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Author: Tod Maffin

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Every weekday, Tod Maffin brings you a fast-paced 8-minute rundown of what you missed in the world of digital marketing and social media. Thousands of senior marketers listen each day. And check out our daily newsletter at

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The study that will tell us if machine-learning was a mistake all along… Facebook’s idea of helping your business is to send people to your competitors… What is behind the mass exodus of Shopify’s most senior executives… Has Triller given up being the TikTok killer…. And Google introduces new technology to its consent mode — the time-honoured technique of guessing. Privacy & Opt-Out:
A new alliance between two huge marketing data providers…. Instagram engagement levels off…. Here we go with the hiding Likes again… and an easier way to update your Google business profile. Privacy & Opt-Out:
Where are the good CPMs? On YouTube — when you don’t use any video in your ads. Also: TikTok’s demographics are broadening, a clever marketing campaign on Clubhouse merges three trends, and how subscription fatigue may end up helping digital media buyers. Privacy & Opt-Out:
The biggest threat to digital agencies may be their clients… Why a privacy-focused browser is now waiting for Google’s permission… Buffer adds Facebook engagement… And an update to Core Web Vitals is good news for some web sites. Privacy & Opt-Out:
Early numbers suggest the IDFA apocalypse may not be as bad as we thought… gender-equality progress is being made in CMO roles… and what Facebook is blaming for the system-wide crash yesterday afternoon. Privacy & Opt-Out:
If you sell any products on your website, today’s Google update was a big one… Twitter makes things simpler for media buyers… Snapchat dives even deeper into augmented reality e-commerce… and now we know: Facebook has no sense of humour. Privacy & Opt-Out:
Amazon’s ad business is much bigger than you ever thought… Why Google will keep reviews up even if an employee writes it… Reddit launches a resource site for digital marketers… Facebook’s clone of Clubhouse is now in the wild… and the top gifts B2B companies sent their clients. Privacy & Opt-Out:
Microsoft wants your Google ads — and just made it easier to switch… How has COVID changed your customer personas?... TikTok’s new agency deal is a kind of influencer buddy program for brands… Pinterest makes its first expansion into Latin America… and why are so many businesses moving to a small town in Kansas? Privacy & Opt-Out:
A major Supreme Court ruling will have effects on the digital marketing space, Pinterest goes B2B, TikTok is rolling out a web-based editor for marketers who prefer working on desktop, has Spotify overtaken Apple in the podcast war? And YouTube says it’s okay to swear now. Privacy & Opt-Out:
Facebook says it will close its Analytics tool, and nobody’s sure why…. Getty Images buys the popular free image site Unsplash… Digital ad sales will reach a new record milestone this year…. And, I’m sorry, Google — WHY are you sending people to our competitors again? Privacy & Opt-Out:
Llama Drama

Llama Drama


The Lands End clothing brand has banned alpaca fleece... is Alberta Canada the next hotspot for raising llamas?... a rare black alpaca born in Scotland is what everyone’s talking about there… and reunited! The travelling llama has finally found its home again. Privacy & Opt-Out:
Social media managers will love Facebook’s new change to commenting… Twitter beefs up its ads platform… YouTube rolls back a popular video discovery tool… Add one more platform to the pile of Clubhouse clones… and why the REAL comedy around April Fools Day happens on April 2nd. Privacy & Opt-Out:
Instagram expands IGTV ads, how much senior marketers plan to change their media spend this year, Facebook’s program for laid-off ad agency people is in more countries now, and the clever Earth Day campaign you wish you’d have thought of first! Privacy & Opt-Out:
Why is Google sending your leads to other companies? Twitter is close to launching a big change in how you post a tweet.... Reddit opens a sales office in Canada.... YouTube is totally not copying TikTok, guys… and TikTok copies YouTube?! Privacy & Opt-Out:
We Are All Truman Now.

We Are All Truman Now.


A new study says use Carousels if you want to boost your Instagram stats… there’s a new tax on digital advertising… almost nobody is going back to the office after this work-from-home year… is Clubhouse already played out… and why Rating and Reviewing actually does nothing for podcasts. Privacy & Opt-Out:
From TikTok to Tictuk.

From TikTok to Tictuk.


Pizza Hut buys Tictuk (not TikTok), a new study says Google is keeping 2/3rds of searches for itself, Snapchat is creating a Duets feature, the Wix platform adds an incredible new integration, and why most consumers think you should be more active in social issues. Privacy & Opt-Out:
Facebook’s entire platform crashes, and your ad campaigns may have been affected. The Watch Party is going away. YouTube has a new feature for digital marketers who obsess over community size. And — in case this short podcast isn’t short enough — how you can now get a daily 60-second summary of each of these shows. Privacy & Opt-Out:
Spotlight, Reels, Shorts — they’re all coming for TikTok. Twitter’s betting its UI on Spaces. Facebook finally gets serious about security. And here come the deepfake marketing campaigns! Privacy & Opt-Out:
Your engagement levels suck? You’re not alone… Google’s new reputation management tool lauches… Facebook’s director of agencies tries and fails to announce a new advertising option… and how a 40-second TikTok video paid for an entire studio set. In fact, MY 40-second TikTok video. Privacy & Opt-Out:
Why is Google revealing the locations of home-based businesses? Facebook is copying yet another app. You’re not the only one who doesn’t know your brand’s customer lifetime value. And how to get basically Canva’s enterprise plan without paying a monthly fee. Privacy & Opt-Out:
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Perfect synopsis of everything digital. What is there not to like? Always get my daily dose...

Nov 24th
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