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It's a podcast about podcasts! Maybe you're new to podcasts or are looking for something different to listen to. Here's where I can help. I screen the pods, interview podcasters, throw a recommendation your way, and sometimes teach you about podcasts. All for free! Think of me as your podcast sherpa. Plus, If you've got a podcast to promote, I'll interview you on my show, or mention it. Still free! Just email me at . Listen, subscribe, review, spread the word, and make this your 6th favorite podcast! (Keeping the pressure off here...) Support this podcast:
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Okay, Joe Rogan, do I have your attention? This is a guest you need for your show. Father of 4 talented daughters, novelist, martial artist, and host of his own MMA podcast. I'd say he checks all the boxes! Marc's always a lot of fun to talk to, and it was nice of him to make time for an interview even after getting back from a meet the teacher night at his daughters' school. (Hopefully, I'm not failing science...again...) You'll learn about the history of MMA, and some of Marc's most interesting guests. Also, which fighters should you keep an eye out long as they won't knock your teeth out? Aso, hear about what movies inspired Marc's writing? (Hey, wait, isn't that the other way around?Marc's Info: Websites:,; Twitter-@marcbjjfighter, Facebook-@ritortofamilybooks,@marcthesharkmmashow; Instagram-@Marc_ritortoMarc's faves: A Little Bit of Everything, The Joe Rogan ExperienceSherpa Suggestions:Marc the Shark MMA ShowMMA UntoldFightfulUFC Unfiltered with Jim Norton and Matt SerraYou're Welcome! with Chael SonnenHey, don't forget to check out the Too Many Podcasts! Sherpa Chalet of Rock playlist on Spotify. Also, no more don't look for me there! Don't forget to follow me on social media, and subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast app (You do have a favorite, right?) and spread the word! #VivaLaSherpalution!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Welcome to another season of the Sherpa Sheet! I'll start by stating that i keep a mental list of some of the topics that I'd like to cover. As long as there are good podcasts about the topics where I can learn, then I'm sold. Take Buddhism, for example. It's always something that I've never really understood. Enter Jim Martin to solve that problem! Obviously, you can't learn every last thing about it in the span of a half hour, but Jim really helped me to understand the important elements of Buddhism. (A lot of his shows cover meditation, so if Buddhism doesn't fascinate you, you can still learn how to relax your mind and find inner peace.) Since the closest way I'll ever get to Nirvana is by listening to a 90's grunge playlist (Kids, just ask your parents to explain) I'd just like to say "thanks so much" to Jim. You're more knowledgeable than unusual, my friend.Jim's info: website:, Podcast- The Unusual Buddha, (Patreon page available)Jim's faves: The Power and the Path; The Gary Vee Audio ExperienceSherpa Suggestions:The Unusual Buddha;Secular Buddhism;Buddhist BootcampDharma Realm;The Meditation PodcastDeep Energy 2.0Guided Sleep Meditation10% Happier with Dan HarrisWhat an interesting way to start the season! I'm looking forward to covering so many fascinating topics this season. Email me at with any suggestions. Don't forget to subscribe, review, and follow me on social media. Tell a friend (or an enemy) about the show, and share the links to the show on social media. Here's to more knowledge and in the number of Rebels of the Sherpalution! #VivaLaSherpalution--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Okay, so I give my guests a rest this week...but I'm naming names, anyway!! Here's what's on the agenda:Thanks to the listeners;Thanks to the guests;Some of the podcasts I enjoy (apart from my guests' shows, aka, my own Sherpa Suggestions);How to listen to the show and follow on social media;What's in store for the future;Season 2!Hope you have enjoyed the debut season. Check out some episodes you might have missed. Share the show with friends, in person and on social media, okay? Thank you all for listening! Meet you in Season 2...Last one to get there is a lactating yak!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Who would have thought my Season 1 finale would end up with a true crime podcast? Some say in Podcastia, you could find a true crime podcast just by swinging a dead, uh, body. But Korina and Dillon provide a nice, compact, well-researched, daily dose of evil and mayhem, which makes this podcast a standout. Plus, they were fun to speak with!. So cool to see a married couple that can pool their talents together and make it work in a podcast. Hey, I do my show solo, and I probably argue with myself more than I've chosen to admit this season! I may need my lawyer, Dirty Louie, to arbitrate if it gets worse.. Plus!  Which is trickier for Korina- researching Jack the Ripper victims, or getting their son to take a nap? .Would a D&D serial killer pique Dillon's interest?Places for killers to hide(or not) in Tennessee! Chalk outline dating!  