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Hosted by Anushka Asthana, Today in Focus brings you closer to Guardian journalism. Combining personal storytelling with insightful analysis, this podcast takes you behind the headlines for a deeper understanding of the news, every weekday 
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The race in Ohio has long been a reliable guide to the US election: the state’s winner usually goes on to win the presidency. In 2016, it broke decisively for Trump, but this year there are signs that its voters are turning away from the president. Help support our independent journalism at
The Guardian US data editor, Mona Chalabi, casts a sceptical eye over the US polling industry that is once again predicting defeat for Donald Trump. Has it learned lessons from 2016?. Help support our independent journalism at
Guardian Australia reporter Ben Doherty looks at the history behind Australia’s asylum seeker policies, including the controversial practice of offshore processing and resettlement. It’s one of the options the British government is allegedly considering to deter asylum seekers from attempting to cross the Channel to the UK. Journalist Behrouz Boochani, who spent seven years in detention in Papua New Guinea, discusses the impact the policy has had. Help support our independent journalism at
Lauren Gambino, political correspondent for Guardian US, discusses which states Biden will need to win to take the White House, and what Trump will need to do to retain the presidency. Help support our independent journalism at
Guardian environment correspondent Fiona Harvey discusses why the last 50 years of environmental action have shown how civil society can force governments and business to change and why that should give campaigners optimism for the future. Help support our independent journalism at
Strict new measures have been imposed on cities in the north of England this week in an attempt to control the increasing spread of Covid-19 infections. But the way the new restrictions have been rolled out has angered local leaders and residents alike, says Josh Halliday. Help support our independent journalism at
Guardian arts and culture correspondent Lanre Bakare discusses the Mangrove Nine, a group of black activists who found themselves on trial at the Old Bailey in 1971 after protesting against police harassment. Their story became a landmark moment in British history, though many have never heard of it. Help support our independent journalism at
Trump has repeatedly stated that he may refuse to accept defeat in the coming election. As Lawrence Douglas explains, things could get very messy if the result is close. Help support our independent journalism at
Millions of American voters will be unable to cast their ballot in this year’s presidential election and those affected will be disproportionately first-time voters and from minority groups, reports Sam Levine. Help support our independent journalism at
Today is the start of the confirmation process for Amy Coney Barrett, a deeply conservative judge who is Donald Trump’s pick for supreme court judge. Guardian US investigative journalist Stephanie Kirchgaessner has been looking at her career and personal life, including membership to the secretive Catholic group People of Praise, and discusses what her appointment would mean for the US. Help support our independent journalism at
Last month the equalities minister, Liz Truss, announced that some reforms to the Gender Recognition Act would go ahead but one key aspect – allowing trans people to self-identify without a medical diagnosis - would not be adopted. The issue has divided ‘gender critical’ feminists from those who are more trans-inclusive. Is there a route to reconciliation? Listen to part 1. Help support our independent journalism at
Stephen Whittle has been at the heart of trans activism for half a century. He discusses the legal and political progress that has been made over the past few decades while the Guardian’s Scotland correspondent Libby Brooks examines why there was a backlash over the 2015 Gender Recognition Act, which proposed a further expansion of trans rights. Help support our independent journalism at
The Swedish example is regularly raised by libertarian-minded Conservatives when protesting against government restrictions aimed at quelling the spread of the virus in the UK. But what did the Scandinavian country do differently and could it be applied elsewhere?. Help support our independent journalism at
Donald Trump spent the weekend in hospital after developing symptoms following a positive test for coronavirus. But with confusing medical briefings and a controversial drive-by stunt, Americans are still trying to get answers as to how Trump became infected as the election approaches. Help support our independent journalism at
When the model Emily Ratajkowski recently wrote an essay detailing the ways she has felt exploited by the modelling industry, readers were shocked. But on social media, many models responded with similar allegations. Former model Leanne Maskell and current model Magdalena Kossewska discuss their experiences, while John Horner, managing director of Models 1 looks at whether the industry needs better regulation. Help support our independent journalism at
Oliver Laughland, the Guardian’s US southern bureau chief, discusses his recent road trip around Florida, a key state that Trump only narrowly won in 2016. He found two sides bitterly opposed. Help support our independent journalism at
Women seem to be bearing the brunt of the economic fallout and taking on a greater share of domestic work and childcare. Guardian columnist Gaby Hinsliff looks at whether the virus has meant a huge step back for women’s rights. Help support our independent journalism at
The academic year has started at universities across the UK but far from the promised freshers’ experience, new students are finding themselves forced to isolate and attend classes online. Help support our independent journalism at
Nathan Law is one of Hong Kong’s most prominent democracy activists, but his years of campaigning have made him a target for the Chinese government. He discusses the toll it has taken and why he has now had to flee to London. Guardian correspondent Emma Graham-Harrison looks at what the future holds for Hong Kong. Help support our independent journalism at
Hundreds of people believe the 111 helpline failed their relatives. Now the Guardian’s David Conn reports that they are demanding a full inquiry into the service. Help support our independent journalism at
Comments (126)

