DiscoverToday’s Autistic Moment: A Podcast for Autistic Adults by An Autistic Adult
Today’s Autistic Moment: A Podcast for Autistic Adults by An Autistic Adult
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Today’s Autistic Moment: A Podcast for Autistic Adults by An Autistic Adult

Author: Philip King-Lowe

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Today's Autistic Moment is always a free to listen to podcast that gives Autistic Adults access to important information, helps us learn about our barriers to discover the strengths and tools we already have to use for self-advocacy. Visit to find the program script and transcripts for each episode, to visit the Patreon Page to support the work of the podcast, and the Autism Resource Links page. Today's Autistic Moment is a proud member of the National Podcast Association. Support this podcast:
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Today's Autistic Moment reaches a major milestone with the 50th show.  The podcast began in 2021 with a goal of creating some real social changes for the Autistic Adult Community.  The past two seasons have brought Autistic Adults and professionals who work with Autistics together to talk about the topics that matter most to us. Today's Autistic Moment and Autistic Voices Roundtable Discussions are giving Neurodivergent the chance to use their voices that are so often left out of the conversations about us and having our say.  It is having an impact. --- Support this podcast:
Go to for the transcript. Ana Aragon is my special guest for this premier to discuss the context of the theme for Today's Autistic Moment in 2023.  The Strengths and Achievements of Autistic Adults.   The guests and topics during 2023 on Today’s Autistic Moment’s podcast and Autistic Voices Roundtable Discussions will do more than talk about our many challenges; we will talk about how so many amazing Autistic Adults are using their challenges to build up their strengths so that we can set reasonable goals and achieve them successfully. There are so many talented and skillful Autistic Adults that are authors, educators, mathematical geniuses, advocates, who are using their tenacity to help the movement for Neurodiversity create community to support and encourage one another. In 2023, you will be meeting and hearing from many of them on Today’s Autistic Moment and Autistic Voices Roundtable Discussions. --- Support this podcast:
Autistics Communicating

Autistics Communicating


Go to for the transcript Autistics are stereotyped as not knowing how to communicate appropriately. As each Autistic is unique from another, each of us communicates differently. Some of us communicate verbally. Some of us communicate nonverbally. Some of us are non-speaking, but we still communicate. While Grace Ogden-Parker and I will not be speaking for every Autistic, we will be advocating for the diversity of Autistic Adults communicating with others in our own Autistic languages and styles of communicating. Are Neurotypicals really listening? --- Support this podcast:
Managing Holiday Stress

Managing Holiday Stress


Go to for the transcript For many Autistic Adults the holidays are a time of sensory distress, seasonal depression, with social demands and all the music and holiday advertising that can stress us out. Becca Lory Hector who was my guest for the Summer of Self-Care Series will give us some of her ideas about managing holiday stress to help us all enjoy them as much as we can. --- Support this podcast:
Go to for the transcript. Autistic Adults are often stereotyped as children that never matured properly. Autistic Adults are infantilized by neurotypicals who feel that they know better as to who we should be and how we should behave and therefore should teach us to be more like neurotypicals. Robert Allan Claus III is an Autistic Adult who is here to talk about how being infantilized has affected him, and why he feels it is important that Autistic Adults be respected as Adults. --- Support this podcast:
Go to for the transcript. Nicky Collins is Autistic.  Nicky and her partner are parents of Autistic Children.  Nicky joins Philip to talk about what learning about her own Autism from her Autistic child was like. Nicky will talk about how Autistic Parents are different in how they work with their children and their challenges with schools and educational professionals that dismiss their concerns and advice.   Enjoy the show. --- Support this podcast:
Go to for the transcript Autistics and those with ADHD intersect as Neurodivergents.  We have issues with executive dysfunctioning, attention to detail and social challenges.  Pete Wharmby was diagnosed as Autistic at the age of 34 in 2017. At this point, he is a self-diagnosed ADHD because getting diagnoses in England is still complicated because of COVID-19. Pete has immersed himself in working to make the world a better place for the Neurodivergent community. Pete is an author, a former teacher and father.  Pete joins me to talk about this intersectionality to assist us with community organization and mutual support. --- Support this podcast:
Autistics with ADHD

Autistics with ADHD


Go to for the transcript. In the DSM-5 in 2013 Attention Deficit Disorder Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) was added to the family of neurological developmental disorders.  Neurodiversity includes ADHD.  Many Autistics have ADHD.  What are the similarities and differences between Autism and ADHD? Tas Kronby will be back on Today's Autistic Moment to give their insights about Autistics who have ADHD. --- Support this podcast:
Go to to listen to the show and/or find the transcript. The convenience of the internet might seem like a great way to that perfect person to date. However, many Autistics find it difficult not to fall into certain social traps that can include but not be limited to dating someone who is abusive, and/or finding someone who does not respect our boundaries, or just rejects us. Come hear Candice’s important advice to help you stay safe when you use apps for online dating. --- Support this podcast:
Go to and follow the instructions to read the transcript. The Autism Society of Minnesota has been organizing an Autism Community Summit for the past 4 years and will have their 5th on September 17th. The Autism Community Summit has been a wonderful occassion during which Autistics collaborate with other Autistics. When Autistics come together to collaborate, we help each other find acceptance, community and some assistance as we work through the many challenges we deal with. During this episode, Zephyr James will share some of their ideas about how Autistics can collaborate with other Autistics not only in Minnesota, but all throughout the world. --- Support this podcast:
Go to to the episode and follow the instructions to get the transcript. Election years bring with them a lot of stress to add on to our stressful lives. Newspaper and/or blog articles, social media ads, television ads, emails are coming at us one after another with negative messages that bombard our senses. We become so overwhelmed, frustrated and burned out. Each effort to turn things off, leads us to another source that adds more informational overload, like people expressing their opinions when you are already tired. The Summer of Self-Care Series will conclude with some helpful ideas of how you can look after yourself during an election year. --- Support this podcast:
Self-Care During a Crisis

