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Author: Tori Deal

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Tori Deal will be choosing one relatable life topic and talk about how she deals with it! Each episode will be short, sweet, and the perfect thing to enjoy in the mornings; just like your coffee!
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In this episode my beloved friend Bobby Attiko and I will discuss the importance of being anti-racist.
Feminine Energy

Feminine Energy


In this episode I've decided to cover the power of Feminine Energy. Between all of the different forms of governments and types of businesses it's clear that our world today is ran by masculine energy. But, just because masculine energy runs our world, doesn't mean it's more powerful. Listen to this episode to be inspired by the power, intuition, and ease of the divine feminine energy.
Jordan Wiseley

Jordan Wiseley


In this episode we're diving into Jordan Wiseley's mind and heart. He'll open up about the challenge, his feelings, and our relationship. We're also going to let you guys in on how we've been resolving issues during quarantine.



This episode I'm going to open up about failure. If you're watching the Challenge then you'll understand why. It took me months to be able to really find peace in my loss. I want to share with you guys some insight on how I've overcome the feeling of defeat.
As a Challenge competitor, I know what it's like to struggle with anxiety. In this episode I'm sharing with you all the skills I've learned to get through stressful situations!
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Sara Beth

I absolutely love you. You inspire me to keep moving and not to give up. I can relate to you. Thank you for being the person you are and inspiring women all around the world❤

May 14th
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