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What is a person, exactly, and how will Facebook count its new Multiple Profiles test? Also: A strange change to how Google ranks your videos... Yet another big brand jumps on the livestreaming bandwagon... and I am about to PayPal you $100. Complete the LIstener Survey for a chance to win one of three $100 cash prizes: • Get a Free 14-Day Trial of the Premium Newsletter (with exclusive content, videos, links, and more) — Does your brand need a podcast? Let us help: ADVERTISING as low as $20: JOIN OUR SLACK! FOLLOW US: (TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, and more) ENJOYING THE SHOW? - Please tweet about us! - Rate and review us: - Leave a voicemail: FOLLOW TOD: - TikTok: - Twitter: - LinkedIn: Today in Digital Marketing is hosted by Tod Maffin ( and produced by engageQ digital ( Subscribe at or wherever you get your podcasts. (Theme music by Mark Blevis. All other music licensed by Source Audio.) Privacy & Opt-Out:
Today: Who is John Smith and why is he messing up your web site analytics? If your brand’s web site is jumpy, Google plans to penalize you… Facebook shuts down its TikTok clone but that DOESN’T mean they’re out of the game… and how much of an impact is this month’s ad boycott of Facebook going to have? Probably not much. Closing music by The Arrogant Worms. Visit them at or check them out on Spotify. Music used with permission. Today in Digital Marketing is produced by Can we help you with YOUR brand’s digital marketing and social media? Email or visit Help Spread the Word! • Rate/Review Us: • Click to preview a tweet you can publish Advertising: Reach 1,000 Digital Marketers Learn more at TOD’S SOCIAL MEDIA: • Tod’s web site: • Tod’s agency: • LinkedIn: • Twitter: • Instagram: • Facebook: • TikTok: • Twitch: • Xbox Gamertag: Radio#9573 SOURCES: --- Send in a voice message: Privacy & Opt-Out:
Call It a Comeback!

Call It a Comeback!


Victory in the clone wars? For better or worse, Meta's TikTok copycat is gaining traction. Also: Instagram launches lead forms. Twitter's new Verified Views... aren't. And a bug at YouTube has disrupted the space-time continuum. Privacy & Opt-Out:
Instagram in panic as it tries to stem the TikTok content tide. New certifications are coming for Meta's platforms. Substack offers invite-only newsletters. The Facebook ad platform drops a helpful tool media buyers relied on. TikTok's new update blocks DMs. And the solution for Twitter impersonation? Just change the font! Privacy & Opt-Out:
Meta will help you track down brand copycats. TikTok's ad revenue sharing plan is bombing. Advertisers continue to stay away from Twitter. The two approaches being taken with AI creative. And LinkedIn's good numbers, and bad forecast. Privacy & Opt-Out:
Shiny Happy Products

Shiny Happy Products


Got a flashlight? You've just increased sales. WhatsApp for Boomers. A big change in Disney ad targeting. Agencies brace for a slow year ahead. LinkedIn's going to give you up. And a big update for one of the top SEO plugins. Privacy & Opt-Out:
The man behind the curtain — TikTok's algorithm has secret controls. Instagram chills out on Reels a bit. YouTube's policy violations will be more specific. A new technology for measuring ad campaigns in the metaverse. And is your next agency intern going to be sentient AI? Privacy & Opt-Out:
A new tool might make it easier to dip your toes into the retail ad platforms... Twitter burns yet another bridge — but maybe it's the right call. Google's new AI can spy on your shelves. YouTube's new tagging workflow might bring you more local buyers... and a curious decision by LinkedIn. Privacy & Opt-Out:
A big integration for BigCommerce... How will Instagram's change today affect your organic reach? TikTok's strange new podcasting feature... Why employers are sliding into their employees' DMs... and another big fail for Meta's ad approvals bot. Privacy & Opt-Out:
The one change that could make your products sell better... Twitter rushes to adjust its new Home feed after reports it was killing engagement... Mastodon is starting to get big platform support... And Netflix's new ads platform struggles to gain traction. Privacy & Opt-Out:
There's a media spend slowdown? Nobody told TikTok. Microsoft and Google both battle to become the Kings of AI. A stock photo company, meanwhile, takes AI to court. Meta's Oversight Board sends another policy back to the drafting table. And the Twitter Blue revenue even Elon Musk probably doesn't want. Privacy & Opt-Out:
Google's plans for replacing the third-party cookie hit yet another roadblock. Twitter appears to be locking out dozens of apps. TikTok's privacy banners aren't enough for France. More brands move to Mastodon. And finally — a hint of good economic news for retailers. Privacy & Opt-Out:
TikTok moves the bar on influencer marketing again. AI is now writing more than you think it is. Twitter tells advertisers "like it or lump it." WordPress just opened up a whole lot of ad placements. And new analytics from YouTube are on the way. Privacy & Opt-Out:
Meta is shutting down Creator Studio while Google will shut off some keyword recommendations. Twitter's new feed might be bad news for brands. Apple comes out swinging for Google Business Manager. And here's how to get free money from YouTube. Privacy & Opt-Out:
Ron Jeremy Was Right.

Ron Jeremy Was Right.


How a veteran porn actor predicted the future of advertising. Say goodbye to any decent ad targeting to teens on Meta platforms. Amazon's Prime service is now available to third-party merchants. Agencies say the ad business is looking up. And some welcome updates to Google Docs. Privacy & Opt-Out:
Your creative assets may be training an AI, and you don't even know it. Also: Instagram downscales its commerce efforts. A tsunami of product returns is incoming. Why new year's marketing campaigns are passé. And the very low tech problem some people are encountering with their shopping carts. Privacy & Opt-Out:
Millions lost, and still the Ducktail malware continues to sow chaos with online media buyers. Plus: Pinterest pins its hopes on the clean room. Twitter's latest round of layoffs affects the ad platform. Online shoppers spent more in Q4... but at what cost? And the TikTok feature none of us wanted, but probably all of us need. Privacy & Opt-Out:
Meta offers better insight into your CAPI and pixel measurement... Google weeds out rules on marijuana... Microsoft offers app store ads... What marketing managers can expect to make in salary this year... and when social media users say they want less politics, so you remove politics, and users say "hey, where did all the politics go?" Privacy & Opt-Out:
Microsoft is planning its biggest offensive yet against Google's search engine... personalized ads hit another roadblock... Twitter reverses a major ad policy... And where marketers plan to invest this year. Privacy & Opt-Out:
One of the biggest ecomm platforms breaks into pieces — on purpose. Plus: the company that is burning meetings to the ground. TikTok will let you block kids. Expect more programmatic ads in podcasts. And you'll never guess where AI algorithms are finding themselves now. Privacy & Opt-Out:
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Influocial tech

This was very useful and informative. Thanks

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