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It's a podcast about podcasts! Maybe you're new to podcasts or are looking for something different to listen to. Here's where I can help. I screen the pods, interview podcasters, throw a recommendation your way, and sometimes teach you about podcasts. All for free! Think of me as your podcast sherpa. Plus, If you've got a podcast to promote, I'll interview you on my show, or mention it. Still free! Just email me at . Listen, subscribe, review, spread the word, and make this your 6th favorite podcast! (Keeping the pressure off here...) Support this podcast:
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She's back! With snacks! And an announcement! I must confess that I wasn't happy with the audio quality of our first interview( as much as I enjoyed the interview), but that's my fault as an inexperienced podcaster. So as far as having Allison back for a "remix"...wish granted! Thank you, Allison! Just as wonderful 19 episodes later!! Take a listen to the show to hear about Allison's next endeavor, Plus! tater tots in the Vortex! Baby news(noooo, not Allison...) ! Can you fly to Kombucha if you can't drink it? And, we have a winnnnnahhhh!Allison's info:website- YouTube Channel: Travel Snacks, Instagram: @travel_snacksAllison's podcast picks: House of Carbs, Conversations with People Who Hate Me, The TruthSherpa Suggestions (iTunes Top 10):The Ron Burgundy PodcastCrime JunkieThe ClearingRoom 20The Joe Rogan ExperienceMommies Tell AllColdHell and GoneHidden BrainMan In The Window: The Golden State KillerThat's it for The Sherpa Sheet for this week. Thanks for over 400 downloads and plays. Let's do more, and spread the word, okay? Don't forget to follow me on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
My interview this week comes back to the States. My talk with Robert Bear was very interesting and educational. I found it particularly amazing that a self professed failed inventor found his success hosting a top-ranked invention podcast. (Is that what they call reinvention?) He gave a lot of great advice in the interview, but there's more to be found on his podcast.  He told me that he's happy to make his show his legacy, so future inventors can be successful. So far, so good, Robert! Plus! Apple (Crider) envy! Bunch of Balloons hits it big! An ad-free podcast?? And, if Robert lives by the beach, does he know which sharks will write a check?Robert's info:Website:, email:; podcast: Invention StoriesRobert's picks:Inventors Helping Inventors, Business Wars, Too Many Podcasts! (your check is in the mail, Robert :-)Sherpa Suggestions: Invention Stories; Shark Preneur; Patenting For Inventors; Inventors' Launchpad Network; Invention; Snark TankDon't forget to enter the "There Will Be Chocolate" contest, to win a $30.00 sampling of chocolates from Perfection Chocolates. While you're at it, please leave a nice written review on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or iheartradio. Also, if you listen on the anchor,fm app, you can record an intro that just might get used on the voice message feature...or you can leave me a voice message. If there's something you don't like, feel free to email me at I'd love to know what you're thinking! Thanks for checking out the Sherpa Sheet! See you next time!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Who else but me gets the bright idea to record a podcast about the paranormal at 11:00 PM on a Saturday night? When Marianne and I were done, I was worried I would hear "GETTTTT OUTTTT!!!" on my Alexa speaker. It was really interesting hearing Marianne's perspectives on the paranormal. While many may have a degree of skepticism on these subjects, Marianne related her stories just like she does with her podcast-straightforward and factual. I also felt that it was also a nice change of pace for the show, don't you think? Also! Say "Patupaiorehe" five times fast!  Who's making the lights flicker? Say WHAT to Alexa? Is Bigfoot travelling under an alias? And, if you hit a ghost with you car, do they take away it's haunting license?Don't forget to enter the Perfection Chocolates/Too Many Podcasts! There Will Be Chocolate! Contest. Listen to the show, or check instagram for details under @2manypodcasts or @chocolatejohnny. You can win a $30.00 Chocolate prize package from Perfection Chocolates!!Also, check out the show on Podcoin, and earn a little coin. Or listen on an Alexa device, simply by saying "Alexa, play Too Many Podcasts! on TuneIn." How much easier can I make it for you???Marianne's info: Website: ; Facebook and Twitter: @Walking the Shadowlands; email- She like getting stories of paranormal experiences. Sorry, listening to my podcast does NOT count! Sherpa Suggestions:Walking The Shadowlands;Astonishing Legends;Beyond The DarknessUnexplained;Aaron Mehnke's Cabinet of CuriositiesThat's it for this week's Sherpa Sheet-see you next time! --- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
