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Author: Rose Cushing

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Interviews and Discussions with the powerful women that move the horse industry! Find out what makes them tick. What brought them to this industry. Why they love it so much. Advice to you about our industry. Meet up and coming influencers as well as tried and true success stories.
21 Episodes
Kim Krivit, DVM

Kim Krivit, DVM


Meet this dedicated veterinarian located in Parkton, NC. Kim has been a member of our horse community for many years and runs North Star Vetrinary Hospital. I know you will enjoy getting to know her.
Kirstin Yde has had an amazing career in barrel racing! She trains her own horses and works to help and train other barrel racers. She also has her own barrel racing circuit. This beautiful young woman has a lot going on, I know you will enjoy getting to know her better.
Melissa Deal of Victoryland Dressage is one of the most knowledgeable and innovative trainers I have ever met. She is accomplished in many disciplines and her clients are nationwide. Come listen to this interview and get to know her better. You won't be disappointed.
Robin Brueckman

Robin Brueckman


Robin Brueckman is an outstanding horsewoman. She has her Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in Dressage. She is a Dressage Show judge, and so much more! I know you will enjoy getting to know this amazing woman.
Donna Campbell Smith

Donna Campbell Smith


Donna was in the first class to graduate from Martin Community College Equine Science Program! Since then she has operated a boarding barn, taught lessons, had a 4H group, shown horses, written articles for local magazines, and has published multiple books! She is also an accomplished photographer and artist. This horsewoman has a lot to offer for up and coming horsewomen. 
Meet Amy Skinner

Meet Amy Skinner


Amy Skinner is a skilled horse trainer and instructor. She has done everything from Classical Dressage to Trail Challenges. I know you will enjoy hearing this well rounded woman's story!
Claudia McCauley is the founder of Hidden Acres Horse Farm in Wade, NC. She is retired Army, a long standing 4H leader, Certified Horsemanship Instructor and so much more. Listen to her story I know you will enjoy knowing more about her.
Pebbles Turbeville has been an active member of the horse community for many years. She is currently serving as the Executive Director of the Horses and Humans Research Foundation. I think you will enjoy getting to know this amazing woman!
Stacy Pearsall

Stacy Pearsall


Stacy Pearsall Podcaster at Podcast: Everything Stacy, Photographer at Forging Forward Foundation, Founder at LowCountry Acres, Speaker at Bravo748 Military and Law Enforcement Speakers, Founder at Veterans Portrait Project Author, Owner/Photographer at F8PJ, LLC, Former former owner at The Charleston Center for Photography and Former Aerial Combat Military Photojournalist at United States Air Force!Just google her for much more information!
Meet Christine Smith McClure, elementary school teacher, author, horsewoman from Conway, SC
Eric Poders host of the Horseman's Voice podcast interviewed Rose Cushing today. We have it here for our listeners as a "sneak peek' as it is not officially launched until Monday. Hope you enjoy it. 
Virginia Godwin is a wildly successful horsewoman having won just about every award possible including the coveted Horsewoman of the Year! She is the owner of Chesapeake Training Center and Oak Creek Farm in Red Oak, NC. Her passion for the Arabian horse, as well as horsemanship, is second to none. I know you will enjoy getting to know this delightful and amazing horsewoman. 
Meet Jeramie West

Meet Jeramie West


Jeramie West is an AQHA and Open Horse Show Judge as well as an accomplished horsewoman herself. She is the owner of Jeramie West Performance Horses. Jeramie has been a leader in the 4H community and the horse industry. I k now you will enjoy getting to know her. 
I enjoyed chatting with Patty Nunnery. She has accomplished so many things in her life! She is a barrel racer first and foremost, and a dang good one.  She has also served as the NBHA State Director for many years and is on the NC Horse Council Board of Directors. Patty has mentored and encouraged many lives in our industry! I know you will enjoy getting to know her.
We sat down with Dottie Burch, Attorney at Ragsdale and Liggett, PLLC to talk about her love of horses and her career. Dottie is a brilliant lawyer who specializes in equine law. Listen in as she discusses various problems that she has addressed within her professional career. I know you will enjoy meeting her.
Amanda Thompson 
Susan Novotny is an accomplished horsewoman who shows, breeds and trains Wesphalen horses. Her farm Paisley Acres is located in Aiken, South Carolina. She is also one of the competitors in the 2021 Everything Equine Expo Tribute to American Horsewomen! I know you will enjoy getting to know her better. 
We sat down with Gracie Torres of Cavietta Quarter Horse and Cattle Company today. Gracie and her husband Pedro have built a premier horse facility in Eastern North Carolina, hosting a variety of events reflecting the vaquero lifestyle. Let's see what drives this busy businesswoman and mom. Then we got a chance to meet Sharon Lupton, owner of Corginuts and Sketches who has turned her passion for Chincoteague ponies into a thriving business. Sharon is the winner of our 2020 Virtual Horses Got Talent art competition with her painting of Unexpected Visitor. Let's find out how she juggles business, family and fun!
Meet Christine Long, DVM. Christine is a mother of 3 (which incudes a set of twins), busy Veterinarian, workout and fitness coach. How does she do it? Let's find out.
Meet Tami Thurston Director of Equine Business and Equine Science at Martin Comunity College, Williamston, NC. Tami is a busy mom, a professional educator and owner of Thurston Quarter Horses. Tami is a multi- American Quarter Horse Congress winner and champion in the show pen. So listen in and hear what makes this busy successful woman tick. How did she get to where she is today.
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