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Tooth and Claw: True Stories of Animal Attacks
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Tooth and Claw: True Stories of Animal Attacks

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True stories of the most extreme wild animal attacks ever documented, told and explained by Wes Larson, a wildlife biologist and animal behavior expert. Wes is joined by his brother Jeff and their mutual friend Mike, and in each episode the three pour over the details of animals attacks and explain how listeners can avoid these kinds of dangerous encounters, and learn a new appreciation for the wild things of the world
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This is one of the more unique episodes we've done so far, on an animal that many people haven't even ever heard of. Or maybe that's just Mike. Wes shares a bunch of different cassowary attack stories, Jeff poses a really good and related (?) question, and the crew learns all kinds of cool things about cassowaries as well as introduces a few new wrinkles to the regular episode formula. Thanks for listening! We hope you enjoy the episode.
Today we go over the story of Cynthia Dusel-Bacon, who spent her summers  working in the wilds of Alaska taking geological samples. But on one  fateful day in 1977, she was the one that was sampled; by a relatively  small but still insanely powerful black Bear that had decided it wanted  to make a meal of her. If you weren’t aware, Wes loves bears, so he  spends most of the episode explaining why the attack happened and how  black Bear attacks are so rare considering how many of them there are.  Also Jeff tries (and fails) to pronounce some of your names and we  finally get Mike to admit which cartoon bears he loves the most.
On this episode, Wes gathered up a bunch of notable animal attacks that hit the news over the past month and discusses them with Jeff and Mike. Afterwards, the crew talks about the Animals vs. Humans poll that's been making the rounds online recently, and it goes off the rails pretty quickly. Thanks for listening, we hope you enjoy the show! 
On this episode, we are joined by the one and only Cindy Larson, the greatest biological mother Jeff and Wes have ever had. Wes prepared two  stories of incredible motherly strength and instinct, and delves into a little bit of the science behind the "mother bear" behavior seen not only from animals, but humans too. Happy Mother's Day everyone! 
On this episode, Wes has an only-slightly creepy, a little sad, and surprisingly endearing story about a woman, her family, and a spider. Jeff gets inappropriate again, and Mike follows suit.  We hope you guys enjoy the show! Thanks again for all of your support, your reviews on Apple podcasts have done a lot for us, and so many of you are sharing the podcast with your friends which helps us tremendously. We don't know how to thank you other than by trying our best to keep making our show better. So thank you again.
Wes and the gang wrap up the story of the Lions of Tsavo after first getting embroiled in the age old debate of what’s better, ice powers or tree powers. We hope you enjoy it! Thanks for listening!
Wes came extra prepared this time to go over the much-requested, long-awaited story of the Tsavo lions. These two lions truly caused about as much havoc as any large predators in history, and brought an entire railway operation to a complete halt! We know you guys are going to love this one.
Wes takes us out to the ocean this time to tell a tale of a shipwreck and shark attack. That's two awful things, but Jeff musters up enough confidence to feel that he could survive the situation just fine. Meanwhile, Mike learns and then uses a new word. Thanks for listening everyone! We hope you enjoy the episode. And please, if you have a moment, leave us a rating and review the show over on Apple Podcasts, it really helps us out a lot!
On this episode, Wes takes us through one of the more bizarre and mysterious animal attacks the show has discussed thus far, involving a man named Ron and way too many monitor lizards. Jeff gets excited talking about lizard genitalia, and Mike ponders the possibility of the reptilians being responsible. Thanks for listening! Please, if you have a second or two, rate this podcast on Apple podcasts, and subscribe so you don't miss any of our episodes. We hope that you enjoy the show!
This time, Wes takes us up to Alaska to tell of a malcontent moose messing up a morning mosey. All we can say is, thank goodness for bras. Thanks again for listening! Please, rate this podcast on Apple podcasts, and subscribe so you dont miss any of our episodes. We hope that you enjoy the show.
Wes gives us all a glimpse into the horrors of killer whale captivity, sharing the story of one particularly mistreated orca and the unfortunate demise of three different people at his hands. Or fins. Teeth, maybe? Jeff's lasting memory of Free Willy is of a cake that no one else can recall, and Mike calls out Tilikum for cheating at tug-of-war. Thanks for listening! We really appreciate everyone who has liked the podcast and subscribed to it, it all helps us out so much! And if you want even more content, subscribe to the patreon, where we release bonus mini-episodes and have some other cool perks like merchandise and stuff. You can find where to do that at Thanks again. We hope you enjoy the episode.
