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Tools to Ready the Journey
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Tools to Ready the Journey

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Tools to Ready the Journey
15 Episodes
What is Truth, The scales fall from the eyes.
Epilogue, All of the tools gathered together
Chapter 13 God’s Grace in the Faith-Filled Family, New Covenant teachings.
Chapter 12 A Faithful Mindset, Discernment in Humility.
Chapter 11 Juggling Life, Placing order into the act.
Chapter 10 Conscious Competence, Humility found through composure.
Chapter 9 Handing on Our Faith-Filled Gifts, The Sacraments.
Chapter 8 Borrowing a Rote Faith, What is love if there is no joy?
Chapter 7 Perception is Reality, Trading tradition for trend.
Chapter 6 The Arch of Life, St. Joseph hands on these tools himself.
Chapter 5 Owning Your Own Faith, Adolescent Catholics
Chapter 4 Traditional Roles, Trinity of the family - mother, father and child.
Chapter 3 The Wedges of This World, Chipping away with intent.
Chapter 2 Our Thoughts Are Not Our Own, Deciphering the narrative.
Chapter 1 The Masculine Journey, Before we can lead, we must first follow.