DiscoverToday’s Autistic Moment: A Podcast for Autistic Adults by An Autistic Adult
Today’s Autistic Moment: A Podcast for Autistic Adults by An Autistic Adult
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Today’s Autistic Moment: A Podcast for Autistic Adults by An Autistic Adult

Author: Philip King-Lowe

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Today's Autistic Moment is always a free podcast that gives Autistic Adults access to important information, helps us learn about our barriers to discover the strengths and tools we already have to use for self-advocacy. Visit to find the program script and transcripts for each episode, to visit the Patreon Page to support the work of the podcast, and the Autism Resource Links page. Today's Autistic Moment is a proud member of the National Podcast Association. Support this podcast:
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Go to for the transcript. When most people hear the words successfully Autistic & Queer, they digress to what those words mean from a neurotypical, ableist and straight point of view of what success is.  Dr. Devon Price who is the author of the books Unmasking Autism: Discovering the New Faces of Neurodiversity and Laziness Does Not Exist will talk about what being successful as Autistics and Queer really means.  --- Support this podcast:
Go to for the transcript. Autistics mask their Autism to try to fit in with the Neurotypical world.  A lot of Autistic Adults are unmasking as we accept ourselves and put our best forward into every aspect of life.  Eric Garcia is a political journalist and the author of the book: We're Not Broken: Changing the Autism Conversation.  Eric will join me to talk about how Autistics are unmasking and making a huge impact for the Neurodiversity movement. --- Support this podcast:
Here this sample of the episode coming on May 21st with Eric Garcia --- Support this podcast:
Go to for the transcript. Rose Carriero is an Autistic Mother in Canada who was diagnosed after her son.  Rose will talk about what communication, self-identification, as an Autistic with an Autistic son can be like. What happens when an Autistic Mother is experiencing sensory overload or meltdown, with a son who is having the same kind of day?  Rose will share what she has learned from her Autistic son, and what Mother’s Day means for her. --- Support this podcast:
The New Normal

The New Normal


Go to to find the transcript. You can click on the episode on the website and read the transcript there, or you may click on the link provided and be taken to that transcript in a document that you can download and print to follow the show. David Gray-Hammond reworked his essays from his blog on and put them into an anthology entitled: The New Normal: Autistic Musings on the Threat of a Broken Society. Throughout the book, David writes that the suffering that many Autistics experience is because of a society that is broken. David talks about the word Neuroqueer, and how Autistics are Neuroqueering language. David wrote his book as a love letter to the Autistic community that helped him through drug and alcohol addiction and is still helping him to this day. --- Support this podcast:
Looking for the transcript for this tailer? Go to Here are some samples of what you will hear on the next episode of Today’s Autistic Moment: The New Normal with my guest David Gray-Hammond --- Support this podcast:
Go to for the transcript. Autism Acceptance Month is supposed to be about Autistics.  However, Autism Acceptance Month has become commodified for merchandise and arguments about Autism.  Many Autistics dread the month of April because we find ourselves explaining and defending ourselves with neurotypicals who claim to be “Autism experts” but do not give Autistics the chance to use our voices or they ignore us completely. Becca and Doug will give some great advice for how Autistics can take care of themselves during what can be the worst month of the year for many. --- Support this podcast:
Go to for the transcript.  Carole Jean Whittington joins me to talk about how Autistic women define success.  Carole is a burnout strategist who helps Autistics work through their burnout.  Carole Jean Whittington is the director and host for Mind Your Autistic Brain. Her company helps with education and supports for late diagnosed Autistics and other Neurodivergents.  Carole is recognized as one of the top 50 Neurodiversity Evangelists by Theo Smith and Neurodiversity World. --- Support this podcast:
Michelle Markman is a Neurodivergent relationship coach and a late diagnosed Autistic woman.  Michelle was aware of social differences and experienced the social challenges in her  childhood, but was unclear on their explanation until college.  MIchelle has been through spinal fractures, chronic pain, an autoimmune disease and through it all has refused mediocrity. Michelle's greatest personal accomplishment was climbing Kilimanjaro the world's tallest free standing mountain in Africa.  Michelle is a mother, world traveler, foodie, bibliophile and bon vivant.  Don't miss this great show as Michelle will talk about her greatest pleasure in helping others form and nurture social relationships. --- Support this podcast:
Oluwatobi Odugunwa works with the Autistic People of Color Fund will be my guest for The Strengths and Achievements of Black Autistic Adults. The news and media tends to focus on the difficulties of having Autism, and black people are sadly classified as troubled and/or inferior to white people. In keeping with the theme for this year, my guest Oluwatobi Odugunwa and I are going to talk about the great work that Black Autistics are doing to foster a society of anti-bias towards Autistic Black individuals with disabilities. --- Support this podcast:
Autistic Adults are pioneers on their own journeys. Lisa Morgan is a pioneer as part of a family with a history of suicide because of Autistic needs that were not being met. Lisa is an example of someone who met their tragedies and used them to build herself up and founded her own company to support Autistics in moments of crisis. Lisa’s story will move and inspire you in whatever situation you find yourself in, to work with and through it as an Autistic Adult to create and live your own life as you are. Don’t miss this special show. --- Support this podcast:
Today's Autistic Moment is recognizing Black History Month with this special show. The movement for Neurodiversity like many others has it's own version of systemic racism.  Many of the programs, classes, presentations and schedules are created by and for the white majority.  If the movement for Neurodiversity is to be inclusive, then we must listen to the stories of Autistic people of color and learn from them how we can address the issue of racism.  Precious Lesley is a black Autistic Adult who will be talking about this sensitive topic.  In keeping with the theme for 2023, Precious will talk about the strengths and Achievements of Black Autistic Adults. --- Support this podcast:
Today's Autistic Moment reaches a major milestone with the 50th show.  The podcast began in 2021 with a goal of creating some real social changes for the Autistic Adult Community.  The past two seasons have brought Autistic Adults and professionals who work with Autistics together to talk about the topics that matter most to us. Today's Autistic Moment and Autistic Voices Roundtable Discussions are giving Neurodivergent the chance to use their voices that are so often left out of the conversations about us and having our say.  It is having an impact. --- Support this podcast:
Go to for the transcript. Ana Aragon is my special guest for this premier to discuss the context of the theme for Today's Autistic Moment in 2023.  The Strengths and Achievements of Autistic Adults.   The guests and topics during 2023 on Today’s Autistic Moment’s podcast and Autistic Voices Roundtable Discussions will do more than talk about our many challenges; we will talk about how so many amazing Autistic Adults are using their challenges to build up their strengths so that we can set reasonable goals and achieve them successfully. There are so many talented and skillful Autistic Adults that are authors, educators, mathematical geniuses, advocates, who are using their tenacity to help the movement for Neurodiversity create community to support and encourage one another. In 2023, you will be meeting and hearing from many of them on Today’s Autistic Moment and Autistic Voices Roundtable Discussions. --- Support this podcast:
Autistics Communicating