I'm having such incredible luck speaking with Australians, and John Kapos was no exception. We must have spoken 20 minutes both before and after I recorded our interview. He's one of those people you have an feeling of instant familiarity with. He's clearly passionate about Perfection Chocolates and helping others develop a social media presence. He certainly helped give me a new perspective, and was glad to assist with recommending future guests. Thank you SO much, John! He certainly kept me laughing throughout the interview, too, as you'll plainly hear. Speaking of listening, keep your eyes and ears open for the John Kapos Podcast in the near future. It'll be bound to be , as John puts it, "a ripper." Plus! The $25, The Chocolate Chili Challenge! Who is "the Spotter"?Shouldn't Gary Vee  pay me royalties for mentioning his show over and over?  And, how do all of the Prime Ministers know where to get delish chocolate? Hmmm, I thought because I subscribed to Amazon Prime and am an ordained minister, I could be a Prime Minister...guess i better read those rules again?John's contact info:websites- ; (DISCLAIMER; both were made for under $25,000.00) ; Podcast: The John Kapos Show (reboot coming soon!), Instagram: @chocolatejohnny, @ perfectionchocolates Twitter: @JohnKapos, @perfectionchocs ; Facebook: Perfection Chocolate & Sweets. Also, John belongs to The Social Media Marketing Institute of Australia.John's Recommendations: The Joe Rogan Experience; The Gary Vee Audio Experience; Mind Your Business; The School of Greatness; Be Your Own Boss; The Pat Flynn Show, The Social Media Marketing World; The Mentor, with Mark Bouris, and Social Media Marketing with Mark Stelzner.Sherpa Suggestions: The Chocolate Therapist;Chocolate Fascination;The John Kapos Show;Behind The Numbers;Social Pros;Good Girls Get RichSo, it's time for a contest you can sink your teeth into! The Chocolate Johnny/TMP- There Will Be Chocolate! Contest  Make a screenshot of this podcast  (and subscribe, if you haven't yet).Post it in Instagram , with and tag @2manypodcasts, @chocolatejohnny,,@perfectionchocolates, and a friend.That's it! A winner will be randomly chosen to win a $30.00 chocolate prize package from Perfection Chocolates ...what are you waiting for??? --- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
(Warning: This Sherpa Sheet makes continuous use of the word "super" case that word easily offends you. But listen to the interview with Jasmin, and it makes heaps of sense.)  Before we started our recording, Jasmin asked if it was okay if her cockatiels flew around during the interview. Not a problem (Not like it was a pet lion!!).So we had built - in nature sounds for a super-down to earth person! I really admired her candor throughout the interview, whether about modeling, acting, social media, posing for Playboy, or cosmetic surgery. (Super honest!) She told me she really wanted to let people know about cosmetic surgery, and has appeared on other venues to discuss it as well. She's worked so hard to get to the level that she's at, and she has a great appreciation of how far she's gotten (super grounded!) . Plus! What does a supermodel do on her day off? Why is Leo so lucky? Mom knows best! Which bird doesn't live up to their name? And, is "Beauty by Jasmin" on the shelves yet?? (Also, happy super birthday, Jasmin!) Jasmin's info: Contact:  (Josh is her manager, I mean super-manager, who helped arrange the interview...thank you!) Instagram: @jasmishojaimodel; Twitter: jasmin_shojai YouTube: Jasmine Shojai Model TV.Since Jasmin was so brave to discuss surviving domestic abuse, in lieu of Sherpa Suggestions this week, keep in mind this foundation if you or someone you know are in a similar position. Please,... you're too valuable a person to be a victim. Learn to empower yourself, like Jasmin did! #VivaLaBeStrong!The National Domestic Violence Hotline: Call: 1-800-799-7233. www.thehotline.orgAlso, for information regarding cosmetic surgery, visit .