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Hosted by Nosheen Iqbal and Michael Safi, Today in Focus brings you closer to Guardian journalism. Combining personal storytelling with insightful analysis, this podcast takes you behind the headlines for a deeper understanding of the news, every weekday 
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Animals brought illegally to Colombia by the drug kingpin have been allowed to roam free and are now disrupting the fragile ecosystem. Help support our independent journalism at
The visionary black designer revolutionised the way we dress. Help support our independent journalism at
A new Covid variant first identified in South Africa is spreading around the world, with leaders rushing to respond. Our science correspondent Nicola Davis outlines what we know so far about the Omicron variant. Help support our independent journalism at
As the supreme court hears new challenges to Roe v Wade, American abortion rights hang in the balance. Help support our independent journalism at
On Tuesday, Barbados replaces Queen Elizabeth II with president Sandra Mason – and while some are celebrating the change, others ask if a symbolic shift is really enough to reckon with the legacy of colonialism. Michael Safi visits Bridgetown to ask if the country can free itself from the history that got it here – and what Britain owes to the people of its former colonies whose ancestors were enslaved. Help support our independent journalism at
The inflation rate keeps going up – and some economists are warning that it’s time to take urgent action. So what is causing the change, what does it mean for ordinary people, and what’s the best way to deal with it?. Help support our independent journalism at
A tragedy in the Channel

A tragedy in the Channel


At least 27 people died when their boat sank in the Channel attempting to reach the UK. Diane Taylor reports on a tragedy that was long in the making – and avoidable. Help support our independent journalism at
The Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai vanished after making an allegation of sexual assault against a senior political figure. Her subsequent reappearance has raised more questions than answers. Help support our independent journalism at
When the television presenter Melanie Sykes and the model Christine McGuinness revealed they had been diagnosed with autism as adults, it brought new attention to the challenges for others like them whose symptoms have been missed. This is the story of one autistic woman - and how diagnosis in her thirties changed her life. Help support our independent journalism at
Qatar says it has reformed conditions for workers building its World Cup facilities, but change is hard to see on the ground, reports Pete Pattisson. Help support our independent journalism at
As Hillary Clinton’s most trusted aide, it was her job to stay out of view. Even when her husband Anthony Weiner’s scandalous behaviour dragged her into the spotlight, she mostly stayed silent. In this interview, Huma Abedin explains why she is ready to tell her own story, in a new memoir that sheds remarkable light on what it cost her to become a public figure against her will. Help support our independent journalism at
As the days get shorter and we huddle indoors, memories of 2020’s catastrophic winter are close at hand. Now a new surge of coronavirus cases is spreading across Europe. But as well as notes of caution, there are good reasons to hope that the UK will avoid the lows of last year – from lower hospitalisation rates to exciting treatments on the verge of approval. How optimistic should we be – and can we still go to Christmas parties?. Help support our independent journalism at
How the humanitarian crisis playing out on the border of Poland and Belarus became the latest front in the battle between President Lukashenko and the European Union. Help support our independent journalism at
Trump’s attempt to overturn the result of the 2020 US election was ultimately thwarted, but through efforts at state level to elect loyalists to key positions, the stage is set for a repeat showing in 2024. Help support our independent journalism at
When Azeem Rafiq went public with the claim that he had faced a series of racist incidents throughout his time at Yorkshire cricket club, the incidents he described were written off as ‘banter’. But that defence has crumbled – and now he is ready to give evidence to MPs. What will he reveal about his experiences of bigotry in cricket?. Help support our independent journalism at
Environment correspondent Fiona Harvey describes a global climate deal that makes some progress but goes nowhere near far enough to avert devastating global heating. Help support our independent journalism at
If you dial 999, you might expect an ambulance to come in minutes – but in reality, the pandemic has pushed an already creaking service to its limits. This is the story of one shift, and how the people charged with saving our lives are navigating a system on the brink of collapse. Help support our independent journalism at
During the second world war, Chinese sailors served alongside their British allies in the merchant navy, heroically keeping supply lines open to the UK. But after the war hundreds of them who had settled in Liverpool suddenly disappeared. Now their children are piecing together the truth. Help support our independent journalism at
The model views her body as a ‘tool’ to make a living – but ever since 2013’s Blurred Lines video, it has also been treated as public property. In this interview, she explains why she has written a book about her experiences, from an allegation of assault by Robin Thicke to how motherhood has changed her. Help support our independent journalism at
Following the resignation of the former Conservative minister Owen Paterson, MPs have been debating changes to their disciplinary procedures and the government has been forced to defend itself against a number of allegations of ‘sleaze’. Help support our independent journalism at
Comments (182)


This is so outrageous and heartbreaking :(

Nov 28th

Nili Bhz

It is truly heartbreaking to hear such stories

Nov 28th

frank finn

I struggled to get through this podcast. Mina's voice made it painful for me to listen. Breaking up her sentences in to short stabs and raising her tone like retarded teenager is frightfully annoying. please as all of your presenters to speak clearly in full sentences and not do that affected tone of high pitched Australian mimicktlrey.

Nov 13th


oh no. both of the originals have gone. it was you and anoushka that made this show what it is now. I remember when it was 2 stories a day before covid and then you went in depth with 1 important story each day. I'm sorry but this podcast has changed. it was the first show I would wake up with. it is rare I listen now. maybe 3 times per week, (if that). harrrumph.

Oct 26th

Caio C

thanks Rachel!! 🍀

Oct 22nd

Nicholas Whyman

sound on this is v bad

Oct 6th

Razieh Abadi

wish you would put transcripts as well

Oct 5th

Philip Schofield

used to love this podcast but just can't bear new host Michael Safi. It sounds now instead of intelligent chats and informative like a sensationalist true crime podcast and I am not alone in thinking this. I can't understand how he's got this gig. I really miss my daily podcast.

Sep 1st
Reply (1)


I miss Anoushka

Aug 30th

Faranak Javaheri

so not mentioning Pakistan role !! interesting

Aug 22nd

Mona Kabian

Since when it is called Arabian Gulf???

Aug 12th


a very important episode

Aug 8th

Sneha Wilson

Very informative session

Aug 3rd

Elias Kamaratos

A well researched and produced series on a very scary topic which will doubtless become commonplace in the years to come... unless we collectively do something to stop it. WELL DONE to all the BRAVE reporters in the team!

Jul 23rd

Hannah Morgan

Very worrying considering how vulnerable the pm is, he doesn't seem to ge that aware of cyber security

Jul 23rd

Naeem Sarfraz

One of the most moving episodes from this podcast. So many emotions stirred whilst listening to this. Let's hope we, as humanity, don't ever repeat these mistakes.

Jul 19th

Leo Van Doorn

Will there be anything about the unrest in South Africa soon?

Jul 14th

Terry madeupisland

There are some emotional hammer blows in here. Never cried listening to a podcast before. Powerful stuff.

Jul 9th

Parham Movahed

Still no explanation!

Jun 28th

mickey mór

england will stop paying for NI eventually.

Jun 27th
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