And did the Sherpa hit puberty during the finale??Show info: Podcast: Morning Cup of Murder(also Patreon linked); email; IG- @morningcupofmurder, Twitter-@morningcupKorina's faves: My Favorite Murder, LoreDillon's faves: Critical Roll, The Adventure Zone, LoreSherpa Suggestions:Morning Cup of Murder;Monster;Serial;Insomniac;Up and Vanished;Timesuck with Dan CumminsThat's a wrap for Season 1...but wait! There's a bonus episode before Season 2 debuts, so check it out, okay? Thanks so much for listening! Follow the show on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)...don't forget to subscribe, review, and share! #VivaLaSherpalution! #Season2iscoming, #runforcover....--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
True story- I had initially contacted another psychic for an interview about the psychic world, but they unfortunately never responded to my request. To that person, I offer a hearty "Thank you", because instead, I got to speak with Samantha Jones of "Spiritual Philos-O-Chatter with the Joneses"!!! So that person's lost opportunity was a victory for me as a podcaster. And how lucky was i? Samantha told me beforehand that she knew that psychic ability could be controversial to talk about, but my intent was to learn about the process, and not debate. I don't think anyone else could have provided an understanding of the psychic process better than Samantha.  Her interview definitely provided a new appreciation of something that I'm now a lot less skeptical about. Thanks, Samantha!! (Unfortunately, her husband Danny, who is her co-host, was unable to sit in for the interview, but the Sherpa Chalet says "thank you" to him as well.) Also! The spirit world-Hoobastank connection! Science vs. Psychics! Intuition rules the radio! And ,were Samantha's dogs telling us the interview was over?Samantha's info:Podcast: Spiritual Philos-O-Chatter with the Joneses, Website:; Twitter/Instagram: @SpiritualJonesSamantha's faves:The Metaphysical Hour Hosted by Julia Cannon, Psychic insights for the Modern World with James van PraaghSherpa Suggestions:Spiritual Philos-O-Chatter with the Joneses;The Psychic Partners;Psychic Medium Kevin Jones;So You Think You're Intuitive;Psychic insights for the Modern World with James van PraaghThat's it for this week in the Sherpa Sheet! Hey, did I mention next week's show is the Season 1 finale? (Yes Jim, at least a dozen times!). But don't worry, there's more to come afterward! Don't forget to share , subscribe, and review! And follow the show on social media...see you next week-thanks for listening!!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
I'm not a doctor. I don't even play one on tv (Are you listening, "General Hospital" casting director?). But many of my guests I've had this season have provided a wealth of medical information, and Monica Wallace certainly delivered (See what I did there?). Monica has a treasure trove of knowledge of women's health issues, given her over 20 years of experience as a midwife, doula (2 different things!), and yoga instructor. It was fun speaking with her, even though the subject matter wasn't necessarily "guy talk". Her podcast is nonetheless highly informative.. and recommend. Plus! Responses for the Sherpa bride! Getting the right amount of D( as in Vitamin)! Where can you find 1100 diapers? And the value of not saying "Lalalalala"! Monica's info: Podcast: Women's Health Matters; Instagram: @yogimidwife; Twitter: @midwifemonica Monica's faves: The Birth Kweens; Women Inspiring WomenSherpa Suggestions:.Women's Health Matters;The V Word;Feel Good Podcast The Birthful podcast;Yoga Birth Babies;The BIRTHFIT podcast That's it for this week's edition of the Sherpa Sheet. Hey, Season 1 is winding down. Why not check out some of the older shows? Become part of the Sherpalution, and follow the show on social media! Also, feel free to email me at Or leave a voicemail on anchor. fm. Don't forget to leave a review and spread the word. Thanks again!!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
What a great time i had speaking with Joanne Wilson! Podcaster, neuropsychotherapist, counselor,blogger, radio personality,writer, wife, mom of 3...I think I would get a hernia again holding her business card! She really provided a lot of insight into the workings of the brain and how to keep a marriage strong. But I'm positive that those of you who have read her writings or listened to her radio appearances or podcasts already knew that! (Also, her website is worth checking out, too) You can tell that she really cares about people and wants to help those who need it.  