Autistics Communicating


Go to for the transcript Autistics are stereotyped as not knowing how to communicate appropriately. As each Autistic is unique from another, each of us communicates differently. Some of us communicate verbally. Some of us communicate nonverbally. Some of us are non-speaking, but we still communicate. While Grace Ogden-Parker and I will not be speaking for every Autistic, we will be advocating for the diversity of Autistic Adults communicating with others in our own Autistic languages and styles of communicating. Are Neurotypicals really listening? --- Support this podcast:
Managing Holiday Stress

Managing Holiday Stress


Go to for the transcript For many Autistic Adults the holidays are a time of sensory distress, seasonal depression, with social demands and all the music and holiday advertising that can stress us out. Becca Lory Hector who was my guest for the Summer of Self-Care Series will give us some of her ideas about managing holiday stress to help us all enjoy them as much as we can. --- Support this podcast:
Go to for the transcript. Autistic Adults are often stereotyped as children that never matured properly. Autistic Adults are infantilized by neurotypicals who feel that they know better as to who we should be and how we should behave and therefore should teach us to be more like neurotypicals. Robert Allan Claus III is an Autistic Adult who is here to talk about how being infantilized has affected him, and why he feels it is important that Autistic Adults be respected as Adults. --- Support this podcast:
Go to for the transcript. Nicky Collins is Autistic.  Nicky and her partner are parents of Autistic Children.  Nicky joins Philip to talk about what learning about her own Autism from her Autistic child was like. Nicky will talk about how Autistic Parents are different in how they work with their children and their challenges with schools and educational professionals that dismiss their concerns and advice.   Enjoy the show. --- Support this podcast:
Go to for the transcript Autistics and those with ADHD intersect as Neurodivergents.  We have issues with executive dysfunctioning, attention to detail and social challenges.  Pete Wharmby was diagnosed as Autistic at the age of 34 in 2017. At this point, he is a self-diagnosed ADHD because getting diagnoses in England is still complicated because of COVID-19. Pete has immersed himself in working to make the world a better place for the Neurodivergent community. Pete is an author, a former teacher and father.  Pete joins me to talk about this intersectionality to assist us with community organization and mutual support. --- Support this podcast:
Autistics with ADHD

Autistics with ADHD


Go to for the transcript. In the DSM-5 in 2013 Attention Deficit Disorder Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) was added to the family of neurological developmental disorders.  Neurodiversity includes ADHD.  Many Autistics have ADHD.  What are the similarities and differences between Autism and ADHD? Tas Kronby will be back on Today's Autistic Moment to give their insights about Autistics who have ADHD. --- Support this podcast:
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