in social media groups are so negative & the To Boldly Pod question about Favorite Soundtracks
We discuss LeBrons Legacy, look at the first and second Doctors from Doctor Who & pose The Q about breakfast cereal
We Discuss Sports Tanking, Old Sci-Fi vs New Sci-Fi & post the question: Who is your favorite comedian?
We discuss the Star Trek original pilot The Cage, College players sitting out games & ask our weekly Q
We Discuss the relation to 60's Protests to those of Today. Also pose a social media question & cover sports tanking
Pod Date 0203.19 (Superbowl 53 and Reboots & Rob) by Daniel Floyd
Pod Date 0210.19 - Superbowl Wrap / AAF / Shatner / Musings from my Work Van by Daniel Floyd
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