LOVE her mantra of "It is never too late to begin.". How true is that for all of us?? People like her make me glad that I get to do this. (Okay I think I've gushed I get a free "Is This Love?" t-shirt now?) But seriously, I consider myself very lucky to have interviewed her. Plus! Chemistry without Bunsen burners! Jo tries not to hit her husband's car! Conversation starters that won't land you in court! The sherpa's parents give marital advice! Plus, a long-distance dedication that didn't need Casey Kasem!Jo's information: Podcast-Is This Love?, websites: , ; radio- SALT 106.5 6:00-9:00 AM (in Australia)Jo's fave podcasts: All In The Mind; Science of Psychotherapy; TED Talks Daily; 7AM Today, Online Marketing Made Easy w/ Amy PorterfieldSherpa Suggestions:Is This Love? You Are Not So Smart (also a Dave Roberts of "The Owlish Folk" favorite);Brain Science with Ginger Campbell, MDEveryday NeuroThe Fierce Marriage Podcast;Marriage Is Funny;Anatomy of MarriageThat's it for this week's Sherpa Sheet. Only a few episodes left until the Season 1 finale, where we will find out who shot JR, who the one-armed man is, and if there are brain cells to be found on "Bachelor In Paradise"! Follow the show on social media, or check out the website! See you next week! (Feel better, Mr. Bruce!)--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Book club, you say? Hey, if Oprah can do it ,so can I. Without the obscenely large paycheck, of course. Marc's incredibly lucky to be so talented and to have a talented family. Throughout the interview, i kept thinking in the back of my head, "If all of his daughters end up authoring their own books, won't he have a publishing cabal? And what an amazing talent in his daughter, Kristina!! At 11, I was purely focused on architecture and construction, myself. You know, building tree forts with Steven Nocar. I wonder how often Marc's daughters ask,"Read any good books lately?" Plus! MMA star or ninja? What will Kristina's podcast be? And where can I get a "Martial Artist on Premises" sign? (Ummm...asking for a friend...)Marc's info: websites Check this site for more information on Marc and Kristina's October 1, 2019 book signing. ; Twitter: @ marcbjjfighterMarc's recommendations:The Joe Rogan Experience, Marc the Shark';s MMA ShowSherpa Suggestions:All The BooksBookwormThe BookshelfI Don't Even Own A TelevisionLiterary DiscoThat's it for The Sherpa Sheet for this week! Only a few more shows until the Season 1 finale, so follow the show on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! Listen on any podcast app, my website, or through TuneIn on an Alexa speaker! Thanks!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
She's back! With snacks! And an announcement! I must confess that I wasn't happy with the audio quality of our first interview( as much as I enjoyed the interview), but that's my fault as an inexperienced podcaster. So as far as having Allison back for a "remix"...wish granted! Thank you, Allison! Just as wonderful 19 episodes later!! Take a listen to the show to hear about Allison's next endeavor, Plus! tater tots in the Vortex! Baby news(noooo, not Allison...) ! Can you fly to Kombucha if you can't drink it? And, we have a winnnnnahhhh!Allison's info:website- YouTube Channel: Travel Snacks, Instagram: @travel_snacksAllison's podcast picks: House of Carbs, Conversations with People Who Hate Me, The TruthSherpa Suggestions (iTunes Top 10):The Ron Burgundy PodcastCrime JunkieThe ClearingRoom 20The Joe Rogan ExperienceMommies Tell AllColdHell and GoneHidden BrainMan In The Window: The Golden State KillerThat's it for The Sherpa Sheet for this week. Thanks for over 400 downloads and plays. Let's do more, and spread the word, okay? Don't forget to follow me on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
My interview this week comes back to the States. My talk with Robert Bear was very interesting and educational. I found it particularly amazing that a self professed failed inventor found his success hosting a top-ranked invention podcast. (Is that what they call reinvention?) He gave a lot of great advice in the interview, but there's more to be found on his podcast.  He told me that he's happy to make his show his legacy, so future inventors can be successful. So far, so good, Robert! Plus! Apple (Crider) envy! Bunch of Balloons hits it big! An ad-free podcast?? And, if Robert lives by the beach, does he know which sharks will write a check?Robert's info:Website:, email:; podcast: Invention StoriesRobert's picks:Inventors Helping Inventors, Business Wars, Too Many Podcasts! (your check is in the mail, Robert :-)Sherpa Suggestions: Invention Stories; Shark Preneur; Patenting For Inventors; Inventors' Launchpad Network; Invention; Snark TankDon't forget to enter the "There Will Be Chocolate" contest, to win a $30.00 sampling of chocolates from Perfection Chocolates. While you're at it, please leave a nice written review on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or iheartradio. Also, if you listen on the anchor,fm app, you can record an intro that just might get used on the voice message feature...or you can leave me a voice message. If there's something you don't like, feel free to email me at I'd love to know what you're thinking! Thanks for checking out the Sherpa Sheet! See you next time!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
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