Self-Care During a Crisis


Go to for the transcript Crises for Autistic Adults comes from things like not getting hired for a job.  Getting rejected by someone you were dating. Maybe you got a notice that your support services were cancelled.  Your pet needs to go to the Vet.  Maybe you are facing the real threat of homelessness.  Autistics face more crises for various reasons, and it adds more stress on top of our challenging lives.  When people around you try to minimize the impact of those crises on you it worsens our situation.  Becca and I will give more advice on what you can do to take care of yourself in those moments. --- Support this podcast:
Please go to for the transcript Zephyr’s understanding of their own sensory limitation needs makes Zephyr a fantastic guest to talk about this topic.  Many non-autistic people just cannot grasp that sensory overload/meltdown is a very painful and traumatic episode that wipes out our energy to a point where we must rest and become better regulated.  Zephyr will share with us some suggestions, so we take care of ourselves. --- Support this podcast:
Please go to for the transcript. Why should we talk about seasonal depression at the beginning of the summer and the 4th of July? Because the 4th of July can be one of the worst days for Autistics. A lot of Autistics are the opposite of the general population in that our seasonal depression is worse during the summer and better during the winter. Regardless of the season you experience the worst depression, Autistic Adults can benefit from planning some good self-care strategies. My guest Becca Lory Hector and I will share our insights about seasonal depression for Autistic Adults and what we can do for ourselves to get through our worst times of the year. --- Support this podcast:
Go to for the transcript.   Today’s Autistic Moment continues the celebration of Pride Month on this episode The Intersection of LGBTQIA+ Pride & Disability & Autistic Pride that will take a slightly different turn. I will be joined by Andrew Gurza who is a gay queer person with cerebral palsy, and an exceptional advocate for all disabled people through his own podcast Disability After Dark and social media presence on several platforms. Andrew and I will talk together about what is happening with disabled people who are LGBTQIA+, as well as Autistic people. Andrew is going to talk about what is happening with disabled people in general, while I will be talking about what is happening with Autistic people. Andrew will share a heart wrenching story with you all about an incident of abuse that he experienced from a professional caregiver. I am making a one-time exception for him with regards to his use of language as he tells this particular story. It is important that people hear what is truthfully happening to disabled people. The content may not be suitable for all audiences. Listener discretion is advised. --- Support this podcast:
Go to for the transcript.  It's June which means we are celebrating Pride for LGBTQIA+ people.  June 18th is Autistic Pride Day.   It is no accident that both Pride celebrations fall during the same month.   LGBTQIA+ Pride and Autistic Pride share an intersectional relationship as people who experience similar issues. Yenn Purkis, a Queer, Nonbinary and Autistic advocate and author from Australia will talk about the extraordinary intersection June is for LGBTQIA+ people and Autistic people. --- Support this podcast:
Go to for the transcript.  There are many unavoidable consequences to being Autistic in an ableist society.  One of those consequences is internalized ableism.  Autistic Adults tend to doubt ourselves to the point that ableism takes over our own attitudes towards ourselves.  Eric Garcia the author of the book We're Not Broken: Changing the Autism Conversation returns to Today's Autistic Moment to talk about how Autistic Adults can overcome our internalized ableism. --- Support this podcast:
Go to for the transcript. One of the reasons many Autistics find it difficult to celebrate Autism Acceptance is because of having to mask our Autism because of a society that has not accepted us. What is masking? How does burnout happen? Listen to this exceptional conversation between Lyric and myself and get the answers with some tips about what you can do to live a healthier life. --- Support this podcast:
Autism is Not A Curse

Autism is Not A Curse


Go to for the transcript. Ben Levin is the author of the book In The Hole. Ben’s novel is a story depicting a child’s experience with homelessness. Ben has been in love with stories ever since he was a little boy. Ben is also proud to be Autistic and wants to use his status as an author to be an example of how Autism is not a setback, but a gift. “Autism is Not A Curse” is one of Ben’s favorite sayings. Ben will share with us his personal story of accepting his Autism and how his writing is an important piece of self-acceptance. --- Support this podcast:
Go to for the transcript. On this special edition episode on Autism Acceptance Day April 2, 2022, I talk with Eric Garcia who is the author of the book We're Not Broken: Changing the Autism Conversation.  Eric is an outstanding journalist and author.  Eric talks with me about why Autism Acceptance is so important and that we need to encourage changing the negativity towards Autistic people as part of our advocacy.   --- Support this podcast:
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