Jessica SAULLE

It would be very interesting if you could cover what is currently happening in Nigeria (protest for the disbanding of the SARS). I love everything about your podcast.

Oct 22nd

kWide Vidsb

I've seen bunch of documentaries about modelling world. It's about agencies who make money, anyone who is surprised must have lived under the rock. The industry needs regulation, the same way graduates in bunch of industries worked and still do are working for nothing with overtime no end for free

Oct 5th


Another perspective is the judgement women receive when they don't have children for whatever reason.

Oct 1st

Charles Evans

What a shame you couldn't be bothered to talk to anyone who actually works in a University for this story. The "woe is me, I'm such a downtrodden student, give me a refund" nonsense was heavily indulged, with no engagement with the facts of how much higher education actually costs to deliver (or that most students don't actually pay fees themselves- refunds will go to the Government). This episode was lazy journalism, and not what I'd come to expect from TIF.

Sep 30th

Curt Coleman

bull shit

Sep 9th

Max Ebeling

Can’t wait for TRUMP to win again. 4 MORE YEARS!

Sep 8th

Aisha Smith

I was hoping to hear a neutral or balanced report on this but this is clearly anti- Trump. Therefore I’ll be fact checking a lot online to hear the full stories.

Sep 4th

Aisha Smith

I was hoping to hear a neutral or balanced report on this but this is clearly anti- Trump. Therefore I’ll be fact checking a lot online to hear the full stories.

Sep 4th

Alice Lester

mm mm mm mm.. mm mm mm mm .

Aug 25th

Laurence Bryant

It's covid 19, caronavirus is a common cold or flu and its in our bodies Covid 19 is different. Say Covid 19 in the future

Aug 10th


Hello! may I ask you a question? Do you hear your podcasts? Have you even tried to hear one? Can you pease explain me how is it even possible for a person to hear a podcast that every 15 seconds you hear another person speaking with different accent, different audio quality and best of all, the volume starts slowly raising while the person is in the MIDDLE of his interview? Are you sure you are a news channel?

Aug 6th

frank finn

not one mention of Israel? is this a f*cking joke?

Aug 5th

Paul Polevia Tofa

NZ had a PM who was fully transparent with the plan. Country bought into it and played their part in the community transmission for nearly 90 days.

Aug 5th

Panayiotis Sourmelis

Sherwin's story is devastating. God bless.

Aug 4th

Jebin James

Oof. Seems like a very negative take on the EU me collaboration.

Jul 24th

Andrew Browne

even more biased then the paper

Jul 24th

James Knight

Get serious; "Is Kanya serious?" is not a serious question and shows you aren't either.

Jul 21st

Liam Flow

Always so grateful to the somali community, some of my favourite coolest nurses are from Somalia.

Jul 4th

Mark Field

The Watchmen TV series opened with a dramatisation of this terrible event,

Jun 19th

Amber Schiwi

oh wow, I'm catching up with your podcast atm, having only listened to this episode earlier this week, and just a few minutes ago German news reports that after 34 years Olof Palme's assassination mystery has been solved. I hope your guy can take a deep breath now.

Jun 10th
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