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This week we are live from Mayhem on Mills Misbehavin’ where we call the match between The Ugly Ducklings and The Coda. After the match The Ugly Ducklings take over Top Rope with the PondCast. AI Transcript: the duck the ugly duckling I believe they operate. I believe they are you trying to say they […]
With the recent release of the Dark Side of the Ring episode chronicling the “Plane Ride from Hell” we decided to take a look back at this legendary story from the WWE’s trip to Europe. We look at what we learned but also a few things that were not even mentioned. Take a listen and […]
This week we preview what might be one of the most uninspired Pay Per View cards in a long time. Get the lowdown on what we think is going to happen.
This week we take a look at the ups and downs of this year’s PWI 500. We look at all the ups and downs from last year and talk some of our favorite local indie guys who made an appearance
Episode 131: All Out

Episode 131: All Out


Sorry for the late episode but family stuff so here’s our preview of AEW All Out
Ever forget to do something and then regret it immediately? I forgot to hit record on Drew’s mic so you get to hear a recap of a recap of SummerSlam since we did it all over again. That being said, you are getting the better version for sure. We talk Summerslam, CM Punk, AEW, and […]
We take a look at the upcoming SumerSlam Pay-Per-View as we seem to always do with WWE Pay-Per-Views. We also talk about NXT Take Over and AEW.
This week we sit down with up and coming wrestler Mikey Spandex and cover everything from his childhood to winning the first ever RAW: Underground match and much much more.
Episode 127: The News

Episode 127: The News


This week we take a look back at all of the news that has broken this week as well as a few rumors about people moving around the industry.
Beach, FL and we give our opinions as only we can do.
This week we take a look back at the 2021 Money in the Bank pay-per-view as well as some of the aftermath. Find out what we thought about the event and what has happened with Rick's eyebrows.
As WWE heads back out on the road, we preview the 2021 Money in the Bank Preview as only we can. Also, does Rick have eyebrows? Listen and find out.
This week we take a look at Episode 1 of WWE’s Top 50 Tag Teams available on Peacock.
This week we look back at the Heroes Vs Villains show that PWA put on this week in Sanford Florida. A lot of good with a little bit of chaos mixed in.
This week we talk about what may be one of the biggest let downs of the WWE Covid era. Let us talk you through the card and see if you agree with what we are throwing out.
This week we talk about a ton of events going on this weekend including River City Wrestle Con, No Peace Underground and NXT Takeover: In Your House. We also discuss Grizzly Adams’ beard.
This week we talk about WWE getting back on the road while telling others that it is time for them to hit the road. Changes all around, including to the shape of Drew’s ass after a run in with a mummy.
Episode 116: Miz…ery

Episode 116: Miz…ery


This week we take a look back at the highs and very low, lows of the WrestleMania Backlash pay per view. For the second time in less than a year we get to discuss to properly serve a wrestler as well. See what the right way to handle the MIz is. That and so much […]
This week we preview the WrestleMania Backlash pay-per-view that neither of us seem overly excited about. We may go off on a tangent here and there too.
“We talked about entrance music” – Drew
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