--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Welcome to the Sherpa Sheet! It's the "Save the Earth" edition. I wanted to be sure I would pronounce Na'ilah's name correctly for the interview (I know it bugs me when people mispronounce "sherpa"..or "Jim"). She prefers the pronunciation " the Lion King." And oddly enough, isn't preserving our planet for the next generation part of "The Circle of Life"? (My lawyer,Dirty Louie, says I won't have to pay Elton John and Tim Rice royalties for saying that.) I definitely agree that she is living up to the definition of her name. Na'ilah's clearly a woman of many talents, and her creative side is evident in her podcast.  She even "out-sherpa'd" me with her podcast suggestions. She listens to more than I do in a given time. Hmmmm...If I hang up on this podcasting gig, I may have found a Sherpa Successor. Plus! Seafood lasagne! Gary Vee strikes again! Styrofoam gets the boot! And, The sherpa's elementary school teacher leaves a lifetime littering lesson!Na'ilah's  ("Greener Thoughts" is currently on 10 platforms & Podcoin!) Na'ilah''s Sierra Club Guest Blog post read, here is the link:'ilah's Podcast Picks: Life of Logan; Morning Cup of Murder; Black History Buff; To Be Single or Not To Be; Suze Orman-Women and Money; The Read; Mythology; Small Doses; Family Secrets; Climactic; NPR Environment; Hippy Haven Podcast; Cross Currents; The Green News ReportSherpa Suggestions:Living on EarthCosting the EarthResources RadioSustainababbleGreener ThoughtsDon't forget, you can hear the show on any of the podcast apps. If you can leave a review on Apple Podcasts or, I'd really appreciate it. Also, don't forget to follow me on FIT (Facebook, Instagram, new abbreviation) . --- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
If I could bottle and sell Apple Crider's energy from our interview alone, I'd already be on track to making money. He's definitely someone who is wise beyond his years in matters of marketing and personal finance. If you looked up "ambition" in the dictionary, you'd probably see his picture. He's no fly-by night-get-rich-quick snake oil salesman. He's clearly a guy who's been out in the trenches, and can walk the walk and talk the talk with his podcast guests. His podcast and website will give you good information regarding earning money, Plus! Money-making apps!  Mom as a podcast guest? "If I had a Hundred Dollars" (not to be confused with the Barenaked Ladies song of much more money). And , an elementary school friend casts the die for Apple's brand! Apple's contact info: Podcast-Young Smart Money, website:,, Instagram: @applecriderofficial Apple's recommendations:Jim Rohn, Entrepreneurs on Fire with John Lee Dumas, Smart Passive Income, Online Marketing Made Easy, Planet MoneySherpa Suggestions:How To Money:Eventual MillionaireThe Gary Vee Audio ExperienceHow I Built This w/ Guy RazSnacks Daily, from Robinhood FinancialCome join the podsters and podettes, and those People of the Pods! Follow the show on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Check out the show's website at .  You'll find The Sherpa Sheet Collection, and all of the shows, if you're not inclined to download a podcast app (which just about all of them carry this show). Also, check out our new sponsor, and the special promotion available!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
It was a real pleasure speaking with Zach for this week's episode. Talk about someone with a real passion for life, and a spiritual connection to what he does for others. Super easy to listen to his show, too, since it's in easy 1-minute bites. And he gives you a minute worth thinking about.  I think Mary Catherine will certainly grow up in a world where her parents will always let her know how special she is to them. After our conversation, I got him Dan Young's (my previous guest, who hosts Total Wellness Radio) contact info. I think even if they don't end up on each other's podcast, they would still have a great conversation about living a healthy life. But fingers crossed for networking. Also! All meat, all the time? Is it too late to eat that (thank you, Sherpa Bride!)