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Hosted by Salman Elmi and Abdi Hassan two online e-commerce entrepreneurs navigating adversity as black founders in 2021. After being featured nationally on TIME Magazine for a racial incident that happened while running their business, they are on a mission to shed light on experiences that happen as entrepreneurs of color in this day and age & to help motivate & inspire the early-stage entrepreneur. Each week we bring on a new guest to have discussions and to share their journey of adversity. Tune in every Wednesday as New Episodes are released!
43 Episodes
In this episode we brought none other than the co-founder of Support Black Colleges! A 7 figure clothing brand built on supporting Historic Black Colleges! Justin shares his insights and strategies on how exactly he was able to build up the brand! Be sure to tune in if you have ever aspired to building a large clothing brand or are currently in the process!
By far our most favorite and gem filled episode! In this episode we interview the woman behind the Honey Pot Company, Beatrice Dixon. She shares her experiences building and growing a successful feminine care line & also lays out the EXACT blueprint on how someone who is looking to get their brand into the big box stores such as Walmart and Target can do so as well! You want to listen to this entire episode and take notes because this is not an episode you want to miss!
We speak with the Number 1 Auto Brokers in the country PTG365. We discuss how to separate business and friendships, How they used the power of social media to change the Auto industry, How they built their PTG365 car broker company, How they built relationships with celebrities and overall how important is to build a network & mindset.
In this episode we answer the most common questions that we receive on Ecommerce! Take a lot of notes because we dive deep in this full length episode on how to get started and become successful building an online business in 2021! We put together a FREE mini course for our listeners. If you text "COURSE" to 612-446-0671 we will send it out to you!
In this episode of Top Figure Podcast, we bring on Superbowl 50 champion Veteran football player CJ Anderson to discuss how life after retirement is going as an entrepreneur and how he's been investing into the youth! We Talk about Secret Game as an entrepreneur on how to properly Invest your money, Why you should network, and whats the right mindset when going into deals should be, Discussing the proper ways to close deals. Top Figure and Cj Anderson also talk about how to get started with startup companies.
In episode 36 of the podcast, we bring on guest Chris Forest who shares his experience operating the largest valet business in the Twin Cities as well as two dental clinics in Minnesota. He shares his perspective of what it's like being in the hospitality space and how important it is to curate great experiences for customers.
In this episode we share our thoughts and tips on how to be more honest with yourself! Honesty is key! 🔑
In this episode, Steff Weezy joins the podcast along with Unk and shares how he has reached the feat of 100 Million Views Tracked on Social Media! That's an impressive feat and we wanted to bring him on and share some advice on how you can implement some of his strategies to grow your personal brand!
In this first episode of 2021, we bring in Connie S. Falls as she reminds us that the S stands for systems in her name! She is the true queen of teaching you how to set up your business the right way to automate your day to day tasks. You definitely want to get a paper and pen ready to listen to the entire episode!
In this end of the year episode, David Meltzer joins us and gives his lessons on overcoming failure and shares how he is using his platform to inspire billions of people to BE HAPPY!  Follow us on Instagram @teamtopfigure Follow David Meltzer @davidmeltzer
TUNE INTO THIS ENTIRE EPISODE IF YOU WANT TO LEARN HOW TO GET STARTED IN REAL ESTATE 2021! In this episode, we bring on PJ Hill a former Ohio State collegiate basketball player turned financial consultant who shares practical steps to purchase your first home with little to no capital down!   Demetrius Matthews a mentor to us and a guru in Technology Business Consulting & Real Estate Investing as well as a philanthropist he shares his personal journey of going from corporate to entrepreneurship.
In this episode of the podcast, we sit down with Akeem Akway a Master Barber who started in a high school gym where he would cut his teammates' hair, to now being the go-to barber for professional athletes such as Karl Anthony Townes of the Minnesota Timberwolves! He shares his knowledge and insights on how to market your shop through social media!  Follow Akeem on Instagram and Facebook @akeemakway
Sometimes it takes a disaster for us to change. Understand that change is important for us to get closer to our goals. In this #keycast we share our experiences on change in our lives and our businesses.
Hey everyone today marks our 3rd year in business so we wanted to share some important gems with you all on what we’ve learned! In this keycast we talk about comparing yourself to others, failing fast, don’t be perfect, and so much more! Be sure to share and post on your story and tag us!
Simply by believing in yourself you’re going to achieve so much. Even if you have to pretend, it’s so important to constantly tell yourself that you CAN do anything. We go over some ways that we’ve implemented in the past and still to do this day to help us believe in ourselves!
In light of Somali Independence Day, July 1st we wanted to share with everyone what our journey has been like being Somali and how we’ve navigated the business world. Make sure to listen to the FULL episode as we give tips we’ve used to expand our business despite the disadvantages we’ve faced so tune in and pickup the keys we’re dropping and make sure to FOLLOW @teamtopfigure for the free training Link!
Don’t sit around watching Netflix 🚫 shows during this epidemic. In this episode @topfiguresal & @topfigurewizdom share tips, you can take advantage while in quarantine!
In this key cast we discuss how human behavior and daily life has changed and how it has effected certain industries such as advertising, Ecom, & tech.
In the first keycast of 2020 we go in depth with the biggest lesson we’ve learned over the 4 years of entrepreneurship chasing money instead of building relationships and value in our business.
In this keycast we wanted to shift your mindset about not just buying this holiday season and taking advantage of deals but actually owning your own Shopify or Amazon store for 2020!
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