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Toronto Real Estate Unfiltered 2019

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It’s 2019. Time for a change. No fancy intros or sponsorships here or ghost 👻 bloggers. This is me. From life to travel 🧳 to health ❤️ to family to real estate 🏡 to music 🎶 and all points between. Warning ⚠️: This Podcast May cause excessive laughing and or success in life. Don’t let the haters know about it. Podcast written, produced and managed by me. Those interviewed here or new condo developments mentioned are NOT endorsements in any way. Simply for entertainment. Paul Indrigo, Century 21 Regal Realty, Inc. Brokerage.

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Welcome to the Inside Scoop on real estate. I am your host and your favourite real estate ice cream man. Since 2014, I have declared open houses as dead and starting doing grand opening events for the smartest sellers in our city. I hope you are on my team. If not yet, you should be. Are you settling for second best in life? I hope not. When it comes to real estate, its just as important. In fact, the real estate process has been described by some as a "short term very intense relationship". I disagree. Its much more of a long term relationship when done correctly. That is why you need to sign up my Inside Scoop Neighbourhood buzzer alerts in your area OR the area you want to call home. Sign up now via There is NO excuse for not ensuring your listing is getting the most attention possible on the world stage and the smart sellers know that this is the place to be. 
The magic number is $67,000. Check out the main graphic for a breakdown. This is the approx amount of money that is spent by each person in Ontario when they were buying real estate in 2015. From renovations to general household items to financial services to furniture and appliances....this could be a big part of YOUR bottom line so be sure you are not missing the boat. As a local business owner in Toronto and the GTA, I want to help you boost your small business in a way that NO one else can. Each time a real estate transaction happens near you, you should benefit from it. Are you? Be sure you are signed up with me at and even become part of my new Client Perks list. Could be a giveaway item or something you might use for promotions but it could lead to much more for YOU. 
Picture this. You just sold your house.  It closes in 2 months. You decide to buy a new one in the meantime but its all based on your home selling. The buyers for your home lose their financing just days before the closing. The deal is dead. Your listing then becomes a DFT (deal fell thru). In 2019 so far, there have been 60 of these across Toronto in all price ranges and areas. 30 of those were for condos. Is it important who you work with selling, buying or even renting? 1000% important. With almost 20 years of real estate flight experience, I have experienced every kind of turbulence possible on all sides and landed the plane safely. This analogy is key to understanding how you need to focus when making a real estate decision. You dont just choose someone you know or a friend of a friend unless they are also the most qualified.  That is one of the many reasons we should connect long before you plan to move so you can experience my 5 Star client services first hand. Sign up today at PS And be sure to ask me about the ONE ☝️ essential step that can help prevent your sale from falling thru that my ViP sellers have found out. Must be registered to sell with me for this one.
The behind the scenes of rock and roll, sports, celebrities and real life stories is way more interesting than real estate. No denying that. That is why I love being connected to the amazing people behind those stories. This week turns 12 years old!! As those of you who ever moved will know, its a stressful experience. As a realtor for the last 19 years, I have been on the lookout for a way to make your move as stress free as possible and Tarra has been the key to that. Not only does she sit down with each of my clients for a FREE moving audit to offer suggestions and help, she is always ready to lend a hand long before that time comes. In this episode, she talks about how she got to where she is and how she has helped some of the world's biggest superstars from Mick Jagger to Kawhi Leonard and all points between. You can connect with her via her website or I will be happy to introduce you when you are buying or selling with me.  Whether you are buying your first condo with me or selling your luxury home, I promise you an experience like no other can. Including exposure on this podcast which is the TOP result for Toronto real estate on Spotify and in the top 20 search results on the planet for "real estate" podcasts on Spotify.  You deserve to be on this world class stage with me. Join me anytime via
As you may have read, there was a recent story about a rental scam artist who used fake ads to steal $20,000 from renters who thought they were getting a good deal. Stop using online classified ad sites like this for your rentals.  How can you possibly send anyone any money until you verify that they are the actual landlord and that the place is actually for rent? As of today, you will ONLY use my site to do this. Sign up at and lets begin.  I will need job letter & credit report with score for each applicant to ensure I will be able to assist you. Whenever you are signed up exclusively with me, I will verify each rental and ensure your deposit is protected. 
Happy Canada Day to all of you. For us, this is a big day. As part of my commitment to all the amazing Canadians here and abroad, I want to ensure you are getting the absolute best access to information and advice from someone who handles some of the most amazing clients and their moves across the world. Today I bring you my report of the average sold prices across Canada from May 2018-May 2019 to give you a look at what its like in each of those areas. With some areas still under $200k, the idea of selling your Toronto or area home for $1M+ and moving to a smaller area may be the right thing for you. For first time buyers, you may want to consider this also and be sure to ask about my special reports and access to over $200,000 in government rebates depending on where you buy. The smart buyers, sellers and renters all know that was created for you and is constantly improving to give you the best info possible. Wishing you all a great day eh!
Starting this week, I will be doing a recap of the Top 5 solds in Toronto homes, Toronto condos and Toronto lofts each week. As part of my goal of helping YOU get the most exposure possible for your local listings, you will want to connect with me via if you live in any of these areas. For the full report on how your property may be affected by these solds, visit my website and lets discuss. There is no excuse for not having your property listed on my specially built stage that ensures your property is being seen and heard of around the world. I can show my clients the list of where my listeners are based and its a map of the world at its finest.  Enjoy the show!
Many of you have asked me about this and here is the answer. Its the "overpricing" scam that many agents will use to get your listing. They promise you a number that is clearly not possible but get you to sign on the line. This is the classic bait and switch with smoke and mirrors. Do NOT fall for this. I can show you a number of listings that did this recently that have lost far more than they know. You dont get a 2nd chance to do a grand opening event. Open houses died a decade ago. So reactive and inefficient. I am shocked by how many sellers allow repeated open houses. After 5 of these, most of the neighbours start to wonder what is wrong with the house. Stop making stupid choices and falling for the lies. What kind of relationship starts with a lie? Not a good one.  And if you are going to sign up with anyone else, be sure you include a clause to cancel the listing if a price reduction is requested in the first 30 days.  That is how you know for sure. Instead of going through the bullshit of all that, just sign up now at and get the rockstar treatment you deserve. 
Hello everyone in the land of the NBA champs! And yes, I will refer to us as that often. Happy 1st day of summer! So excited to kick it off today with a charity event for George Webster elementary school at 50 Chapman Ave near Dawes Rd and St Clair Ave East today from 3:30 to 7. I will be there helping give out cold ice cream treats and being part of the fundraising. I have done this for almost every school in the area over the last 5 years and this is my 5th summer of doing them. So many great reasons for you to get signed up at right now as summer begins. Some of the opportunities are amazing. Renters especially should take note as many of you are overpaying for someone's mortgage via your rent and its time to pay yourself instead.  Lets discuss it over a coffee or a beer soon. Timing is key!!
Yes I said it here. This will be the big night for the Raptors. Also, I really want it to be a great night for the fans and the small businesses in Toronto and GTA. Support those local businesses in your area if you can. Go watch the game at a local pub. Order some game food from a local place. Let's make sure everyone gets a piece of the victory. In my case, I want to throw a massive street celebration for the victory on my next listing in Toronto and give out a ton of free ice cream via my Bike powered Ice Cream Cart. Let's go Raptors!! 
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