? Who needs a coach? And, does the Master's Tournament of Disc Golf give you a green jacket, or a ladder to get your Frisbee off the roof?Zachary's info:Facebook: Mission 4 Health; Instagram @dailymissionforhealth, @zaach21 Zachary's Podcast picks: Your First 100K, Broken Catholic, Craig Groeschel Leadership PodcastSherpa Suggestions:Eat This, Not That!EMbody Radio (w/Emily Duncan)Legendary Life PodcastChasing ExcellenceThe FitCastHey, if you're not entering The Contest (and why not?) Can you please leave a nice review on Apple Podcasts,or on, or a pleasant comment on IHeartRadio? Thank you!! --- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Bonus-sized episode this week, and for good reason! Bruce Goldberg and I had a chat for about 2 hours, not all of which is on the show. Like I mention in the interview, part of the reason Bruce was brought on to be our voiceover guy was so there was a different voice for the podcast, for the segments in our show. I felt that having Bruce on for an interview helps introduce him to the audience, since he's an important part of the show now. And what an interesting story he has to tell. From a kid with a radio set, to a dj, to radio personality, to A&R guy, to business owner to voiceover artist, this is one guy who has no interest in being complacent in life. I found his story fascinating, funny, and inspirational as well. I found him on a site called fiverr, but I got a million dollars' worth of advice in our conversation. Plus! Battle of the AI assistants! Swearing to make a 30-second ad better! Bruce's assistant sounds familiar! And Bruce notices something off with Milli Vanilli, but he doesn't blame it on the rain! (but if you're gonna blame it on something....) Bruce's info: ; also on as radiomania. Sherpa Suggestions for the week ( Top 10 Podcasts:  Crime Junkie  To Live and Die In L.A.  The Chernobyl Podcast  The Shrink Next Door  The Rachel Maddow Show  The Daily  This American Life  True Crime Garage  My Favorite Murder  The Joe Rogan Experience Hey...don't forget to enter The Contest! You can be like Bruce! (Noooo, not tall and Australian!) I mean be on the show!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Welcome back to the Sherpa Sheet! A little background on this week's episode. I had initially been scheduled to interview just Dave Roberts for this show, because Amanda Greenwood wasn't sure if she could make it. I had a feeling it would be fun with one or two of them. Luckily, she was able to make it. At first, there was no audio for our interview, but once we got it working, BOOM! Dave and Amanda just got the ball rolling before we even started recording. This was actual conversation:Dave: Jim, I have to warn you, I'm not wearing any trousers.Amanda: Me, neither. In fact, I'm wearing my husband's underwear.Dave: So am I!Now, I don't know about you, but when you start off like that, I know it's going to be a fun interview. I found it interesting how they found lives and careers for themselves in South Korea. As for me, I get a little nervous if I have to drive into the next county. You can tell throughout the interview, and their podcast, what good  friends they are, and they were up to whatever the interview had in store for them. They're the type of people that you could go out to lunch with and come back with as old friends. They certainly were at home at the Sherpa Chalet...with (or without) pants .Plus: Yo! Sup!: The Podcast! Chessboxing-.the Sport of Kings (and Rooks)? Amanda's FitBit gauges the show! An (almost) K-Pop duet with Dave! And, if you are "literally overwhelmed with a case of the Mondays during a 7th inning stretch" these Owls will be looking for you! (I'll be hiding in the Chalet, as a home tonsorial artist.)Amanda & Dave's Information: Podcast-The Owlish Folk; Website: email:, Social Media: #theowlishfolf (Facebook, Instagram,TwitterDave's fave podcasts: Script2Screen; You Are Not So SmartAmanda's faves: Out of the Past: Investigating Film Noir; Frank Delaney re: JoyceSherpa Suggestions:The Owlish Folk;The Allusionist;A Way With Words;Lexicon ValleyAnimalogyThat's it for this week's edition...#VivaLaSherpalution! And enter the contest, ok?--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
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