Jeff takes over for the first Tooth and Claw mini, which is something we will be doing every other week from now on and releasing exclusively for those who subscribe to our Patreon, which you can find at Jeff has some incredibly bizarre, Hitchcock-ian stories to share about some persistent crows and other birds who have taken issue with humankind. Wes forgets what his favorite bird is, which is understandable because he has like 70 favorite birds. Mike gets a trivia question right, despite the odds. We experienced some technical issues while recording, so please forgive us for some random volume swings you may hear. Thanks again for listening, we hope you enjoy the episode!
Wes takes us up to Glacier National Park to talk about another grizzly bear encounter, this time involving a man and his recently graduated daughter who decided to take a little trip up to Northern Montana together. The bear who attacked them probably didn't realize that this was a celebratory trip, otherwise it may have let their trespass into its territory slide. Jeff decides that hearing about a horrific grizzly bear attack only makes him want to go hike on that same trail our subjects were attacked on, and Mike still isn't convinced that Grizzly Bears just don't like eating bowling balls. Thanks again for listening! We hope you enjoy the episode.
Wes has some uncomfortable stories to share this time, especially for the male listeners. And the empathetic female listeners. Some of you weirdos might like this one a lot though. Jeff and Mike take things too far, too quickly. Thanks for listening! Hope you all enjoy the episode.
Welcome to our year-end special! Wes has a couple of animal attack stories that involve two of the greatest musical acts ever to come out of North America (can't fight the facts), and also brings to discussion the popular "Which animal would you pick to defend you?" meme that's been making the rounds online for a while now. Jeff reaches back into his bag of arguments he decides are best served aired out in a public forum, and Mike assumes a new role as the arbiter of petty arguments. Thanks again for listening! We appreciate you all. Please rate and review our show on Apple podcasts, and if you aren't embarrassed by us, share us around with your friends and family, it really helps us out a lot. We hope you enjoy the episode!
On this episode, Wes takes us all the way up to a remote logging camp in Alaska to share a story about two young boys who tread a little too close to a wolf. Jeff takes the rare opportunity to shout out a serial killer, and Mike still doesn't know if he was right about several things. Thanks for listening! Please share our podcast with your friends and family, it really helps us out a lot. We hope you enjoy the episode!
On  this episode, Wes takes us all the way out to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe for a story about one man's death-defying showdown with an angry hippopotamus. Along with a telling a story, Wes chastises Jeff and Mike just for thinking of the best way to survive a hippo attack, Jeff weaves an ugly tapestry of falsehoods and slander to cast over Mike involving a milkshake and some lasagna, and Mike contends that Paul actually WON the fight with the hippo.
On this episode, Wes finally gets to talk about the polar bear, which alongside literally every other animal is his favorite animal. In this story, a small group of young campers head up to an archipelago off the northern coast of Norway, only to end up on the wrong end of the Arctic predator/prey dynamic. Wes shares a lot of really good knowledge on the matter, and thoroughly convinces Jeff and Mike that much more could have and should have been done to prevent the attack. Jeff also has a hard time with words (we had to edit out some of them, it just got too embarrassing) and Mike is insensitive about global warming. Thanks for listening to the show! Please rate the podcast and subscribe to it, it really helps us out a lot! We hope you enjoy the episode.
On this episode, Wes navigates the twists and turns of a story about a chimpanzee attack that should probably be made into a movie. Saint James rescues a baby chimp whose mother died at the hands of poachers, and he takes the little guy back to California to raise as his own. But this seemingly sweet, direct-to-TV Lifetime flick quickly devolves into more of a Planet of the Apes kind of situation, and (spoiler alert) the chimps win this round in a total blowout. Jeff strongly expresses his love for chimps who wear clothes, and Mike needs to make friends. Thanks for listening, everyone! Follow us at toothandclawpodcast on Instagram, and help us out by rating this podcast and subscribing to it, it helps us out a lot. Hope you enjoy the story.
Wes, Jeff, and Mike sit down to cover another real life wild animal attack, this one involving a young woman on a nice, innocent little hike and a mountain lion who has other, hungrier ideas. Wes, unexpectedly, digs into the relationship drama aspect of this story, while Jeff outs himself as a prolific mountain lion spotter. Mike wonders whether an emergency air-lift helicopter ride is a fair trade-off for not buying an expensive can of bear spray. Thanks for listening! Help us out by rating the podcast and subscribing to it, it really does helps us out. We hope you enjoy the episode.
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Excellent show! -I heard about this show when the co-host was a guest on the 'OLOGIES' podcast. The blend of animal facts w/ true stories of encounters make this a very interesting show.

Apr 28th
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