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Hosted by Rachel Humphreys, Nosheen Iqbal and Michael Safi, Today in Focus brings you closer to Guardian journalism. Combining personal storytelling with insightful analysis, this podcast takes you behind the headlines for a deeper understanding of the news, every weekday 
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The Netflix hit is as fantastical as it is violent – but underpinning its macabre story of impoverished contestants risking their lives for money is a real crisis of personal debt in Korea. Why has it resonated all over the world?. Help support our independent journalism at
The government is demanding that GPs see more patients face-to-face in return for an injection of extra funding, but many in the profession say the pandemic has left them close to breaking point. Help support our independent journalism at
The world is heating up at an alarming rate and world leaders are running out of chances to keep temperature rises below 1.5C, says Jonathan Watts. Help support our independent journalism at
The shocking killing of the Conservative MP David Amess has been described as an attack on British democracy. Gaby Hinsliff looks at how politicians are responding. Help support our independent journalism at
For Black History Month we’ve brought together star authors Ben Okri, Candice Carty-Williams and Caleb Azumah Nelson to discuss the past, present and future of black writing. Help support our independent journalism at
After Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund bought Newcastle United, there was jubilation on Tyneside but revulsion among critics who view the deal as an egregious example of sportswashing. What does the deal tell us about the soul of the beautiful game – and what football clubs mean to their fans?. Help support our independent journalism at
Ever since the order to work from home was lifted, workers in England have been heading back to the office – but mostly only a few days a week. Joanna Partridge looks at whether work will ever be the same again. Help support our independent journalism at
A parliamentary report says the initial handling of the coronavirus outbreak was one of the worst public health failures in UK history. Could tens of thousands of deaths have been avoided – and what are the lessons for the future?. Help support our independent journalism at
A high court judge has ruled that Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum hacked the phone of his ex-wife Princess Haya using Pegasus spyware. In this episode we look at the implications of the affair. Help support our independent journalism at
Three weeks from today leaders will gather in Glasgow for the Cop26 climate summit. But will their individual pledges to reduce emissions carry enough weight to avert the growing threat of catastrophic global heating?. Help support our independent journalism at
After a set of leaks last month that represented the most damaging insight into Facebook’s inner workings in the company’s history, the former employee behind them has come forward. Now Frances Haugen has given evidence to the US Congress – and been praised by senators as a ‘21st century American hero’. Will her testimony accelerate efforts to bring the social media giant to heel?. Help support our independent journalism at
In the aftermath of the sentencing of Sarah Everard’s killer, women’s trust in the police has collapsed. Can anything be done to restore it? Is misogyny endemic in British policing? And is there a risk that such an appalling crime could happen again?. Help support our independent journalism at
With queues outside petrol stations and claims that selfish punters are using jerry cans to stockpile fuel, one word has become synonymous with the supply chain crisis that has hit the UK in recent weeks: panic. But the social psychologist Clifford Stott says something different is going on. Help support our independent journalism at
Fresh questions for the Conservative party today after it emerged one of its major donors was involved in structuring of a telecoms deal later alleged to be corrupt Pandora papers news and reaction – live updates See all of our Pandora papers coverage. Help support our independent journalism at
A massive trove of leaked offshore data reveals the financial dealings of current and former world leaders. Help support our independent journalism at
The prime minister was hoping to use his party’s major gathering to seize the agenda and set out his plans for the rest of the parliamentary term. Instead, he may be forced to deal with evolving supply chain and fuel crises – and bat off claims that Brexit is to blame. The Guardian’s political editor, Heather Stewart, explains the task he has ahead of him. Help support our independent journalism at
More than 20 years after the first allegations of sexual violence and abuse against R Kelly, he has been convicted on racketeering and sex trafficking charges. But as the women of colour who gave evidence celebrate the verdicts, there are renewed questions in the US about how the music industry, the media and the criminal justice system failed to hold him accountable for decades. Help support our independent journalism at
Beijing has won international praise for announcing that it will stop funding coal projects in the developing world – but it is still heavily reliant on the fossil fuel for rapid economic growth at home. The Guardian’s global environment editor, Jonathan Watts, explains why China took such a significant step before Cop26 – and how much there still is to do. Help support our independent journalism at
He’s a lucrative cultural export – and as unreconstructed as secret agents come. Now, as Daniel Craig’s final instalment finally hits the cinemas, many are calling for a new kind of 007 – but is the franchise too conservative to make the leap? Guardian film editor Catherine Shoard surveys the history of an $8.5bn cultural institution. Help support our independent journalism at
The tragic story of Alaa Al-Siddiq has further exposed the extent of how powerful Pegasus spyware has been used against human rights activists even once they have fled their home country. Help support our independent journalism at
Comments (178)

Caio C

thanks Rachel!! 🍀

Oct 22nd

Nicholas Whyman

sound on this is v bad

Oct 6th

Razieh Abadi

wish you would put transcripts as well

Oct 5th

Philip Schofield

used to love this podcast but just can't bear new host Michael Safi. It sounds now instead of intelligent chats and informative like a sensationalist true crime podcast and I am not alone in thinking this. I can't understand how he's got this gig. I really miss my daily podcast.

Sep 1st
Reply (1)


I miss Anoushka

Aug 30th

Faranak Javaheri

so not mentioning Pakistan role !! interesting

Aug 22nd

Mona Kabian

Since when it is called Arabian Gulf???

Aug 12th


a very important episode

Aug 8th

Sneha Wilson

Very informative session

Aug 3rd

Elias Kamaratos

A well researched and produced series on a very scary topic which will doubtless become commonplace in the years to come... unless we collectively do something to stop it. WELL DONE to all the BRAVE reporters in the team!

Jul 23rd

Hannah Morgan

Very worrying considering how vulnerable the pm is, he doesn't seem to ge that aware of cyber security

Jul 23rd

Naeem Sarfraz

One of the most moving episodes from this podcast. So many emotions stirred whilst listening to this. Let's hope we, as humanity, don't ever repeat these mistakes.

Jul 19th

Leo Van Doorn

Will there be anything about the unrest in South Africa soon?

Jul 14th

Terry madeupisland

There are some emotional hammer blows in here. Never cried listening to a podcast before. Powerful stuff.

Jul 9th

Parham Movahed

Still no explanation!

Jun 28th

mickey mór

england will stop paying for NI eventually.

Jun 27th

Andrew Browne

This from the man that 1. Admitted lying about Iran deal, 2. Pushed Russiagate

May 31st


Thank you for this episode. Brutal, heartbreaking and sobering. It is definitely necessary to rethink gun violence in terms of community building and funding, instead of the high profile cases that get all of the attention.

May 31st

Ciara G

Excellent episode, lots of different perspectives and well researched

May 28th

Marcus Tezcan

Hi fellow Today In Focus fans! I've been working on an app that adds a quick quiz to the end of the podcast episode you've just listened to, to help you retain more information. We're starting with Today In Focus and would love some Beta testers if anyone is interested! Please email if so. Thanks in advance!

May 17th
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